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Number 1 !

Buzz's Photo Welcome to my humble webpage guest!
My name is Zancudos, and I my proud owner is lexi_37! I am here to tell you all about me and why Buzz are great! I'ld like to begin by setting a few facts straight. Us Buzz tend to have a pretty hard time compared to all you other guys, and its just not fair!

Untrue Buzz Rumours
  1. Buzz are ugly
    No way! There are many beautiful female Buzzes out there who could easily win the Beauty Contest any day. Just because we don't go on about grooming products like Unis do doesn't mean we don't take care of ourselves.
  2. Buzz Smell!
    How childish is that, I mean really! I know I don't, and I haven't met a Buzz yet that whiffed any worse than any other Neopet (except maybe that guy with the complete set of dung furniture, but anyway)
  3. Buzz are no fun!
    Well I can't speak for all Buzzes, but I know I LOVE a game of tag, gormball, hide and seek etc. You name it, and I will give it a whirl!
  4. Buzz Bite!
    Ok, so we may look a little tough and scary, I can see how some sissy looking pets could find us intimidating, but we do have manners. Yes we can put up a pretty good fight in the Battledome, but we don't go around biting strangers!


Favourite Game -
Jelly Processing Plant of course!


As you may have guessed I have a particular fondness for Tigersquash. I can't quite explain it, but they are just the most amazing thing I have ever tasted! If you haven't munched your way through a whole Tigersquash, you really ought to today! If you don't have wings to pick them off their branches like me, I suggest you make your way to the Tropical Food Shop pronto...

So what about me? Well I am 105617 hours old, and I like reading, flying and pounding the Pant Devil in the Battledome :) I enjoy travelling Neopia in my spare time, I have been to the Haunted Woods, Mystery Island and Terror Mountain. With any luck I will make it down to the Lost Desert this year.

Essential Equipment

Items that no self-respecting Buzz can afford to be without :