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NC Wishes

Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie

Lab Ray Fortune Cookie

Krawley Contacts

Autumn on the Farm Background

Autumn Leaf and Nut Garland

MiniMME18-S2a: Galactic Traveller Wig

New Years in Mystery Island Background

Robertas Collectors Contacts



Alien Abduction Background

Ancient Geb Pyramids Background

Annual Harvest Festival Background

Archway to the Winners Circle Background

Arid Rock Planet Background

Autumn View Gazebo Background

Backstage Ballroom Background

Beaded Paper Background

Between Two Worlds Background

Black and White Castle Background

Black and White Sitting Room Background

Catacombs Treasure Room Background

Cave Chia Cave Collectors Background

Ceiling Tea Party Background

Concert Hall Background

Dark Enchanted Forest Background

Discovery of Darigan Day Background

Discovery of Krawk Island Day Background

Door to Your Heart Background

Enchanted Cottage Background

Enchanted Oasis Background

Enchanted Tale Background

Faerieland Library Collectors Background

Fantastical Plushie Land Background

Festive Embroidered Holiday Road Background

Forgotten Altador Ruin Background

Garden Alcove Background

Gathering of Conjurers Background

Gingerbread Oven Background

Golden Sarcophagus Background

Green Vine Clearing Background

Holiday Front Porch Background

Island Holiday Background

Jazans Collectors Throne Room Background

Journey Through Terror Mountain Panoramic Background 1 of 5

Journey Through Terror Mountain Panoramic Background 3 of 5

Journey Through Terror Mountain Panoramic Background 4 of 5

Journey Through Terror Mountain Panoramic Background 5 of 5

Land of Gifts Background

Last Day of Summer Bonfire Background

Lavender Trellis Background

Lighted Autumn Staircase Background

Lighted Hillside Background

Lightmite Background

Little Babaa Shepherdess Background

Lucky Abode Background

Magical Birthday Celebration Background

Magical Spring Kingdom Background

Magical Twilit Garden Background

MiniMME12-S1: Grand Maractite Hall Background

MiniMME14-S1: Shenkuu Summer Garden Background

Miss Altador Pageant Background

MME15-S1: Magical Storybook Background

MME16-S1: Menacing Forest Path Background

MME9-S3: Tentacles Attack Background

Mushrooms of Spring Background

Mystical Jewelled Door Background

Neopia Peripheral Background

Neovian Tunnels Background

Neovian Twilight Background

Wondrous Birthday Castle Background

Woodland Cottage Background

New Years in Darigan Citadel Background

New Years in Lost Desert Background

On the Slopes Background

Outdoor Banquet Background

Paper Snowflake Forest Background

Pirate Bunk Background

Premium Collectible: Holiday Boat Ride Background

Premium Collectible: Spooky Brightvale Library Background

Rainbow Lane Background

Roo Island Throne Room Background

Shaded Garden Path Background

Shattering Ice Background

Shenkuu River View Background

Shopping in Neopia Central Background

Snowy Forest Background

Snowy Lights Background

Sparkling Red Stage Background

Stately Reception Background

Throne of Bones Background

Tied to the Mast Background

Walk Around the Park Background

Whimsical Pumpkin Hill Background

Wintery Palace Background

Wonderous Terror Mountain Lights Background

Wigs, Hats & Headbands

Aisheenas Collectors Wig

Albot Helmet with Goggles

Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon

Autumn Leaf Braided Wig

Autumn Leaf Braided Wig

Autumn Witch Wig

Basic Beanie and Chestnut Wig

Basic Long Auburn Wig

Blonde Quiff Wig

Blossoming Flower Hat

Blue Beanie Bob Wig

Braided Brown Wig

Braided Holiday Wig

Brynns Collectors Wig and Helmet

Cosmic Ray Wig

Curly Black Wig

Curly Brown Wig

Curly Red Wig

Dark Faerie Magic Wig

Dark Valentine Heart Wig

Disheveled Brown Wig

Dyeworks Green: Dazzling Midnight Wig

Dyeworks Orange: Isca Wig

Dyeworks Pink: Dazzling Midnight Wig

Dyeworks Purple: Isca Wig

Fancy Red and Blue Wig

Fashionable Lost Desert Wig

Festive Holly Princess Wig and Hat

Filigree Pin Wig

Filigree Pin Wig

Food-Eating Monster Horns

Furry Winter Hat and Wig

Ghostly Wig

Gnome Hat and Hair

Gold Glitter Streak Wig

Gold Sequin Top Hat

Golden Spoon Wig

Gothic Winter Wig

Green Clover Wig

Green Velvet Holiday Cap and Wig

Gyros Collectors Wig and Goggles

Happy Holidays Sleeping Cap

Holiday Bell Hat and Wig

Holiday Mohawk

Hood with Ears

Horned Wig of Darkness

Jhuidah Wig

Judge Hogs Collectors Wig and Cowl

Kings Crown and Wig

Lady Frostbites Collectors Wig

Leafy Seedpod Cap and Wig

Lily Pad Wig

Long Shiny Red Wig

Lulus Purple Games Master Challenge Wig

Maraqua Team Braided Wig

Maraqua Team Crazy Wig

MiniMME11-S2: Tropical Eventide Wig

MiniMME12-S2: Elegant Maractite Wig

MiniMME15-S2b: Daring Seafarer Helmet

MiniMME19-S2a: Woodland Foliage Wig

Miss Altador Wig and Crown

MME12-S4a: Musical Wig

MME13-S4a: Voodoo Practitioner Wig

MME15-S4b: Pink Gingham Hat and Wig

MME17-S2a: Snowy Curled Wig

MME18-S3: Gothic Evening Wig

MME18-S3: Gothic Evening Wig

MME19-S1: Menacing Plague Doctor Mask

MME19-S3b: Short Plague Doctor Wig

MME20-S3b: Burgundy Braids Wig

MME9-S4b: Tentacle Wig

Moltaran Carmariller Wig

Musical Jewel Wig

Nightmare Nautilus Wig

Operatic Star Wig

Peppermint Earmuffs

Philosophers Wig

Premium Collectible: Whimsical Fall Hood and Wig

Pretty Flower Headband

Safari Scarf Wrap and Wig

Safety Pin Mosaic Wig

Screaming Mask

Snow Covered Boy Hair Wig

Spiked Crown and Wig

Spiky Blonde Wig

Spring Pirate Hat and Wig

Star Cluster Wig

Star Diadem Wig

Starry Auburn Wig

Starry Night Sky Wig

Starry Space Beanie and Blonde Wig

Stately Hat

Stormy Ombre Twist Wig

Stylish Altador Cup Wig

Super Sleuth Hat and Wig

Teachers Apple Wig

Tiara Updo Wig

Unkempt Flower Wig

Vandagyre Cap and Wig

Vibrant Multicolour Wig

Wavy Red Wig

Wheel of Extravagance Collectors Wig

Wig with Bone Hand Accessory

Wild Mutton Chop Wig

Zylphio Inspired Wig


Autumn Festival Dress

Black and Red Promenade Dress

Black and White New Years Dress

Bright Rainbow Dress

Burgundy Velvet Jacket and Shirt

Colourful Beach Wrap

Dark Faerie Smoke Dress

Dyeworks Orange: Elaborate Ninja Dress

Elegant Holiday Tree Dress

Fir Trimmed Dress

Floral Spring Dress

Garden Flower Dress

Gold Fancy Dress

Golden Bell Dress

Goparokko Themed Altadorian Toga

Grey Silk Dress

High Collared Black Dress

Interstellar Dress

Lucky Dice Dress

MiniMME18-S1: Galactic Traveller Jacket

MiniMME19-S1: Leafy Woodland Dress

MME12-S3: Musical Notes Dress

MME15-S3: Pink Gingham Dress

MME16-S3: Glowing Vine Dress

MME17-S1: Winters Eve Ball Gown

MME18-S1: Gothic Rose Dress

MME19-S2a: Menacing Plague Doctor Dress

Mystical Bone Dress

Nabiles Collectors Dress

Orange Ombre Dress

Vibrant Pinchit Dress

Rasalas Collectors Robe

Rosie Dress

Shimmery Star Dress

Sparkling Red Holiday Dress

Splendid Holiday Jingle Gown

Spyder Lace Dress

Striped Desert Dress

Stylish Peacoat Dress

Jackets & Tops

Altador Cup Masters Blazer

Altador Cup Referee Shirt

Basic Black Cardigan

Basic Black Collared Shirt

Basic Blue Cardigan

Basic Grey Cardigan

Burgundy Velvet Jacket and Shirt

Burst of Stars Armour

Captain Valentine Jacket

Carolling Coat and Scarf

Casual Greatcoat

Colourful Beach Wrap

Colourful Birthday Shirt

Coltzans Ceremonial Armour

Deluxe Altador Cup Hoodie

Elegant Knight Armour

Elegrant Bone Shrug

Fashionable Altadorian Top

Festive Gold Jacket

Flowery Embroidered Top

Games Master Challange NC Challenge Aqua Lulu Shirt

Giant Spyder Jacket

Halloween Striped Shirt and Tie

Holiday Bell Shirt

Holiday Tuxedo Top

Holiday Tuxedo Top

Jewelled Black Lace Shirt

Kau Fortune Tellers Collectors Blouse

Leafy Forest Jacket

MiniMME15-S1: Daring Seafarer Tunic

MiniMME18-S1: Galactic Traveller Jacket

Nightmare Monarch Jacket

Osiris Vase Shirt

Patchwork Holiday Winter Coat

Patterned Wrap Shirt

Plain Plaid Shirt

Polka Dot Blouse

Premium Collectible: Flared Riding Jacket

Purple Plaid Shirt and Waistcoat

Qasalan Mummy Collectors Shirt

Rebel Spyder Vest

Red Sweater and Plaid Scarf

Ruffled Grey Shrug

Simple Striped Shirt and Waistcoat

Space Weaponry Collectors Shirt

Sparkly Golden Shirt

Starry Layered Collar Shirt

Stormy Ombre Open Jacket

Super Happy Icy Fun Collectors Jacket

Tough Guy Jacket

Vine Bow Shirt


Autumn Sunflower Tights and Tutu

Basic Grey Pants

Basic Lavender Pants

Birthday Tutu and Tights

Black Snowflake Leggings

Blue Polka Dot Skirt

Bright Beach Sarong

Candy Cane Skirt

Curled Ribbon Skirt

Cybunny Scout Collectors Trousers and Boots

Dainty Dark Pirate Skirt

Desert Mummy Tutu and Tights

Electric Blue Tights and Boots

Embroidered Gold Filigree Skirt

Enchanting Faerie Tale Skirt

Fall Floral Skirt

Fancy Gypsy Skirt

Fluffy Purple Tutu and Tights

Kau Defender Collectors Belt and Tights

Khaki Roll-Up Trousers

Layered Jelly Skirt

Maraqua Team Trousers and Cleats

MiniMME11-S1: Approaching Eventide Skirt

MME15-S4a: Storybook Collection Skirt

Musical Note Stockings and Shoes

Neovian Bustle Skirt

Pant Devil Trousers

Polka Dot Tutu with Tights and Shoes

Ruffled Snowflake Skirt

Scalloped Trousers

Seashell Tutu and Tights

Skirt of Embers

Starry Night Tights

Swashbuckler Trousers

Wheel of Knowledge Collectors Skirt


Autumn Chain Link Infinity Scarf

Black Ruffled Scarf

Caroller Capelet

Christmas Tree Capelet

Decorative Flower Shoulder Armour

Dramatic Winter Cape

Extra Plaid Scarf

Gift Wrap Caplet

Gingerbread Apron

Golden Shimmer Cape

Hood with Ears

Jingle Bell Stocking Cape

Lace Shoulder Armour

Leafy Green Cape

Maraqua Team Scarf

MiniMME12-B: Maractite Shoulder Armour

MME18-B: Gothic Lace Caplet

Nightmare Bristle Cape

Ragged Spectres Cape

Stately Caplet

Shoes, Gloves & more

Altador Cup Rain Boots

Autumn Lace Boots

Black and White Bracers

Cheery Snowflake Mittens

Cosy Hand Muff and Gloves

Decorative Lace Cuffs

Elegant Armoured Cuffs

Faellie Slippers

Festive Green Gloves

Floral Vine Cuffs

Flowery Burlap Shoes

Ghostly Blue Gloves

Glamorous Beach Sandals

Hands of Fiery Energy

Jewelled Gypsy Sandals

Lacy Skeleton Gloves

Operatic Star Gloves

Ornamental Yooyu Cuffs

Ornate Lace Bracers

Pink Tasu Flats

Purple String Mittens

Rugged Work Boots

Skeletal Toe Shoes

Spotted Kau Rain Boots

Thieving Boots

Vengeful Snowman Arm-our

Witchy Spyder Web Shoes

Contacts, Makeup & Markings

Autumn Leaf Contacts

Bone Chest Paint

Bone Chest Paint

Clockwork Eyepatch Facepaint

Cosmic Cloud Face Paint

Dark Blue Contacts

Dark Vine Makeup

Dyeworks Grey: Magical Golden Markings

Dyeworks Pink: Magical Golden Markings

Faerie Wings Contacts

Falling Snow Contacts

Fireworks Face Paint

Flower Camouflage Facepaint

Forest Dweller Face Paint

Gem Facepaint

Heart in Plain Sight

Holiday String Lights Face Paint

Hypnotic Purple Swirl Contacts

Lightmite Wings Face Paint

Maraqua Team Face Makeup

MiniMME19-S2b: Spring Forest Markings

MME13-S4b: Voodoo Skull Face Paint

MME16-S4c: Glowing Green Contacts

Musical Note Face Paint

Nebula Contacts

Night Vision Contacts

Niptor Contacts

Orange Spectrum Contacts

Playful Scarecrow Makeup

Putrid Green Face Paint

Rainbow Colour Changing Contacts

Rainbow Eye Facepaint

Rainbow Moustache and Cloud Beard

Shimmering Rainbow Face Paint

Silver and Blue Facepaint

Silvery Blue Star Makeup

Solid White Contacts

Sparkle Heart Makeup

Sparkler Contacts

Sparkling Blue Skull Facepaint

Spyder Web Body Paint

Stitched Doll Face Paint

Tangerine Contacts

Tears of Caylis Face Paint

The Drenched Collectors Contacts

Torchio Collectors Contacts

Undead Contacts and Face Paint

Unruly Heart Makeup

Unsettling Wormoeba Contacts

Vandagyre Contacts

Vision of Nightmares Facepaint

Winter Breeze Face Paint


Berry Nice Holiday Wings

Brilliant Red Faerie Wings

Clockwork Wings

Coral Wings

Crystalline Flower Wings

Darigan Wings

Dyeworks Black: Sparkling Faerie Wings

Electric Charge Wings

Feathery Gothic Wings

Flowering Spring Branch Wings

Glittery Leaf Wings

Glittery Leaf Wings

Glowing Paper Star Wings

Golden Snowflake Wings

Gothic Cherub Wings

Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings

Magical Festive Holiday Wings

MiniMME11-S2: Starry Night Wings

MME16-S4a: Poisonous Leaf Wings

MME17-S3: Chiffon Snowflake Wings

Moonlit Night Wings

Nightsteed Wings

Red Holiday Ornament Wings

Sparkling Sheer Wings

Spiral Galaxy Wings

String Art Wings

Sun Princess Wings

Tapestry Enamel Wings

Wispy Valentine Wings


Altador Cup Binoculars Staff

Altador Cup Cheerleader Baton

Ancient Geraptiku Spear

Astronomical Umbrella

Bag of Beach Essentials

Bone Walking Staff

Bumbluz Light Wand

Bundle of Books

Candy Cane Shield

Candy Poinsettia Wand

Candy Warrior Crossbow

Carved Bone Sword

Carved Sand Castle Shield

Charming Pink Bouquet

Chocolate Strawberry Wand

Constellation Sword

Crystalline Flower Bouquet

Dark Faerie Magic Staff

Dazzling Star Sword

Electromagnetic Shield

Elegant Flower Parasol

Faerie Lenny Bouquet

Floral Lace Parasol

Flowering Vine Staff

Flowery Cutlass

Forgotten Old Flower

Frosted Pine Cone Bouquet

Fun Flower Staff

Glowing Ona Handheld Plushie

Glyme Vine Staff

Halloween Sweets Staff

Handheld Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

Handheld Valentine Mirror

Holiday Loop Staff

Holiday Tree Parasol

Hopso Handheld Plushie

Ice Cream Cone Wand

Ironed Lace Wand

Jellyfish Umbrella

King Roo Handheld Plushie

King Roos Daily Dare Staff

Lighted Faerie Staff

Lighted Gourd Staff

Lily Pad Umbrella

Lulus Adventure Satchel

Magical Flower Orb

Magical Maractite Sword

Maraqua Team Vuvuzela

Metallic Tulip Sceptre

MiniMME11-S2: Sundial Staff

MiniMME12-S2: Ornate Maractite Trident

MiniMME15-S2c: Daring Seafarer Axe

Miss Altador Bouquet

Mistletoe Sword

MME12-S2a: Musical Bar Staff

MME12-S4c: Magical Baton

MME13-S1: Magical Shrunken Heads

MME15-S2a: Runaway Dish and Spoon Staff

MME16-S4b: Deadly Toadstool Staff

MME17-S2b: Sparkling Blue Ball Mask

MME18-S2c: Gothic Tulip Bouquet

MME18-S4b: Gothic Bloom Orb

MME19-S4: Plague Doctor Incense Staff

Mystical Green Wand

Neutron Star Staff

Operatic Star Handheld Mask

Ornate Lost Desert Fan

Ornate Pirate Parasol

Ornate Travel Bag

Overstuffed Polarchuck Plushie Pull Along Sled

Purple Crystal Shard Staff

Raindorf Handheld Plushie

Shell Shield

Shimmery Snowflake Wand

Shiny Rose Gold Flower Wand

Sneezing Rude Daffodil

Solar Eclipse Staff

Strale Topper Staff

Teacup Candle

Thoughtful Holiday Bouquet

Usuki Bow Shield

Wheel of Excitement Collectors Wand

Wheel of Monotony Collectors Shield

Trinkets, Trees & BG items

Aboogala Web Wrap

Altadorian Grand Piano

Autumn Leaf Lamp Post


Black and White Tree

Coloured Craft Tree

Dazzling Holiday Ornaments

Dazzling Rainbow Tent

Decorative Porcelain Vase

Fanning Servant Statues

Fantastical Mushroom Tree House

Frozen Star Lights

Gift Wrapped Holiday Carriage

Golden Starlight Side Tree

Grand Carmariller Throne

Heart Branch Vases

Holiday Decorated Tombstones

Lost Desert Palm Tree

MiniMME14-S2b: Crimson Cyodrake Kite

Misty Rainbow Tree

MME12-S1: Enchanting Music Box

MME16-S2b: Blinking Forest Eyes

MME18-S2b: Gothic Spring Tree

MME19-S5b: Infected Cart

MME20-S5: Melted Snowman Trinket

MME9-S1: Nearly Inescapable Tank

Mystical Red Tree

Nodas Cookie Kiosk

Ominous Skull Tree

On the Rainbow Stage

Petpet Carolling Chorus

Pirate Coral Reef

Rainbow Confetti Tree

Rainbow Stone Path

Shadowy Hands

Stately Wooden Carriage

Stone Petpet Sentries

Swinging on a Cloud

Table of Holiday Treats

Topsy Turvy Jewellery Boxes

Tree Tent

Twin Autumn Trees

Vintage Valentine Swing

Whimsical Berry Side Tree

Lower Foreground items & Frames

Altador Castle Wall Foreground

Cheery Holiday Frame

Conductors Stand Foreground

Crayon Flower Foreground

Creeping Purple Fog

Cursed Flowers Foreground

Eerie Candle Foreground

Exploding Pillow Foreground

Floating Flower Candles Foreground

Flowering Logs Foreground

Frozen Flowers Foreground

Happy Holidays Wrought Iron Fence

Ice Fortress Foreground

Inside the Artefact Frame

It Took Me 7 Hours To Animate This Foreground

Jars of Magic Foreground

Lighted Candle Logs Foreground

Lighted Lace Jars

MME12-S4b: Orchestra Pit Foreground

MME15-S2b: Dress-Up Negg Foreground

MME16-S2c: Luminescent Tree Foreground

MME17-S4a: Snow-Covered Balustrade Foreground

MME19-S5a: Crokabek Omen Foreground

Music Festival Crowd Foreground

Poinsettias in Gold Vases Foreground

Potted Plants Foreground

PVC Pipe Flower Foreground

Red Candle and Flower Foreground

Silver Candle Tree Foreground

Sloth Clone Army

Space Station Message Foreground

Sparkling Paper Flower Foreground

Spooky Cast Iron Gate Foreground

Stormy Ombre Flower Foreground

Teacup Garden Foreground

Trading Card Game Frame

Tribal Pottery Foreground

Unsettling Reflection Foreground

VIN Suite Foreground

Wooden Flower Train Foreground

Garlands, Showers & Higher Foreground items

Arch of Winter Garland

Assorted Potion Shelf

Asteroid Meteor Shower

Autumn Pennant String Lights

Captivating Balloon Garland

Charming Acorn House Garland

Colourful Flower Bucket Garland

Colourful Pinwheel String Lights

Crystal Heart and Flower Garland

Dreamy Hearts Shower

Enchanted Apple Branch Garland

Enchanting Flower Arbor

Fabric Pumpkins Garland

Flower Jars and Vines Garland

Ghostkerchief String Lights

Ghostly Web Garland

Gleaming Gemstrings Garland

Golden Glitter Shower

Gothic Holiday Chandelier

Gothic Lace Lights Garland

Hanging Beads Garland

Holiday Gift Bag Garland

Holiday Lamp Wreath Garland

Holiday Sheet Music Garland

Hook Line and Bait Garland

Iridescent Bells Garland

Jazan and Amira Wedding Arbour

Jewelled Scarab String Lights

Lace Curtain Garland

Magical Bubble Shower

Miamouse Tight Rope Garland

MME12-S2b: Musical Notes Garland

MME16-S2a: Menacing Tree Vine Garland

MME17-S4b: Icy Mist Shower

MME18-S2a: Gothic Branches Garland

MME18-S4c: Gothic Shadow Shower

Mysterious Cobrall Pillars Foreground

Nightmare Garland

Ombre Storm Clouds with Rain

Ornament Garland Archway

Paper Box String Lights

Parchment Garland

Parted Branches Garland

Pastel Mushroom Garland

Premium Collectible: Heart in the Clouds Garland

Rainbow After the Storm

Rainbow Petal Shower

Rainbow Shower

Rest in Pieces of Eight Garland

Rose String Lights

Roses and Pine Cones Garland

Seasonal Autumn Shower

Shelf of Lost Desert Curios Garland

Sloth Attack Garland

Snowy Lights Garland

Sparkling Pink Heart Garland

Sparkling Pink Pine Cone Garland

Spectral Spyderweb String Lights

Water Columns Garland

Winged Hearts Garland

Wooden Snowflake Garland

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