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Hello there, guest, and welcome to my graphics site, Wonderland Park. I am Zoey, your host. Wonderland Park specializes in graphics. I make banners, icons, resources, and more. Wonderland Park was started in early January 2010.

So, how did I come up with this site name? I was thinking of Linkin Park and Paddock Park, two bands I suggest you look up. I wanted something that was different and thought about Wonderland, like Alice in Wonderland. Then, I combined that with Park and thought it was a perfect fit.

Enjoy the site and I would love to hear feedback and questions and suggestions.

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  • Alrighty, so, guess what! TNT changed their coding filters. Again. Isn't everyone excited? Well, I'm not. Therefore, I must try to fix the site. Textareas have poofed and hopefully, TNT is bringing them back. I have been super busy with school and haven't had a lot of time for graphic making. I'll have some new content up soon, I hope. Please bear with me while this whole coding episode is going on. So, technically, WP is going on a revamp/hiatus. And I'm starting to think it'll become strictly icons because I like them so much. What do you think?

  • Banners


    This is the banner section of Wonderland Park! I have some premade banners, as well as requests. The rules are very simple. Please look below.

    1) You MUST leave credit. If you don't leave credit, then it is stealing. If you give the credit to yourself, that is not acceptable! I work hard on these banners. If you don't give me credit, then I will send you a warning. If you still fail to give me credit, then I will report you to TNT.
    2) Do not redistribute my banners. I worked hard on these banners. I didn't make them just for you to take them. Don't redistribute my banners to someone else and not give me credit or give the credit to yourself. Read rule 1.
    3) Do not take someone else's banner. I worked hard to make those banners for the person who requested one. Don't use it unless I or the person who requested the banner gives you permission to use it.
    4) I don't make banners for off neo-sites. I think that's pretty clear, is it not?
    7) I do not do Twilight or Warriors. No question about it. Period. End of conversation.
    6) My favorite sport is soccer! I love the sport a lot. I play defense.
    7) Enjoy!

    Request a banner?

    Hey Zoey! I would like to request a banner from Wonderland Park. Name: Where will you use the banner (link): Image: Words: Color scheme (optional): How big: What position do I play: Thanks!

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    This is the icon section of Wonderland Park! I have some premade icons. I also do requests. There are a few rules though. Please look below.

    1) You MUST leave credit. I don't like it when other people steal my work because it has happened to me and it feels terrible. No one else likes having their works stolen either. So, don't steal my icons at all! If you do, I will warn you. If you don't credit me still, I will report you to TNT. Make sure you LINK back to WP.
    2) Do not redistribute my icons. You can't give my icons to someone else and say they're yours. For one, it's stealing if you're saying it is your icon, because it isn't. You may not give it to someone else and not give me credit. Read rule one.
    3) Don't take someone else's icon. I do requests. Great! Don't take an icon that I made for someone else unless you have my or the person who requested the icon's permission.
    4) My favorite book currently is Ella Enchanted! But my all time forever favorite will be The Two Princesses of Bamarre.And I will always love Fairest.
    5) Enjoy! I hope you like my icons and fanmail is always appreciated. No hatemail.

    Request an icon?

    Hey Zoey! I would like to request an icon from Wonderland Park. Name: Image: Words: Color scheme (optional): What is my all time favorite book: Thanks!

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    Site Names

    Here are some site names I've come up with. Some are inspired by tv shows, movies, or music. Some might have been donated. If you use a site name, please tell me.

    • Eagle's Eye
    • Paradise
    • Open Doors
    • Afternoon Delight
    • Kiss With A Fist
    • Before It Breaks
    • Vintage
    • Merveilleux (French for Wonderful)
    • Arctic Lights
    • Shine On
    • Hidden Magnolia
    • Hidden Fantasy
    • Write This Down
    • Night Sky
    • Secrets
    • Technicolor
    • One Wish
    • Contemporary
    • 99 Roses
    • Night Train
    • Eight Days
    • Forever Yours

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    This was the first layout. It was made by Idiosyncratic, known as Nikki's CSS at the time. I really liked this layout. This was the first layout and so I was just figuring out how I want the site to be. I had that layout for the longest time before getting another layout.
    V.2 Purple Crossfire

    This was WP's second layout. This one was made by Annie at Fly With Me, previously known as Wonderless. Fly With Me was one of WP's affiliates until Annie closed it down. I did like this layout, but I wish there was a bit more to it. However, I really liked the coding.


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