Blue's Avatar Game Ratios List
For those who want to earn NP while they earn avatars.
So. You want game avatars, but don't have the time/patience to grind on that game for hours until you get it. Or you're strapped for NP. Whatever.
Point is, you wanna casually meander your way to the avatars.
But which games to play?
The ones with the best ratios, really.
Hence this list.

Ratios are from/checked against /~Maid_Merryan.
Sign in brackets shows how the ratio compares to last month.

If you need a guide, /~My_First_Little_Pony is basically a game guide directory.
  /~tropator has a lot of hints and tips for various avatar games (including non-Flash games).
I'm adding guides to this page arbitrarily, too.

/~TrophyTracker is a good guide for where you'll probably need to be for top 50 avs on reset, amongst other things.

I'm so late sorry *sobs*
Avatar Game Avatar score Score for 1k
Guide link
  Advert Attack  700 1,590 (===) Guide
  Assignment 53  20,000 4,000 (+) Guide
  Attack of the Slorgs  1,000 1,000 (===) Guide
  Carnival of Terror  725 680 (=) Guide
  Chia Bomber 2  1,300 1,640 (+++) Guide
  Destruct-O-Match III  2,500 2,940 (-) Guide
  Dice Escape  1,000 2,000 (===) Guide
  Dubloon Disaster  2,500 410 (---) Guide
  Escape from Meridell Castle  Top 50  390 (--) Guide
  Extreme Herder  250 330 (+) Guide
  Extreme Potato Counter  200 160 (=) Guide
  Faerie Bubbles  2,000 1,790 (++) Guide
  Feed Florg  250 400 (===) Guide
  Freaky Factory  1,250 1,720 (=) Guide
  Gadgadsgame  1,000 1,520 (=) Guide
  Goparokko  8,500 9,090 (=) Guide
  Gourmet Club Bowls  900 670 (===) Guide
  Grand Theft Ummagine  1,100 630 (---) Guide
  Hannah and the Pirate Caves  150,000 100,000 (===) Guide
  Hungry Skeith  1,000 930 (=) Guide
  Ice Cream Machine  14,500 12,500 (=) Guide
  Kass Basher  850 2,130 (+++) Guide
  Korbats Lab  Top 50  1,390 (--) Guide
  MAGAX: Destroyer II  3,500 8,330 (=) Guide
  Maths Nightmare  Top 50  5,260 (+++) Guide
  Meepit Juice Break  3,500 4,350 (-) Guide
  Meepit vs. Feepit  3,000 4,550 (===) Guide
  Meerca Chase II  1,250 680 (--) Guide
  Mutant Graveyard of Doom II  2,250 550 (-) Guide
  Mynci Beach Volleyball  800 400 (+) Guide
  Nimmos Pond  4,000 640 (---) Guide
  Petpet Rescue  250 260 (===) Guide
  Petpetsitter  2,500 1,450 (-) Guide
  Raiders Of Maraqua  800 510 (+++) Guide
  Snowmuncher  5,000 4,550 (===) Guide
  Snow Roller  6,500 2,000 (===) Guide
  Snow Wars II  10,000 570 (---) Guide
  Spacerocked!  13,500 33,333 (++) Guide
  Stowaway Sting  1,200 710 (++) Guide
  Sutek's Tomb  2,000 5,880 (+++) Guide
  The Buzzer Game  300 90 (---) Guide
  The Castle of Eliv Thade  1,200 1,490 (===) Guide
  TNT Staff Smasher  2,250 4,550 (===) Guide
  Typing Terror  3,600 3,700 (===) Guide
  Ultimate Bullseye II  100 140 (-) Guide
  Volcano Run II  1,500 2,080 (-) Guide
  Game scores  250 --- Guide
  NeoBoard Avatar Collector  Top 50  --- Guide
Advert Attack 
I read a guide, wish I remembered which one so I could credit them. Possibly Jellyneo or /~Tropator.

The main thing to remember is that you can move the ads, you don't have to close them.
If you're getting overwhelmed, the code 'nopopups' clears all ads.

The faster you go, the more points you get. There's a cooldown before the button becomes clickable though.
Assignment 53 
No guide yet.
Attack of the Slorgs 
  This guide (/~Cotton_Kandy_Ace) helped me a lot.
Although I think their screen contrast is way higher than most people :/ (Or brightness is way lower. Either/or.)
The text is fairly light in colour on a normal screen brightness, adjust accordingly. (Plus, that's clearly a brown Slorg, not a red one.)

The hard part of this game is getting it to load -_-
The game itself isn't too bad, once you get it working.
I eventually got it working in Safari. Other people have had success with Opera 12 or IE.

The aim of the game is to get a group of three Slorgs of the same colour together, so they disappear. Simple, right?
Try for combos (another group of three forming when the previous one disappears), learn your powerups (green = good, brown = decent, pink = amazing, blue = useless, red = Very Very Bad), and remember the 'chargex4' cheat to restore your laser.
Oh, and if you see the quiggle, try to shoot it. Bonus points~
(For more details, including the paths the Slorgs take, check out that other guide.)
Carnival of Terror 
This is one I found easier on the largest size.

When you start, type 'piecrus' ('piecrust' without the 't'). Then hover your finger over the 't', ready to hit when you need more ammo.
This will be when there's no red left in your ammo bar.

Shoot the clowns, try to be as accurate as possible. Body gives the most points (6), and gets rid of them completely, although it's mostly covered by head/arms/feet.
It's more worthwhile to take out head and/or arm first, though. Particularly arms, they give 3 points to the head (and feet)'s 2.
If your ammo is getting low (after piecrust) and you still have a bit of time, try for just body shots. Conserves ammo. (Thanks Lucy for reminding me *heart*)

If you see clocks, grab them. Time is vital, and you probably won't get close without at least one clock.
Ammo is always worthwhile to grab, too.
Don't bother with health drops, it's better to save your ammo for clowns/clocks. If your health gets low, type 'custard' to restore it.

This is a fairly luck-based game, unfortunately. So be prepared to take a few shots at it before you get enough clocks (or ammo, but that's less of a concern) to get the av.
Chia Bomber 2 
No guide yet.
Destruct-O-Match III 
No guide yet.
Dice Escape 
It's in isometric view, with 'up' being top right. You can change it to a topdown view with the code 'topdown' (which also handily makes it so that up is actually straight up).
Jellyneo has a good guide with what to do for each level.

This is a Shockwave game, though, so many browsers have issues. Safari is the most reliable, I've found.
Dubloon Disaster 
There are two methods to this game, each with their own pros and cons.
Figure out which one works best for you.

Some initial notes:
You can either go forwards or turn. Not both at once.
Turning is relative to the direction your boat is facing, not the screen orientation.
Mines spawn when you collect the next dubloon (up to nine mines on screen), and get faster the closer to you they are. And they can spawn anywhere, including (annoyingly) right in front of/under you.
The type of dubloon that spawns is random, and has a point score of five times the denomination. (So Two Dubloon Coin = 10 points, Five Dubloon Coin = 25 points, etc. One Dubloon Coins don't exist in this game.)
Sometimes, a whirlpool will spawn that will drag all the mines (and you) into it. The mines will be destroyed by it, which doesn't bode well for your chances. (You can also trigger one by typing 'scallywags', but only once per game.)

First method: the slow way (aka the hunter).
Basically, every time you have two mines on screen, get them close enough together to blow each other up.
This takes a long time, since you have to lure them closer together (and they can be on opposite sides of the screen).
It's best to blow up one pair before collecting the dubloon that spawns the next, otherwise you could end up with too many mines to handle.
On the plus side, since you should only ever have up to two mines on screen, you'll have plenty of chances to take a break once you blow them up.
If the mines ever get too numerous to handle, type 'scallywags' to spawn a whirlpool that will destroy them all. (Make sure you don't get pulled in too.)
The main downside to this method is that since you're constantly spawning mines, you're likely to have a few spawn entirely too close to be safe.
(I'm not certain of any specific strategies for this, as this method is near-impossible for me.)

Second method: the fast way (aka the shepherd).
Basically, herd the mines into as small a group as possible then run around them forever.
You do not want to blow them up, that'll cause new mines to spawn which you then have to herd back into the group.
Whirlpools are often bad news, because they effectively reset your mine herd. This can be useful if you need a break, but once again you have to herd mines back into a group afterwards.
Now. To herd mines, you need to be in the direction you want them to go. It's faster the closer you get.
Having a curved line of mines is good, you can dart in and lure them all into a smaller group, then go back out again.
Same with two mines (or lines of mines) a reasonable distance apart (probably about 3-4 dubloons-widths apart minimum). Go between them, making sure to have your aim right, and you'll pull the two mines closer together. (I call this 'running the gauntlet' if there's a few mines and/or the gap is somewhat small.)
I've found that a good size for your herd is approximately the centre ninth of the screen. (Imagine a grid on the screen, dividing it into thirds. The centre of that, basically.)
Once you have that group, though, gathering the dubloons is pretty easy.
Most of them are around the edge, so go around in circles to keep your mines in the centre.
When one's more centred (especially if your mine herd surrounds it) herd your mines over to one side by sticking to the edges of that side. (Make sure you keep them in as small a cluster as possible, and don't let them get too close.)
You'll want about four dubloons-widths between the mines and the dubloon before you can turn around and grab it.
Escape from Meridell Castle 
Really old-school platformer, so if you're used to that sort of game you shouldn't have too much difficulty with it.
  Here's a really in-depth guide that seems useful.

You get points for defeating enemies, from collecting stars, and from the question mark boxes.
100 is the most you can get from the box. So... keep restarting the first level until you get 100 from the first box. (It helps so much.)
Collect as many stars as you can, but only the ones you know you can get safely (no point wasting a life). You get a life for every 100.
There's a correlation between the timer and how many points you get from the box, although it's generally a futile effort trying to take advantage of it. (I found this out in a guide, but can't remember which one. If you know, please NM me at murillion.)
If you find a level you can easily complete that gets you lots of points, by all means die at the end so you can take another go. Your score won't reset.

Now for the annoying part: background mechanics.
Notably, your life counter shows how many you have in reserve, not counting the one you're using.
Your hitbox (basically what enemies have to touch to hurt you) isn't aligned with your sprite. It extends slightly forward from the face, and doesn't cover the tail.
If you're flying and you hit a ceiling, you'll be knocked downwards significantly. There are places where this will result in you losing a life (from being knocked into spikes or knocked too far away to reach the next safe platform). So... avoid where possible.
If you're in mid-air and you start flying, it'll take a couple of seconds for it to kick in properly. So allow a bit of extra space for that if you need to do some tricky flying.

As this is a Top 50 av, you'll have the best chance at it on the first of the month when scores reset.
A good score to aim for is around 500-600 (higher is always better of course), although depending on the competition it can be achieved with a score as low as 350.
Extreme Herder 
No guide yet.
Extreme Potato Counter 
No guide yet.
Faerie Bubbles 
No guide yet.
Feed Florg 
  This guide says it best.
Basically, the longer you hold out before losing your first life, the better you're likely to do.
60 points is good, 80 is better, 100 is brilliant.
And if you can retain at least a few by the time you hit 200, you'll have a great chance.
This is one of those games where you need RNG on your side, though.
So have fun, try to relax, and just get in your daily plays.
Freaky Factory 
No guide yet.
  This person knows what they're doing.

The more fruits you destroy, the better. And the bigger they are, the more points you get.
Changing the most frequent fruit on the board to another one (by landing a potion on one) will help grow your bigger fruits.
And the bomb takes out everything of the colour it lands on.
Basically, try to cluster the fruits together to make bigger fruits, but don't get too ambitious.
No guide yet.
Gourmet Club Bowls 
No guide yet.
Grand Theft Ummagine 
Jellyneo has a really great, detailed guide, with pictures.
Follow the pictures.
(If it's too fast, open the pictures in GIMP or Photoshop or something and look at it layer by layer.)

If you're going for this one: set aside a day for it (it'll probably take that long), and work for the trophy score (because why not? it's only a little bit further).
Hannah and the Pirate Caves 
No guide yet.
Hungry Skeith 
No guide yet.
Ice Cream Machine 
Play in the largest size, it's easier.

Sometime between levels (at the start of the first is a good place), type 'strawberryvanillachocolate'. That gives you an extra life. (Lives are important.)

When you're playing, try to unfocus your vision so you see the whole screen at once, as opposed to focusing specifically on your character. Gaps are more visible that way.
Although when you have to fit through small gaps, refocusing on your character helps with precision.

Lives are great. Grab them whenever you can do so safely.
Same with the shield.
The shrinking powerup is always useful, although health/shield/item scoops reset your size/speed.
Avoid the one that makes you grow wherever possible.
The 'slow down' powerup is good when the level is too fast, although with enough practice the criteria for 'too fast' should end up further and further back as you adjust.
Once you're comfortable with the speed, the 'speed up' powerup can be useful on the earlier levels.
The cherry/fish scoops are good too. They give you more points, although going out of your way for them is not recommended.
Bombs aren't worth bothering with unless you have an undodgeable wall coming straight for you.

The levels do get faster and more frantic as you go on, too. And with more scoops flying past, your score will grow exponentially as you proceed through levels.
Kass Basher 
(I learned this from a petpage guide but can't remember what it was called, unfortunately.)
Wait for wind speed 9, hit Kass when he's about level with the Blum's head.
When going up, hold space/click. When going down, release.
Repeat when hitting the ground for bounces.
Three bounces isn't too difficult, five is good to aim for.
For a high score you need the tree and five-six bounces, but that takes practice and luck.
Korbats Lab 
/~flowined is a great guide, with lots of good advice.
Definitely check it out, it lists all the powerups and everything.

The basics:
It's one of those brick breaking games. Fairly simple.
Where the ball hits the paddle determines the angle it bounces.
Cardboard boxes take one hit, wooden boxes take more, metal boxes can't be destroyed normally.
Spyders and Korbats knock the ball away at a different angle, they're rude. (Korbats are worse than Spyders.)
Sometimes boxes drop stuff. Coins are good, they give points.
Powerups are... hit and miss. Some are good, some are bad. Avoid the large skull (the one that's not in a bottle), it ends your game. Powerups are listed in the instructions.
Don't sacrifice a life for a powerup/coin. It's not really worth it.
Levels 1-3 are always the same, levels 4-50 are randomly selected.
Type 'skip' to skip a level, don't be afraid to use it, you have a lot of levels to work with.
Shift pauses the game, there's no limits on it. Codes work while paused, too.
Type 'spiderbite' for an extra life. Wait until after you've lost a life though, there's an extra life powerup and you can only have four lives maximum.
When the candle in the background goes purple, you can change direction with space. (Useful for when you're near-horizontally bouncing against the walls.)
MAGAX: Destroyer II 
This is just summarising what I remember from Jellyneo's guide (which I read once when I decided to try for this one).

So basically you have to go beat up all the Scorchio ghosts. Once you defeat all of them in a level, you move on to the next one.
The Cybunnies don't count towards your level progress, but do contribute to your score.
So to maximise score, make sure to skip an early Scorchio. (The level wraps around, you'll encounter it again.)
The first one is best, but if you can't do so safely it's easier to defeat and move on until you find a safe one.

As for gameplay... you're constantly moving to the side (initially to the right), at a speed that gets faster each level.
You can reverse direction, which will slow you down. (You're faster than the enemies, so you'll have to do that a lot.) You can also move up or down to aim at them.
Your weapon is a laser shooty thing (spacebar), which has about five shots when fully charged. It takes a second or two to recharge when you shoot, though.
The Scorchios take one hit to defeat on most levels (with that number increasing from level 8 on), while the Cybunnies take four.
The Cybunnies can turn into Nox though, if they're on your screen. These Noxbunnies are invincible, and throw a fireball in an arc, that, if it hits you, takes away your laser shooty thing for a(n annoyingly long) while.
They can also one-shot you if you get too close at the wrong time. So stay away.
Getting too close to a Scorchio (or a Cybunny) means you lose one of your five hitpoints and are knocked away in the opposite direction. It's entirely possible to end up with Magax being thrown around enough to crash into multiple enemies, and lose one HP from each. (Quite rude.)
Definitely avoid getting close to the enemies wherever possible.
The floating green skulls you see around restore health though. And, if your shooty laser's been disabled, they restore that too.

There are ten levels, and you have to actually get to level 10 to get anywhere near the av score.
As an idea, if you manage to defeat every Scorchio and Cybunny, you should start level 10 with at least 3,460 points. 40 away from av score.
Maths Nightmare 
  This guide says it better than I ever could.
Basically... choose Division and Potato Counter, learn the equations, and try to complete each section in 15 seconds or less.
Use the code 'letimiyasleep' at around level 11.
Meepit Juice Break 
  No guide yet. 
Meepit vs. Feepit 
Alright, this is one of the simplest game avs there is.
You have the arrow keys and two attack keys: Z and X.
One's punch, one's kick, it doesn't matter which one's which, they do the same thing anwyay.
If you alternate between them, you can pull off a combo. (There are two combos, but once again there's no real difference between them.)
You do need to leave a gap for the animation to play out, though. Otherwise the combo won't work.
You can safely move around while you're putting in the keys, it doesn't break the combo.

When you're playing, try to only hit with combos. Move out of the way if you have to.
And don't hit the Meepits while they're blocking.
You get points for hitting with attacks/combos, and combos naturally award more. Blocking stops points being scored for that attack, even if you do damage.

And the real trick to this game:
You have to lose twice to each Meepit to come close to the av score.
Get in, do as much damage as you can without defeating them, then deliberately lose all your HP. Twice (per Meepit).
Then win three times, and proceed onto the next Meepit.
Repeat until the end.

Extra guides:
  /~Talonhawk (note: the screenies don't work)
  /~draxamillion3 (note: text is directly above a tiled image background; highlight to read)
Meerca Chase II 
No guide yet.
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II 
Didn't need to consult a guide for this one :P
This is a top-down grid-based game. Kinda like the Pokémon overworld in a way.

You get three lives and four(?) hit points per life. You don't actually start at full health though.

There are two ways to earn points. 10 points per item/powerup, and 50 per enemy squished.
You're gonna need to squish a lot of enemies ;)

There are four powerups (well, "powerups"): apple (increases health), mummy thing (decreases health), popcorn (increases speed), rat (decreases speed).
Don't bother with anything other than the apple.

When you first start, look at the tombstones directly above you. That's the sort you can push over. (A while in there's a tileset change and a rock you push over instead, but that's well past av score range.)
Use space to push, and if there's an enemy on the other side they get squished.

Work your way to the top-left corner of the first level and grab the apple, so that you're at full health.
Then go round and squish as many enemies as possible, then grab the last of the items you need and proceed to the next level.
The levels are the same each time you play (not randomised), so you'll learn your way around as you play it.
Mynci Beach Volleyball 
No guide yet.
Nimmos Pond 
I did consult a guide for this one. Probably Jellyneo's.

So your controls are left, right (self-explanatory), up (forward), space (shoot), b (bomb), and v (grab powerup).
You're gonna need to use everything except up.
It's much easier to keep track of things when you're not floating all over the screen.

As for the powerups: only grab the yellow stars (for your shooty thing; triple shot~), the bombs (when you need them; you can hold three), and health (when you need them). Anything else, don't bother.

As for actual gameplay:
Spin around to shoot the lily pads. You are going to need to spam spacebar, there's no autofire. (Make sure your wrists are comfortable!)
Larger ones will break apart, smaller ones will disappear Grab the powerups when you can/need.
If a lily pad is rushing towards you and you don't have time to shoot it, use your bomb.
There's... not much else to say. *shrug*
Petpet Rescue 
No guide yet.
No guide yet.
Raiders Of Maraqua 
No guide yet.
Everyone recommends this guide. So apparently it's good.
Snow Roller 
When playing, I consulted /~SeriouslyNeedToPea and Jellyneo's guide.
Neither one helped as much as I'd hoped :/

Alright, the game. You have a snowball that you need to get to the bottom of the mountain. There are obstacles in the way, and things you can pick up to grow your snowball.
There's a total of three levels, each with two sections.
For more detail on what the game is (and the scoring system, etc), look at those guides.

When you actually play, the two most useful buttons are the up arrow (to slow you down), and space (to jump).
Left and right are useful in the early parts of each level, but not so much after that.

Right from the start, you're gonna want to hold up. Just keep holding it. For the entire level, basically.
Wait until after you've accelerated on the first level (both parts) before you start, but after that you can't start to hold it soon enough.

For the first little bit, move around and try to grab everything with a red arrow above it (except the black slushies).
After a while, the snowball'll be big enough that you won't need to move around much at all.
Note: when you're at 100%, you will take up the entire play area, even though it doesn't look like it. React accordingly.

As for the obstacles...
This is where your jump button comes in.
When you're close to the obstacles (about shadow-length away is what I use), jump over them. And yes, black slushies count as obstacles for the purposes of this. (Their hitbox seems to extend a bit further downhill from the sprite than most obstacles, it helps to jump a bit later.)
Obstacles reduce your size when you hit them, and knock poorly-held items out of your snowball. So avoiding them is the best option.
(Don't wanna lose too much of the post-level item score, after all :P)

If you slip (usually by hitting a black slushie or by turning too fast), release up for a while and try to regain control somewhat.
You won't be able to slow down to the optimum speed (unless you're still on the first level), though.
Just grab what you can and hold out until the level transition.

Now, the slushies.
There are two special slushies: the black one (Super Traction) and the white one (Black Hole).
Super Traction... doesn't agree with going slowly. You'll skid around like you're constantly on an ice patch if you keep holding the up arrow while you have that effect on.
Hence avoiding it where possible.
Black Hole... is exactly what it says on the tin. The snowball acts like a black hole, pulling everything in.
Useful at the start (less moving around!) and any time you end up careening out of control (thanks black slushies).
Definitely worth picking up. Although sometimes you encounter a black slushie soon after, which... not so good.

One last thing: scores. You need 6500 points to get the avatar.
I've found that on a good run, I can get 2000 points in level 1, 3000 in level 2, and 4500 in level 3. That's just from each single level.
So you do have some freedom to be less than perfect.
It may take a while before you get the av, though. I had over a month of playing for my 3k almost every day before I got it, and I consider myself fairly good at games.
You just need to hope for that one good run.

Up = brakes. Use it, it helps.
Black slushies are evil, avoid them.
Stay in the middle, you'll grab (or hit) everything once you're big enough.
1-1, brake after acceleration, don't go too far over 50% size.
1-2, also brake after acceleration, collect everything except black slushies (they are evil).
2-1 onwards_ brake before acceleration, grab everything non-evil.
Your shadow makes a good marker for when to jump if you get the speed right. (Get a bit closer to black slushies before jumping, they're evil and extend further down the hill than the sprite suggests.)
If your brakes fail (or you hit a black slushie, same thing), try to salvage that leg as much as possible. The next one is effectively a fresh start, speed-wise.
Snow Wars II 
  /~brute365 is one of the best guides I've come across for this.

When you start, take a quick glance at how the snowmen are spread out. If they're close to edges, or otherwise non-optimal, restart. This... might take a while.
When you've managed to get a good spread of snowmen, surround them with walls :o
Try for at least two or three within your walls, more if you can.
Next step is placing your catapults. It seems to work best to keep them in a tight group, in the middle of the snowmen. That gives the most space to repair your walls.

Now for the attacking stage. Aka the easy part.
Go for the catapults first, then take out the Lupes.
The Lupes like to move around though, so you'll need to aim around them to have a better chance of hitting them.
The easiest way is just to spam-click around them and hope something hits, particularly after you have more catapults.

Repairing the walls is next, which is the hard part. (At least, it's where I always died.)
Patch gaps as best you can, including broken corners. Then expand to surround the rest of your snowmen.
It helps to have two (or more) sections too, all with catapults. That way you can patch one up at a time, for a better chance at survival.
Then you place more catapults. Stop after about 20-25 all up, and just let time run out during that part of the round.
And then, back to the attacking stage. Repeat until you reach av score.

Some notes on scoring that I can't fit in anywhere else:
You get points for taking out enemies, of course.
You also get points for the area you surround with your walls. More area claimed = more points.
Hope RNG favours you.
That's about all you can do.
Stowaway Sting 
  /~Serenacious explains this game pretty well.
Sutek's Tomb 
No guide yet.
The Buzzer Game 
Type 'cheese' when you start (that'll make your cursor visible).
Don't be afraid to take your time. There are 15 levels, each one gives 20 points upon completion, and you only need 300 points for the av.
20 x 15 = 300
The Castle of Eliv Thade 
If you're horrible at anagrams (like me), Jellyneo has a great *cough* guide.
There's no in-game time limit, so take all the time you need to *cough* figure it out.
TNT Staff Smasher 
No guide yet.
Typing Terror 
No guide yet.
Ultimate Bullseye II 
I vaguely remember using a guide for this one too... Possibly Jellyneo's.
Score bullseyes to earn powerups. (One powerup per arrow.)
Type 'catapult' when you start to get an extra powerup.
There are five powerups: target grows/shrinks, target moves side to side (gives powerup if you hit the target at all); flaming hoop (doubles score if an arrow goes through); triple arrow (three arrows at once); reverse point order for rings (bullseye counts as a miss, and hitting the edge counts as a bullseye).

There are three things that can appear on each round (but are not guaranteed): two balloons and Punchbag Bob.
The balloons show up between the Turtum and the target. Hitting a balloon and the target gets you an extra 30 (red balloon) or 35 (gold balloon) points.
(Note that these, and the flaming hoop, don't care if the same arrow did both, in the case of triple shot. So if one arrow hits a balloon and another hits the target, it's the same as if the same arrow did both.)
Punchbag Bob replaces the target (and deselects all your powerups). Hitting Punchbag Bob's apple is a 20 point bullseye, hitting him is 5 points.
When trying for the av score, the balloons are your friend. If you can hit them and the bullseye, that's a significant chunk of points. And if the game throws multiple at you, that's even better.

Part of gameplay is down to luck. I'd advise choosing a minimum score you have to reach before you send, and playing every day. ~300 NP/play is still useful.
Volcano Run II 
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  /~My_First_Little_Pony, as a game guide directory, naturally has an abundance of games listed.
It's always good to check the Featured Game, too.
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  /~Easyavatars is a basic list to get you started.
  /~The_Pet_Eater lists all avs, to make it easier to fill in the gaps.