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Spring Promotions & Giveaways (2009)


Overview Negg Hunt Springtime NCMall Neggs Capri Sun


There are several Easter/Springtime promotions for 2009:

  1. Negg Hunt
  2. Springtime Celebration
  3. NC Mall Toy Neggs
  4. Capri Sun Advertisement Hunt
  5. Other spring-time stuff

As far as I can tell, NONE of these events are connected. For example, it doesn't matter if you missed the beginning of the Springtime Celebration, you can still collect your NC Mall Neggs. And Rosie in the Springtime Celebration won't care whether you've done the Negg Hunt or gotten NC Mall Neggs. And the Capri Sun is a simple product advertisement.

Note: As these promotions end, I'll leave this page up as a reference for prize lists, etc. After May 2009, if I want it for something else or want to transfer Zenkuu between accounts for some reason, it could vanish without warning.

If you have information to add or clarify, just neomail me.

Spring Negg Hunt - OVER

Spring Negg Hunt (OVER)

The Negg Hunt, or Spring Merchandise Hunt is a promotion for the Neopets Merchandise area. Neopets Merchandise sells real items that cost real money. It's available only in a few countries, and the Negg Hunt is also only available in those countries.

The Negg Hunt started on March 17. It was NOT AVAILABLE as of Friday, April 24. I'm not sure exactly when was the last day (sometime between April 17 and April 24).

Click on these links to get your items:

The items are:


Q: Why don't these work for me?
A: There may be several reasons:

Q: Why didn't I get my Negg?
A: You don't actually get Neggs - you get 5 items with a Negg theme and some NPs. Yes, I know you see a picture of a Negg but no one else got it either.

Q: May I collect these on my side account?
A: No. You cannot collect prizes or gifts on side accounts.

Springtime Celebration - OVER

Rosie's Springtime Celebration (OVER)

The Springtime Celebration ran daily from March 31st through April 12. Rosie the Grarrl gave a gift each day, plus some bonus items. At the end, there was intended to be a special prize for those who visited each day and found all of the hidden gifts. Since there was a glitch on the final day, the last day's prize and the bonus prize are being given out to those who qualify, along with a neomail.

Here are the Main page link and the official FAQ link.

Here's a list of the prizes so far:


Note: the hidden negg prizes do remain available and you can scroll back and forth between the clues. So even if you missed them earlier, go looking for them now.

Released April 2:
In a frightful woodland's carnival ground
Find treasure just by clicking 'round.
Solution: click around in Deserted Fairgrounds
Prize: Rotten Negg Face Splat

Released April 5:
A deck on this interstellar base
is your prize's current resting place
Solution: Click links in Space station Recreation Deck and Space Station Supply Deck and Hangar
Prize: Stone Negg Bench

Released April 7:
Somewhere on this frozen peak
waits a prize for those who click and seek.
Solution: Terror Mountain Peak and Terror Mountain Ice Caves or Cliffhanger Game and Poogle Racers Article, Cliffhangar entrance
Prize: Spring Courtyard Background

Released April 9:
This tropical island's mystery? A reward that's sure to bring you glee! Solution: Click links in Mystery Island and Geraptiku (see FAQ section for extra links)
Prize: Delicate Enamel Negg
Note: prize is sent to your Storage Shed not your inventory!


Q: What's up with the prize on April 12? Will we get our final bonus prize?
A: We seem to have had another problem like we did on April 4. No one received a prize, as far as I could tell.

The April 15 News said: Due to some problems on Sunday not everyone got their bonus prizes from Rosie at the Springtime Celebration page. These items will be granted to those who qualified very soon. :)

On April 17, users started receiving a prize in their inventory and this neomail from TNT: Thank you for participating in our Springtime Celebration event! Unfortunately, there were a few glitches along the way. One of these problems resulted in users not receiving their Sunday 4/12 prizes. We have since resolved the issue and added Sunday's prize, Handpicked Spring Flowers, to your Inventory. Due to Sunday's glitch, some users did not receive their bonus prize. We are currently working to award the bonus prize to those who qualify and hope to grant this very soon. We apologise for any inconvenience these glitches may have caused you.

Usually when this happens, the staff work through names systematically (often in blocks like Shop Wizard uses) and that appears to be the case this time also. Just be patient if you haven't received yours - this seems to be a tedious and time consuming chore that needs to be done by hand. I'm sure they're working as fast as they can.

On April 21-24, people who submitted error reports got this reply:
Hi there! We are aware of these issues and will be fixing them as soon as possible! We understand that you may be frustrated but please be patient. We will make sure everyone gets the prizes that they have earned.

Note: I got my flowers on April 30 - Yay! I know there are still more people who haven't gotten it yet and I'm still hearing that people are getting them as of May 1. I don't believe bug reports are necessary yet, and probably just slow down the people trying to handle this.

Q: What is the final bonus prize?
A: It's a Negg Hat. It's wearable.

On April 24 (or perhaps just a bit earlier), people started receiving the item, and this neomail:
Thank you for participating in our Springtime Celebration event! Due to a glitch, some users did not receive their bonus prize. We have identified you as having qualified for the bonus prize, even though it was not granted to you during the event. We have added this item, a Negg Hat, to your Inventory. We apologise for any inconvenience.

I got mine on May 1.

Q: What's up with the prize from April 4?
A: On Saturday, April 4, no one could get any prize. On Monday, April 6, several users got the same message from TNT: "Yes, we are aware of the glitch that happened with Rosie on Saturday. You will still be able to collect the final prize at the end if you collect on the other days. Saturday will not count towards that total.
And April 8 news said; "if you had trouble getting your prize on 4/4 for the Springtime Celebration you will still be able to win the bonus prize at the end.
On April 8, Rosie gave 2 items plus NC to everyone and said: "Today, you received your free gift, plus the prize from 4/4 (a Neocash item)! Enjoy your prizes and thanks for your patience!"

Q: Why didn't I get my 50 NC on April 8? Or why don't I get any of the prizes? What can I do?
A: If you didn't get the prizes, try going to Rosie's page and claim them again, or refresh her page a few times. Visit the NC Mall. Now check your inventory and NC total again. If that doesn't help, submit a Bug Report to TNT.
Note: In the Neopian Times Issue 387, TNT said: If you didn't receive your 50 NC, try going to the NC Mall area of the site. Sometimes that helps to fix it. :)

On April 13, many users who had not received their 50 NC, received this neomail from TNT: "Thank you for participating in our Springtime Celebration event! Unfortunately, there was a temporary glitch which resulted in a small handful of users not receiving their Free 50 NC prize on April 8th. We have since resolved the issue and added the 50 NC to your Neocash Balance..." Not everyone gets the neomail at once, so be patient. Many people find that the 50 NC is not credited to their account immediately. Wait a while and if you don't receive it, visit the NC Mall and refresh the page there once or twice.

Q: How do I get the hidden prizes?
A: After getting your daily prize and seeing the clue, explore in the clue area. The gift is in different places for different people. Each hidden negg seems to remain available until the end of the Spring Celebration. If you can't find it:

One friend who looked for many hours said: I had awful trouble finding the bonus yesterday. I finally got it this morning after I restarted my computer, gone to Rosie, clicked through all the clues, made her dance and then I went looking.

Q: Why don't you tell me the exact spot to find the hidden neggs?
A: I can't because it's different for everyone. The best I can do is list some of the spots others have found them in.