Misc. Forest has all its content, but the layout is SO messed up. Neo banned some codes, therefore resulting in this mess..feel free to use my stuff anyways.


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I can now respond to neomails! :D, i also added caramel apple pixels!
Soroptomist Directory has listed Misc. Forest as one of the top 5 pixel sites! Hurray :D
New Unazukin pixels!

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1. You MUST credit me! I prefer if you link back to me (:
2. Do NOT edit my pixels! If you want a custom,check out the requests section!
3. Don't claim as your own, I made them!


Layout base by εxpressions.
Base customized by FuzzlyTiara.
Note: I own iRein..I am not a stealer! x.x


On a casual day in Neopia, as you lick away on your Rainbow Gelert Lollypop and stare into the sunset you hear whispering coming from your lollypop. "Hello?" you ask, inspecting the lollypop. You notice the gelert's lips are slightly moving. Visit Misc. Forest.... it says and then the lips stop moving. "That was odd," you say to yourself. Then,as you take a lick of your lollypop you suddenly feel sleepy. You drift off and when you wake up,you are greeted by an Illusen Faerie Doll, it laughs and hands you a Sweet and Sour Negg. It looks really pretty. You take a bite and the delicious juice fills your mouth. "Welcome to Misc. Forest," the Negg Faerie says. You look around and she appears in front of you. When you stare at her with sheer terror on your face, she laughs. Not a cackle,but a kind laugh. "I know you'll love it..." you half-smile and take another bite of the juicy negg. Then she looks around and lowers her voice to an almost whisper. "Just don't steal," she says with a mad look in her eyes. Before you can reply, she is gone. So you decide to get up and take a look around...

Premade Fruits

You come across a clearing of trees with all sorts of objects on them "Free for you to use,but credit!" a voice says....



Sweet Treats

Freshly Baked





caramel apples


As you venture on in the forest,you see a sign in pink lights hanging from a tree "Use these resources for your site but credit or else..." To get the code for these, right click and hit 'Properties



Change the 'USERNAME' 'SUBJECT' and 'MESSAGE' part of the code. This'll be what the neomail will start as when people click it.

Open/Closed Signs


When you're waiting for a spot to be filled,use a handy place holder!

About Rolly

Hello,I am Rolly! I am a cloud tonu,but I was yellow and was found in the pound on February 21,2010 by my now momma,Fuzz! I am limited edition and that's just one thing that makes me speacial! My momma thinks my owner disowned me because I was sick. When she adopted me I had a real bad case of UggaUgga! My momma tried everything! She ran to the hospital and the medicine was not in shops so the kind folks on neoboards told her to bring me to Healing Springs and I was all better! Living with so many sisters can be tough,but I love them;eye shadow and everything. But-the dress up can really drive a boy mad! I love to play with plushies,too! I also like to read,and always wear my glasses!


For what symbols mean what :)
: Needs improvement
: Can be better
: Good job!
: Great job!
: Unique Idea Bonus
: Organization Bonus
: Coding error
: Messy error
:Layout Bonus
:Reviews Open
:Reviews Closed


Affie requests are Open.Just mail me with your URL and add one of my buttons! (Pixels by neonxtiger)
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Button previews linked to creators. to get the code, make it up yourself. neo disabled textareas.