You on Mystery Island near Techno Mountain, enjoying your vacation. The skies are clear, the water is too, and life couldn't get better. You just finished Tombola and got a two codestones. What could be better? Then suddenly, the ground begins to rumble. Instinctively, you whip your head around to stare at the now shaking mountain. The sky has turned red and other pets are screaming and running from the danger, but you are frozen with fear. Then the mountain explodes with all of its fiery glory, searing the sky like fireworks. The lava runs down the mountain with surprising speed. You have to find a way out and fast. You scramble up a near by boulder just as the smoldering lava speeds past, destroying everything in sight. You breathe a sigh of relief, thinking your safe, but then you notice something. The lava is rising! You scramble onto your feet. You're stuck with no way out. Then you see a dark grey shape, hopping nimbly from rock to rock. You can tell it's a charcoal grey lupe. As he nears you can see he wears a bracelet and an identical band on his tail. He also has a scar on his right shoulder. He is just two leaps away from you and he yells,

Are you hurt? You meekly shake your head no, and he continues. But then, tragedy strikes. He slips on the last jump. You scream as his hindquarters slip into the molten lava. You, expecting the worst, turn your head away from the scene. But then you hear a light thud. You look behind you to see the lupe again on the same rock as you. Relief floods you and you begin to go dizzy. Your head whirls and you slip into blackness.

You finally awake in a small cave. A fire glows beside you. You look around and see a pile of Tobbie fruit lying next to you. You devour them happily. Then you look at the entrance of the cave to see the lupe sitting there staring outside. You crawl up and stare with him. Before you, there is a baron wasteland of smoldering black ash. It's sad isn't it? He remarks Yeah. You say is response. Then you ask, Where are we? He looks at you, We are in a cave on Techno Mountain. Your eyes widen in shock. Don't worry, were safe. That was a minor eruption. You can't help it but you glance at his hindquarters, expecting them to be gone. But they don't look like they have ever been touched. He chuckles, I suppose your very confused right now. Let me tell you my story, but first, here are my stats.

Niknames:Zahi, Za