The Artist

Name: Wrytt Valcone
Pronunciation: Writ Vahl-cone
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Family: Unknown
Birthdate: May 21st
Current Residence: His Home/Art Shop
Personality: Grumpy, short-tempered, exasperated, blunt, soft underneath, caring
Status: Taken
Love: Spixeria
Neo-Species: Xweetok
Neo-Paint: Faerie
Abilities: With ink, not blood, running through his veins, Wrytt is capable of manipulating the ink for his own purposes. He channels it through a particular paint brush, although prefers not to extensively utilize his abilities.

Positive: Loyal, protective, kind-hearted, gentle
Negative: Impatient, moody, quick-tempered, blunt


Quad Reference

Preferences and Dislikes

New supplies | Rainy days
Nature | Spring
Spixeria | Most crowds
Oranges | Fish
Coffee | Disorganization

Someone Special

Wrytt isn't sure how it really happened, but he met Spixeria under some strange circumstances. He realized rather quickly that Xeri was no normal girl wandering in the forest; rather, she had the mind of a child and no memory of her past. She didn't know who she was or where she'd come from, and Wrytt realized the need to watch over her. Despite everything, he found himself wanting to help her regain her memories and keep her safe. Xeri latched onto Wrytt quickly and their friendship blossomed. Several months after their first meeting, Xeri was kidnapped by a strange figure from her past by the name of Damon. Wrytt raced to her rescue and succeeded in saving her, but not before Damon told him that Spixeria was more powerful than they could imagine. He hinted at her mysterious past but gave no more away before making a hasty withdraw. Wrytt realized that he felt more than friendship for Xeri, and although her mind was young she realized she felt the same. Now they live together happily, enjoying their time and slowly trying to piece together Xeri's mysterious past.



By Nix - More or less oldest to newest.

By Others

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Please note that I've either lost usernames or forgotten entirely who has drawn some of these for me. Wrytt's a very old character - circa about 2008 - and I've just plain forgotten where most of his art has come from over the years. I've left any artists I've forgotten as just "Unknown"; if by some chance you recognize the artist, by all means feel free to contact me for the correction!