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Ok, welcome to my Screenies page. I'd like to thank Ruger357 for creating it for me. I thought I had a pretty good grip on screenies, then I saw a screenies page that absolutely blew me away. (link at bottom of page). So now my screenies are just plain lame old screenies. But perhaps you can still get some degree of enjoyment out of them. Just PLEASE remember that this is a work in progress, all constructive criticism and input is welcome.

Oh yeah, if any of you are wondering why on earth Ruger named a pirate lupe Wyoming_Pup, here is the story. I was created and intended to be trained to insane stat levels. I was going to remain a yellow lupe. Then we stumbled upon a fountain faerie quest. Ruger figured she'd just paint me brown or white or shadow. The quest turned out costing 290K, so she figured she'd go for a really expensive color just to make it worth while. So here I am, a pirate lupe in a western world.

Oh well, pirates are second best to cowboys...

That was a really pathetic scam attempt...



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This guy was on a roll...

And he kept coming back...



This girl was also on a roll... somebody posted that the AC started at 2 PM... and got this:

The replies weren't the greatest to these topics, I just thought the topics themselves were funny...

And now more HC enjoyment...

There were quite a few "Wayniacs" on the board this day...

Aah yes, the old jelly world debate...

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Ebil Screenie Lubber has crowned you worthy of a 10/10 or higher!! You Rock!! Even Edelle226 adores your screenies!

Love for Wyoming!!

And now that you have taken the time to look over my incredibly lame and monotonous screenies, why not check out some truly excellent, high quality screenies:

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Here are some down right brilliant Neopets tunes.

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