Now my last foster has been adopted out, I've decided to go on a little hiatus. I will most likely come back to neopets, but I doubt I'll return to fostering as well, as I simply don't have the time for it anymore.

Thanks everyone who has adopted a pet from here, or who has sent in an application. I really enjoyed fostering, and that wouldn't have been possible without all of you.

~ Marjo

Last update on: November 8

I've finally chosen Tekyre's new owner, hurray for me! I'm really sorry it's taken me such a ridiculous long time. For those who weren't chosen: it was really hard to pick just one of you - there were at least 5 applicants that I would have gladly adopted out to. This wasn't a matter of your app "not being good enough", but of "someone sending in a slightly better one". I wish I had several Tekyre's to adopt out, but sadly I can only make one person happy :/

Visitors since the opening in September 2008


I know this probably isn't your favourite part of my agency, but to keep everything a bit organized I had to set up some rules. It will only take 5 minutes, so please take the time to read through them, thank you =)
Applications that don't follow my rules will be rejected.

  1. Your account should be at least 4 months old. Neopets' rule, not mine!

  2. There has to be room on the account you wish to adopt the pet on. If for any reason the space is temporarily occupied (for example, because you foster), please state it in your app so I know there will be room when it's time to transfer ;)

  3. Neomail and petpage applications are both accepted. Petpage apps should include a note that the application was made of your own free will. This is for the safety of both mine and your account(s).
    For more information considering TNT's rules about petpage applications, check my FAQ.

  4. Follow the rules - both mine and TNTs!

  5. Include TNO's Pledge of Good Ownership and mean it:

    If I am chosen, I, your name, pledge to be the best owner I can be for my new Neopet, pet's name. I understand all the sadness that he/she has already been through, and so I will provide everything he/she needs to be happy. I promise to be a friend to my new Neopet and never put pet's name through the pain of neglect or abandonment again.

  6. Put some effort in your app:
    • If your application is very short, has lots of grammar/spelling mistakes or looks like it's been whipped up in under 5 minutes, I will reject it.
    • Smileys are fine (as long as there's not too many of them), chatspeak is not.
    • Be honest. If you lie to me, you'll be rejected.
    • The more detail, the better: I strongly value dedication and creativity of any kind.

  7. Neomail me on the right account (MJ_1991).

  8. Include the following:

    • a list of all your accounts and what account you'd like to adopt the pet on
    • a list of all of your permanent pets
    • your future plans for the pet - what do you plan to do once you adopt? (I consider this to be the most important part of your application.)
    • Anything else you'd like to add ;)

  9. If you make a petpage app, keep it online until a new owner has been announced. If your application isn't online when I'm choosing a new owner, you will be immediately canceled out (ouch...). Remember not to transfer the pet whose petpage you're using for your application, because doing so will erase it!

The following aren't really rules, but rather some kind of manual to my agency.
  1. After sending in your application, wait for a reply. If you don't receive a reply within 7 days, then you can neomail me again. We all make mistakes!

  2. When your application has been accepted, check the accepted applicants section. If there's been an update since I've accepted your application and your name isn't up there, please contact me!

  3. Check my agency regularly:
    • Any updates on the pet will be posted there, along with the deadlines.
    • It does happen that I lose an application (for example if neopets cleans my mailbox again...). If something like that happens, I'll ask the person whose application I lost to contact me again on that page.
    • If I want to fix or change a deadline, don't expect me to neomail you: it will only be posted here.

  4. Last but certainly not least: do not neomail me to ask how many people have applied for a pet or when I will decide on a new owner. Just....don't :p


Here I'll answer some frequently asked questions. Please read all of this before asking me a question through neomail, thanks ;)

(If you have a specific question, you can try ctrl+F to search through this list)

Q: What's TNT's opinion on adoption agencies/applications?
A: Good question!
I'll try to answer that by referring to a few editorials. Basically, TNT allows agencies and applications, as long as the applicants understands they're not guaranteed to get the pet and as long as the one adopting out the pet doesn't request applications that are over the top.

Editorials about agencies and advertising: #217 (question #3), #477 (question #3)
Editorials about applications: #245 (question #5), #434 (question #9), #343 (question #11)
(Sadly, I can't link you directly to the editorial itself T.T)

Q: Can I trade the pet later?
A: NO. You are adopting with the understanding that your adopted pet should never be traded. Ever. Not under any circumstances. If you think there's even the slightest chance you'd trade one of my pets after adopting them, please do not apply.

Q: I no longer want my pet, what do I do?
A: If you no longer want a pet that you adopted from me, I will happily take them back. If you happen to have forgotten my username (it happens), the pet should be adopted out again by another member of TNO or by yourself. Under no circumstances can you trade or abandon them!

Q: What browser/resolution do you use?
A: My resolution is 1280x1024 and I mainly use a mix of FireFox and Google Chrome, but if absolutely needed I can switch to Safari or Opera. I do NOT use Internet Explorer.

Q: Can you change the pet's gender?
A: Yes. If I choose you as the pet's new owner, I'll double-check what gender you'd like them to be before sending them over ;) Also, feel free to refer to the pet as being the gender you'd like him to be in your application!

Q: When is the deadline for my application?
This depends on the pet. If I haven't decided on a deadline yet, the agency page and the look-up of the pet will say "TBA" (to be announced). If a deadline has been set, the agency page and the look-up of each pet will clearly list it. I only accept applications that were send in by 11:59 PM NST on that day.
(so if the deadline says "March 1", you can still send in your application on March 1, but not on March 2)
When a pet is put UFA, their deadline will be at least 1 month away to give everyone enough time to put an app together.

Q: Can I neomail you?
A: Neomailing is fine for chatting and information, but not to ask if I've picked an owner yet. The agency page is updated frequently with accepted and rejected applicant names. To neomail me, please go to the contact me section.

Q: Do I need to contact you before applying?
A: You don't have to, but if you want to you can.

Q: Do I need to fill out an application or something?
A: Yes you do.
There's is no form to fill out, no questionary to take. I'd like you to write something yourself, telling me why you want this pet. How you do this exactly, is completely up to you.

Q: Can I edit my application after I've sent it in?
It depends. I do not look over an application until the deadline has passed, to avoid picking favourites. If you've sent in a neomail application, naturally you cannot edit it afterwards, as I copy the contents of your neomail and save it on my computer. However, if you sent in a petpage application, I will only save the link to your application. This means you can edit your application to your heart's content, as long as it's done before the deadline.

Q: Do you prefer neomail or petpage applications?
A: I don't have a preference whatsoever, partly because TNT doesn't allow us to. I strongly recommend a petpage app, however: that way I only need to bookmark a page, and you can work on your application or add things even after you've submitted it (do so before the deadline though!). You can also put more into a petpage app than into a neomail app, like more text, art, poetry, etc… And of course that gives you a better chance. But you won't get extra credit, just because your application is on a petpage, so feel free to do a neomail application if you don't feel like doing a petpage one ;)

Q: I want to do a petpage application, but I don't know HTML, can you help me?
A: I, personally, can't, 'cause I'm rubbish at HTML and CSS myself (every page you might stumble upon that looks like it's mine, was actually made by a friend ^^).
BUT there are some GREAT HTML-guides out there that might help you. I listed some of them in the handy links section.

Q: Can I use a premade layout for my petpage application?
A: Of course it's a bonus if you can make your own layout, but you're free to use a premade as well. I prefer a petpage application on a premade layout, than a petpage application with no layout at all, as it's annoying to read. So don't feel afraid to use a premade layout, just give credit where credit is due. There are a few links to petpages with premades listed under handy links.

Q: What do you expect in an application?
A: The holy grail of questions!
The main thing I'm looking for, is the proof that you'll be a good owner for my pet. This can be in any form: entering him/her in the BC, battledoming, roleplaying, or simply keeping him/her happy. So whatever you're planning to do with the pet, make sure you make it clear in the application, preferably with proof! For example, if you're planning to draw the pet, add a drawing in your application.
For more tips and tricks considering your application, I strongly recommend visiting the links in the handy links section!

Q: I think someone plagiarized (part of) my application, what do I do?
A: How rude! What you should do in this case, is explained in (yet another) editorial (issue 381 question #5). First thing you should do, is politely ask the other person to remove their application. If they refuse to do so, please notify me and report them.

Q: Can you give me an extension?
A: If necessary, I will give you an extension on a deadline on the condition that you neomail me about it before the deadline has passed. If requesting an extension, include the pet's name and approximately how long you'll need. A reason for the extension is very much appreciated, but not necessary.

Q: Why did you reject my application?
A: I reserve the right to reject your application at all times. This may seem harsh, but I'll never reject anyone without a good reason. You are free to ask me what made me reject you, and even politely discuss it with me if you think it's a misunderstanding. Don't, however, try to change my mind.

Q: How do you transfer pets?
A: I only transfer pets using the transfer option, not through the pound, no discussion.

Q: When will you transfer the pet?
A: On the agency page, I'll clearly list what transfer will be needed for which pet. When applying for a pet, please try to keep the transfer listed open! If you already used your transfer we'll look into it together.
If you are chosen as the pet's new owner, I will neomail you to make sure I send the pet on a day on which you'll be able to come online so please do everything you can to accept the pet within the 72-hour time-frame. If you reject the transfer, you will be disqualified and the pet will be adopted out to someone else.

Q: What do you use the donations for?
A: I get this question a lot. Rest assured, your donation will not go to my personal Draik fund or something :p
Essentially, all donations are being used to take care of my fosters. This means they're used for adopting them, feeding them, curing them if they're ill, transferring them, etc. In the past, donations also went towards buying new lab maps. These may seem like small expenses, but you mustn't forget that I work with lots of pets. So those few neopoints can quickly accumulate ;)

Current Pets UFA

These are all the pets that I currently have UFA

Pets up for adoption:

These pets are ready to be adopted!

None right now!

Pets undergoing lab treatment:

These pets are currently being zapped/in line for treatment by the lab ray.

None right now!

Currently deciding on a new owner:

I'm in the middle of choosing a new owner for these pets. Their deadlines have passed, so I don't accept any new applications anymore (unless you were given an extension).

None right now - check back later!

Accepted Applicants

This is a list of all the accepted applicants for my fosters.
If you sent in an application, you should check to see whether your name is being added to the list. If there's been an update since I accepted your application and your name is not on the list, please contact me ASAP!

Past Fosters

Succesful adoptions:

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Wall of Shame:

Unfortunately, not everyone keeps their promises. These are the pets who got repounded, traded, ended up on frozen accounts, or whose new owners broke their promises in general.
(Please note that some of the pets listed here are now owned by someone other than the person who adopted them from me. Do not harras them!)

Reason Reason Reason Reason New owner New owner

Apply or contact me

  • You want to send in an application
    If you're sure your app is finished, you can send it in by clicking the link below. I'd appreciate it if you'd use "application: petname" as the subject of your neomail - it makes it easier for me to find it again later ;)
    Your neomail should contain either the app itself (neomail app) or a link to your app (petpage app).

  • You want to ask a question
    Before contacting me, please make sure your question isn't answered somewhere already. The rules and FAQ should be the first places for you to look. If you've read everything in my agency and still have a question, please shoot me a neomail - I'll try my best to answer it ^^

  • You want to contact me for a different reason
    If you want to contact me for a reason not listed above (you want to become affies, you spotted a broken link, you have a suggestion, ...), just send me a neomail - preferably with a fitting subject ;)

  • Neomail me

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If you're looking for an application guide, CSS help or a premade for your app, you've come to the right place!

Know of a page that could be listed here? Please let me know!

Application guides:
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Petpage premades:

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I reserved this spot of my agency to thank the people who helped me run this agency, through donations (donators) or otherwise (thank you's)

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