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About ZYDP

Who we are: ZYDP is a group of kind and friendly Neopians who are dedicated to helping others obtain their Dream Pets. Some of us belong to this awesome guild. Though there are many "dream pet" agencies around Neo today, ZYDP has been happily granting wishes since July 2008! ZYDP is not just part of a fad...we're here to stay! And we want to grant your Wish! :)

What we do: ZYDP maintains this public wishlist. We use our lab rays to zap Neopets, and then we give the pet to whoever wished for a pet with that color/species combination.

Goal: We hope that when receiving a pet from being listed here that the pet will be owned for quite some time. And we'd like to ask that the pet be rehomed in the same manner you received it, if possible either through this list or another wishlist, should you ever decide it's no longer your dream pet. However, we do know once we no longer own the pet, it is yours and not ours.

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News & Updates

November 27, 2014 – Added a couple new FAQs

November 14, 2014 – A new species, how exciting!! You may now place wishes for Vandagyre (Vandagyres?) on the wishlist. Hopefully they get some good colour options soon.

October 10, 2014 – Yikes, sorry about all that downtime! There was a glitch preventing users from updating their petpages. The wishlist and Happy Endings pages are fixed and will be updated daily as usual :)

September 9, 2014 – The Wishlist has changed owners! I'm Alix, the new host of the ZYDP Wishlist :) You might already know me as the girl who runs our Happy Endings page. Thank you so much Star for all the hardwork you've put into ZYDP over the years. You're the best!

I would like to take a moment and say, Please reply to those who contact you about pets. We understand if your wishes have changed or you've forgotten that you are listed.

Wish-Collecting Boards:

Members currently allowed to collect wishes from wish-collecting boards: lelanya, bha288, count_and_monsters, nyshida and neo_cant_pwn_cass.

DO NOT NEOMAIL them wishes!

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So, would you like to add your dream pets to our wishlist?

Please read through these rules:

  • Up to 3 pets per person at a time.
    If your username is found as being listed for more than 3 pets, all of your wishes will be removed. You may resubmit 3 wishes if you'd like.
  • We can not and will not take your current pet and zap it and then give it back. According to Editorial #344, this is against the NeoRules.
  • Please only wish for and adopt pets that you intend to KEEP and not change (please do not wish for lab rats). We are called "Zapping Your Dream Pets" not "Zapping Your Trading Fodder".
    Exception: Feel free to paint your received basic LE pet, but please do not morph or zap.
  • Please do not wish for a pet just for the clothing. If clothing is all you are after, please visit our Extra Paint Brush Clothes Page . We'll take the clothing request there!


  • Your account must be at least 4 months old.
  • If your account is inactive for more than 40 days, we will remove your username from the wishlist.
  • If we contact you about a pet, please reply in a timely fashion! Failure to reply may result in removal from the list. (However, you can always resubmit your request.)

We will NOT list:

  • Non-labray colors: Pirate, Baby, Plushie, Usuki, Quiguki, and Royal
  • UC (Unconverted) pets
  • Draiks, Krawks, Ice Boris, and Lutaris


  • We reserve the right to NOT list your username. These cases will be rare and we will inform you of why if you ask.
  • Adding your dream pet to this list does NOT NOT NOT guarantee that you will get a pet.
  • By listing your wish here, you are agreeing that should your wish ever be granted, you can be listed on the Happy Endings (wishlist success stories) page.

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Wish Request Form

Ready to add your Wish?

Neomail Alix!

Simply fill out the form below (filling in the correct info and adding any clothing/gender/name specifications):

Required Information:

  • The Neopets Color: Please be specific about color - spell out the full name so there is no confusion (e.g. between maraquan or maractite). You may only wish for a species without specifying the color if it is a Limited Edition pet such as a Cybunny, Hissi, Poogle, Tonu, etc. (e.g. wishing for a "Basic Cybunny"). Our Zappers may choose to contact you with other colors (and not just basic), or they may not.
  • The Neopets Species: List the species you are wishing for. We do NOT take wishes for a color only (e.g. requesting "Any Darigan").


  • The Neopets Gender: Male / Female
    Please only request a specific gender if you ONLY want a pet of that gender, otherwise you may not be contacted about a pet.
  • Name Specification: WN / No preference
    You can specify if you would like a Well-Named (WN) pet. We define WN as a name that has no underscores or numbers.
    If you don't specify a preference, you will be contacted about both WN and "other named" pets. You cannot specify BN, DN, VWN, VVWN, etc. or any other specific requests (These are just too subjective!)
  • Clothing: Clothed / No preference
    Some colors/species have specific clothing. If you want a pet that is wearing the complete set of clothes, please specify "clothed" when you make your request. Species/Colors that do not come with clothes will not be available with clothes

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Updating Wishes

To update your wishes for whatever reason:

  • Neomail Alix.
  • Specify what pets/colors are currently on the wishlist and what you would like changed.
  • I will only remove wishes if you mail me from the account listed or if both accounts involved are linked to from each other (unless a zapper has informed me they have granted a wish or if a wisher is found to have the pet already).
Do you need to remove or change a wish?

Neomail Alix!

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Granting a Wish

  • Everyone is welcome to use this page to rehome their pet. Just please be sure to neomail me if you have granted a wish off of here so I can remove it.
  • Please mention to the requester that you saw their request on ZYDP. This helps them know it was because they were listed here.
  • If you offer a pet to someone that refuses the pet saying they do not want that pet anymore, have them mail in to be removed.

If you grant a wish using this list:

  • Neomail Alix one of following sets of information.
  • Please send the neomail from the account listed on the Zapper List if you are a zapper.
  • Only send once the transfer is accepted. If a user fails to accept an AGREED UPON transfer, please contact Alix or look at the wishlist monitoring crew page and contact the appropriate person.
Replace the PETNAME/COLOR/SPECIES/ACCOUNT with the words as they appear and not in all caps.
  1. PETNAME the COLOR SPECIES was sent to ACCOUNT. The account on the wishlist is ACCOUNT. Please list my username so that I may be credited for the Zapper List. Thank you!
  2. PETNAME the COLOR SPECIES was sent to ACCOUNT. The account on the wishlist is ACCOUNT. Please do not list my username. I am not a zapper or a guild member. Thank you!
  • After granting the wish, kindly ask the wisher to neomail the below information as well.

If you received a pet:

Send the following form to Alix:

  • I just received PETNAME the COLOR SPECIES. The pet is on ACCOUNT.

This system ensures that wishes are properly removed and added to the wishlist success page called Happy Endings.

Receiving credit for granting a wish:

  • For Zappers/Members: Only wishes ALREADY listed count, unless you are informed of one that's about to be added.
    DO NOT request a user add their wish just to gift them a pet.
  • You will only receive credit for granting a wish if you specify in your neomail. However, please still mail in the info even if you do not want your username listed.
  • For more information, visit the ZYDP Zapper page.
Did you grant a wish?

Neomail Alix!

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The Wishlist

+ User has this request but wants more
* we've confirmed it's still a wish even though not listed on a personal wanted list
^ is listed by an under 4 months account but claims to have an older acct

Note: Newest wishes are on top
Please mail gothicxnerd if you have granted a wish or had your wish granted!

Acara * Aisha * Blumaroo * Bori * Bruce * Buzz * Chia * Chomby * Cybunny
* Elephante * Eyrie * Flotsam * Gelert * Gnorbu * Grarrl * Grundo * Hissi * Ixi *
Jetsam * JubJub * Kacheek * Kau * Kiko * Koi * Korbat * Kougra * Kyrii
* Lenny * Lupe * Meerca * Moehog * Mynci * Nimmo * Ogrin * Peophin * Poogle * Pteri * Quiggle * Ruki * Scorchio * Shoyru * Skeith * Techo * Tonu * Tuskaninny
* Uni * Usul * Vandagyre * Wocky * Xweetok * Yurble * Zafara *
Top of Page *

mrscrissyhall Brown WN
asiaxia Grey WN
xrenewed Mutant WN
dragon_143__63 Mutant WN
thesassyawesomeness Mutant WN
valkyr__brynhilde Mutant
bassist_rocker Mutant WN
cutestmootix Mutant WN
katdog111996 Mutant
karanta_ Mutant
kibougamine Water WN
Top of Wishlist

drougy Alien WN
ysera324 Alien WN Male
pink_moofin Alien Clothed
dontpokedabruce Alien WN Female Clothed
shaelanicole Alien WN Female
veggy411 Alien WN
zenooze Alien WN Clothed
ihogwart Alien WN Clothed
darkgodth Alien WN Male Clothed
ufino Chocolate WN
lexisaurus Darigan WN
starcrosses Desert WN
iloveben14 Elderlygirl WN
sugastars Grey WN
caruna_13 Halloween WN
my_lil_xwees Mutant Male Clothed
kranxx3 Shadow Female
doubleimpact Snot WN
archfiendgenie Snot Clothed
bryna904 Transparent WN
beatriz_barros_ Transparent
shaelanicole Transparent WN Female
poptarts1986 Transparent
_kymberly_ Transparent
scrystalisse Transparent
kelly_d60 Transparent WN
kranxx3 White Female
Top of Wishlist

xxxwmkxxx Chocolate WN Female
classes Chocolate WN Male
igiftyou Chocolate WN
exyoriea Custard
becky22199 Grey WN
becky22199 Maraquan
dantakat Pastel WN
jesse_mc_hater Pastel Female
mosubi Pastel WN
dily_iceprincess Stealthy WN
becky22199 White WN
koifiche White WN
Top of Wishlist

blueberrymuffinpops Desert WN
pomeranian34 Island WN Clothed
kittie706 Water WN
grizzegrijn Water
1britt1097 White WN Male
tuizinho11 Wraith WN Male
Top of Wishlist

terraagain Elderlyboy WN Clothed
daisyisabella28 Island WN Female
angeliccriz Island WN Clothed
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

1britt1097 Asparagus
wolflagoon Pea WN
power4power Pea WN
jellybene Pea
theangelicsanctuary Pea
zappingzoo Pea WN
Top of Wishlist

cheeseyqueen12321 Chocolate WN
m3ganl3igh Darigan WN
punkskulldude Darigan WN
frantic_secrete Maraquan WN Female
evey700 Maraquan
superquirkycoolkids Sketch
Top of Wishlist

whimsu Desert WN
jslynssh Grey WN
veggy411 Maraquan WN Female
bellaspaniel97 Maraquan WN Female
bluewolfakamaru Mutant WN
snapple_queen01 Pastel WN
bryna904 Stealthy WN
acquarella_iceflower Stealthy WN
xcstephanie Stealthy WN Clothed
akiacella Water WN
einszweihydreigon Water Female
tigerlover_300 Water WN
cater2008 Water WN Female
Top of Wishlist

nocturnalist Halloween WN
Top of Wishlist

sky_own_your_family Darigan
blade94193 Halloween WN
silverrubyicemoon Maraquan
rkbear Maraquan WN Male
dolphin2021 Maraquan WN
chronologicalcompass Mutant WN
happyholidayer Stealthy WN Clothed
hgual22 Stealthy WN Clothed
boutique Stealthy WN
imsallyx3 Stealthy WN Clothed
clarebrennan Stealthy WN Clothed
brickstervegas Stealthy WN Male Clothed
bluecream64 Woodland WN Female
aexiihannah Woodland
darkinvader1981 Woodland WN
majenkir Woodland WN
rory321363 Woodland WN
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

forestelephant Chocolate Male
cuddlyanubis Chocolate
kara_jigsaw Chocolate
discordheart Darigan WN
wisely_007 Darigan
sayokko Maraquan WN
londier Maraquan
nzreverie Maraquan WN
imsallyx3 Maraquan WN
irish_sweetheart098 Maraquan WN
hyper_wonga121 Maraquan WN
12345paco Maraquan
chip_n_dale121 + Mutant WN
rosemary2713 + Wraith WN Male
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

brittanyyy Elderlyboy WN
pokerono Grey
deeeniie Maraquan
lkbrocks Maraquan WN
saphireblue21 Maraquan WN
blade94193 Stealthy WN
grarrlo Transparent
wisely_007 Transparent
Top of Wishlist

lily_death Halloween WN Clothed
katetl12345 Mallow
1britt1097 Mallow WN
elvuaknes Mallow
quilles Robot WN (Adopting one in January)
jovicentric Robot (Adopting one in January)
neggemite Woodland WN
dreampeep Woodland WN
Top of Wishlist

xxx__viper__xxx Eventide WN Male
sherryh2000 Mutant WN Male
skittlesk8ter Mutant WN Male
newgodkira Pastel WN
alihaiderzaidi Robot
xrenewed Spotted WN
generaljamiepoo Transparent WN
pay10828 Transparent WN
Top of Wishlist

hardchorale Chocolate
ufino Chocolate WN
jslynssh Chocolate WN
crwarrior7 Chocolate WN Female
terraagain Elderlyboy WN Clothed
n2entropy Elderlyboy WN Clothed
nbananna Eventide WN Male
ninjasongplayer Faerie Female
dantakat Grey WN Male
earthbender__ Maraquan
synore Mutant WN Female
poptarts1986 Mutant
a_loving_hands_a Stealthy
dragon_143__63 Stealthy WN Female
xxxwmkxxx Stealthy WN Female
crwarrior7 Stealthy WN Female
miss_estudante Stealthy WN Female
fufu50 Stealthy WN Male
safiriana White Female
ufino Woodland WN
franchement Zombie WN Male Clothed
Top of Wishlist

khoufu Chocolate WN Male
anything747 Jelly Male
deeeniie Mutant WN
party953 Mutant WN
Top of Wishlist

starburst_lily Coconut WN
rainbowcreamie Maraquan WN
voidtranquilizer Transparent WN
Top of Wishlist

sabrinaif Grey
xeasterbunny Halloween WN
caitify Halloween
love4mj Maraquan
gugu3221 Water Female
Top of Wishlist

cowgomoo227 Chocolate WN
midnightales Chocolate WN
nicollinha_210 ElderlyBoy WN Clothed
queen1982 Maractite WN
katetl12345 Spotted
xkimzzz Zombie WN Clothed
Top of Wishlist

akiacella Jelly WN
Top of Wishlist

grizzegrijn Snot
m3ganl3igh Spotted WN
midnightales Spotted WN
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

petpetmagma Chocolate Female WN
thorn483 Faerie Female
acquarella_iceflower Grey WN
vezalia Grey WN Male
memories9610540 Pastel WN
kranxx3 Wraith Male
Top of Wishlist

luvluvcrazyluv Stealthy WN Clothed Male
Top of Wishlist

zosson Darigan WN Female
midnightales Faerie WN Male
silverrubyicemoon Mutant
hoindi Pastel WN
noolunga Stealthy WN Clothed
thesassyawesomeness Stealthy WN Male
Top of Wishlist

juliagarry Desert
petpetmagma Halloween WN
londier Halloween
rosemary2713 Maractite WN Male
stitch_littleblueale Maractite
kotiluna Maraquan WN
rbardchicky4 Mutant WN
chip_n_dale121 Mutant WN
seoyuri Pastel WN Male
kotiluna Tyrannian WN Male
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

xandieyx Pastel WN Male
starry_chinchilla Robot Male Clothed
Top of Wishlist

jogale Stealthy WN
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

cowgal23 Darigan WN
blueberrymuffinpops Desert WN
spyfox207 Desert Male
jslynssh Maractite WN
doni_2003 Relic WN
doni_2003 Water WN
ayaneselin Water WN
suzaku_south20 Wraith WN Female
Top of Wishlist

bluewolfakamaru MSP WN
gareth253 MSP WN Female
in_visible MSP WN
_strawberry_luv_x3 MSP WN Male
karawrrrr MSP
knightslayerxx MSP
allison3390 MSP Male
herecomeshooch Mutant WN
trashlord Mutant WN
in_visible Mutant WN
love4mj Transparent
paytona11 Wraith WN
Top of Wishlist

guinea441 Eventide WN Male
xcookiequeen Faerie WN
princessofallpurple Maraquan WN
xrenewed Mutant WN
arturisisr2 Mutant WN
colorlessclockwork Skunk WN
sliver_tooth Transparent Male
guinea441 Wraith WN Male
Top of Wishlist

paigeroberts__ Grey WN
lyk3omg Sponge WN
aucuparia Sponge WN Female
Top of Wishlist

cryinggoldentears Spotted WN
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

bl00d_r0ck_pr1nc3ss 8-Bit WN
bea0408 Chocolate WN
chronologicalcompass Jelly (Adopting one in January)
dobbydog13 Maraquan
royalromanza Maraquan WN Female
drougy Maraquan WN
melcy1726 Maraquan WN
x33vivi Maraquan WN
elvuaknes Maraquan
earthbender__ Maraquan
superquirkycoolkids Relic
brujisofi Stealthy WN Female
drougy Stealthy
trashlord Stealthy WN Male Clothed
vanillafilth Stealthy WN Clothed
wawastar Stealthy WN Clothed
dawn_fairy Stealthy WN Clothed
m_hero18 Stealthy WN Clothed
virays Stealthy WN Male Clothed
yankee1925 Stealthy Clothed
jasonjason526 Stealthy WN Male Clothed
_shadow_blaze_ Wraith WN
x_xtropicboarderx_x Wraith WN
lady_fatina Zombie WN Clothed
Top of Wishlist

spyfox207 Grey Male
Top of Wishlist

n_marston Robot WN Male
ecsentret Stealthy
Top of Wishlist

ledgers_angel_3 Maraquan
blueberrypiegirl Maraquan WN
irish_sweetheart098 Maraquan WN
layfeki Maraquan WN
Top of Wishlist

mrscornflakes Robot WN Clothed
Top of Wishlist

cowgal23 Grey WN
alacard Halloween WN
love4mj Maraquan
cowgal23 Maraquan WN
blueberrymuffinpops Maraquan WN
bl00d_r0ck_pr1nc3ss Pastel WN
chewytoast Pastel
mamadejuan11 Woodland
chewytoast Water
chewytoast White
punkfreckles Wraith WN
Top of Wishlist

ufotea Chocolate WN Female
vergessenerengel Chocolate WN Female
cutestmootix Chocolate WN Female
colorlessclockwork Eventide
nyshida Eventide WN Clothed
wangaratta Eventide WN Female
teulon_girl Eventide
theclosetqueen Faerie
softae Silver WN
darkness_fails White
blooberry1023189 Wraith
akiacella Wraith WN
bl00d_r0ck_pr1nc3ss Wraith WN
softae Wraith WN
joieus Wraith WN
saruska Wraith WN Clothed
lavenderheiress Wraith WN Female
searchforchalice Wraith WN
teulon_girl Wraith
Top of Wishlist

Top of Wishlist

blooberry1023189 Darigan
franchement Disco WN Female Clothed
softae Chocolate WN
fjant Chocolate WN
theclosetqueen Faerie
flamesoflight Faerie WN Female
bluewolfakamaru Grey WN
blooberry1023189 Maraquan
x_itsjoy_x Transparent WN Male
bradburys Transparent WN
_feepitlover101 Woodland WN Female
Top of Wishlist

jovicentric Chocolate
royalromanza ElderlyBoy WN Clothed
_sparklers_ ElderlyBoy Clothed
lily4796462006 ElderlyBoy WN Clothed
kayona4 Maraquan
dantakat Pastel WN
cuhppicake Pastel
Top of Wishlist

zenooze Eventide WN
candykacheek1 Faerie WN Female
earthbender__ Maraquan
londier Maraquan
tvidea Maraquan
darkinvader1981 Maraquan WN
blueberrypiegirl Maraquan WN
poptarts1986 Maraquan
tiger_girl9 Maraquan
bluecream64 Maraquan WN
teratogen Maraquan
mesu12 Maraquan
superkataang1_2 Maraquan WN
fawnfrolic Maraquan WN
Top of Wishlist

raynasmommy24 Faerie
kisashika Halloween
aoi_inuzukama Halloween WN Clothed
raynasmommy24 Maractite
the_littlest_zafara Mutant WN Male
elkayn Pastel WN
superquirkycoolkids Woodland
elkayn Wraith WN
Top of Wishlist

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, look here to see if it has already been answered. If you still have a question, Neomail Alix. :)

Q: Can you add my name to the wishlist?
A: Yes! Read through the rules, and then just Neomail Alix your wish.

Q: My account is under 4 months and the color I requested can be adopted by this aged account. Why am I not listed?
A: The reason behind it is pet stats. Under 4 months pet adoptions are restricted to level 1 or 2. The lab is often making pets higher level than that, so we only list those that can accept WHATEVER pet meets the wishlist request.

Q: I have the lab map, can I help zap pets?
A: Definitely yes! Click here to see the instructions for zappers, and make sure that you Neomail Cass so that she can add your name to our list of zappers.

Q: Can I join your guild?
A: Sure! Everyone is welcome to join :) Feel free to check out our guild webbie for more information.

Q: I have a pet I would like to give to someone on the wishlist. Can I do that? / How do I go about granting a wish?
A: Yes of course! Our wishlist is open to the public, meaning anyone can list wishes or grant wishes off of the wishlist. Simply contact the wisher of your choice and work out the details between the two of you. Once you've granted a wish please be sure to fill out this form and mail it to me so I can remove the wish.

Q: I've had wishes listed on the wishlist in the past. Can I add more?
A: Yes you may! Our rule is you may only list up to three (3) pets on our wishlist at a time, but there is no limit to how many wishes you can have granted by us :)

Q: I see that a lot of people have wished for the same pet as me! How do you decide who gets the pet?
A: It is up to the pet's owner. He or she may randomly select someone, OR they may Neomail every person and ask for an application. Applications are NOT required, and you may decline to apply.

Q: There are lots of people wishing for the same pet that I am! How can I improve my chances of being "chosen" as a pet's new owner?
A: See the "Tips" section. :)

Q: If my name is the top name listed for the color/species, will I get the pet first?
A: No. The order of names has nothing to do with who will get a pet.

Q: Can I pick my pet's name?
A: Um, no. We do NOT zap specific pets for specific people.

Q: Is the wishlist ever edited majorly?
A: We have a wishlist monitoring crew that is always checking through their lists. They will neomail to confirm wishes in their chosen month. Some may mail to confirm wishes twice a year. If you look at the page and you know the month your species mailout is in isn't a good time for you to be able to reply, please mail them ahead of time.

Q: I just got a pet I had listed (granted/traded/adopted/etc), can I change it to another wish?
A: Yes, you can! Just follow the directions given here

Q: How often do you update the wishlist?
A: The wishlist is updated daily, typically in the morning. However, real life does happen and there may be times when I fall a few days behind.

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Tips & Suggestions

These are just some tips so that you know what our Zappers look for when choosing a new owner for one of their pets. These are suggestions...NOT super-strict, just arbitrary rules. Hopefully they help you out. :)

When a Zapper checks the Wishlist to find a new home for their lab pet, the first thing that he/she will do is visit your userlookup. This doesn't mean that you have to have the world's MOST AMAZING CODING, but these are some things that you should keep in mind:

  • Log on to Neopets frequently. If your userlookup says that you were "last spotted" 20 days ago, the Zapper isn't going to bother contacting you. (each Zapper has their on last spotted limit some could think less than 20 is too long)
  • Follow Neopets Rules and Terms of Service. Many of our zappers do not want the pet to go to an account that will just get the pet frozen. (breaking this will also get you removed from the list.)
  • Make sure that your current pets are taken care of. Zappers see how you treat your current pets as an indicator of how you would treat a new pet. This means that your current Neopets should be fed and happy!
  • Be consistent, and make sure that your information is up-to-date. Let's say that you're on the Wishlist for a Faerie Chomby. A Zapper has a Faerie Chomby that they would like to give away, and they visit your userlookup. On your lookup, they see a list of your "Dream Pets"....and "Faerie Chomby" isn't anywhere on that list! The Zapper will think that you've changed your mind about your dream pets, and they probably won't offer you that Chomby. (It's perfectly OK to change your dream pets! Just neomail me if you want to change what pets you're listed for on our Wishlist.)
Now, the Zapper was perfectly impressed with your lookup! They've decided to Neomail you about your dream pet! Here are some more suggestions:
  • Make sure you have room in your NM inbox! Remember, your inbox has a capacity of about 100 messages, depending on your account age. If you're getting close to the limit, delete some old messages. :)
  • Think about your Neomail preferences If your account is set to "Neomail by Neofriends only," that's perfectly fine...except that means that a Zapper won't be able to contact you.
  • Be polite! If a Zapper NMs you offering a pet UFA, don't go all 'OMMGG send to me now ok?' Got it? XD

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Important ZYDP Links

The Wishlist This is the page you're on now! It shows all of the wishes we have collected.

ZYDP Adoption Agency Occasionally, our lab rays produce a pet in a color/species combination that has NOT been wished for yet. We're sure these pets can find amazing, loving homes just the same, so we put them into our guild adoption agency. Anyone can adopt these pets.

ZYDP (The Guild) The ZYDP guild was originally founded as a place for Zappers to organize and talk about their lab pets. It's a fun, NR guild that's open to anyone (zapper and non-zapper alike).

Zapper List This is a list of all of the people who are generous enough to use their lab maps to zap pets for ZYDP. It also has instructions for becoming a zapper. Check it out!

Extra Paint Brush Clothing Adopted a pet from the pound and need to find the clothing? Check here!

Magma Customs Wishing for a Magma pet? Check this page out for a possibility of getting the pet quicker!

HAPPY ENDINGS! This is an awesome page where you can see all of the dreams that have been fulfilled through ZYDP's efforts

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Want to be affiliates? Neomail me!


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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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