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The water darkens as the descent furthers. Meters of water between surface and diver dull coral colors, ever vibrant in the close quarters of an aquarium, but now lacking in reds and oranges. Still beautiful, yes, and the array of fish darting amongst them hold an ethereal and alien beauty that a creature of land can seldom witness up front. So delicate, so different, so unique, they thrive amongst the coral chasms that rise up around the unsuspecting and unknowing human. Nothing to worry about, though, in this underwater jungle. There are no tigers lurking in the reeds, no poisonous creatures slithering beneath the leaves. This is a peaceful reef, or so the tour guide said. Nothing larger than a child frequented these waters.

But then, if that were the case...What was that?

A sleek, dragonish creature was floating, suspended motionless in the water. The only moving bits of it were its long fins, which swayed slightly in the current. It was a distance off, but the creature had to be larger than a man, and its stripes and spines never boded well. A retreat may be in order, before the strange creature takes notice.

Too late. A slight turn of its head, it gazes at the diver with golden eyes. A staring contest ensues, as the minutes drag on. And then, with speed that any Olympic swimmer would envy, it appears before the diver. It stops, examines it, while the diver remains petrified. A curious creature, intelligent, it seems, weighing its options. Perhaps a draik? It had the sleek body shape of one of their members, although other than that, its features were foreign. Alas, after a moment, it speaks, surprisingly audibly despite being underwater. "Ah, hello there," it says, in a decidedly feminine voice. "What exactly are you doing here? I didn't know tourists were allowed here. Well, I suppose you'll have to pay up then. In exchange for diving here, you're going to have to listen to me babble for a while. You don't mind, do you? Well, never you mind, I think I'm interesting, at least. Ah, well, I'm Wilia. Hi."


Name: Wilia
Nickname: Wil
Gender: Female
Species: Aquatic dragon
Sub-species: Lionfish
Age: Adult
Height: 4 ft (at shoulder), 6 ft (at forehead)
Length: 20 ft

Documentation of "Wilia" mentions that she appears to be a subspecies of dragon (draik) with physical characteristics mimicking that of tropical fish. Wilia is a bold creature, known to approach visitors to her reef in an amiable yet demanding way. She appears quite intelligent, her intelligence exceeding that even of the average human. She has been noted as a generally relaxed creature, who takes most things in stride. She's known to be mildly mischevious, and some have found her in-your-face attitude to be considerably irritating. Many will concur that she is frequently immature. One thing is for certain, and that is that Wilia is quite prone to rambling on, being quite a social creature. It is thus surprising that she is seldom seen with other members of her own species.

Wilia takes back the laminated piece of paper she had produced from some unknown source, although it appeared to be some sort of informative document on her. "Funny stuff, eh?" she said, with what appeared to be a smile. "They've got me catagorized and everything. Well, I suppose I'm flattered, even if they make me out to be a loser with no friends. I have friends, they're just not here, ok? Ok." With that, she rolled over lazily in the water. "I don't see you here with friends, so seriously, no judging," she added.


Wilia, it appeared, also had a wallet on her, which may have been where the first sheet had come from. Inside it, were also several photos she displayed. "No, they're not my kids. Instead, they're the losers I have to life with. Sad, eh?" She put the pictures away.

Naex: Oh my gosh Naex is so creepy. And when I say creepy, I mean creepy. He's always hinting at stuff like how the Little Mermaid is going to come out of the depths and eat me. Me! And I mean, it's not like there's just one of him, either. He's like...Four people. I tell ya, it's scary to the max. And it's weird, he seems like such a nice, courteous gentleman at first, but then as soon as he starts telling his stories...Oh man...The Brother's Grimm ain't got nothing on him. I have nightmares about Little Red Riding hood! It's just so weird though, he seems like such a nice guy at first...

Quarite: I feel kind of bad for him, I admit. Not only does he not fit in among us draiks, but he's had a rough past. At the same time, though, I can't help but admit he's pretty cute~ I know he's a man and everything, but daaaang. Well. Ah. ANY WAYS. I wish he was more sociable. He's really grumpy and antisocial and spends all his time on the internet, being a hacker or something. Sounds pretty cool until you realize he pretty much lives in this metal cell everyday. Ah, poor, poor little Quarite. At least he's in charge of some people, I wish I was in charge. I think I'd be a great ruler.

Vladimeyre: Talk about trying to steal my spotlight! Here I was, all cool, maraquan draik-y, and then this UC draik has to come all bargin' in all cool and the like. But, I do admit, he is pretty fabulous. All kinds of steamy fabulous, that is! I mean, have you ever seen a more handsome draik than that? And so charming, too~ Well, anywho, I admire him, because he doesn't have wings but he can build really fantastic flying machines. I hope one day he'll make me one, too! ...With water so I can breathe!


At one point or another, it becomes obvious that Wilia is not the only draconic creature floating around. A much smaller and considerably fatter gallion had swum up and was now drifting along side Wilia. It was wearing glasses. Wilia seemed to notice the creature only after it poked her in the side with one of her fins, to which she responded by batting it lazily out of the way. "Oh, yes. See this thing? This is my lawyer. His name is Vincent. He's not really my lawyer, but well…He does follow me around and leech off of me, while being a general pest. Which, last I checked, was the definition of lawyer."

The gallion coughed.

Wilia glared at him. "Oh, what is it?"

Vincent drew himself up, and in a whiny voice, insisted, "oh but Wilia, you do need me. See, I'm the one who makes sure she doesn't get into trouble. I keep her in line. I'm terribly sorry about her bothering you, because, you see, she swims so much faster than I do…" he trailed off.

Wilia was shaking her head now, and seemed to be grinning. "Oh dear…Oh dear…See, he thinks he's so important, but he can't even come up with me! He just eats all the fish I catch, which is why he is so fat-"

There was an indignant "a-HEM" from Vincent.

She continued, ignoring him. "So you see, I just ignore him for the most part. I can't get rid of him, but, I can swim faster than him, so I guess it's all right.


Wilia paused, seeming to consider something, "Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering...This isn't my usual territory. I go here to hang out some times, or scare tourists, but it's usually a day trip kinda thing. I actually live in and around a tropical reef in the warm waters off of a chain of otherwise undescovered islands, close enough to here for me to commute here to stay a couple of days. They're probably a bit west of Mystery Island, but I can't tell you exactly where, because then everyone will come and be tourists and build up all the islands and it will be terribly irritating. So, I'll just let you know that it is very nice there, and do not come looking for it. There is an abundence of fish and other, larger marine animals, enough to keep me well fed. Not fat, of course. I burn off all those extra calories swimming around all day so I can stay trim and fit. Jeeze. I don't want to be bulgy and ugly, you know. It's really very nice there, although the islands are small and no sentinent beings really live there, hence why I'm here. But it's still nice... And there's this really cool little bay in of the islands where I can go and hide away. It's my little sanctuary, you know. And the beaches? Oh, love! I wish I had lungs, so I have to make do with basking in the shallows... But still... It's wonderful. Just don't come bother me. Please. The last thing I need is someone building a hotel on my special place." She gave what appeared to be an intended threatening look, then continued on.


Yay I have fanart. =D Click and drag the picture up to the adress bar to see the full picture. But before you do that, here's a ref so you know exactly what I look like.

New Look

By Snuffluff

Old Look (maraquan)

By Ryukinko

By Frozen_fire_dragon

By Adatu

By Kuschelfloh

By Okamish

By Tiigerviiger

Old Look (yellow)

By Therry


Yesssssss! I have customs adopties (of me)! I rock!

Count: 17

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To use them, simply replace the word "COLOR" in the code with the color you desire. No caps involved. :3


















































Customs are trade only

Please mail ven if you would like to do a trade. Please do mention where your adoptables are, as well as where Ven (who is too lazy to go looking for anything) can find an image of your design, or a reference picture. Ya know, something like that. Unfortunately, though, Ven is a rather busy highschool student and will be unable to accept all trades, and will probably be three weeks late on the others. Let's all make fun of Ven for this.

Also, there is no discrimination against apps. Just instead of the pet you're applying for, your adoptable will be named as the page your application is on. So yes, if you're one of those really secretive people...be warned, you will be made public.

Custom slots:
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Started November 14, 2005

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