You hear a clap of thunder crash in the skies around you. You look up and up and see the sky darken with thick, heavy clouds that threaten to down pour with rain. A few drops of water fall from the sky, you frantically look around for a place of shelter not wanting to become soaked when the rain starts to pour heavily.That's when you see it.Along the jungle's wall you see a small cave opening hidden in thick undergrowth.You run over to the cavern opening and start to crawl inside to escape the now pouring rain.It's a tight squeeze but you manage to make it inside the opening.You stand up,brush off the dirt on you and that's when your mouth drops.You where expecting a little hole in the wall but it seems you've discovered a entire cavern. You look around and see a light dance along the cave walls and then hear the soft roar of a small fire.Without thinking of what might be around the corner you follow the light.Suddenly your feet seem to be swept out from under you, you hit the floor then black out.

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You awaken laying down next to a fire with a strange jungle animal keeping watch on you.The animal hisses at you and you jump to your feet.Kanga, Stop that! yells out a voice.You slowly turn around and then you see him.Who are you? you manage to whisper.The questions is not whom am I but who are you? says the Krawk standing before you.You eerily look at the Krawk not sure as if to trust him.Come my child, let us walk and learn the ways of one another. The Krawk starts to walk towards a tunneled area of the cave.You quickly make up your mind and decide to follow him.

So you wish to learn about me? the Krawk questions.You walk alongside him and answer I'd like to know who you are or what even is this place? The Krawk smiles and says So you wish for the answers to your questions to be revealed? Follow me! The Krawk turns right and heads down a tunnel. You follow him into the darkness,running your hands over the cave walls for a sense of direction.You start to notice the cave walls grow cold and have a layer of water on them.Then you see the pool, its waters iced blue and a thick layer of fog rolled on top of the waters.The Krawk motions for you to come to the waters edge.You stumble over to him and sit silently.The Krawk looks at you places a finger over his lips then touches the water.At first he makes small clock wise and counter clock movement but he gently scoops up a handful of water,dabs his thumb in the water then touches your forehead.That's when everything becomes clear.Your eyes start to close and then you begin to see through Zach's eyes.


(Name) Zachhary
(Pronounced) Zack-a-re
(Alias) Zach
(DOB) March 28th
(Birthplace) Krawk Island
(Age) 19
(Gender) Male
(Species) Krawk
(Paint) Camo
(Height) 6 ft
(Weight) 170 pounds
(Build) muscular
(Hair) green
(Skin) brown or very tan
(Eyes) green

Personality: I'm a loner.I prefer the solitude of my little cave and Kanga.That's all I need I see world for what it truly is and I don't like it.In this world their are evils and I don't want anything to do with them, I want to stay on my island and and escape from everyone.I'm not completely awful though, if I see good in you I am a kind person and I'm friendly. The world is dangerous so we must watch who we trust.Can you be trusted?

Likes and Dislikes


» His Cave
» Kanga
» Outdoors
» Dawn
» Kind People

» Indoors
» Being Away From Kanga
» Leaving His Island
» When He's wrong
» Greedy People

Physical Appearance


Author's Note: text in light green are speaking or thoughts of someone besides zach and text in green are speaking parts or thoughts of Zach.

Chapter One

Zach looked up at the sky in desperation.Okay so running off to some far off islands to explore hadn't been his greatest plan ever.Now he was stranded,cold and hungry.Zach shrugged off his backpack and sat under a shady tree.Well could this get any worse! yelled out Zach in frustration.A low thunder grumbled as in response and threatened to bring rain.Then a few drops feel from the skies, Are you kidding me! I want off this stupid island! Zach screamed at the sky in anger.He stood up,grabbed his pack and slung it over his shoulder.He suddenly started to march off towards the thicker plant area in the jungle hoping the plants reflect some of the rain.He hastily pushed threw the surrounding plants as they tried to entangle him and trap him.The rain began to splash down faster and heavier than before slightly blurring his vision.He twisted his head around looking for somewhere to escape to,anything to get out of this rain.Then he saw the opening.A small den entrance was showing it looked like its previous owner had forgotten to hide their nifty little hide out and Zach wasn't about to pass on a chance to get out of the rain.He stumbled over to the den and then began to crawl into the den.

Chapter Two

Well it may be cold but at least it's dry Zach thought.He blinked his eyes a few times then shock his head, shaking off water like a dog.Maybe he had hit his head but strangely had a ache forming in the back of his head.Zach scratched his forehead with his first hand and began to survey the cave.He stood in what seemed to be a large den area.He slowly started to walk along the cavern examining the cavern.It must had been built by man or the earth was truly creating some new wonders that people yet knew about.Zach turned around and then noticed a small tunnel sectioned off from the main clearing.Zach slowly started towards the tunnel.As the ground started to descend he dug his heels into the ground as the tunnel plunged downward.Zach slowly walked down the tunnel,using the walls as a guide as to where he was going.Then he was the pool, it looked like something that belonged in a dream or fantasy not in the middle of a cave.The waters where the color of ice and a soft glowing blue god rolled on top of the water as if walking on the water itself.The pool was mysterious and looked like a ancient relic but it drew in Zach.Zach stumbled towards the waters edge,he slowly sat near the waters edge and began to gaze at the water in awe.Not noticing his movements more or less locked in a trance Zach bent forward and brought his lips to the water.The water warmly lapped at him and tastes of a sweet and thick mixture like a syrup.Zach lifted his head with his eyes half closed in a daze.everything seemed to become dazed and blurred with strange colors surrounding him.A small voice in his head whispered Let the dreams reveal it all. Zach laid down on the ground next to the pool and drifted off to a "sleep" which seemed more of him passing out.

Chapter Three

Blackness, destruction and pain it was all around him. The land was burnt black and covered in piles of ash. Zach stood up from where he was laying on the ground. Okay it's a dream he silently whispered to himself hoping that none of this would actually happen. He looked around at the land he seemed to be in a field area that had just been scorched but how did it get this way? Your not dreaming you know. said a quite voice. Zach spun around on his heel in the direction of the voice. Much to his surprise he saw a small spotted tasu What is this place? he questioned. The tasu looked at him and said Well it isn't a place yet but it will be. If things keep continuing the way they are right now this island will look like this. The tasu padded over to Zach and said My name is kanga nice to meet you. Zach managed to give his name and then questioned But why is the land dieing? Kanga looked around and said It's the islands their used to be more of them but now they burn up and then disappear. The sun burns the land and then the water swallows what's left of them. The earth is mad at humans they're cutting down trees and destroying the earth. Zach looked puzzling at kanga But there aren't any humans here so why is the earth dieing. Kanga looked at Zach and said This is the first first land that was ever made in the entire world. These islands are ancient as the world starts to decompose these islands will be the first to go. Zach looked puzzled by Kanga and then asked Well how do we save the islands? Kanga bent her head down and quietly said You don't

Chapter Four

Zach's eyes flashed opened and he jerked up off the ground spitting out water. He leaned over and hacked out all the water he had drank from the pool. He turned his head and looked over at the water that now didn't look so warm and inviting. Zach stood up and started to walk back towards the main cavern area of the cave. I'm going to save this place he thought to himself. He didn't know how he would do it but he was for sure he needed to find that tasu and then he'd be able to help the islands.


Kanga is my little spotted tasu.She is my best friend in all of neopets.Kanga and I are often found together and are hardly ever separated.

Kanga was found in the the lost isles of Kimjada.These are are located near mystery island but the mystery to these islands is that you can only find them when you aren't looking for them.Tricky right? So I'm lucky when I found little Kanga and she decided to come live with me.She is a rare crossbreed that only happens in about 1 in a 1,000 pets.She was abandoned by her family because she had different colored fur and wasn't accepted.Kanga was then banished by the clan and forced to live towards the rocky coast on Kimjada.A few years after being banished is when Kanga and I first met.At first it was hard for her to trust me but now she is always by my side.

Art by Megan

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Good Bye

You open your eyes and find yourself staring at Zach.Now you've seen through my eyes and know you know all their is.Take this wisdom and bless all that you can with it!Zach says smiling.You stand up from the pool and look around curious as to how long you've been with this Krawk.Zach motions for you to follow.He leds you back up through the tunnel but this time you turn at a fork in the rocks that you hadn't noticed before.Zach begins to shift some stones and moves aside some plant growth then you see your exit.Zach moves back and signals that it's time for you to go.You walk past him and nod in respect.For now you've seen through someone's eyes so you leave with a different understanding on the world.


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