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Counter (and site!) started on 12/20/10!!
NOTE: Xel's Voodoo Dolls are best viewed on Firefox and IE.

I'm listed here:

Home Welcome to Xel's Voodoo Dolls! Here, you can make your own voodoo doll. It can be anything! It can be you, or someone you don't like... Or even me. But probably not. My name is Xelferia, by the way, but you can call me Xel. Like Zelda. Only not. I'm a green Zafara. People call me eccentric. They're right. This is a hobby I like to do, pushing pins through miniature dolls... Don't judge me. Disclaimer: If there is another site that offers the same thing I am, it is entirely coincidental. I have never seen one before, and so as far as I'm concerned the idea is original. All of the doll bases I use are made by me.

Rules Of course, there are always some rules. Please follow them, it's really not that hard, and anyone I catch stealing WILL ABSOLUTELY BE REPORTED!! Simple as that. So, the rules:

1. NO STEALING PLEASE! It's really not that hard to leave the link back. Really.
2. Do NOT claim these as your own! This goes with rule one. I work really hard on these.
No altering these! You can use the bases I make, as long as you leave the credit.
3. Please watch any baby pets you may have. Any damage done will be paid for by you!
4. Please put your favorite kind of candy at the top of your form and "Voodoo request" as the subject so I know you read the rules. :)
5. No going crazy! If these dolls really DO have an effect, neither I nor Candi can be held responsible for lawsuits or temper tantrums.
6. Please keeps arms, legs, tails, and accesories inside at all times. Please hold any questions until the end. Thank you!

DISLCAIMER: Candi and I are in no way encouraging the use or practice of voodoo! This is just a site and sticking pins in dolls is no way to solve any problems!

Request Now for the exciting part!! Simply fill out this form to send a request to Candi, who will pass it on to me. You can neomail her here. Make sure to neomail the account candygirl988 or I probably won't see it for a few weeks.

Skin Color: You can choose from peach, tan, or brown. Also, if you're nice enough, I might do a special skin color, like purple or something if you ask. This depends on my mood and time I have. I have the right to refuse!

Eye Color: The eyes are buttons. The colors you can choose from are dark green, a denim blue, purple, brown, gray, ice blue, dark red, black, and sea foam green. If you want a special color not listed here or aren't sure which each one looks like, just ask!

Gender: The only difference is that the girl wears a simple dress. If you don't want a dress, then make it a boy.

Eyes: This one's a little complicated. You can either have a doll with one button eye and one 'X' (specify which side you want the button to be on), you can have one with two 'X's, or one with two buttons.

Needle: Yup. I can stick it pretty much anywhere in the doll. If you want it going through an eye, it has to be the 'X' eye. It can also go through the heart.

Heart: Do you want one? it sits where a heart would sit on the doll. The colors for them are dark red, pink, and red. (I personally like the dark red one.) You can also have a needle sticking through the heart. Specify this on the needle section.

Accessories: I can make the dolls holding almost anything. If I have tried to and can not, I will ask you to choose something else. Also, specify left/right hand (viewer's, not doll's) or on the ground on left/right side. Hair seems to be a favorite, but if I do hair then I need specific details including length, color, etc. If you just say "yellow shoulder length hair", I will ask you what shade of yellow.


The form:
Skin color: Eye color:

Pickup This section is pretty self-explanatory. Please don't take them if they're not yours, and please neomail me when you've picked one up so I can take it down!

FAQ Ok, so I've never been asked any of these questions. If you have any, neomail me at the link provided up there somewhere and I'll add it to the list!

What kind of program do you use? I use MS Paint. It's not a very good program, but I'm not allowed to install GIMP or whatever it's called. I hope to get a tablet soon though!

Can we be affies? Hmm... I'm sorry, but I've decided to not take affies as of now. You can, however, link back to me by simply creating a voodoo doll!

How come my voodoo doll isn't ready RIGHT NOW?!? Whoa there, calm down! I have a life outside of Neopets, and you need to understand that I have homework and school to do too. Those are my top priorities.

Why do you only have five spots on the waiting list? Xel's Voodoo Dolls is a first come first serve site. If one takes me 20 minutes to do, and another 5, I won't do the 5 minute one first if the 20 minute one was first. I also can usually do no more than five at a time, but don't worry! If the list is full you will be added to the other list I have in my notebook. The people on the list are first though.

If I give you a Maraquan Paint Brush, can I be first on the list? Hahaha... No. As enticing as it sounds, remember that this is a first come first serve!!! If you really want to, you can give me the paint brush. But that won't make you first. ;)

Omg I love your voodoo dolls! Can I give you a bajillion neopoints? I'd rather you not, since there is some rule against that. However, I am not forcing you to, so that is not against the rule. This is completely free, and no donations are needed.

0mg g!mm3 4 d011 n40 0r ! w!11 1yk r3p0r7 j00!!!1 That's not a question! Get away you n00b! *sprays n00b-b-gone* That's better. Remember, I will only make one for you if you fill out the form. So STAY IN SCHOOL AND EAT YOUR LASAGNA!

What inspired you to open up Xel's Voodoo Dolls? Well, one day I was in algebra, bored out of my skull. Literally. It had fallen onto the floor and I was staring at it like a zombie, wondering what it would taste like sauteed with a hint of paprika and mushroom. Anyway, I started to doodle on my desk, a bad habit I've recently gotten in to. I ended up drawing a voodoo doll with a pin in its eye, and I thought, Hey, that's kind of cute! I wonder if the people on Neopets would like this... It was a few weeks until I put that into action and got... this! PortfolioCreditsLayout by Neo Faerie-wings. The only html I could do to save my life is basic stuff like hyper links and images, and also really boring and weird/stupid looking fonts. Also thanks to boingdragon for the counter! You can find a link to the site on Snarkie's userlookup. If you don't know who she is... You have my pity.

Also, the button bases I used for the first five link back buttons are from here:

You should check it out sometime. I really like their lookups and whatnot.

The rest of the button bases come from here, and I absolutely adore their selection:
Waiting List

Actually, I don't update this often. The only time I do is if someone other than my neofriends orders one, that way I can remember who it goes to.

1. None! Yay!
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5. None! Yay! Link back

As you can see, I've made a lot of link back buttons! 13, to be exact.