uc darigan aisha

Hi Ali! My name is Phroto, and this is a retrading application for . This used to be an application I made for an UC Darigan Aisha when one was UFA, but since I was not chosen to adopt him, I just left this up for the "one day!" chance!

I realize that an UC Darigan Aisha requires more than a 1,000 HSD BD pet, but since an UC Darigan Aisha is my long-term goal, I wanted to make this application for an UC Darigan Aisha. I hope that it is okay that I would have to train more or trade up in order to get an UC Darigan Aisha!

I hope you do not mind that I use the name "Alex" in place of the Aisha's name, and I hope that you enjoy reading it. :) Thank you!

* I was not forced to make this application!

Short Story Example

Chapter I: Spark

I can't believe you did that! Really! Do you think I don't worry enough?

I sighed loudly. Of course my mother was upset over something I did. When was she not? She was obsessive with turning every microscopic mistake I make into a huge deal. It wasn't my fault that I was problem-prone.

Are you even listening to me? Her voice rose up a pitch.

No. Of course I am, Mom, I said, rolling my eyes. She's always worrying about me, even when I'm sleeping. I'm wondering whether or not the day will come when she no longer cares.

Alex, my mother said coolly, her voice as smooth as nails on a chalkboard. I winced. Her voice got like this only when I was in serious trouble. I've told you time and time again about how serious this is. It's not some cool toy. You can be kxlled if you use it wrongly.

You think I'm not mature enough to handle this? I demanded, annoyed, not for the first time, that she brought up the 'You can be kxlled!' speech again.

She sighed, obviously tired of trying to convince me that this was dangerous. No, you are mature enough. You just remember what happened to Yaash when he abused it.

Of course I remember what happened to Yaash, I snapped at my mother, though I quietly thanked the Lectrics that she gave in so easily. Maybe she was realizing that she won't win arguments anymore. I was his friend.

Then you'll be careful?

Yes, mom, I replied dutifully, silently breaking the promise.

She gave a brusque nod through narrowed eyes, obviously noticing my fake promise. She turned away quickly, muttering as she padded to the reading room.

Glad to be away from my mother's pointless (and annoying) worries, I let myself relax. I noticed a big purple feather floating to the ground at such a slow pace it was as if gravity didn't exist. I realized that I must look like a savage, all ruffled up the way I was. No wonder she brought that up, I thought. Next time I'll fix myself up before coming home.

While I sat there, silently cleaning my scales, I thought about what all had happened in the past few weeks: the terrifying, yet exciting, changes I've been through. I finally got my full use of my Spark powers, the normal Spark ability to bend electricity, along with the rare extra ability to breath fire.

I grinned to myself, knowing I was the only Spark in the Kaa Clan with an extra ability. Our leader Prima, the Blue Spark of the Kaa Clan, had pratically leapt for joy when she realized one of her Sparks had an extra ability. We are almost even with the Sibi Clan now, except Zane still has both extra abilities. Prima wouldn't risk a war unless she was sure we could win. Maybe not even then because without any Red Sparks, the Clans could be terminated. Times are tough without the Red Sparks. I can remember the time I fractured my wing and was out for two weeks. If the Red Sparks hadn't died off, it would have been fixed in a day.

Zane is the Blue Spark of the Sibi Clan, and he is also the only Spark known to have been born with the extra two abilities - breathing fire and bending wind along with bending electricity. How unfair. It's the strongest Clan only because of him. Hopefully we can keep the tensions low or we may have trouble. Big trouble, I think gloomily. I wasn't afraid of Zane, but no one sane would dare fight his Clan with no Red Sparks to heal any wounded Sparks or Sparkees.

My mother was born a Sparkee, an average Clan member with green feathers and fur. She doesn't understand the level of pride you feel when you've successfully guarded the borders, fought off an intruding wanderer, or even had an excellent day in training. Of course she worries. All the Sparkees are like that. No wonder they aren't the warriors, they're the worriers, I joked to myself, knowing my mother would throw me off the mountain if she knew I thought that. She says everyone in the Clan is an equal. Yeah, right.

Story Idea

My favourite part of Neopets - stories! Coming up with ideas is what I enjoy the most here and, of course, Alex would get his own personal story to shine in! Prepare yourself for the giant wall of text I am about to throw at you.

Alex is a Purple Spark of the Kaa Clan. There are three types of Sparks - Blue, Red, and Purple. The Blue Spark is the leader, which there is only one of. Prima is the Blue Spark of the Kaa Clan. The Red Sparks are the healers; there hasn't been a Red Spark born in centuries, which worries the Blue Spark and the eldest Purple Sparks. The Purple Sparks are the warriors of them all. They fight all the wars, help the Sparkees (the Clan members who are not Blue, Red, or Purple Sparks; they are green), and have certain abilities to help them win the wars over other Clans.

Sparks are reptilian cat-like creatures, with long antennae stretching far above their heads. They have scales and tufts of fur that are softer than the softest down. All Sparks have the ability to bend electricity. The colour of it depends on the type of Spark the creature is. Some other Sparks have extra abilities, such as bending wind and breathing fire. Alex has the extra ability to breath fire.

If you are a Spark, you can be kxlled just by using your powers. Bending electricity takes an awful amount of practice and if a Spark tries to use too much power before he or she is ready, they will be kxlled. The electricity they can bend has just a bit more voltage and heat than a typical lightning strike; bending electricity stops the heart and melts the brain if used incorrectly.

When Alex was born, his mother, Sybi, was worried he would become a powerful Spark since his father was the Blue Spark of the Clan. Alex was actually born just as a Purple Spark, which are the most common of all the Sparks. Sybi was grateful for Alex being a Purple Spark, although they can be the most dangerous. There hasn't been a war between Clans in over seven centuries, as most of the Clans have dwindled to a small population. None of them want to risk the lives of their Sparks or Sparkees

Unfortunately, a huge fight does break out between the two strongest Clans left - The Kaa Clan and the Sibi Clan. The Sibis are tired of how rare Spark births have been, so they are trying to take over the other Clans' Sparks. The Blue Spark of the Sibi Clan, Zane, is the most powerful of all Sparks. He has all three abilities available to Sparks - bending electricity and wind, and the ability to breath fire. Zane is the only Spark known of to be born with all three abilities.

Alex's story is actually a tragedy. At the end of the story, Alex is kxlled by Zane in the battle between the Kaa and Sibi Clans.

While you gape at the screen and wonder what kind of person kxlls the main character off, I'll tell you why I decided on this course of an end. Although I love stories where the protagonist overcomes the major conflict, I also think those are overused. There are very few stories that have these terrible endings where the protagonist is actually kxlled off. Romeo and Juliet, an amazing play, was one of these few stories where both of the main characters die. Though it was heart-breaking, this is what made Romeo and Juliet a memorable love-story. I think that having a story where the protagonist, Alex, is kxlled makes for a more dramatic resolution than the typical happy-endings.

Why an UC Darigan Aisha?

All right, this is the section where I spew information about how UC Darigan Aishas have always been my dream pet, etc., etc. But that isn't true! I admit, UC Darigan Aishas have not really been a "dream pet" of mine. I just like them because of how they look and the character I came up for one. Is there really a better reason?!

Okay, but seriously. I really do like them and that mostly stems from my love of all Aishas--converted and UC alike. They are the most cat-like Neopet, in my opinion, and I have a fierce love for cat creatures in real life. This has extended to my Neopets, where the majority of my Neopets are Aishas--or at least a cat-like Neopet! I hope that does not turn you away from my application. I am a huge Aisha lover, but I don't "collect" them per se; I just have a lot because I like how they look (I do, however, collect Aisha items in my Aisha Gallery hehe!).

I do have a character for Alex, and I hope you enjoyed it. I've had this character idea for a while, but never had a pet to use it on, as it's always been my Darigan Aisha story! I'd love to start expanding it, as it has been in Word on my laptop forever now.

I also run an Aisha Directory and have an Aisha gallery, both of which I'll explain in more detail below. They both showcase my love for Aishas, and they have become big parts of what I do for fun on Neopets.

So basically, the answer to the question "who would I retrade this pet for?!" is so very simple: a pet to help me get an UC Darigan Aisha! I love Aishas... maybe just a tad too much. I hope that answer doesn't put you off my application; I just don't want to lie and say, "oh the character! oh my long time dream pet!" or anything, when in all honesty, I just love Aishas, I love UC Aishas, and therefore, I love UC Darigan Aishas. Yay for Aishas! *throws confetti*

Really, though. Aishas are the best Neopet (in my opinion anyway hehe), and an UC Darigan (and Faerie one day) are my two "possible" UC Aisha goals left. 8D

This image doesn't really show Alex's fierceness...
but isn't it adorable?!

About Me & Plans

My name is Phroto, and I'm a nineteen-year-old accounting student! I have been playing Neopets for years, and it has always been a part of my life.

My accounts are warriorsrock965 (main), ixikougralover, punchbuggieshilo, graystripelover, and wariorsluver. If somehow I'm chosen to adopt Spirit, she'd go to my side punchbuggieshilo, until I could transfer her to my main, where she would stay until I found a trade that could help me trade up to my goal of an UC Darigan Aisha--which I don't believe would take me too long!

On Neopets, I love to customize my pets (I am an NC addict!), collect avatars, collect Aisha items in my gallery, write stories, and chat with friends. That's practically all that I do! My goals page is here.

I run an Aisha Directory called "All Things Aisha." I started it after I realized my true love for Aishas. I wanted to have a site where I could look up people's Aishas, their characters, and their customizations--all in one convenient place! So my directory was born.

I also have an Aisha Gallery called All Things Aisha! as well. I collect all my Aisha items in here, and I hope one day to finish it--though I know that will take me many years, as I have a problem saving my neopoints for those expensive Aisha items.

As said before, I also love customization. Below are some customizations I have planned for an UC Darigan Aisha. Trust me when I say I have many many more customizations I can use--I just couldn't fit them all in one image!

Some might say I have a slight problem...
Drag to address bar for full size!

I'm also obsessed with getting all my pets a petpet and petpetpet! All of my pets have their matching petpet and petpetpet (except poor StarClan and Zeni; I'm currently saving for their Draphly and Rainblug petpetpets!), so my UC Darigan Aisha would definitely get one as well.

Perfect match!

I do write stories for the majority of my pets (see the following section for all my pets' characters). If I don't write stories on their petpages themselves, I write some to the Neopian Times! I have been in the Times twelve times so far. I want to get in more, but I haven't really had time to write anything new specifically geared towards the Times in quite a while because of school. However, I do still enjoy writing, and it has always been a part of what makes Neopets fun for me.

Click here to see my entries!

Off Neopets, I'm currently attending a university, majoring in accounting. It's been keeping me busy, but I always have time to check up on Neopets. :)

I have a few different hobbies. My favorite is definitely reading. I absolutely love reading and stories and getting lost in different worlds. I mostly read young adult fiction, but I am starting to branch out a little from that. I think I've read my entire library's e-book collection for that already!

I also love to watch TV shows. I love SpongeBob, The Legend of Korra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (okay, all of these make me sound like a kid haha!), Breaking Bad, House, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, and most shows on Animal Planet.

I don't want to bore you with any more random details, so I'll continue to the most important section next: my current pets!

My Pets

These are my 19 pets. I really hope that you'll take a look at all of them and their lookups and petpages because this is what you could expect a future UC Darigan Aisha to have, if I am lucky enough to be chosen to adopt Spirit to try and trade for one.

All of my pets have some sort of character. Not all of them have stories, however. Some of my pets--like Spicekit and droopy--are named after my real life pets, and they don't have a story because of it. Others, like Kitteny and ThunderClan, are just customization pets--they are my dress up pets! That does not mean that I love them any less than my pets that have fully-fleshed stories. I love them all equally, and now I will explain all of them to you!

ShadowClan! One of my first adopted pets. She was the first pet I ever adopted from someone, in May of 2010. Her name is a real Clan name in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, and when I saw her UFA I had to apply! So I did, and Taschi amazingly picked me. I was so happy, and Shadow has been with me ever since. She also has a full story and character, where she's a light spirit, so please feel free to take a look (you might notice that Shadow's and Alex's stories share similarities--they both have to do with "light" and so I made them similar banners).

Gul__Dukat! This is my UC Desert Aisha. I call her Dukat, and I traded for her as well. I ended up trading my VWN UC Mutant Skeith for her, and I am so glad I did. My original trading goal was an UC Faerie Aisha, but after trading away my other UC Desert Aisha, I knew I had to have one permanently, so Dukat is mine forever! She has a character idea, but I don't have it written yet. She's a Christmas spirit, and I just haven't been in the mood to write Christmas-y things yet haha! Her design is on her lookup and petpage though--feel free to look at it!

Kitteny! Can you believe I found this cutie in the pound as a basic pet?! The name is just too adorable! I was looking for cat-related names to host my Aisha Directory, and ta-da! I found Kitteny in the pound and had to adopt her. After a few months, I was finally able to paint her Plushie. She is the host of my Aisha Directory, All Things Aisha! She doesn't have a "character" per se because of this. I just love to customize her and love her name!

Jum! I adopted this adorable Aisha a couple years ago. I made an application for her and everything! I was able to paint her with my third FFQ, so I didn't have to keep zapping her for Chocolate. :) I love her name; it reminds me of "yum" and my story for her was born! She's a baker, and makes the best chocolates and teas. Check out her lookup and petpage for more on her character!

BloodClan! My spooky little Aisha. BloodClan is also a real Clan name in the Warriors series (you will detect a name-theme here soon hehe!). I traded for him a long time ago too. He has a story in motion where he used to be a blind normal individual until he was transformed into a hideous monster by spirits when he begged to be able to see. With help from a local townsperson, he tries to get himself back to his normal blind self. Check out his lookup and petpage for more details!

SkyClan was my second Warriors pet. She's another real Warriors Clan name, and I traded for her a long while ago, around the time I got ShadowClan. I zapped her Alien myself after many, many Aisha morphing potions. She is the Bringer of Storms--she makes and creates storms that destroys people's houses and villages because of her grief. I haven't gotten around to expanding her story yet, but basically she's just a really sad storm-maker who finally realizes the destruction she has released upon the world.

Squirrelflight: another Warriors real name, this time character. I applied for her when she was UFA and was amazingly chosen for her! She's been with me ever since, and her character is where she's stuck in between a war between natives and her father's people--and she doesn't know which side to choose: family or peace?

A pirate's life for me! CaptainJackSparrow! Gosh, who doesn't love Pirates of the Carribbean?! I love those movies. I was supposed to trade a Krawk custom for Captain Jack (a while ago, when Krawk Morphing Potions were worth around 1 mil), but the user decided to let me adopt him instead! I morphed him into the awesome Aisha he is today soon after. He has a story written about him that made it into the Times! It's on his petpage or here in the Times.

ThunderClan is another Warriors name. I traded for her when I missed her name in the purge. ThunderClan is probably my favorite Clan in the series--probably because it's the main Clan in the series too. She's my favorite pet to customize because Desert Aisha base colors are so neutral. She doesn't have a character idea or anything and instead her petpage hosts my closet page. She is my customization kitty!

RiverClan is yet another Warriors Clan. When I missed River in the purge too, I mailed to owner asking if they would like to trade. They instead asked me if I just wanted to adopt, since they noticed how many of the Clan names I already had! I was incredibly thankful, and so River came to stay with me. I plan on painting her Water whenever Water Aishas are released. I actually already have a Water Paint Brush in my gallery all ready for her! She also doesn't have a character yet, but it will definitely be something with water.

WindClan is another Warriors Clan, and I also missed WindClan in the second purge. I mailed Wind's owner, and they asked me if I wanted to adopt as well! I was so happy because WindClan completed my Warriors name collection. I own all of the Clan names that have ever been named in the Warriors series, and that was something I'd always wanted to do since I adopted ShadowClan. My Clan names are probably my favorite names here on this site. Wind doesn't have a character yet, though it is something with the Wind--very unique, right?!

StarClan is another Clan name. I created StarClan myself, as I was actually able to catch her in the purge. I painted her Eventide a while later, since I figure that color matches her the best. Star is quite obsessed with, well, the stars! She believes that stars are our ancestors; when a person dies, you can see them as a new star. Star also hosts my goal page, so her petpage doesn't have her story on it yet.

Spottedleaf! Another Warriors real name, and she's one of my favorite cats in the series. I created her myself as well. She has a full story and character on her lookup and petpage. Spottedleaf has been left in the forest by her parents after they left to fight in a terrible war--but they never came back, and she's left to decide what to do with herself now that she's old enough to leave her little home in the forest.

Yellowfang is another Warriors name (I told you you would detect a theme hehe!). She is definitely my favorite cat in the series. I always admired her on Neopets, and one day I saw her UFA on a board! I applied, and I was amazingly chosen to adopt her. I've had her ever since. Her story is rather dark; she's a maid and is tired of her governor. Check out her lookup and petpage for more!

Stronghammer is an Eragon (Inheritance Cycle) real name (yes, a different book series!). Roran Stronghammer was one of my favorite characters in the series. I saw him UFT on the PC a long time ago, but the user wasn't looking for creatable pets, so I was disappointed since I had nothing to offer. However, my friend had a RW that she didn't want anymore, so she offered her to Stronghammer's owner and he accepted! Then Stronghammer became my own, and I'm thankful to my friend for doing that. Stronghammer has a full story and character on his lookup and petpage--he's an alien sent to inspect the Earth, which is on a downhill spiral from pollution. Check out his petpage for more!

Spicekit is my adorable Maraquan Wocky. One of my real life cats is named Spice, and when Maraquan Wockies came out, I had to have one. I traded a RW for Spicekit here, and I actually found Spicekit sitting in the pound--a lovely Warriors based name with my cat's real name in it! It was meant to be. I traded, and he's been with me since. He doesn't have a character, and likely won't, since he is just a tribute to my adorable kitty in real life. (Sorry for the small image; Maraquan Wockies are cogs in the bigger one still!)

droopy is a pet that I stalked in pound_release for years. Literal years, yes. droopy is my old dog's name, who has sadly passed a few years ago. I wanted droopy so badly on the site since I saw he was in pound_release. One morning, he finally was released to the pound! I quickly snatched him up, and he's been with me since. Since his name is my dog's name, he also doesn't really have a character. He is a tribute to my lovely old Basset Hound.

Ta-da! There they all are. :)

My pets that have full characters are: ShadowClan, Jum, BloodClan, CaptainJackSparrow, Squirrelflight, Stronghammer, Yellowfang, Spottedleaf, and SkyClan. The rest of my pets have character blurbs on their lookups and possibly a started petpage or host a petpage of mine for something else, but they do not have a petpage story yet like my others. The only pets that will never have characters are Spicekit, droopy, and Kitteny. This is because Spicekit and droopy are based on my real life pets, and Kitteny is my All Things Aisha directory holder. :)


I hope that you enjoyed this application and the character I have in mind for an UC Darigan Aisha! I tried to make it as short as possible, while still showing how much I would love the chance at trading for one of them. I can only promise that I would never, ever trade the UC Darigan Aisha I will eventually get (one day, I won't give up!), and I would love him forever.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to apply for Spirit to retrade, and I wish you the very best of luck adopting out! Whatever your decision, I will support it. ~Phroto

Image not made by me, but isn't it adorable?
It's one of my favorite cat gifs; I hope you enjoy it as well!

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