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Dear Yinnyang,

It's been stressful here in Vegas this month, a huge traveling Broadway came through and the traffic was an absolute nightmare! Besides that, my boss at the cafe (I told you I worked at a Cafe, right?) has been on an egotistical rampage. He signed me up for a bunch of shifts I told him I couldn't do so I had to cancel a bunch of dates and push back some art deadlines. I got everything done, but it was really stressful, getting your letter was a really nice break in my week. (:

Tomorrow I'm going to apply for grants and financial aid, I was rejected last year because of how much money I earned in art. What they don't realize is how expensive an apartment is in Vegas! This year I didn't get quite as many art commissions done, so hopefully I can get enough for another year of law school. Cross your fingers!

I'm happy you decided to come visit, I have a spare bedroom you can stay in. Besides, Lydia and Casper seem to get along great...sortof. Haha!

I hope to here from you soon.




Roleplay: Open
Types: Feral, anthro, human

Name: Zaseri
Alias: Zas
Gender: Female
Age: 3 feral/32 anthro
Height: 67 cm feral/5' 3" anthro
Weight: 132 feral/132 anthro (lbs)

Fur/build (feral): With few distinctive traits, Zas is not any different then your typical lupe. She stands at an average height for a female lupe. The only thing remarkable about her build is the characteristic curl of her tail. Her face is thin and feminine, almost fox-like in appearance. It's a pretty face and has a charming and often contagious smile.

Brown in color, Zas's fur matches one of her favorite sweets, chocolate. Along her underside, from her nose to the base of her tail, lies a rich tan color, bordered along the edge with a strip of pink. Her legs is darker in color, it looks brown in the direct sunlight, but it can appear black in poor lighting; her tail and ears are also this color. She has a curled tail that matches her stomach. It starts off dark brown like her legs and is tipped with tan and pink. Similar rings are visible on each shoulder and hip, encasing a dark brown within them.

The most peculiar thing about Zas is her wide and alert eyes. They are pink, much like the other parts of her fur, but the "whites" of her eyes are actually black. This, with her black pupils, make it appear as though her eye has a ring itself.

Fur/build (Human&anthro): Short brown hair frames Zaseri's heart shaped face. Her hair is thin, and it takes a considerable amount of time for it to be tamed, but Zas always wears it well. Standing at a rather short five-foot three, Zas maintains a healthy weight. She has a somewhat curvy figure with a thin waist and wide hips, although all the major features on Zas are relatively small. She has a small face and chest with small ears and nose, her feet and hands are small and her wrists thin. Overall, Zas is quite delicate looking.

Abiding by the idea "dress for success," Zas dresses quite fashionably. Though she doesn't have expensive or fancy clothes, she is able to hunt for good deals and dress nicely. She favors warmer clothes, even in the summer time she often looks bundled.

Personality: Born and raised a city girl, Zas is unable to see herself living in any other setting but the city. She likes to shop, dine, go clubbing, and enjoy the many perks the city has to offer. From a young age, Zaseri has been an enthusiast of art. She studied the mechanics, took art classes in highschool, and eventually became a sculptor and muralist. With her artistic mind came a need to surround herself with beautiful things, and though she didn't lead a privileged life, she found ways to live comfortably on her meager budget.

Living live in the now, Zas believes in living life expressively. She goes to clubs and dances or visits one of the many Broadways she enjoys on a regular basis (or whenever she can afford it), sometimes even going trips out of her car to exotic places to paint or sculpt. This adventurous lifestyle has put her in a place in which she feels unfulfilled when inert, making her hard to keep up with. If one were to ask her, she'd say that she likes real people - people that don't try to be something else or hide who they are. Being a "real" person herself, Zas can be quite overbearing.

Zas views herself as a sophisticated person. She may sometimes feel a sense of superiority over someone who squanders their time over a meaningless lifestyle. She sympathizes with the poor and ill-fated, and loathes the lazy privileged who do nothing but gamble and party their life away. Her sympathy to poverty makes her quite charitable, occasionally donating her time and food to the food bank or the soup kitchen.


• Paint

• The color blue

• Nature

• Creative freedom

• Volunteering

• Dreaming

• Popcorn

• Dance clubs

• Exotic animals


Gray •

Smog/gas •

Jaded people •

Fish •

Uncreative people •

Pessimists •

Video games •

Spiders •




I got this little cutie from an old highschool friend of mine. she's a big dog person and breeds lots of these little yappers. I envied her at first, but once I got to take care of just one, I decided she has the worst occupation in all of Vegas.

Yeah, he's cute, and I love him and all, but he puts the biggest dogs to shame with the amount of energy he has. He runs in circles, he chases his tail, he chews things apart, he won't shut up! At least he doesn't pee in the apartment anymore, the landlord wasn't happy there for awhile. After some obedience classes, he became manageable, and it was much easier to keep his fur pristine after chatting with the local groomer.

All in all, Casper is my high maintenance, cant-be-left-alone dog. I still love him though, he's definitely the most happenin' Pomeranian around.


Nuhvok is one strong woman. We go way back, like, years. For a long time she was married to this guy in the mafia, but he recently fell into a coma and I doubt he will ever wake up. Ever since she's been pretty bitter (more so then usual), but we're still good friends; I'd trust her with anything. Now she's a single mother with her troubled son and headstrong daughter, every once and awhile I like to go over and help them out and do some housework. Nuhvok's a great friend, but her son is irritatingly messy!

Nuhvok's oldest child, Lena, is an interesting one. She is very intellectual-probably even smarter then me. She also is very driven and determined, and when you mix drive with a calculative mind...well, let's just say it's a potent mix. Lately I learned she's been dealing with the darker side of her father's family, which makes me really concerned. At least she has Tivuk around to keep her safe. There are some real twisted people in the shadows of this family.

Ah, Nuhvok's irritatingly messy son, Rylex. He's like any teenage boy, stubborn, emotional, messy, the whole shebang. Though he is often very old for his age, it really makes me sad how he was forced into maturity so quickly. Being fatherless is hard, even if he says he hates hid dad, not to mention his "back problems." I'd explain, but I don't feel that's really my place. If you really wanna know, go ask them yourself. Vok and Rylex could use the company.

I met Yinn here when I was taking a painting trip to the mountains, like the city girl I am, I was grossly unprepared for the harsh mountain cold and almost died of hypothermia before he came along to rescue me. He took me to his cabin and before I knew it a blizzard had stranded us there. I know, right? Just my luck. He's quite a sweetheart though, I wish he'd let me take him out of the mountains for awhile so I can show him what the world's really like (the man lives in a cave! He doesn't even know what a cell phone is).

I met this purple hunk at my favorite dance club. He's not the most charming or smooth of characters, but he's got a sway to him. Even as an inexperienced dancer, he can still shake it quite impressively. I really want to drag him in for some lessons and make him a long-term dance partner, but he won't let me. ): Oh well, he is quite cute.

Vera is a very talented musician. Like how I make art with metal and copper, she can make art with the keys of her piano. It's really quite amazing, I envy her raw talent. She and I aren't on the best of terms, she's just too much of a child - spoiled and ungrateful. I see so much love for her from siblings and friends, they all want the best for her, but it's her choice and I'm not optimistic about her future. What a waste of such good talent.


To view any of the pictures below, drag and drop the thumbnail to your URL bar!

Ah, art. I had hoped you would bring this up! Do you know about the different movements of art? They are all very important. I myself prefer modernism over anything else, but you need to be well versed. Education is power, right?

Neoclassicism - One of the first solid movements in eighteenth century art, Neoclassical art embodies the Enlightenment or the Age of Reason. It often encompasses themes such as science, politics, and higher meaning. They used Greek and Roman style figures in their pieces and often aimed to make their painting resemble ancient Greek sculptures. Jacques-Louis David accomplished this look in Oath of the Horatii, using a strong sidelight and dramatic folds in the clothing to make the figures appear "sculpted." The painting illustrates three brothers accepting swords to fight for their kingdom. To the far right, a group of women sit helplessly at the side. This shows the early prejudice against women and the mindset that women were too emotional to do "man's work.

Romanticism - With the rising popularity of more "serious" topics in Age of Reason, there were many who felt that art shouldn't be so calculated and serious. The romanticists believed that art was best when it was drawn from nature and used to present a message. Many romanticists drew landscapes and wouldn't rely on linear perspective, instead painting exactly what they saw in nature. Fransisco Goya painted the Third of May during the invasion of Napoleon in Spain. Though many other artists would choose to paint of Napoleons success, Goya depicted the tragic loss of Spanish life, even exaggerating or "romanticizing" it. The Spanish man in the center stands unarmed like a white flag, representing the brutality of Napoleon's army and victimization of the Spanish.

Impressionism - text here

Post-Impressionism - text here

Fauvism - text here

Cubism - text here

Realism - text here

Surrealism - text here

Modernism - text here


Requests: Shukumei and Carpe Noctem members only
Trades: Open

1. Do not in any way remove my signature/add your own.
2. Always link back to this page.
3. These are only permitted to go on pages about your pet ei. lookup/petpages, do not upload in your own gallery or the beauty contest.
4. No editing please or taking customs that aren't yours.
5. I will only make customs for pets with a visual reference of some kind and I won't do the following: multiple sets of wings, clothing (other then simple accessories), lots of wounds, or more then 3 tails.

Use the following code to collect and replace the underscored area with your pet's FULL name (with proper capitalization) if you have problems or I mis-spelled your pet's name, neomail me.

Custom Count: 14

Adoptable Count: 6


Zaseri's Art Achievement Award

After seeing countless of amazing art all over Neopia, I decided to take upon myself to make some of these little statues. They come in bronze and gold (I don't like silver) and I give these little things out to petpages that I feel are very well done.

Be warned that I'm a real stickler, I want these to be prestigious if you know what I mean. I won't give them away to just any old petpage! I'll grade petpages based off of uniqueness, design, style, and composition. If you think you have a petpage that is unique and well done, drop Himowa a line with the link!

To collect, enter in your pets full name (all lower case) followed by the metal of trophy you have.
Ex. zaseribronze

Receivers: 1


Zaseri (c) Himowa

Coding snippets/help from Sunnyneo
Casper image found on Google images
All other art (c) their respective owners

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