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July 19 thru July 28, 2015

It seems my run of good luck has come to an end D: This was a 10 day hold ending in a loss ratio of 72:100 for a net loss of 295290 NP. Oh well, I'm still ahead of my goal for the year.

July 11 thru July 18, 2015

This was an 8 day hold that started strong then fizzled with tanks the last 4 days. Still ended with a 128:80 ratio for a profit of 521140 NP. Could be worse - much worse.

July 03 thru July 10, 2015

Another tidy profit this week with a 288:80 win ratio for a profit of 2191534 NP :)

June 25 thru July 02, 2015

Though this looks like an 8 day hold it is, in fact, only 7 days because the website went down for a whole day. Ending win ration was 104:70 for a profit of 359,408 NP. Not a bad start for July.

June 16 thru June 24, 2015

This was a 9 day hold that, even though it wasn't as good a some lately, ended with a profit :) Ending win ratio was 132:90 for a profit of 454,584 NP. Better than I would do playing regular games!

June 07 thru June 15, 2015

Yet another nice week for the coffers ending with a win ratio of 252:80 for a pure profit of 1,811,184 NP. Got a feeling I'm going to need it when the AC ends and I have to buy some of the prizes.

May 31 thru June 07, 2015

This was a perfectly nice hold ending with a 124:80 win ratio for a profit of 462,424 NP. Easy peasy week :)

May 23 thru May 30, 2015

Any other week a win of 176:80 for a profit of 1,009,682 NP would feel impressive but after last week -- well, it pales.

May 15 thru May 22, 2015

Oh my! Not only did this 8 day hold yield my largest single day win of 2.257.600 NP (2,152,800 NP profit) but it is also my largest single hold period collection with a 3,851,440 NP profit :O May has proven to be a very good month at FC :)

May 07 thru May 14, 2015

So it's and 8 day hold ending with a 152:80 win ratio for a profit of 753712 NP -- can't complain about that :-D

April 28 thru May 06, 2015

YES! *fist pump*

April 19 thru April 27, 2015

Much better return this 9 day hold period ending with a 186:90 win ratio for a net profit of 1006018 NP. It's always a good day in Neopia when we can double our money :-D

April 11 thru April 18, 2015

Drat! It's of 248468 NP loss with a ratio of 56:80. What am I doing different this year?

April 01 thru April 10, 2015

Hoorah for a nice win of 220:110 for a profit of 1,144,844 NP. It's a good thing when you double your money =D

March 23 thru March 30, 2015

Drat! a loss this week :~( It's a 68:80 loss ratio for a net loss of 124416 NP. I can't afford this!

March 15 thru March 22, 2015

This is more like it :) an 8 day hold ending in a 134:80 win ratio for a net profit of 560296. Not earth-shattering but that's an average of 70037 NP per day which is far more than I average playing games. I miss my habi!

March 02 thru March 14, 2015

Grrr...a 12 day hold with 8 days of losses :( At least the winning days had nice odds and the end result was 176:120 for a net gain of 581656 NP. Sure wish things would turn around; it's mid-March and my YTD earnings are less than I usually make in a month. What a mess *argh*

February 20 thru March 01, 2015

This was a 10 day hold ending with a 96:100 ratio for a relatively small loss of 41124 NP. It could have been better but, then again, it could have been much worse.

February 12 thru February 19, 2015

Hoorah for a reasonable win! Ended this 8 day hold with a 158:80 win ratio for a net profit of 811778 NP. It's a good week in Neopia when you can almost double your money :D

February 04 thru February 11, 2015

I thought last hold payout of 47,728 NP was puny but it was downright generous next to this week :/ This was an eight day hold that ended with an 80:80 win ratio for a meager profit of 1786 NP. I could have made more playing Fashion Fever! Oh well, it's better than a loss.

January 20 thru February 03, 2015

This was a 13 day (count them -- 13 days :( ) hold that ended in a slightly positive win ratio of 144:130 for a net win of 47,728 NP. Whew, that's a lot of work for a pretty small payout!

January 12 thru January 19, 2015

An 8 day hold with a small win of 102:80 for a profit of 142,976 NP. The site is still wonky from the latest "fix". This is getting tiresome.

January 01 thru January 11, 2015

Drat, started the new year with a loss, albeit a small one with 108:110 for a loss of 19,560 NP. Nothing wlse to say about it

December 26 thru December 31, 2014

This was a 6 day hold to finish 2014 and start 2015 fresh. Unfortunately, we had 9 straight days of losses and the little 14:10 win on December 31st didn't cover the 5 previous losses in this hold period. Ended with a 14:60 ratio for a loss of 463,770 NP for this hold period but, on a positive note, the December win ratio was 410:310 for a profit of 1,042,394 NP and the year ended with a 5295:3450 win ratio for a Y/E profit of 18,173,174 NP! 1.5 million per month average ain't too bad =D

December 17 thru December 25, 2014

Ended this 9 day hold with a 74:90 ratio for an overall loss of 159,928 NP. Not such a great way to celebrate Christmas :(

December 09 thru December 16, 2014

Not a good as last week but at least we ended in the black with a 114:80 win ratio for a profit of 358,428 NP. I need to curb my spending now that Habi is gone but there are so many interesting events happening that I just can't help myself ;P

December 01 thru December 08, 2014

Well this is more like it! Started December with a bang with a 208:80 win ratio for a profit of 1,307,664 NP. Happirat can go back into training!

November 21 thru November 30, 2014

Another 10 day hold but this time it ended in a loss with a 84:100 ratio :( Just barely came out positive for the month with a 330:300 win ratio. Sure hope December is a better FC month.

November 11 thru November 20, 2014

So his was a 10 day hold ending with a 120:100 win ration for a profit of 203,310 NP. I've had better but I'm not complaining!

October 31 thru November 10, 2014

Started November with 3 days of losses but ended this 11 day hold with a 126:110 win ratio for a small gain of 163,672 NP -- not as good as I was hoping for but at least it's a positive outcome.

October 23 thru October 30, 2014

This was another nice 8 day hold ending with a win ratio of 224:80 for a tidy profit of 1,458,400 NP. I'm still running far behind last year-same date but things are looking up a bit. I sure miss the regular income from Habitarium :(

October 15 thru October 22, 2014

Yay! Food Club has run properly for the past 8 days and Neofilters are allowing most petpages to be updated. Things aren't perfect yet but it's getting there. This was an eight day hold ending in a 148:80 win ratio for a profit of 686,910 NP.

October 07 thru October 14, 2014

Though this looks like an 8 day hold, Food Club only ran on 3 of those days. Collecting now to make sure nothing expires. Ended this hold period with a 108:30 win ratio for a profit of 784,088 NP. Sure hope FC becomes more reliable real soon ;)

September 27 thru October 06, 2014

1 Day winnings collecting for safety. Food Club did not run for 10 days :(

September 21 thru September 26, 2014

The site was down from 9/17 thru 9/20. This is a 4 day hold ending at 108:40 with a profit of 680,692 NP. Food Club has stopped running again so I'm collecting for safety.

September 08 thru September 16, 2014

This was a nine day hold ending with a 90:90 win ratio. The site is going down for a few days while Neopets transitions to the Jumpstart servers. let's hope everything goes well :-/

August 30 thru September 07 29, 2014

September starts with a 9 day hold ending in a 200:90 win ratio for a profit of 1,105,118 NP. Not earth-shattering but nothing to sneeze at either. Here's hoping for many more like it ;-)

August 22 thru August 29, 2014

August has been very kind to me :) This time it's an 8 day hold ending with a 260:80 win ratio for a profit of 1,791,128 NP. Month-to-date profit stands at slightly over 5m (which could drop slightly with 2 days to go) which is the second highest single month earnings I've ever had. It is doubtful that I will reach my goal of 2m average profit per month (which I surpassed last year) but it's looking good for over 1m per month for 2014.

August 12 thru August 21, 2014

Yayzers, another profitable hold, This time it's a 10 day hold ending with a 236:100 win ratio for a profit of 1,352,458 NP. Things are looking up.

August 04 thru August 11, 2014

Hoorah for a nice collection $$$$ It's an 8 day hold with a profit of 1,220,678 NP. Wish they were all this good!

July 25 thru August 03, 2014

This was a 10 day hold that started off pretty bad but ended with a 140:100 win ratio for a tidy profit of 409,948 NP. It's a start at rebuilding the bank account.

July 16 thru July 24, 2014

Finished this 9 day hold with a win ratio of 100:90 for a small gain of 101,508 NP. At least I'm collecting enough to finance the next hold/round of bets. It was Ashebu's turn to be spoiled last week and buying the final 55 books she needed for her award has left the coffers dry!

July 08 thru July 15, 2014

A nice 8 day hold ending with a win ratio of 134:80 for a profit of 532,480 NP. Certainly not the biggest win I've ever had but at this point EVERY win is something to rejoice about ;-P

June 30 thru July 07, 2014

Yay for another profitable week with wins 6 of 8 days. Ended with a win ratio of 122:80 for a profit of 420,186 NP. I don't think I could play enough games in 8 days to make that much!

June 22 thru June 29, 2014

An eight-day hold that started out nice but then fizzled. Still, it ended on a positive note with a 90:80 win ratio for a profit of 102,976 NP. With the AC in full swing, I'll take it and not complain (too much) ;)

June 14 thru June 21, 2014

Another positive hold! It is so nice to be in the black again. This was an 8 day hold ending with a 142:80 win ratio for a profit of 608,244 NP. With the AC in full swing , and no time to RS or play games, it's really nice to be booking some income to pay for Happirat's training.

June 06 thru June 13, 2014

Hoo-Rah! It's a win and a healthy one at that. Ended this 8 day hold with a win ratio of 278:80 for a net profit of 1,939,484 NP which brings my YTD total back to where it was in the middle of March. Crossing my fingers that this losing streak is finally over. Considering that my monthly average is still under 1M per month, I doubt I will reach my goal of 2M per month by year end -- but this is Food Club and anything is possible ;)

May 29 thru June 05, 2014

After 2 months of straight losses I am finally booking a WIN! Granted it's only 100:80 for a net gain of 196,104 NP but it's POSITIVE! Maybe my luck it changing. Sure hope so XD

May 18 thru May 28, 2014

Another 11 day hold ending in a loss, just not as bad of a loss as some lately. Ending ratio of 94:110 for a net loss of 140,186 NP. AC starts next week and I'm not going to have as much time to mind the shop. Sure hope FC turns around for me and funds Happirat's training for the month of June.

May 07 thru May 17, 2014

I should give up and try to break this losing streak -- but of course I won't. Finished this 11 day hold with a 52:110 for a net loss of 547,356 NP. That hurts!

April 25 thru May 06, 2014

Argh! Ended April at 182:300 for a net loss in excess of 1.14 million NP :( May isn't starting much better with a 12 day hold and 112:120 loss ratio. Things have GOT TO GET BETTER soon!

April 17 thru April 24, 2014

Another disappointing 8 day hold ending with a 50:80 loss for 291,096 NP in the red. MTD NP loss currently stands at 830,128 down :( There's still a small chance of ending the month in the black but that chance grows slimmer each day *argh*

April 07 thru April 16, 2014

This was a 10 day hold with a loss ratio of 64:100 :( At least I had a nice win on the 10th day and I'm hoping that ends my losing streak. Still at a loss of 348,316 NP for the month but there's two weeks to go so I remain hopeful.

March 30 thru April 06, 2014

It's another 8 day hold with a loss :( This time the ratio was 58:80 for a loss of 210,044 NP. Need a win here!

March 22 thru March 29, 2014

Grrr! It's a 68:80 ratio for a net loss of 113,190 NP this 8 day hold. There's still hope for a 2M profit this month but that hope is diminishing.

March 14 thru March 21, 2014

Another 8 day hold resulting in a 132:80 win ratio and collecting 506,432 NP profit. Not the best I've had this month but it's in the black so I'm happy!

March 06 thru March 13, 2014

A nice 8 day hold ending with a 228:80 ratio and collecting 2,191,032 NP for a tidy profit of 1,431,243 NP. Wish they all were like this ;-)

February 26 thru March 05, 2014

A bit better outcome for this 8 day hold :) Ended with a win ratio of 184:80 for a profit of 997,584 NP. That will sure sweeten the bank account that is suffering from Happirat consuming 10 red codestones per day for his elite training!

February 13 thru February 25, 2014

Argh! A 13 day hold ending in a ratio of 122:130 for a net loss of 73,962 NP. At least wins on the last 3 days brought the MTD total back into the positive. Here's hoping the last 3 days of the month undo some of the damage :P

February 05 thru February 12, 2014

Ended this 8 day hold with a 116:80 which isn't a great win but it is good for 347,442 NP profit -- it would take a lot of game playing to earn that much!

January 28 thru February 04, 2014

It was an 8 day hold this time ending in a 154:80 win ratio for a profit of 709,960 NP. Ended January with over 2M profit so I'm on track. So why is it I'm broke?

January 19 thru January 27, 2014

Yet another 9 day hold this time with a 138:90 win ratio and a profit of 457,604 NP. I'm not setting any records this way but I am assured of ending the month with over 1 million profit. Can't complain about that.

January 10 thru January 18, 2014

Another 9 day hold with a positive out come, this time a 161:90 win ratio for a profit of 682,194. I'll take it =D

January 01 thru January 09, 2014

Happy New Year! Starting 2014 with a 9 day hold ending in a 124:90 win ratio for a profit of 327,525 NP. Yay ;)

New row for New Year

December 30 thru December 31, 2013

A very short (2 day) hold to finish out the year. This hold ended with a 24:20 win ratio so at least it was positive. December ended with a month end ratio of 664:310 for a ME profit of 3,361,514 NP. YE ratio is 5686:3650 for a YE profit of 25,725,034 NP. I'm happy with that :D

December 22 thru December 29, 2013

Ended this 8 day hold with a win ratio of 106:80 for a profit of 245,980 NP -- not a fabulous showing but it's a PROFIT! Only 2 days left in the year and I'm hoping they're outstanding ;)

December 14 thru December 21, 2013

December is proving to be a good month with another positive hold period, this time a 204:80 for a profit of 1,177,696 NP. This brings me to 25.4 mil profit for the year and with only 10 days left it seems unlikely that I will drop below my YE goal of averaging 2 mil per month. Arrr!

December 04 thru December 13, 2013

This represents 10 days of bets with a nice ending ratio of 330:100 for a profit of 2,180,980 NP. Note that Round 5353 paid out on 10 of 10 bets which was a first for me :) YTD profit now stands at 24,261,960 NP which is at my goal of averaging 2 million per month but there are 18 days left in the month which could make (or break) this goal.

November 26 thru December 03, 2013

Started the hold strong but then it just fizzled. Still managed to pull off a 202:80 win ratio for a profit of 1,147,876 NP -- can't sneeze at that ;) Ended the month of November with a nice 790:300 so we're back on track for our goal of 2 mil profit per month. Here's hoping December is a profitable month!

November 16 thru November 25, 2013

Collected a 134:100 win ratio for a profit of 330,774 NP for a 10 day hold. Not great but at least it's a profit. I need to enlarge my ADVENTures galley in December so let's hope for some nice wins in the next week.

November 02 thru November 15, 2013

November started really bad with 6 days of goose eggs but then took off! This hold period had 2 firsts - my first 14 day hold and my first 1 million NP win-bet. Finished the 14 day hold with a 422:140 win ratio for a profit of 2,638,388 NP. Sure could use a few more wins like this :P

October 15 thru November 01, 2013

I had a bit better showing this hold-period with an ending win ratio of 98:80 for a total profit of 168,368 NP. There were total losses 4 or 8 days so I'm hoping I can do better in November.

October 13 thru October 24, 2013

Argh! Twas a terrible 12 day hold with complete losses 10 of the days. Ended with a ratio of 84:120 for a loss of 324,994 NP. It was a very disappointing showing :(

October 05 thru October 12, 2013

Arrgh! Collected a 66:80 for a net loss of 119,132 NP. I want more wins like last week *cry*

October 03 thru October 04, 2013

Oops! Fingers slipped an I accidently hit the "Collect" button after only 2 days -- but it was a GOOD 2 days :D Collected a 196:20 win ratio for a profit of 1,636,740 NP. Yay!

September 22 thru October 02, 2013

My luck has certainly gone on hiatus =( This time it was an 11 day hold ending in a 82:110 loss ratio for an over loss of 259,936 NP. Ow! That hurts!

September 14 thru September 21, 2013

This 8 day hold ended with a 667,072 NP profit in the bank =D Here's hoping my losing streak has come to an end --- I need to enlarge my gallery again!

September 06 thru September 13, 2013

This was an 8 day hold ending with a win ration of 110:80 for a profit of 283,116 NP. Not the greatest wins but at least it wasn't another loss. Hope my luck turns for the better -- soon *yarr*

August 29 thru September 05, 2013

It's a 147,504 NP profit on a 96:80 win ratio. Not great but it beats the alternative =P

August 21 thru August 28, 2013

70:80 ratio for a net loss of 89,628 NP. Just barely in the positive for the MTD -- hope it holds. September needs to be a better month for FC.

August 12 thru August 20, 2013

A very mediocre 9 day hold ending with a 108:90 win ratio for a meager profit of 165,836 NP D: My luck on Neo hasn't been very good lately. A goof in the Daily Dare that left me holding a Participation medal instead of a trophy has me disillusioned enough to think about reducing my time spent here -- very disillusioned :(

August 05 thru August 11, 2013

This ended the second week of TPF Food Club Competition. Though I gained a little ground it wasn't enough :( This week ended with a 86:70 win ratio for a profit of 155,286 NP. My 2 week win ratio was 150:140 for an overall gain of 100,908 NP -- not great for 14 days :( Bart won the competition with his ending ratio of 188:140.

July 29 thru August 04, 2013

This ended my first week as the Upstart in the TPF Food Club Competition. Though I had winnings 5 of 7 days, they were punky winnings and the Champion, Bart Drunkeys, has left me eating his dust *spit* It was a 64:70 ratio with an overall loss of 54,378 NP -- not the showing I was hoping for =P ... but it's not too late to catch up *yarr*

July 17 thru July 28, 2013

This was a 12 day hold that had complete losses 9 of the days :( Still, I was able to pull off 3 days of wins for an ending ratio of 154:120 with 314,718 NP profit. TPF Food Club competition starts with tomorrow's bets and I'm the Upstart!
I hope I make a good showing =D

July 8 thru July 16, 2013

Another incredibly disappointing showing with complete losses 6 of 9 day. At least the win ratio was a little better at 112:90 for an overall profit of 203,769 NP. We're halfway through the month with a win ratio of 160:160 and a MTD profit of 3,340 NP. This is really dragging my ROI down :(

June 28 thru July 7, 2013

This week was as bad as last week was good with complete losses 7 of 10 days *cry* Ending ratio was 68:100 for a net loss of 291,444 NP. Sorry Happirat -- no new shield this week!

June 20 thru June 27, 2013

Another record breaking week for Wallythorp ending an 8 day hold with a 372:80 win ratio for a profit of 2,655,412 NP (depositing 3,382,992 NP into the bank). This gives me an amazing month-to-date profit of 6,048,948 NP. If this keeps up I'll be upgrading Happirat's BD set very soon *yarr*

June 12 thru June 19, 2013

Quite possibly my biggest single collection to date! Collecting 2,923,128 NP on a 322:80 ratio for a profit of 2,196,808 NP! Can't make that playing regular games for 8 days.
*fist pump*

June 3 thru June 11, 2013

240:90 win ratio. 1,359,644 NP profit. That's more like it! And with the Altador Cup in full swing I won't be spending it right away *yarr*

May 26 thru June 2, 2013

Drat! For the first time in a long while I finished a hold with a loss :( 60:80 ratio for a loss of 181,132 NP. It's about time for me to have a winning steak!

May 16 thru May 25, 2013

This was a disappointing 10 day hold period since I completely bombed 7 of the 10 days. At least one of the days rewarded me with a nice 78:1 win so I was able to collect on a 126:100 win ratio for a profit of 245,702 NP.

May 8 thru May 15, 2013

Coulda been better -- coulda been worse. 4 days of winning -- 4 days of losing. Finished with a ratio of 110:80 for a profit of 270,156 NP. We smile gratiously and collect our winnings.

April 30 thru May 07, 2013

Started strong but then fizzled. 4 bust days of 8 but still finished with a 212:80 ratio for a profit of 1,189,732 NP. I shouldn't complain but it was a disappointing finish to a promising week :(

April 22 thru April 29, 2013

Eew -- 5 bust days in this hold period :( I thought I was going to end with my first loss in a long time but pulled it out with a small win on the 8th day ending with a 88:80 ratio for a profit of 71,568 NP. Let's hope next week is better.

April 13 thru April 21, 2013

This was a 9 day hold that was all over the board. Started with a bust day followed by a 156:10 ending with 3 bust days and a 236:90 win ratio for a nice 1,309,424 NP profit collected. Really can't ask for much more than that :)

April 05 thru April 12, 2013

A nice ending ratio of 210:80 for a profit of 1,163,536 NP. Only bombed 2 of 8 days and that's only because I played some real long-shot bets on a whim. Oh if they had only paid off =P

March 27 thru April 04, 2013

Not a bad 9 day hold. Ending ratio was 146:90 for a profit of 500,136 NP with a ROI of 62.26% -- better than my average. Yay!

March 19 thru March 26, 2013

80:80 ratio this week =( Ended with a profit of 5,306 NP only because I did not bet the full amount a couple of times. Oh well, at least it's not a loss. :/

March 11 thru March 18, 2013

Finally a nice win! A 8 day hold with only one day of getting skunked. Ended with a ratio of 246:80 for a profit of 1,476,104. This will definitely sweeten the bank account. =D

March 1 thru March 10, 2013

A 10 day hold this time -- 5 days of wins, 5 days of losses. Ended with a 136:100 win ratio for a profit of 324,078 so it wasn't a total loss. Yearning for some BIG wins =P

February 20 thru February 28, 2013

Another ho-hum, 9 day, hold period ending with a 110:90 and 185,112 profit. I need to do much better.

February 12 thru February 19, 2013

4 days of wins interspersed with 4 days of losses :( Ended this hold with a 98:80 which was at least a win. Nothing else to say.

February 2 thru February 11, 2013

Two bust days at the beginning of the hold convinced me to hold for 10 days to keep my ratios honest. Finished the hold with a 220:100 ratio for a profit of 1,063,184 NP. I needed that to sweeten the coffers after purchasing a Sword of Reif last night.

January 25 thru February 1, 2013

Four days of wins and four days of losses -- argh! ended the hold with 92:80 and a profit of 106,510 NP. There are rumours of war in the air and I want new weapons; Food Club please pay off good this month!

January 17 thru January 24, 2013

Another mediocre week of Food Club :( The odds have been awful all week and I was lucky to end the hold period with a 108:80 ratio for a profit of 270,426. What can I say? That's a quarter of a millin profit for 8 days -- I should be happy :P

January 09 thru January 16, 2013

Meh! Not much happening this week. Ended with 76:80 for an overall loss of 35,096 NP -- not happy about it but it's not the end of the world. Hugo was conspicuously absent or late in posting his bets this week causing me to go it on my own or with less conservative bettors -- I failed :(

January 01 thru January 08, 2013

Started the week strong but fizzled as it went along. Still, not a bad showing with a win ratio of 196:80 for a profit of 1,015,416 NP to start the new year. Gomor gets to eat this week ; )

December 24 thru December 31, 2012

Another record setting hold with a 294:80 win ratio collecting 2,568,924 with a profit of 1,877,672! Month End ratio is 958:310 or more than 3:1 -- wish all months were like this one - Yarr!!!

This ended my first year in Food Club with a 3800:2500 win ratio for a pure profit of 11,186,715 NP for slighly over 8 months betting. I'd say it's worth it to play :D

December 16 thru December 23, 2012

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! This was a very good week -- just in time for the holidays. Finished with a 272:80 win ratio mostly due to an unexpected 116:10 win on a 13:1 longshot that Hugo recommended. Collecting 2,373,048 NP with a profit of 1,675,208 NP which brings me well over my goal for the year. And there's still one week to go!

December 08 thru December 15, 2012

This week was as bad as last week was good D: I was down over half a million but a 40:1 bet on the 8th day pulled me up to a closing ratio of 56:80 for an overall loss of 207,974 NP. I'm hoping to close the year with 8M profit but the next two weeks will have to be better than this to accomplish that goal.

November 30 thru December 07, 2012

A lovely week for me at the Food Club. Only won 6 of 8 days but with a satisfying 210:80 ratio for an overall profit of 1,132,810 NP! That's a new record for me and a nice way to start the month. Yarr!

November 22 thru November 29, 2012

Lots of small wins added up to a 116:80 win this week with a profit of 314,206 NP -- almost enough to pay for the enlargement of my Wallywood gallery in preparation for the 2012 Advent Calendar event. Can't complain about that :D

November 14 thru November 21, 2012

Strange (ie: miserable) odds all week. Collected 88:80 for a profit of 70,770 NP. That's a lot of work for a small return D:

November 05 thru November 13, 2012

Another 9 day hold with goose-eggs on the first and last days. Finished with a 104:90 ratio for a profit of 120,956 NP. Could really use a couple of weeks of big wins to enlarge my galleries.

October 28 thru November 04, 2012

Not much to say here. Collected a 96:80 hold with a profit of 144,060 NP -- not enough to brag about but at least it's a win.

October 20 thru October 27, 2012

So this week was slightly better ending with a 98:80 ratio for a profit of 161,682 NP. This won't send me out on any shopping sprees but it does make up for last weeks loss. Hoping for some big wins to finance the enlargement of my Wallywood gallery in anticipation of the Advent Calendar.

October 11 thru October 19, 2012

Not a good week. The odds at the Food Club were dismal and there were many upsets and double upsets which I did not have covered. Ended a 9 day hold with 5 days of complete fails and an ending ratio of 72:90 for a loss of 147,334 NP D=. Next week MUST be better!

October 2 thru October 10, 2012

208:90 with a profit of 1,024,766 NP -- my highest collection to date =D This was a 9 day collection period with total losses on days 1, 8 and 9. Guild "Beat the Competitors" started on day 8 and I think I was taking too many risks to beat them -- I failed =P

September 24 thru October 1, 2012

Four days of pretty good wins followed by four days of complete upsets! Gotta love Food Club =P Total winnings collected was 1,163,384 with a ratio of 136:80. Though this wasn't my biggest win to date, it was enough to upgrade my trophy to GOLD!!!!

Unexpected but I'll take it =D

September 19 thru September 23, 2012

Short hold period this time (5 days) in prepartion for EOM hold. Some nice wins gave me a ratio of 140:50 with a profit of 768,824 NP. It was tempting to hold for the additional 3 days but the gold trophy was too far out of range.

September 11 thru September 18, 2012

Finally a winning week! Mostly small wins all week but it added up to a 186:80 for a profit of 917,664 NP. I',m back to about a 31% ROI =D

September 2 thru September 10, 2012

Arrgh! Should have stayed away this week! Collected 60:90 for a loss of 253,334 NP :(

August 25 thru September 1, 2012

Odds have been autrocious all week; even "safe" bets didn't break-even. Collected 85:80 for a paltry profit of 50,934 NP. Oh well, it's a new month :-)

August 17 thru August 24, 2012

Oops! =P Collected 847,912 with a profit of 183,324. Starting EOM hold.

August 12 thru August 16, 2012

Nope, it wasn't a better week. Gave up and collected after 5 days with a 32:50 ratio and an overall loss of (151,378). Starting an 8 day hold prior to the EOM hold.

August 4 thru August 11, 2012

So this was a lack-luster 8 day hold ending with a 74:80 and a loss of 46,422. I blame it on being distracted by playing Neoquest 1 and watching the Olympics. Let's hope for better luck next week =P

July 25 thru August 3, 2012

This represents 10 days worth of bets because the first two days were bust. Win ratio of 186:100 for a profit of 733,400 and is now my highest amount collected to date. It was touch-and-go on whether I could hold onto the #3 position but by the end of the day I had dropped to 4th and took the Silver Trophy -- Oh well ;)
Next goal = Gold Trophy

July 18 thru July 24, 2012

Pitiful, indisputably awful D: 32:70 with an overall loss of 310,015. Starting a new end-of-month hold and hoping for better odds in the coming week.

July 10 thru July 17, 2012

A nice 72:10 on the 8th day of hold made my day. Collected 120:80, 348,184 profit.

July 02 thru July 09, 2012

Mostly small wins this week but it adds up. Bet winners 7 of 8 days and ended at 125:80 with a profit of 377,366.

June 24 thru July 01, 2012

Epic fail on my 8th day of hold -- no trophy score this month. Collection 112:80 which is still a shiny 273,568 profit.

June 16 thru June 23, 2012

Total Fail the first four days then four days of modest winnings. At least I came out slightly in the black at 82:80 for 21,694 profit. That was a lot of work for a little return :P Starting "Hold for Gold"!

June 14 thru June 15, 2012

Decided to collect 2 days worth so I can start a bright, shiny 8 day hold before the EotM hold. Bet ratio of 12:20 with a loss of 66,768 NP. Good thing I didn't hold after the 13th :D

June 7 thru June 13, 2012

This represents 7 days worth of bets because #4801 was a big zero. I could have held for 2 more days in hopes of getting a couple more good wins but I decided to take the bronze trophy and run :P I figured that because the AC was in progress that many players probably hadn't been playing FC and the trophy scores would never be lower. Win ratio was 168:70 and is my highest amount collected to date.
Next goal = Silver Trophy

May 26 thru June 6, 2012

Another disappointing collection. This represents 12 days worth of bets of which 7 were complete zeros. 106:120 finish for a loss of 214783. No start of the month gold for me.

May 19 thru May 25, 2012

Yarr, this was not a very profitable week. Starting hold to go for the gold -- trophy that is.

May 12 thru May 18, 2012

Collected after 7 days this time; a week at a time seems like a good number unless I think I might have a chance at a trophy :P Win ratio this week was 114:70, better than last week and enough profit to keep me interested.

May 4 thru May 11, 2012

Four straight days of no winning bets put a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm for the game.
But a 40:1 win on the 8th day brought my ratio back to 76:80 for the week,only a small loss.

April 26 thru May 3, 2012

This was my first time playing and collecting FC winnings. My win ratio was 160:80, not spectacular but I doubled my money and this put me 25th on the HS Table that day. Not too shabby for a Noob :P.

Fair Winds ta Ye Matey!

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