Welcome to the Neodex, a directory of Neopets with Pokémon names! Started by Aly and her partner Zekrom in December 2014, our mission is to unite Pokéfans from all across Neopia by creating a place of appreciation for the fanpets dedicated to these magical creatures called Pokémon.

Pokémon of all kinds are welcome! However, please refrain from submitting Pokémon misspells, plurals, Pokémon names in other languages, and Mega Evolutions! As lovely as I'm sure they are, our database would simply be overwhelmed. If a Pokémon is grayed out, it means it has been frozen since being listed. :c

Lastly, please don't harass the owners of these Pokémon! They are not for trade or adoption unless the owner explicitly states it.

Thank you, and enjoy your stay!


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A (belated) happy 2018 to everyone!

Gen I & II

Gen I - Kanto (#001-151)

Gen II - Johto (#152-251)

Gen III & IV

Gen III - Hoenn (#252-386)

Gen IV - Sinnoh (#387-493)

Gen V & Gen VI

Gen V - Unova (#494-649)

Gen VI - Kalos (#650-721)


Gen VII - Alola (#722-807)

submit a pokémon

To submit a Pokémon fanpet to the Neodex, simply mail Aly the name of the pet!

  • Only submit fanpets that belong to you!
  • We do not accept Pokémon misspells, Pokémon names in other languages, mega evolutions, plurals, or Pokémon trainers/gym leaders at this time.
  • We do list Pokémon that are not in permanent homes. However, we do not advertise or specify if a Pokémon is UFT at this time.



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