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Welcome, to Cloud Infinity! A review site by me, Alice. My reviews are simple, but I believe they are quite nice. I always take suggestions on anything that people think will improve my site, so please speak your mind! All of the links are above. Now, please enjoy your time browsing around Cloud Infinity! Also, please make checking the updates one of the first things you do when coming here. Some very important things could be creeping there. Thank you!

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June 3rd, 2012~// Sorry it's been a while. If you had a review and never got reviewed, it was because my computer was broken and I just today got a new one. I'm applying for colleges so I won't be on for a while. Hope everyone is doing good! (:


This is, besides the Cloud Room, the most important room. The rules. Please obey them or you will NOT get a cloud of your own.

I do not review pet application sites, guilds, guild webbies, or adoption agency sites. Sorry, maybe a different review site will.

If you do not choose a cloud, I will tell you and allow you to resend your form.

If you request a review and broke one of these rules, you will have to wait TWO WEEKS before requesting another. It'd be a lot easier to read them, right?

If you think your review was not accurate, tell me what you think is incorrect and I will try to fix it. If you think your site has improved since you last got it reviewed, please wait one week before re-requesting.

You must link back before, during, and after your review.

Do NOT make changes to your site while you are being reviewed. The only changes allowed are updates. You should have already had these changes on your site before requesting.

I will reply to your neomail right when I receive it. If I am not online_ I will get back to you ASAP. Also, you will receive one more neomail when it is done. In the form, when I ask you 'Did you read the rules?' say 'like a boss'.

I only review in Internet Explorer and FireFox. If you know your site has problems with these browsers please tell me so I can be ready to see these problems.

Only four ready reviews will be displayed. If yours was the first, and four new requests were made, you will be moved to the portfolio. I do not have enough room on my computer to save all of the written reviews so I will just save your score. If you need your score again, just neomail me and I will send it to you ASAP.

Don't take other peoples ready reviews and showcase them. It's rude, and yes, it has happened before.

This rule is for my ranking system. If your site(this part applies to directories) was on and mysteriously get swiped off, this could be why. Once every month I will check all of the sites listed there and if one hasn't posted any updates for 3 and a half weeks, a different site gets put on. Or, another site has higher quality content than yours.


This is the criteria room. Here you may choose a wonderful cloud to call your own. You have four choices, so choose away! Also, if you don't read the rules, I'm afraid you won't get a cloud. Happy choosing!

Yes, just as the Zafara said, here you may choose a cloud. You can choose Storm Cloud, Stratus Cloud, Cumulus Cloud, or a Cirrus Cloud.

Storm Cloud

Score: 0 out of 100

This is a Storm Review.

To guest,

Really great areas:
Here I will tell you what you did in your site that really caught my attention, what was really great, etc. Mostly anything that was really greatly positioned, spelled, written, placed,(Oh, I could go on forever!!).

Things that could be better:
This is where I pick out things that could definitely improve. For example, spelling, grammar, font size/color/positioning, CSS, HTML, broken links, closed affiliates, closed listers, broken images, and other things of the sort. Usually in the Storm Review, I try to keep it as brief as possible.

Stratus Cloud

Score: 0 out of 100

This is a Stratus Review.

To guest,

This review is the largest of all four.
I will try to keep this as in-depth as I can. I will talk about your main content, sitely, rules, and I will provide any suggestions that I might have regarding your site. I want to help you in any way I can to improve your site.

Cumulus Cloud

Score: 0 out of 100

This is a Cumulus Review.

To, guest,

A common review, the Cumulus specializes in covering every section.

First Impression 0/15: When people first come to your site, they want to be hooked. You want them to want to stay. (Wow, try saying that three times fast) This is basically the first sight. If they glance and it looks good, people will stay and they will like your site.

Layout 0/15: While layouts that were made specifically for you are nice, a premade one is just as good! I have a premade. It's completely fine so I will not take off points for that. Then again, having a banner that announces your site is great. People look for the name of a site when they first navigate to it. Therefore, extra points will be given to those who have their name on the banner. I mostly worry about positioning, small mistakes such as missing/broken div tags, large mistakes such as those pesky little mistypes in the text areas that cause them to look bad. For example the margin may be 3px when it should be 2px. Just things like this that cause images and text to be lined up wrong.

Grammar 0/15: Grammar is important because a lot of people judge other people for how good they spell or talk. For example, 'Wen ppl tlk liek dis wile writin wit ur friends, its ok', but when you're on here, it's very bothersome. This is how it should be, 'When people talk like this, it's much better,'.

Organization 0/15: Organization is definitely key to a good site. You should make sure that people won't have any problems contacting you or finding what they need to find. If things are cluttered, try creating a cell box like this one that I made to help organize your things. If you need help making it, neomail me and I will try to help you out.

Sitely 0/15: Here I will tell you if your 'sitely' section is organized. In your sitely section, you should have link back, listed at, affiliates, and reviewed by. Credit is optional, or you could make it have it's own section.

Cirrus Cloud

Score: 0 out of 10

This is a Cirrus Review.

This one is fun and unique. Only one section of your site will be reviewed. If you choose this cloud, you will have to specify which section you would like to have reviewed. Here are just a few examples of this review type.

If you were to choose Sitely Section, it might look something like this:
Hello, guest. Upon looking at your 'sitely' section, I thought it to be quit cluttered. Also, the previous page's div tags must've been broken because it overlapped onto this section. A few more br tags to keep things uncluttered would've made things much better. Your affiliates area should also have a link back to your userlookup so people don't have to look all over you site just to apply. Make sure your listees get 'unstuck'. By this, I mean they are stuck together right beside each other. To fix this, you could hit enter after each button code.


Ahh.. The place we've been waiting for. Here is where you submit your ticket for the cloud! Just think, in a few days, you'll have your very own cloud!

Now please fill out this form and you'll receive a notice whether or not your review was accepted. If my inbox is full, send me a junk item. I will send it back, and neomail you when my inbox is open.

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What's Good~
What's good are some of my vital tips to help you do a double-check on your site before requesting.

These are some of my favorite sites. They should help you with mostly anything you'd need.

Contact Me~
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What's Good

These are some tips that I follow and I believe that they have truly helped my site. You can look over these before requesting a review if you want to double-check on your site. Enjoy!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can you teach me how to-
Nope. Sorry, but I have no time. Unless I tell you in your review or a neomail, please do not ask me this.
2. Can we be affiliates?
Sure, if you meet my requirements. (I'm not that picky.) Don't be afraid to ask, though!
3. Will you add me to your Top 5 list?
Please do not ask this. I look through directories every month to see if there are better quality sites than what I have down, so it's highly unlikely that I won't come across your site if you are listed somewhere.

That's it for now, but there may be more added. Thank you!

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Linger is Alphae REVAMPED! And it's legit! We've been sister sites since November 6th, 2011. Bri offers all types of reviews that are just what you'd need to make your site amazing. She's very nice, too! Trust me. I'm mega, ultra, uber glad to call this site Cloud Infinity's sister site. Check it out! I promise you won't be disappointed.

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