As You walk in, You see a Male Fire Krawk, with a long flowing Dark Red scarf around his neck, playing with some Birds nearby. "..What is he doing?" You say to yourself as you slowly approach him.
He Suddenly lifts up a large grayish-blue Staff, and the Birds freeze in Mid-Flight. He finnaly notices you and waves slowly "Oh Hello! sorry, You kinda caught me in the middle of my Training." he laughs slightly, walking over to you.
I'm Zekiu By the Way, But My friends and Family call me Zeki for short. I'm a Guardian of time if your Wondering about the Bird thing..I Can travel through the Past or the Future, Or even stop things and make them go faster. It Takes up alot of energy to do so, Thats Why I'm Training with those birds
He lifts up his staff again and the Birds unfreeze and fly off, totally uneffected by his magic.
Well, As Long as your here, I'll teach you all about Me and my powers. You just might learn something very new and cool.

Hmmm...Well I really like playing around with My Time Powers. Its really fun freezing birds and things..Especially the Rain! ..And I love sleeping on nice fluffy clouds.. They are the Best places to take naps on.. so peaceful and soft.. Hmmm.. I also like spending time out with my friends and even making new ones some times....Hmm.. Lets see... Whatelse.. Oh, As you can see, I wear a blindfold. It doesn't mean I cant see or anything... Actually I can see you quite fine..Thats because I'm magic!" He laughs

How I got my powers
..I bet your wondering about my Time powers now aren't ya? Well To tell ya the truth, I was born with them..But learning to control them was the hard part.. Heh.. I used to freeze things on accident or go back in time too far and got everything messed up a few times.. but *cough* You shouldn't know anything about that.." He said laughing a little.

Human Form
As you may have noticed, me and all my siblings all have human forms. I dont know why, but Bulma felt we needed to have them. Sooo.. As you can see I dont wear my blindfold over my eyes while in this form, the reason for that is because..well.. Human vision is garbage. I cant see through my blindhold like this." He growls slightly "Meh, well, atleast you guys can see my eyes now.
He points to his blue eye with a scar slashed over it. "You're probably wondering why I have one blue eye. Well, to put it simply, its where my magic is stored. Weird huh? The scar is from when I had to do battle with a great monster to become a guardian. Being a Time Guardian isn't given ya know, its earned.

Here is Bulma. She's changed alot of the years but she's still pretty much the same though she's mellowed out during the years. Bulma is now oooold! But we all still love her. She's a little better at drawing now.. just a little. Well Bulma is a pretty Cool owner. She lets us do whatever we like and spoils us rotten. The only thing I dont like is when she runs through the house, Screaming her elven War cry at 3am for no Reason.

This is Akkedo, Or Ake as we call him. He's my oldest Brother. When he was reborn, He lost his memory, and has a hard time with everything throughout his life. Meh..He's quite pitiful to me.. Oh well, He's a pretty nice guy, he loves eating chocolate and is very quiet. I think he needs to get out more often.

Here is Rai" he shudders "..She's My Coffee Loving Crazed Sister. I Really Really dont Like her very much! She Loves running My friends and I over with her blasted Floor polisher. And Because of her I cant get any training yet..Grrr! I wish she would just leave me alone sometimes! I really dont like her petpet either. Her mortog just stares at you all weird like and when you get near it, it blows up! What a creepy thing!

..Yes.. Finally the last of my lost siblings has been reborn. Well Zi, as we call her, has been really quiet lately.. Heh, she's still all scared from being in the netherworld for so long.. but she'll get better. Zi is an all around nice Sister who likes to eat blueberries..heh.. along with Valen."

..This is Zeik, One of my..well.. uhm.. More unusual brothers... You See, Bulma found Zeik in a lab.. He had been tortured and experimented on.. She rescued him from there and brought him home. He gets along pretty well with all of us except for Ake.. Heh.. Ake thinks Zeik is dangerous.. and even went after Zeik once (( Thats a very long story xDD )) But Out of my Brothers, Zeik is my favorite because he isn't mean like Ake is XB
Ake: ...I'm not mean...

Here we have Relikh, or we call him Rel or Reli. He's the second youngest in the family. He's the first pet in the family to have feathers and that isn't a krawk or a draik.. which is something totally new to Rai. She tried to cook and eat him when he was a chick. Well, Relik is pretty cool and laid back, he's really big compared to other eyries and is often used by Bulma to fly around on. He sometimes lets me fly around on him too, but he tends to go too fast sometimes.

Xeph is my new baby brother... I think he has a height problem or something too, He's really short lol. Anyways, he's a cool little guy, he's been trying to get me to teach him how to read but I dont think Im that great of a teacher. He still has alot to learn before he can go off doing what he dreams, writing books. I know that sounds odd but he seems to really like it.

Ugh.. Haiseo.. another new addition to the family. He's the only lupe in the family. I dont really like him.. he's a bit.. eccentric. He's obsessed with pancake mix.. like in a unhealthy way. Everything he does revolves pancake mix and all he talks about is pancake mix. He has a few screws loose if you ask me. Bulma really needs to get him into an addiction treatment place or something or we'll have to have an intervention soon. He tried to get me to buy his squeaky toys so he could buy more pancake mix.

This Is Valen My Pet Gallion. He's a Really Cool little petpet that Can Breathe Fire.. I dont know where he learned how to do that, But it sure helps when Arraiko is around. Getting Valen was quite a hard task though.. I went out on a little adventure to the Land of Meridell, Running an errand for Bulma. As I walked through a lush meadow, I began to notice that the plants were beginning to grow brown and less trees were around, the sky seemed somewhat darker as I traveled on. I decided to turn back, becomming worried from my surroundings becoming darker, thinking I was lost.

But as I began to head back, something caught my interest. A Small Dragon-like creature wandered me. It was very skinny and weak looking. I Picked it up and carried it home with me. When I got home, Bulma Told me it was Called a 'Gallion'. After a bit of fattening it up and alot of love and care, I Decided to Keep him and Name Him Valen. He's Been a Great friend since the day I found him and hopefully We'll be together forever.

Zeki smiles and sits down on his cloud "..Here is my likes and dislikes section! As you can see.. I have more dislikes then likes.. Alot of them have to do with theives..." Zeki shakes his fist "...Curse you evil theives and leave us alone!!..

Flying on clouds
Being Lazy

Art Theives
Being drawn as a human and in a Lupe costume
People who keep asking questions that are in my Faqs
Floor Polishers
Doing Chores
Lovesicks @_@

Bulma: XB Hehe.. I couldn't help but draw Zeki like that xDD I love giving him silly and embarrasing looks.

Q: Can My pet be Zekiu's Friend?
A: Sure, I dont mind ^ ^ But please ask in like an rping form

Q: Where did you got your Music from?
A: Imogen Heap. If you have any questions about the other music I have on my other petpages/lookups, feel free to neomail me.

Q: Can I Pretty Please have something or can you please donate some np to me?
A: ^ ^;; I dont take kindly to beggers

Q: What Kind of Art Program do you use?
A: Ok, This quite a common question so I'll just say everything about me art here
First I think of something to draw, I usually begin to draw random things out of boredom before I finally get a good idea XD
I then begin sketching. Unlike most people, I dont use paper, pencils, or a scanner. I use a Wacom Tablet X3 Its a little drawing pad thing. Well I use that to draw things directly onto the computer
The program I use is called Adobe Photoshop 7 Its a pretty nice. I also use one Called OpenCanvas, I use this mainly to color and whatnot.
Now When The sketch is done.. I just leave it as it is XD Because I'm lazy. XB Thats why most of my pictures are very sketchy :x Well Now I'll usually begin coloring, using many many layers and stuff.
I then resize the picture or add a background to it, and then its done XD

Q:What are the prizes you got from getting into the art gallery?
A: XD People keep on asking if I got my Rare petpets from the Gallery -.- I can assure you that I didn't XD I had to work hard for my petpets 83. And to tell you the truth, My prizes weren't all that great.

Q:Are you ever going to continue with your comic in the Neopian Times, Just Plain Crazy?
A: Yeah ^ ^;; I work on new comics whenever I can, but lately I've been really busy with working on Requests and Art Trades, my guilds layout, Restocking, playing Ragnarok and TalesWeaver X3
((..Ok Those aren't really good excuses... I'm just lazy XD))
If you wanna see my comics, click on the link below:
[Just plain Crazy]

Q:Can I draw some fanart for your pets?
A: X3 Sure! I love getting art from others!

Q:How Do you get a Krawk
A: I get this Question Alot x_x Ok people to get a Krawk:
1)Buy a Krawk petpet Via the Tyrannian petpet shop or Auctions/Trading Post. They Cost about 35knp in the petpet shop. How do I know that? XD I've bought 2 Krawk petpets for under 40knp from there. They usually cost 800knp-1mil np in the Auctions/Trading Post though. So you gotta be pretty lucky to buy one from the -blocked-our pets. Make sure you only have 3 or it wont work X3 And make sure you give the Krawk petpet a name that no other -blocked-o down to Krawk island and to the Fungus Caves and Allow the Krawk petpet to eat some of the Fungus. And there you have it :D A Full Grown Krawk! Natural Style XB. Oh, And you Cant Choose the Gender of it Sadly : Its Random. So Ya wanna give it a name that could be used by a boy and a Girl XP
2) Using a Krawk Morphing/Transmogrification Potion to morph your pet into a Krawk. You can Aquire one of these by buying one off the Auctions/Trading post or Restocking a Morphing potion in Kauvara's Magic shop. Also you can get one from a Random Event with Dr. Sloth Handing you Transmogrification Potion.
3 The Lab Ray (( Yeah XD Its Possible! )) With the Help of the Lab Ray, You could be one of those lucky few who could get their pet Zapped into a Krawk. To get the Lab Ray you have to Gather all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map Set (( Which costs around 380k-400knp )) And go to the Games Secion and to Puzzles then to Treasure Maps and finally to Laboratory. And There you have it XB The Secret Lab! Which you can now use once every day X3

Q: Can I Please put ears on my Krawk too?
A: I dont really care what you do. Just please dont make them look much like mine XD I like trying to keep my krawks looking original.

Q: Can I please use your images on ______?
A: I dont mind as long as you give me credit for said picture.
Note - Please do not enter my artwork into the art gallery/beauty contest.

Q: Why do you have "The Reincarnation of Aerokii/Auron50/Krevden/_Krawken_" On your pets look-ups?
A: XD Ah, Good Question. You see, I put that there for a reason, I didn't just give them those titles because it looked cool or just fot the heck of it. When my account, Bulma121121 was frozen, I lost everything and all of my krawks. So When I made this account, I decided to Re-make my old krawks, thus making them reincarnations
(( D: I also put this here because people seem to like putting 'the reincarnation of so-and-so' because they thought it was a neat title. That makes me furious XD Lets have reason behind these things people! ))

Zeki: ^ ^ Alright! New adoptables! Heh. These are kinda big though.. Oh well
Bulma: Every single one of these were colored and shaded individually, So thats means they are all special XDDD *combusts*
LINK back so people wont think you stole them.
DO NOT Claim them as your own
Your allowed to use them wherever you want ON NEOPETS, but you must give credit to me or just link back X3
These Adoptables are only to be used on Neopets and no other site

~*~Customs are OPEN~*~
If you would like a custom krawk plushie, or if you'd like to trade adoptables, feel free to neomail me.

Customs will be made for krawks/soon-to-be-krawks. Not any other species so stop asking XD

Zeki: ...Aren't they supposed to have Three eyes?...
Bulma: XD I tried.. But it looked really bad so I took it off :x


Zeki: Hey! My scarf is supposed to be way longer!
Bulma: DX Quit your whining! I couldnt fit it on the adoptable XDD




Zeik (( Xekii ))


All old customs were wiped. If you had a custom made and would like it again, neomail Bulma






























NEWS: There is a coloring dragons tutorial at the bottom of this tutorial. Just scroll down

Since so many people ask how I color My Pictures, I decided to make this XD Though I usually dont use this program as I hate it. I usually use OpenCanvas 3, but since its alot harder to use then Adobe, and most people dont even know what it is, I decided to go ahead and use Adobe 7 for it.

News: Added a new picture you guys can color for practice. It is at the bottom of the tutorial

This Tutorial was created in:

(( X3 You can probably use the same steps I used for this tutorial in other art programs that have the usage of Layers ))

-You are allowed to save the line art onto your computer and color it for practice. This is ONLY for practice, you are not to go and enter it into the beauty contest or use it for other purposes.-

Getting started

1) Ok! What you need to get started is to draw/scan a picture. I drew the picture of a faerie cybunny a while ago, but decided to use it again (( I removed its wings for this tutorial )) With My Wacom Graphire 3 4x6 Tablet. Whoo thats a long name!

2) Open a Photoshop program! I'm using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for this one, but I do believe you can use pretty much any program for this simply tutorial (( except for ms paint as it doesn't have layers xD ))

3) Lets get coloring! X3 Coloring is simple and fun if you know how to use your programs and tools right. What you need to do is make sure you have your layer window open, If you dont then on the top tool thinggy, where file, edit, image, etc.. is, look to the very end of it and you'll see 'window' click on it and a drop down menu will show up, make sure that 'layers' is checked.

4) Now with the layers window open, you'll see that the lineart of the cybunny is named background, below that, you'll see some buttons, one a little trash can, and the other that looks like a page being flipped or something. Click on the little page one and you'll now have a new layer.
At the top of the layer window, you'll see a little drop down menu again. It says 'normal'. Click on it and go down a little until you see 'multiply' and choose on it. Now choose a color (( I choose the color of a faerie cybunny )) and begin to color, As you can see, you wont color over the lines as long as you have the layer set on multiply.

5) Now that you have parts of the picture that were the color of the cybunny, its time to shade! Shading is easy, just create a new layer and set it to multiply, and with the airbrush tool, go around the parts where you think the image would have shadows.

Keep on creating more and more layers to get the shading darker. When your done shading, its time to add highlights! Create a new layer but keep the setting on 'normal'. Change the color to a light purple or whatever the color of the cybunny is and begin to color where you think the light would come in. When your done with that, create another normal layer and change the color to white then begin adding more highlights. After about 3 layers of multiplying and 2 layers of highlights, the picture to the left is what I came out with.

6) Its time for more coloring and shading! x3 Just get the color of the faerie cybunnies neck fluff and begin to color, shade and highlight. While I was at it, I added a cute little blush to the cybunnies face X3 I also decided to go ahead and add the hearts. (( Make sure you add the hearts after your finish shading the fluff )) Just create a normal layer and color the hearts on. As you can see with the layer set on Normal, the colors stay ontop and go over everything. When your done with that, go ahead and begin to color in the inner ear with a pinkish color. Dont forget to shade and highlight it XD See, coloring is getting kinda repeative isn't it? Color in-Shade-Highlight X3 Easy to remember!

7) Now its time to re-touch! X3 I'm going to go back and add more shading to areas that need it and add more highlights. I do this often when I start to think the picture looks bad or am maybe thinking about trashing the picture all together xD Adding some re-touches usually helps me change my mind and makes the picture look better. I added about 4 more layers of shading and 2 more of highlighting.

8) Now its time to color the eyes! I have many styles of coloring them, but I choose this one since I thought it was the easiest.

First color in the color of the eye, I chose blue since I thought it would look nice on the cybunny XD.

Now add another multiply layer and add a pupil and shade a little at the bottom of the eye.

Create a new layer, instead of putting it on multiply, put it on 'color dodge' and color along the part of the eye we didn't shade.

Now create a normal layer and switch colors to white and begin to add shines of light for the eye, making it look all sparkly X3

9) And there we have it folks! ^ ^ You've completed coloring the picture! You could go back and add some more re-touches or even change the color of the lines X3 or add a background if you like.

10) To change the colors of the lineart, create a layer right above the background layer (( click on background layer then click on new the layer button )) and select the setting 'screen' Now get a dark color, lets get the colors we got by shading, use the eyedropper tool and click on the dark purple, when you have it begin to color the lines X3 And for a simple background, just color some grass, use a normal layer and a light green to give it some nice effects. For the sky, I just used a nice blue color and colored lightly around, then used the eraser to kinda get rid of the blue yet let lightly stay there.

Well I hope this Tutorial helped you or someone XD I'm not very good at explaining things, but hey, I tried. If you have any further questions about the tutorial, then go ahead and neomail me X3

Coloring Shiney dragons

Extra Practice
Here is another Picture you can practice with. ONLY as practice. Do not do and post it somewhere and claim you drew it.

Bulmas Fanart Gallery is up!!!
Click the picture above to visit the fanart gallery.
After a long time of searching, I was able to recover most of the fanart I lost. It might load slowly due to large amounts of pictures on there. If you have any new/old fanart thats not on there, please neomail me.

This section is under construction aswell. Bulma needs to remember where she stored all her screenshots on her old computer.
For now, It will hold all the old images I replaced recently with new ones. Just incase anyone still liked my old poopie art.

Sold 2.5mil

Sold 800k

This is what we all used to look like before Bulmas old account got frozen

We all got turned into Asparagus chias on a random theme day D: Do not want again

^ ^ Yay! I got another award! Starring Valen once again xDD The Good thing about this one is that its... FREE!! Yep, If you think your petpage Or anything in particular is worthy enough, then go ahead and take it x3
BUT You may Not take it if you have anything thats been Stolen

This award is only for Neopets It is not to be used anywhere else!


Thank you for visiting my page. Sorry for all the human form pictures aswell. Thats all Bulma has been drawing lately, but she is gonna work on drawing me in my krawky natural form aswell. Anways, I hope you enjoyed everything. See ya~

[†] About Me [†]
[†] My Family [†]
[†] Likes [†]
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[†] Wall of Shame [†]
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[†] Tips and Stuff [†]
[†] Award [†]
[†] Links [†]

Here are My stats.. I know I'm not very Strong yet. I dont get much training due to Ake hogging all of the codestones.
Name - Zekiu
Owner - Bulma
o.o She's a Complete Idiot"
Gender - Male
Love - "X3 None
Age -
Level - 27
Strength - 37
Speed - 28
Defence - 31
HP - 25/48
I.Q - 110

Grr! I'm Gonna have a Perfect Battledome Score once I get Stronger! Watchout Chia Clown!" he laughs
Played - 0
Won - 0
Lost - 0
Drawn - 0
Score - 0
We have Blocked all Challenges Made By other Pets..Cant Take any risks with The Threat of Chia flour around.

The Zekiu Faerie

Zeki: X3 I'm a pretty Faerie!

..Yay! Bulma finally finished my new petpage award ^ ^ Well if you would like to recieve the award, your petpage needs to be creative, have original designs and art, neatness, creative stories and more.
To enter, Just send Bulma a neomail and we'll go check your page out..
The Golden Valen Award is NOT a free award. It is for those who have worked hard on their petpages and is not for you to take without first applying for it.

Applications are Open! If you have a petpage and would like to apply to recieve the reward, just neomail Bulma.

-News: ^ ^ We have a new award! And Its Free!.. But its hidden somewhere on this page xD Can you find it?
(( Its Very easy to Locate XDD ))-

Zeki smiles widely shines a few trophies "Yaay! I love recieving awards ^ ^ Trophys are so cool!

Forever New, Forever unique, and Forever a Child at Heart.

Note: If you have an award for me that can only be recieved on an Off-site page then sorry, I wont take it D: Bulma doesn't trust people who try to send off-site links *cough*securityissues*cough*

Zeki: Finally! Bulma got my link done *shakes a fist at her*
Bulma: ^ ^;; Sorry.. I've been busy!
Zeki: Hah! Busy my rear! You lazy old goat! Well My new link was a picture of an Anthro me.. but Bulma thought I looked too much like a girl and was embarrassed to show it to the public, so she turned it into my new link xDDD
If you would like to trade links, just send Bulma a neomail X3

News: Ghaah, I've had to change my link due to Neo's new rules -.o If you'd like to continue to link to me, then just re-copy and paste the stuff above.

Ake got a new button before I did! Hey No fair Bulma!
Bulma: XB Sorry Zeki!

..Heh.. Zikka has some really weird music on her page..

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