Sunny's Writing Notes

Welcome vistor to my Writing Notes page. This is a page full of notes about how I perceive neopia in my writing, and the reasons why I see things that way. I'm going to have to warn you in advance:

I am a total history/science/art nerd. I am not afraid to admit that I love researching different things and applying that research TO my neopian times stories. I am someone who frets over little details that don't matter to most. Now, most of the information on this page is ether:
1. Created by me for use in my stories.
2. Background information about history/culture and how it could possibly be applied to neopian lands based off of those cultures. (Ex: How the history of England/Scotland could influence writings about Meridell.)
3. Facts dug up from Jellyneo's Book of ages that I have modified/adapted for use in my writing.

The information and facts on this page are what I have been able to find from books and research, and from my own experiences in travel. Some neopian countries are more based in my experience and hard facts than others, (Ex: Isla de Agulia) and some I have left more to my imagination until such a time as I can actually visit the country they are based off of and learn more for myself. The ideas here are not intended to offend anyone who comes from these cultures. I plead only an attempt to emulate a culture I do not come from in the best and most historically accurate light possible, considering where I come from, and the information I can find. I'm sure there will be some mistakes, since I am at least part human. (The rest of me is ixi, if you were wondering. :D)

If you come from any of these cultures and would not mind me pumping you for information on your traditions and history, please do feel free to drop me a mail. I'd love to hear from you, and to talk about where you come from! I love to travel, so hopefully one day I can experience your culture for myself! :)
You are TOTALLY FREE to use any information on this page to write your own stories. This is just background information and a few settings, nothing I really have claim over.

So, if that didn't scare you off, on to the page.

Sunny's Theory of Neopian Magic


This theory is my own theory about how neopian magic works, and it is how I explain magic in my own writing concerning neopia and the worlds connected to it. Please understand that since magic is highly unpredictable, there are always exceptions in certain cases. Please keep that in mind when reading this guide.

Also, this theory has only been in the works for around six years of my nine years here in neopia, there are still some areas I cannot fully explain (such as if it is possible for an alignment to change, etc). Please remember that as you read. :)

If you wish to have a more detailed discussion on this theory, feel free to shoot me a neomail at Hzoo_26.

Types of Magic

There are three types of magic in neopia, each of them having their own method of use, and their own requirements when it comes to being used. Most neopians fall into the first two categories, with human owners falling into the last one, but I'll explain that in a second.

The first type of neopian magic is Physical Magic. Physical magic is the type of magic that most neopians use. Physical magic involves channeling magic through your body. Physical magic heavily involves your elemental alignment, which I shall explain about in a second. Many magicians who use physical magic also use staffs, crystals, and other handheld objects to help "focus/aim" the magic that they are controlling.

Physical magic can be very draining, depending on how it is used and what element the user is choosing to use. If one uses an element they are not aligned to, for example, the magic will be more draining on that user than an element they are aligned to.

Spell Magic

Next up is Spell Magic. Spell magic normally involves speaking an incantation/curse/spell out loud, and is typically used by the faeries because of it's difficulty. There are a few neopians who can use the very basics of spell magic, but they are very few and far between.

Spell magic is much more draining than physical magic, which is another reason why faeries are typically the users of it. Faeries have bodies that are built for using magic, whereas normal neopians are not so lucky in that department.

Owner Magic

Owner magic is magic that only the humans who visit neopia can use. It is a very limited type of magic that allows a human to transform into a pet/petpet that represents who they are. For example, I (Sunny) can turn into a blue ixi.

Sunny: Come to the ixi side! We have cookies!

It's not as uncommon as you might think, for example, my buddies Olly and Ninth can turn themselves into Kads, and they have some hilarious adventures.

You should visit them. *wink*

Elemental Alignment

The basic elements in neopia are light, darkness, earth, air, fire, and water. Most neopians know this because of the respective faeries that hand out quests.

Now, most neopians are aligned to one to two of these elements. For most, it's two of them. In normal cases, it's normally light or darkness, (often, but not always determining if the neopian is good/evil) and one of the other elements. Ex: Light/Fire or Dark/Earth. These elements affect a neopian's personality, even if the neopian doesn't use magic.

An example of an alignment from the Neopets Trading Card Game.

There are of course, some neopians who are only aligned to one element. These neopians are typically more powerful than other neopians. Many witches/wizards in neopia are aligned to one element.

Now, there is another category when it comes to elements, and this one is the hardest to explain, so I shall save this small group of people for another section.

Personality Traits By Element

This section is to help you figure out what personality traits are typically linked with each element. Perhaps it can help you classify some of your characters into their correct elements.


Fire-aligned neopians are very passionate people, tending to act before thinking. They are well known for their tempers, and their love of battle. Typical environments that fire-aligned neopians enjoy would be places such as The Lost Desert, Moltara, Tyrannia, Mount Techo on Mystery Isle, etc.

Possible Occupations for Fire Aligned Characters: Warriors, Chefs, Wilderness Guides, Daredevils, Coal Miners.

Water aligned neopians are natural peacemakers and healers. They're also very knowledgeable, and love seeing new places. If your pet enjoys reading, chances are they may be water inclined. Typical environments that water-aligned neopians enjoy would be places such as Maraqua, Krawk Island, Terror Mountain (all that frozen water!), Lutari Isle, etc.

Possible Occupations for Water Aligned Characters: Healers, Librarians, Tour Guides, Writers (not all, but some), Pirates, Gallery Owners, Scientists, Doctors.

Earth aligned neopians are very nature oriented and adventuresome. They enjoy gardening, spending time outdoors, outdoor sports, etc. Earth aligned neopians can be a bit old-fashioned at times as well. They're also very friendly to woodland creatures and stray petpets. Typical environments that earth-aligned neopians enjoy would be places such as Meridell/Brightvale, New Faerieland, Altador, and Mystery Island.

Possible Occupations for Earth Aligned Characters: Flower Vendors, Geologists, Chemists, Archers, Hunters, Hippies, Farmers, Hiking Guides/Adventure Guides, Mountain Climbers, Biologists.

Air aligned neopians are very fast paced, but also enjoy going with the flow on occasion. They're very musical, quite gentle most of the time, until you make them angry, and then the full force of their anger is unleashed. They enjoy music, watching the weather, running, flying, and breezy days. Typical environments that air-aligned neopians enjoy would be places such as Old Faerieland, Mystery Island and Shenkuu.

Possible Occupations for Air Aligned Characters: Singers/Musicians, Weather Forcasters, Messengers, Racers, Pilots, Balloonists.

Light aligned neopians are people who believe heavily in chivalry, honesty, and being positive, they are often very energetic. They enjoy helping others, sunny days, going to the beach, and telling jokes. They are more inclined to follow feelings and their heart over reason. Typical environments that light-aligned neopians enjoy would be places such as Altador, Mystery Island, and the Lost Desert.

Possible Occupations for Light Aligned Characters: Knights, Comedians, Tour Guides, Personal Assistants, Guards, D.O.N Agents.

Neopians who are darkness aligned believe heavily in reason and logic over emotion. They enjoy the night life, and everything about it. They also are natural night owls and often discount the importance of sleep.They enjoy stargazing, caffeinated drinks, puzzles, alone time (they have to have it every once in a while), caves, and dark areas. Typical environments that dark-aligned neopians enjoy would be places such as The Haunted Woods, Virtupets Space Station, Kreludor and Moltara.

Possible Occupations for Darkness Aligned Characters: Thieves, Pirates, Dectectives, Scientists, Witches/Wizards, Hunters, Astronomers, Spelunkers.

Elementals and Tenemel

There are a few neopians, although they are few and far between, who can use all six elements. These neopians are very hard to find, and are typically called Elemental. Elemental neopians have a host of abilities that come with being able to control six elements, however there is a price to being that powerful.

Elemental neopians must remain balanced in as many areas of their life in possible, this includes environments, magic usage, and yes, even everyday actions/life. If they become unbalanced, they can lose control and possibly end up hurting someone or destroying property.

However, when they are balanced they are very powerful, and their abilities include shapeshifting, creating illusions, using elements from opposite ends of the spectrum (ex: Air/Earth), etc. Each elemental also has a gift that only they possess, and no other neopian or elemental possesses that gift. For example, Writer's ability to make writing pop into existence is an example of an elemental gift.

There is rumor of a strange and secretive organization comprised of elementals. The name? Tenemel. It's been said that they are a forgotten faction of neopians, who's secret dealings affect the fate of us all. Of course, that's just some silly legend, right?

Magical Items, Potions, and Artefacts

Teleportation, Inheriting Magic, and Other Aspects

Neopian Weather and Geography

Tornadoes and Hurricanes

As strange as it may sound, in my writing, I have a theory concerning neopian weather, which is based slightly off of the weather in my own country, actually. in the United States, we have a section of our contry which is nicknamed Tornado Alley" . It is called this because it has more tornadoes, (also called "Twisters") than ANY other part of the US, or the world. This is caused by a very unique mix of ingredients.

I'm not going to go into the more complicated reasons, but basically it comes down to to air masses colliding. One with cool dry air, coming from Canada. The other contains warm moist air that comes from the gulf of Mexico. These two air masses collide, and (with one or two other factors), mix together to form violent storms.

Neopian weather is the same in a certain geographical area called the Neopian Plains. This map of neopia should help illustrate what happens


Now, the Neopian Plains is generally uninhabited for the most part, (excluding a few ranches on the outskirts of Brightvale). So most of the time when these twisters happen, nobody gets hurt. There are a few neopians who are crazy enough to chase these storms ether by foot, or on the back of a uni.


The main case for this phenomonon is actually the current inacessability of Lutari Isle, due to a large storm system. What storm, other than a very large hurricane (perhaps kept alive via magic or some other devious method!) could keep visitors away from the island for this long?

So, I know Lutari Island's been closed because of this "really bad storm." That storm's been going on for, like, a year! Are those poor Lutaris ever going to see sunshine again?!? ~iloveharvestmoon98

Bah, that's nothing. There's a storm on Jupiter that's been going on for about 350 years now. Hopefully it won't take that long for the storm over Lutari Island to pass. Don't worry, though, we haven't forgotten about it. :)

-Editorial #477 of the Neopian Times

Created Lands

These are created "lands" or in some cases "sub-lands" by myself. They are based off of cultures that I find sadly...lacking here in neopia. Some of these cultures have clothes to represent them, but no land/area to tie them to. Thankfully for the purpose of my stories, I've created a few.

Tartan Isles

The Tartan Isles and quite a bit of South Meridell are comprised of clans that resemble the old Scottish clans of days gone by. These clans are generally peaceful, although disputes do pop up from time to time over land rights, or other such issues.

Isla del Águila

Based off of the country of Mexico. This land that is just south of where Faerieland crashed is home to a medium-sized population of neopians who speak a variation of the first neopian language. The first neopian language was Lingua, which is similar to our latin language. The people of Águila speak Lengua, which is heavily derived from it. The island itself has various areas, with a small mountain range flanked by a desert and some sandy beaches, along with some nice rainforests.

West Brightvale

West Brightvale, I will admit, is modeled after the American Wild West, and a wee bit of influence from my home state of Texas. This area is the main ranching hub of neopia, where wild kaus and babaa are herded daily. Most of neopia's beef, wool, and dairy come from this area, which is part of the Neopian Plains, and has lots of grass for hungry stock to feed on. There's also quite a few Kauboys who wrangle the stock, work the range, and pour time and energy into their large ranches.


Vitis is based off of modern-day Italy. Vitis means "vine" in Latin. It's well known for it's vineyards, it's gr(a)pes, and it's wonderful food. (Pizza, Pasta, Bread, etc.) It's a small island off of the coast of Altador, accessible only by boat.


Ursus is a small country southwest of Shenkuu, which has a distinctly Russian flair. It has some pretty harsh winters, but it's spring/summer months are very lovely. Ursus means "bear" in Latin.


Aipoen is technically not in Neopia. It's actually an alternate version of Neopia, where quite a few things are backwards! The faeries are evil, Mister Knarf Htols is leading a resistance against them, and the entire world is filled with technology! This strange world was discovered by accident thanks to one of the resistance agents accidentally falling through a strange portal into neopia. She was detained for some months due to the affects of the portal on her mental faculties, but all has returned to normal. (Fun fact: Write Aipoen backwards and see what word you get!)



Brightvale I see as having more of a French influence, although some claim that both Meridell and Brightvale are based off of ye olde England. The reasoning for this is pretty simple, and based off of a mix of history and logic.

First of all, England and France have had various rivalries spanning the centuries. Although these two countries are friendly to each other here in the modern day, throughout the history of these countries, they have always been squabbling sisters. (Much like Meridell and Brightvale, actually.)

A couple other reasons why I think Brightvale is more of a french influenced country:

Brightvale also has a large deposit of gold ore, towards the Meridell Border. Many of the nobles in Brightvale own shares in the mining companies there. Some gold flecks do make it down the White River, to Meridell on occasion, where a few down on their luck peasants might pan for it.

A Brightvale accent sounds very similar to a french accent, obviously. ;)


Meridell in my mind is separated into North Meridell, and Southern Meridell. Northern Meridell taking more influence from Ye Olde England, and Southern Meridell taking more after Ye Olde Scotland. It is not uncommon for you to walk around Castle Town (Meridell's capital, also called Meridell Town on occasion) where Skarl's Castle is located, and see tunics, dresses, and even a few kilts and tartans around.

A majority of Meridell's population consists of peasants and craftsmen. There are a few nobles who have keeps and mansions in different areas, however, it is generally understood that very few nobles are kind to the lower classes.

It's well known that there are quite a few thieves in Meridell, ranging from the street rats who have no other alternative, to a few well formed theives guilds. The most well known of these guilds being the Meridell Woods Thieves Guild, which operates in the woods seperating Meridell and Brightvale. The Ixi Raiders are also pretty well known, although they operate more in Meridell's southern areas.

The towns in Meridell range in size. Castle Town, Meridell's Capital, is the largest, mainly because a large population of Skarl's castle servants live in the houses in town. Cogham and White River are both medium sized towns, home to bustling populations. Cogham is Meridell's main mining town, and many of the nobels have summer homes there because of their vested interest in the mining industry. White River is known for it's shops and craftsmen, as well as it's Lighthouse.

The Great Meridell Woods acts as a border between Meridell and Brightvale, most of it uninhabited. A small section of it, called the "Light-water Forest" is visited by the locals, as Illusen makes her residence there. The rest of the woods is not visited by the locals due to the fear induced by the local legends (monsters and evil things are said to lurk there), and the two thieves guilds that inhabit the woods.

The rivalry between Meridell and Darigan isn't as strong as it was during the war, but patriotism does still remain in the country, and quite a few of the people get quite...outspoken during the Altador Cup. Team Meridell has been known as a strong contender, and Yooyuball is one of the few sports the country enjoys. The local peasant children are known to get together to play, often using a potato as a stand in for a yooyu (since the petpets themselves are quite expensive.)

The best potatoes to use are the mouldy ones!

Music in Meridell honestly varies depending on your class. The upper classes enjoy more traditional classic music, featuring full orchestras and conductors. The middle and lower classes, however, are not as snobbish in their tastes. They enjoy traditonal dances, from waltzes in the north to reels and even some jigs in the south. Public events often have dancing, with those who have instruments joining in, and some even getting a bit creative in what they play, using jugs and bottles if needed. Typical instruments rang from violins and fiddles to bagpipes and even hand carved flutes. The people of Meridell are very resourceful when it comes to making what they need.

Common words you might hear in Meridell?

Words: Aye, ye, lass, lad, bairn, hath, thou, thee, thine, morrow, hither, yea, wherefore, art.

West Brightvale

The kau herding capital of Neopia, this society is built on the large ranches that make up the landscape. Somewhat removed from the rest of Brightvalian society, there isn't much law and order, save for the local Sheriff. Along with the ranches, there are a few local mines.

The food varies. If you can find a resturaunt or tavern, or happen to work on a ranch, the fare is typically simple. Usually some form of beef or venison, and perhaps some veggies depending on how the crops fared that year. Otherwise, most food is cooked over an open fire.

The kauboys hail from all over neopia, some being born and raised in Brightvale, others coming in for the work. There are quite a few former residents of Isla de Águila who have become vaqueros, or their own version of the kauboy. They are well known for their long riatas, which exceed the normal lasso length used by other residents.

The mines are rough places to work, and the miners a tough breed. There are a few claims that aren't owned by mining companies, where some placer mining occurs, but that money is often lost after a few hands of Neopoker.

It is often assumed that the residents of this area are less educated than the rest of Brightvale, however this is not so. Many of them are quite educated, as evidenced by the ledgers and talley books many of the ranches keep. However, they just prefer a simpler way of life than others do.

Isla de Águila

It's rumored that some of the ancient peoples of Geraptiku made their way to the Isla de Águila, bringing with them some of their rich traditions. Stone temples and pyramids, similar to those of Geraptiku dot the jungle landscape of this island.

The people are a very friendly and hardworking bunch, some of which herd kaus, others are craftsmen and shop owners.

Common words you might hear in Isla de Águila?

Words: Si, Gracias, Mucho, Niña, Niño, Mujer, Hombre, Madre, Padre.


Ursus is a harsh land, filled with great forests, icy rivers, and rugged mountain peaks. The people there are very hardy, often known for their ability to stand the cold even better than the residents of terror mountain. They often drink Kadvo, which is an Ursian form of Grog.

There are a lot of hunters, trappers, loggers, and ice fisherman in the area who live off of the land. In the cities, there's quite a few jobs to be found, from craftsmen and woodworkers all the way down to seamstresses. The royal tsar and his family are known to be very strict, but also very beloved by the people.


Vitis means "Vine" in ancient neopian, and the name truly fits.


Terror Mountain


Lost Desert

The lost desert was originally one kingdom, ruled by a royal family of hissi. Legend has it that some ill fortune befell the family, and that they were removed from power. Due to this, the lost desert was separated into many kingdoms, two of which are frequently visited.

Sakhmet is the larger of the two kingdoms, and is the most frenquently visited kingdom in the desert. Sakmetian traders are well known for their goods, including their fruits, which manage to withstand the harsh desert temperatures. It's also well known for the band of thieves that lives there, known as the Desert Scarabs. Although some would call them nothing more than a band of urchins.

Qasala is the lesser of the two kingdoms, ruled by Prince Jazan and Princess Nabile. It's still under a lot of construction, as the rebuilding efforts are still not finished. It does however, have a large library famous for it's ancient tomes.

One region that is known to the nomads and the experienced travelers is Lower Mentu Region the ruled by King Heksas. The king is well known for being quite evil, having been reponsible for Princess Sankara's family being distroyed and removed from power. Needless to say, only those who are very brave or very stupid visit or travel through that region.

The peoples of the desert are a mixture of nomads, royalty, craftsmen, street rats, and military members. The smaller countries of the lost desert are always warring with each other, so a lot of members of this arid area are paid for their military service. The most common forms of craftsmanship in the desert have practical uses for the life of the locals. Pottery is made to store water and other essential food items against the elements, weapons are made for the many wars the area experiences, tents and rugs are made for the camps and homes of the nomads and traders who wander about, etc.

The Gebmids that stand in the outskirts of the desert were built by gebs under Sutek, who ruled them. This was shortly after the first royal family of the Lost Desert was removed from power. The tombs there are currently being dug out by a team of neopian archeologists, determined to uncover their secrets. These same archeologists have been conducting studies into the catacombs under Sakhmet.


I try to make sure that when I name my characters, I give them names (if possible) that have some sort of meaning connected to their character. Here's a few of my character names and their meanings.

Cecelia Scriven - Blind Writer (Cecelia means "blind" in latin, and Scriven means writer or clerk in ye olde french). This character is the blind mother of "Writer" the Ixi.

Brigette Scriven - Exalted Writer (Brigette means exalted or lofty, and Scriven means writer or clerk in ye olde french.) This character is also known as "Writer". I wanted a name that reminded her of her title, which is something she tries to run away from.

Kendrick Kerr - Kendrick is and english name that means "Bold Ruler", and Kerr is a scottish name that means "From the rough ground, or from the marsh". Kendrick is the future leader of a warring clan in the Tartan Isles. His clan farms the rough ground located towards the interior of the islands. His clan does NOT get along well with the Calder Clan. (Fun fact, there is actually a Kerr clan in Scotland!)

Vincent Calder - Vincent means "Victorious", and Calder is Scottish for "Rough Water". Vincent is the patriarch of the Calder Clan. Most members of their clan make their homes close to the sea, and they are known to be excellent sailors. They do NOT get along well with the Kerr Clan. (Fun fact, there is actually a Calder clan in Scotland!)

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