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Wishlist Last Updated: Nov 14th, 2018
If you mailed me your wishes before this date
and you don't see them here, neomail me again (after re-reading the rules!)

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Newest wish come true!

About ZYDP

Who we are: ZYDP is a group of kind and friendly Neopians who are dedicated to helping others obtain their Dream Pets since July 2008. Some of our zappers are also part of the ZYDP Guild.

What we do: ZYDP maintains this public wishlist. We use our lab rays to zap Neopets, and then we adopt out the pet to someone who wished for a pet with that color/species combination.

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News & Updates

August 14, 2018 Due to the new premium perk, we will now start listing Ice Bori on the wishlist! :D


You must read and follow ALL the rules before submitting your wishes!

  • Only submit wishes from one account.
  • Your account must be 4+ months old.
  • Wishes are removed after an account is inactive for 30+ days.
  • You may list up to 3 wishes at a time.
  • Only wish for and adopt pets that you intend to KEEP!
  • Failure to respond to neomails (pet offers, wishlist sweeps, etc.) will result in your wishes being removed.
    • Please respond if a zapper contacts you about your wish, even if you do not decide to adopt the pet.
  • Be polite! If you are rude to Amanda or any of our zappers, your wishes will not be listed. Behind every username is a human being; treat one another with respect.

ZYDP does NOT list:

  • Unconverted (UC) pets
  • Lutari's
  • Battledome Statted (BD) pets
  • Specific names (RW/RN, VWN, etc.) beyond a WN or any-named pet
  • Colour/Species combinations that do not exist yet


  • We reserve the right to NOT list your username.
  • If you sent in your wishes after the Last Updated date at the top of this page, they are not listed because Amanda hasn't read your neomail yet.
    • Please do not neomail your wishes again unless you submitted them before the Last Updated date.
  • Adding your dream pet to this list does NOT guarantee that you will get a pet.
  • By listing your wish here, you are agreeing that should your wish ever be granted, you can be listed on the Happy Endings (wishlist success stories) page.

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Wish Request Form

Please be sure to read the rules before submitting your wishes!

You must use the form below & neomail it to Amanda for your wishes to be added.
  • Color must be fully spelled out. You may only wish for basic coloured pets if they are Limited Edition species. (For example, you cannot wish for a basic Peophin. Any species that are not Limited Edition must be a certain color besides the 4 basic colors)
  • Species must be included.
  • Specifications: Do you want the pet to be clothed? WN? A specific Gender? If so please include that in your neomail. These specifications are optional, if you do not care simply leave it blank.

Please erase the words "Colour Species" and replace them with the appropriate info! (ie. "Maraquan Xweetok" instead of "Colour Maraquan Species Xweetok")

Neomail Amanda!

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Granting Wishes

Everyone is welcome to use this page to rehome their pet. If you would like to grant a wish, please neomail the wisher directly. After the pet has been sent to its new home, please use the form below so that the page can be updated.
  • Please mention to the requester that you saw their request on ZYDP. This helps them know it was because they were listed here.
  • If you offer a pet to someone that refuses the pet saying they do not want that pet anymore, please ask them to update their wishes here.

If you grant a wish using this list:

Please neomail Amanda the following form:

  • Please send the neomail from the account listed on the Zapper List if you are a zapper.
  • Only send once the transfer is accepted. If a user fails to accept an AGREED UPON transfer, please contact Amanda or look at the wishlist monitoring crew page and contact the appropriate person.
  • After granting the wish, kindly ask the wisher to neomail the below information as well.

If you received a pet:

Send the following form to Amanda:

This system ensures that wishes are properly removed and added to the wishlist success page called Happy Endings.
It only counts as a granted wish if the user saw you on our wishlist. If you adopt or trade via the pet on the Pound Chat, it does not count but you should still send Amanda a mail letting her know you'd like to be removed.

Receiving credit for granting a wish:

  • For Zappers/Members: Only wishes ALREADY listed count, unless you are informed of one that's about to be added.
    DO NOT request a user add their wish just to gift them a pet.
  • You will only receive credit for granting a wish if you specify in your neomail that you would like your username listed as the gifter. However, please still mail in the info even if you do not want your username listed.
  • For more information, visit the ZYDP Zapper page.

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The Wishlist
+ user already has the requested pet but wants to own more than one
* we've confirmed it's still a wish even though it is not listed on the user's personal "goals" list
^ user has an aged account to adopt pets on
x a direct link to neomail the wisher

Note: You do not have to be a member of ZYDP to list or grant wishes on the Wishlist

But please mail oboeflute4 if you have granted a wish or had your wish granted!

Acara * Aisha * Blumaroo * Bori * Bruce * Buzz * Chia * Chomby * Cybunny * Draik * Elephante * Eyrie * Flotsam * Gelert * Gnorbu * Grarrl * Grundo * Hissi * Ixi * Jetsam * JubJub * Kacheek * Kau * Kiko * Koi * Korbat * Kougra * Krawk * Kyrii * Lenny * Lupe * Meerca * Moehog * Mynci * Nimmo * Ogrin * Peophin * Poogle * Pteri * Quiggle * Ruki * Scorchio * Shoyru * Skeith * Techo * Tonu * Tuskaninny * Uni * Usul * Vandagyre * Wocky * Xweetok * Yurble * Zafara
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_kaitokaito_ Mutant x
carly1005 Mutant WN x
this_girl_alyssa Mutant WN Male x
invaderlei Mutant WN Female x
xsushi_kittyx Stealthy WN Clothed x
blackmothfairy Wraith x
Top of Wishlist

linconpsy Alien WN Male x
starcature Alien WN Female x
lil_baby_home_ Chocolate Female x
sableonblonde Grey x
xandra16 Plushie WN Female Clothed x
sonichedgehog_knux Royalgirl WN Clothed x
kyuuto_neshi Shadow Female x
way_loh Sponge WN x
pupufs Transparent WN Female x
airasel Transparent WN x
cupcakegirl_23 Transparent x
rachic Water x
Top of Wishlist

orange_cutety Candy WN Female x
glittergummy Chocolate WN x
raining__cherrys Invisible x
way_loh Jelly WN x
Top of Wishlist

xsushi_kittyx Grey WN x
dominik__518 Steampunk WN Clothed x
Top of Wishlist

glamreece 8-bit WN x
artemislknight 8-bit WN Male Clothed x
xxtoastghostxx Halloween WN Clothed x
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

lexi_girl2001 Robot WN Male x
muddy_waters24 Woodland x
Top of Wishlist

sofia_pinkie_pie Chocolate x
sonichedgehog_knux Elderlyboy WN Clothed x
yayastar2004 Maraquan x
flameofhope101 Plushie x
kale_phile Plushie WN x
kale_phile Wraith WN x
Top of Wishlist

bestcareanywhere Candy WN Female x
tofinuelle Candy WN Male x
dainuyasha Custard WN Female x
himenoyami2002 Desert Female x
kidotu Eventide WN x
xvouchard Grey WN Male x
sol_granger Ice WN x
sol_granger Island WN x
monstersinthecloset_ Jelly Female x
_aliciaaa_ Maraquan x
pipasf Mutant x
shirogyro Pastel WN x
jokersminion Robot WN Clothed x
runintherain Robot WN x
fostermum1979 Royalboy WN Female Clothed x
yankee1925 Royalboy Clothed x
kidotu Water WN x
_kaitokaito_ Wraith x
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

hairypots Desert Male Clothed x
Top of Wishlist

ebonicvine Stealthy WN CLothed x
Top of Wishlist

barghest_lycanthrope Maraquan x
oceantea Mutant x
Top of Wishlist

pauladawson7 Faerie x
feehgraham Grey x
squickerz Robot WN x
Top of Wishlist

wader50 Maraquan x
ebonicvine Maraquan WN x
drawmeskylines Maraquan WN x
draik_x Robot x
wader50 Transparent x
Top of Wishlist

daphhb Robot WN x
Top of Wishlist

lexi_girl2001 8-bit WN Male x
almiguhrt 8-bit x
dominik__518 Desert WN Clothed x
xvouchard Grey WN Male x
dark_spirit00 Halloween WN Male Clothed x
yankee1925 Ice x
justnthyme Ice WN x
starcature Ice WN x
maskymallow Mutant x
justnthyme Mutant WN x
orange_cutety Steampunk WN Female x
dominik__518 Transparent WN x
Top of Wishlist

wolfwish11 Candy WN x
sonichedgehog_knux Marble WN x
xweetok2430 Pastel Male x
Top of Wishlist

shrubbish Sponge WN x
grand_thane Stealthy WN Male x
Top of Wishlist

bluushi Coconut WN x
muddy_waters24 Garlic x
mrs_owen Grey WN x
wavent Royalgirl WN Clothed x
Top of Wishlist

raining__cherrys Plushie x
achoozy Plushie WN Female x
toxhicity Royalgirl WN x
Top of Wishlist

barghest_lycanthrope Mutant x
Top of Wishlist

marzyfishy2 Robot x
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

sunburstsprite Jelly WN x
marzyfishy2 Robot x
Top of Wishlist

xweetok2430 Candy x
silverauratiffany Darigan WN x
artemislknight Sponge WN Female x
anajulia4444 Water WN Female x
Top of Wishlist

grand_thane Robot WN Male Clothed x
krawk_empress Robot WN Clothed x
fishingforever Robot Clothed x
noxnox28 Royalboy WN x
bangaha Royalboy x
_haileyscomet_ Royalgirl x
noxnox28 Stealthy WN x
jonas_brothers_444 Transparent WN x
miikuroneko Transparent WN x
jonas_brothers_444 Zombie WN x
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

flameofhope101 Faerie x
zuii Faerie WN Male x
Top of Wishlist

silverauratiffany Eventide WN x
bluushi Halloween WN x
ramheart Mutant WN x
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

624663618 Halloween x
Top of Wishlist

whoslinefan Candy WN Female x
deelightfully_sinful Plushie WN x
stars_butterfly Steampunk Clothed x
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

kineclap Royalgirl WN x
ebonicvine Stealthy WN Clothed x
Top of Wishlist

trum_pit Halloween x
jeromiz MSP x
amendoboka MSP x
stephkil MSP WN Male x
viperdarkness Mutant WN x
trum_pit White WN x
Top of Wishlist

fio_eowyn Faerie WN x
sinceresarcasm69 Mutant WN x
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

echeverias Faerie WN Female x
barghest_lycanthrope Royalgirl x
Top of Wishlist

dainuyasha Candy WN Female x
Top of Wishlist

werme123 Chocolate WN Female x
giuseppe97 Faerie WN x
mrs_owen Maraquan WN x
giuseppe97 Maraquan WN x
leeh_tiicia Origami WN x
em_247 Royalboy x
califorthehomeless Royalgirl Clothed x
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

_angie_9_ Spotted WN x
Top of Wishlist

almiguhrt Maraquan x
delfi_me Pirate Male Clothed x
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

lexi_girl2001 8-bit WN Male x
drawmeskylines 8-bit x
xvouchard Grey WN Male x
laturi Maraquan WN x
bobagem Pastel WN x
Top of Wishlist

jennskii Custard x
leeh_tiicia Usukiboy x
noxnox28 Usukigirl WN x
ahalliedoll Usukigirl x
greentiinii9 Wraith x
Top of Wishlist

pfbabyz Chocolate WN Femlae x
stars_butterfly Robot WN x
Top of Wishlist

xxtoastghostxx Darigan x
moccakoko Desert WN Male Clothed x
xxtoastghostxx Grey x
Top of Wishlist

barbui Desert WN Female x
amendoboka Faerie x
deelightfully_sinful Maraquan WN x
yayastar2004 Mutant x
Top of Wishlist

toxhicity Baby WN x
sweetgirl04_95 Candy WN x
Top of Wishlist

xxbivixx Custard WN x
robibs Halloween WN Clothed x
xanthangurgle Pastel WN Female x
angelica_lestat White WN x
Top of Wishlist

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, look here to see if it has already been answered. If you still have a question, Neomail Amanda. :)

Q: How often do you update the wishlist?
A: The wishlist is updated daily, typically in the evening. However, real life does happen and there may be times when I fall a few days behind. Please check the "Last Updated" date at the top of the wishlist before mailing me again. Sending me rude mails will get you blocked. Please remember that I am only human and sometimes RL gets hectic.

Q: Will you take my pet and zap it for me?
A: No. It is against the rules to take someone's pet and zap it for them, as stated in Editorial Issue 344.

Q: Why do you list wishes for colours and species that cannot be obtained through the lab ray?
A: Due to the deflation in prices of morphing potions and paint brushes, we decided to consider listing these types of wishes. In October of 2015, we had a guild poll to decide whether or not we wanted to accept wishes for Draik, Krawk, Pirate, Baby, Plushie, Usuki, Quiguki, and Royals. The poll decided that we would start accepting wishes of these colours and species :)

Q: Can I wish for a specific pet so I can get an avatar?
A: Please do not wish for avatar pets simply for the avatar. Instead, please use one of the many lending sites for avatar pets.

Q: My account is under 4 months and the color I requested can be adopted by this aged account. Why am I not listed?
A: The reason behind it is pet stats. Under 4 months pet adoptions are restricted to level 1 or 2. The lab is often making pets higher level than that, so we only list those that can accept WHATEVER pet meets the wishlist request.

Q: I have a pet UFA, will you take it and adopt it out for me?
A: No, sorry, we will neither take your pet and zap it for you, nor will we adopt your pet and rehome it for you. You are, however, more than welcome to sign up for our Zappers List or join our guild and list your UFA pets in our Adoption Agency.

Q: I have the lab map, can I help zap pets?
A: Definitely yes! Click here to see the instructions for zappers, and make sure that you Neomail Vanessa so that she can add your name to our list of zappers.

Q: Does the pet have to be zapped by me for it to count as a granted wish?
A: Nope! It doesn't matter how you obtained the pet (zapped it, traded for it, pound-surfing, etc.) it will still count as a granted wish.

Q: Can I join your guild?
A: Sure! Everyone is welcome to join :) Feel free to check out our guild webbie for more information.

Q: I've had wishes listed on the wishlist in the past. Can I add more?
A: Yes you may! Our rule is you may only list up to three (3) pets on our wishlist at a time, but there is no limit to how many wishes you can have granted by us :)

Q: Can I list a wish for a specifically named pet/pick my pet's name?
A: No, sorry, if you have a perfect name in mind you are better off creating/zapping the pet yourself. Most of our zappers adopt random pets from the pound, we don't create new pets to cater to specific name requests.

Q: I see that a lot of people have wished for the same pet as me! How do you decide who gets the pet?
A: It is up to the pet's owner. He or she may randomly select someone, OR they may neomail every person and ask for an application. Applications are NOT required, and you may decline to apply.

Q: There are lots of people wishing for the same pet that I am! How can I improve my chances of being "chosen" as a pet's new owner?
A: See the "Tips" section. :)

Q: If my name is the top name listed for the color/species, will I get the pet first?
A: No. The order of names has nothing to do with who will get a pet. The older wishes are at the bottom, newer wishes are on the top.

Q: Is the wishlist ever edited majorly?
A: We have a wishlist monitoring crew that is always checking through their lists. They will neomail to confirm wishes in their chosen month. Some may mail to confirm wishes twice a year. If you look at the page and you know the month your species mailout is in isn't a good time for you to be able to reply, please mail them ahead of time.

Q: Why can't I submit wishes under my side account and have you list my main's username?
A: According to TNT's rules, we need permission from a user to list their username on a petpage. To eliminate the chance of trolls attempting to list wishes under someone else's username, we require you to mail in the form from the account you wish to be listed under.

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Tips & Suggestions

  • Log on to Neopets frequently. Most zappers prefer to adopt pets out to active users.
  • Make sure that your current pets are taken care of. Zappers see how you treat your current pets as an indicator of how you would treat a new pet.
  • Make sure that your information is up-to-date. If you list your dream pets on your lookup, make sure they match with the pets you have listed here. A zapper may think you have changed your mind and not offer you their pet if the dream pets listed on your lookup do not match the pet they have UFA.
  • Make sure you have room in your NM inbox! If a zapper cannot contact you, they will likely move on to the next wisher.

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Important ZYDP Links

The Wishlist This is the page you're on now! It shows all of the wishes we have collected.

ZYDP Adoption Agency Occasionally, our lab rays produce a pet in a color/species combination that has NOT been wished for yet. We're sure these pets can find amazing, loving homes just the same, so we put them into our guild adoption agency. Anyone can adopt these pets.

ZYDP (The Guild) The ZYDP guild was originally founded as a place for Zappers to organize and talk about their lab pets. It's a fun, NR guild that's open to anyone (zapper and non-zapper alike). We have no requirements, just click "Join"! :)

Zapper List This is a list of all of the people who are generous enough to use their lab maps to zap pets for ZYDP. It also has instructions for becoming a zapper. Check it out!

Extra Paint Brush Clothing Adopted a pet from the pound and need to find the clothing? Check here!

Magma Customs Wishing for a Magma pet? Check this page out for a possibility of getting the pet quicker!

HAPPY ENDINGS! This is an awesome page where you can see all of the dreams that have been fulfilled through ZYDP's efforts

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Looking for lab rats?:

The Lost & Pound is a site owned by Arden. It is an extensive list of Neopets that are stuck in the pound (meaning pets that do not show up through regular pound-surfing). The site is incredibly useful for finding a lab rat, or even a new permie!

Need help finding the perfect petpet?:

Perfect Petpet is a petpet matching service by Savannah and Priper. Simply submit a request and they will help you find the perfect petpet for your pet.


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