This is the avvie you will get from NQ1.


This guide is for NORMAL(as is), EVIL(add 3-5 levels), INSANE(add 5-8 levels). If the levels seem high for the other modes. It is to try to keep you from using too many potions on monsters, so you can save them for in between battles and the BOSSES. Also in EVIL and INSANE mode the monsters and bosses have higher hit points, but your HP and EXP. POINTS stay the same as in the NORMAL mode.

This guide is now completed. There is a list of all the Levels and how to spend your skill points at he bottom of the page. I hope this guide is simple to understand and able to get you through NQ1 alive and well. If it does you will have a avatar and a trophy for your Look up. If you notice a mistake or something not clear enough, PLEASE nm me at the link below and I will correct the mistake or clear things up so you can understand it better. I hope you enjoy it. :)

A very sweet friend of mine gave me a link to a nepoets web page that had maps on it. I contacted the owner of the page and got permission to use a link to their map site. The link below is to some very good maps. I would like to thank both people for the help in getting this guide completed.

This story starts out in Ancient Neopia. You are going to start out with 7 skill points and the choice of a wand to use. I played using my skill points in this manner... Shock Weapons 1, Disable 1, Fortitude 1, Shockwave 1, Life Weapons 1, Field Medic 1, and Lifesteal 1 and the wand I chose was the white wand(which is the life wand). The wand you choose really doesn't matter, but I played using different skills and wands. The ones listed above were the ones I liked best. You will move your player by the arrow keys around the NQ symbol. (See pic below)

As you move around the area you will come across monsters, you will battle these to get experience (exp) points. The experience points will raise your levels. When you gain a level, you also get another SKILLS point. As the guide goes along I will tell you where to spend your skill points. When you defeat the monsters you also get items. These items will be potions to restore your life, items to be used to upgrade your weapons and some will be used to upgrade your armor. I will explain this more as you acquire them. You will also come across characters that you can talk to, you do not have to talk to all of them (unless you want too). I will tell you about the main ones to speak with and to give items too.

Now, lets start playing. You should already have your skills chosen and your wand equipped. If not, do so now. Lets go to the left and leave the city to start getting Items and acquiring EXP POINTS. Above your navigator or your move arrows, there will be 3 modes: normal, hunting and sneaking. You should be in hunting, if not click it now. Starting off you will be fighting imps, they will be dropping the weak healing potion and some of the items you need for your level 3 armor. Stay within one or two steps from the city and DO NOT use your healing potions, go back to the city to get healed. (Boraxis the healer is in the top left tower.) If your life gets in the RED switch to SNEAKING and head back to Boraxis, if you must flee from a battle, then do so. (Better safe than sorry.)

Lets keep on leveling up, saving potions and getting items. At level 2 spend your skill point on Spectral Weapons/1, at level 3 on Evasion/1. When you reach level 3 or 4 (Skill point = Absorption/1) start straying out further from the city. You will need to find and battle the PLAINS AISHA & LUPE for the glowing stones(5 total) you need for your equipment. I would keep on battling until I reach level 5 (skill point = Reflex) or 6 (skill point = Shock weapons/2). Then head back to the castle to talk to Moraxis Dorangis and choose which ever armor you would like to use (I use the ENERGY SHIELD), just make sure you equip it. The items you will need for each one are listed below.(If you have the items to get the armor sooner, go ahead and get it)

* Energy Shield - a glowing stone, a chunk of metal, and a small yellow gem.

* Cloth Robes - a glowing stone, a plains lupe pelt, and a blue thread.

You should be at level 5 or 6 now, so lets head off to the Dank Caves in the northern part of Ancient Neopia, near the Hills of Jub.


We are now heading into our first underground cave of the quest. Go up towards the mountains from Neopia City then go left. You will see the mouth of the cave and when you get on it click go. while going through the levels of the cave keep on battling and leveling up.

When you get to LEVEL 2 of the cave, the monsters will start giving you the items needed for your next weapons and armor upgrades. Check your items for the tiny beryl since you will need extra ones for later on.

When you reach LEVEL 3 keep on battling monsters as you need to be at level 10 when you reach level 4. By the time you reach Xantan you should be at level 14 or higher(depending on the mode playing). After you defeat Xantan, check your items make sure you have a PIECE OF GLASS and a STRETCH OF ROTTED CLOTH. This is the only place you can get these items. After you have them head through the portal.

Spend you skill points as follows...7 = Disable/2, 8 = Fortitude/2, 9 = Shockwave/2, 10 = Life Weapons/2, 11 = Field Medic/2, 12 = Lifesteal/2, 13 = Spectral Weapons/2, 14 = Evasion/2, & 15 = Absorption/2 if you have reached that far.


Once you sneak (monsters are to weak to give any exp points) back to Neopia City, Talk to Eleus Batrin. He'll make your new LEVEL 6 weapon(I used the Silver Wand/Life). Make sure you have enough of the Tiny Beryl so that you have one for later on or you may need to chose a different weapon(if you followed the steps and checked your items you should be okay though). This is what you need to have for it.......

* Silver Wand (Life) - Tiny Beryl, Aluminum Rod, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring

* Gold Wand (Fire) - Tiny Garnet, Pyrite Rod, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring

* Steel Wand (Ice) - Tiny Lapis, Pewter Rod, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring

* Bronze Wand (Shock) - Tiny Amber, Copper Rod, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring

* Iron Wand (Spectral) - Tiny Obsidian, Ore Rod, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring

After you get your weapon, let's go see Choras Tillie for our LEVEL 6 armor (I used Mirrored Force Field). This is what we need for it.....

* Mirrored Force Field - Piece of Glass, Lodestone, Tiny Obsidian, Glowing Stone

* Magic Robe - Cave Lupe Pelt, Stretch of Rotted Cloth, Tiny Obsidian, Glowing Stone


You should now have your new wand and armor, make sure both are equipped. Check you items and make sure you have a extra tiny beryl and 2 glowing stones. Yes, you do, if you have been following the guide. It's now time to head off to the Jungle Ruins. You should still be sneaking unless you need some healing potions, which you shouldn't.

You will get your next weapon upgrade here (YIPPEE!!!!) and it is awesome. The Nature Wand can heal you 25 hit points randomly during any battle. To get this weapon, you will need to get these items......

*INVENTORY = Glowing Stone

*DUNGEON LEVEL 1 = Jungle Beast Claw, and a Noil's Tooth

*DUNGEON LEVEL 2 = Jungle Pauldrons and the Staff of Ni- Tas (which you get from Gors)

To get to here let's head off to the south from Neopia City. When you get to the trees switch from sneaking back to HUNTING. The monsters from the trees to the base level may still give you some EXP, just keep on BATTLING. After you get to the main level go to the right and go down the stairs to Dungeon Level 1.


When you get to dungeons, the monsters here can heal, stun and deal some heavy damage. If you get to where you are using potions every battle, go back and level up 1 level. You do NOT want to use up your healing potions for monsters and then not have enough for the Big Bosses. You will be heading for Krei, just make sure you are at LEVEL 17 or higher, so it will be less painful and easier.

Skill points should be spent as follows.... 16 = Reflex/2, 17 = Shock Weapons/3, 18 = Life Weapons/3, 19 = Disable/3, 20 = Fortitude/3, 21 = Shockwave/3, 22 = Field Medic/3 and 23 = Lifesteal/3.

After you defeat Krei, check your items and make sure you have the items listed under Dungeon level 1, if not back track to get them. If you do, let's move on to the next level.


You are now at level 2 and it is time to level up to to 21 or higher to battle Gors the Mighty. You may need to go back and forth to level up for him, do it though. Gors can deal out some awesome damage. He can heal, stun, ice damage and fire damage. You have to be leveled up for this Boss. Take the teleporter maze to get to Gors. After defeating Gors you the staff and a key. Now let's take the teleporter behind Gors and to the stairs. You have to go up the stairs to the upper level to talk to Denethir in the FIRST LEVEL of the TOWER, here you get the NATURE WAND. Now you head down the stairs to the dungeon and take the set of stairs (going down) right beside the other set. After you go down those head over to the next set (going down) to Dungeon level 3.


Now that you have your NATURE WAND equipped, you are getting ready to go battle Rollay Scaleback. You will need to roam some since you need to be at level 26 or higher before you face him, you will not have to do too much roaming since the map is so big. The monsters you battle will be able to do lots of things, but your wand will help keep you from having to use too many potions.

You will need to spend your SKILL POINTS as follows..... 24 = Spectral Weapons/3, 25 = Evasion/3, 26 = Absorbtion/3, 27 = Reflex/3 and 28 = Shock Weapons/4.

After you defeat Rollay you will get some nice EXP. POINTS and NP, he will also give you a RUSTY MEDALLION (which you will need later). Then it is time to move on to the next level.


Let's go back to SNEAKING mode and head back up towards Neopia City, then we head left to the Swamps. Once you get to the Swamps head off towards Swamp City. There are two characters there and you need to talk to them both for your level 10 armor upgrade. The items you need are listed below (I used the Dawnshine).......

* Dawnshine Generator Shield - Spider Leg, Spider Pincer, Cobra Fang, and Iguana Eye .

* Sorcerous Robe - Giant Spider Blood, Cobra Venom, Iguana Spit, Crystallized Mummy Blood(also known as crystallized sand).

You will head off to the south in the desert to get these items, but while your down here go on farther south to go ahead and get your CARVED OAKEN STAFF (you will need it later). It is easier to go ahead and get now since you are already down here. Just go down in the hills and battle the monsters around there until you get it. Then head back to Swamp City to get your Armor. Don't forget to equip it.


As you enter the Temple you will see Erik and talk to him. He tells you about the JEWELS OF POWER and then tells you to go back to Swamp City (you will not have to go, since I will tell you everything) to talk to a character there. Erik gives you the avvie and an FANTASTIC WEAPON later on. Now it is time to do some battling and leveling up. I roam around some then take the long way around, because you need to make sure you have a PIECE OF LIVING CRYSTAL from the crystal golems and be at level 30 before we head off to the next level. Double check your items for the living crystal because this is the only place to get it.

As for your SKILL POINTS the go as follows...... 29 = Disable/4, 30 = Fortitude/4, 31 = Shockwave/4 and 32 = Life Weapons/4.


Now you are getting close to the ARCHMAGUS OF ROO, but you will have to go through these rooms in a certain order to get to him(uuuggghhhh). The monsters in the large room stay about the same, but the monsters and MINI-BOSSES in the smaller rooms get harder with every door you open. Each mini-boss gives you the key to the next door. If you have to use any potions make sure you use your weaker ones between battles, unless you get in the red during a battle. The only item you need to make sure you have before you go after the ARCHMAGUS is an EMERALD, so double check to make sure you have it. When you get to level 32 or higher you will be ready to go after the BOSS.

You your SKIL POINTS should be spent like this..... 33 = Field Medic/4, 34 = Lifesteal/4 and 35 = Shock Weapons/5.

You should be stocking up on your larger potions, since you have the NATURE WAND. You will need them for the ARCHMAGUS. This boss can do it all, he is really a heavy hitter. He can do fire, ice and stun you for up to 3 rounds. He can also heal, so just keep at him, try to keep your life up over half in case you get stunned. You will eventually take him out and he is history. CONGRATULATIONS on defeating this one, he is a toughie!!!!!

Now that you have defeated the ARCHAMGUS it is time to get your next weapon (This is one of my favorites). Lets take the portal back to the beginning of the cave and go see ERIK again, so ha can fix the CLOUDED GEM you got from your last boss battle. Then you head off back to Swamp City (I always sneak there since you will not get any EXP points). This time you only talk to Leirobas, who acts like a royal pain(hee hee). You must give him your LIVING CRYSTAL before this grouch will do anything. After all that, he will make your JEWEL OF POWER(GROWING JEWEL for LIFE MAGIC). You will have to give him your TINY BERYL, GLOWING STONE, and EMERALD.

Getting tired yet???? (hee hee) Now for the last part of your weapon. Go back to the Temple and see ERIK again. Give him the Growing Jewel, Carved Oaken Staff, and the Coruscating Gem and he gives you the STAFF OF LIFE. This weapon can heal you up to 100 hit points in battle (that is why it is one of my favorites). Make sure equip it and since it is usable from your battle menu, use it when necessary. I always use it at the end of a battle if I can, so that I am at full hp for the next one. Now you are ready for the next level.

*The Techo Caves*

Now you are ready to head on down south for the caves. Make sure you are in HUNTING mode. As you first get into the caves you are going to meet MR. IRGO. He is going to tell you what you need for your next armor upgrade, since he is going to give it to you(I like the Energy Absorber personally, since it changes damage to hit points).

* Energy Absorber - Piece of Agate (cave 1), Piece of Chrysolite(cave 2), and Piece of Serpentine(cave 2)

* Robe of Protection - Drakonid eye (cave 1), Drakonid hide (cave 1&), and Drakonid Heart (cave 1 & 2)

You will battle your way through caves 1 and 2 to get all the items needed for your armor. After you get them, go back and talk to MR. IRGO. He will make the armor for you, then equip it. Head back through caves 1 and 2 until you are at least LEVEL 36 or higher.

SKILL POINTS are as follows....... 36 = Disable/5, 37 = Fortitude/5 and 38 = Shockwave/5.

You can head off to cave 3 now and Sunny City. I always try to level up here since the monsters in Sunny City can go up to level 37. You will need to talk to Gali Yoj, so he can polish up that RUSTY MEDALLION , which in reality is the Keladrian Medallion (which you will need later). Okay you are finished in Sunny City, so lets head back through caves 4 and 2. When you get to cave 2 you are going to head off into cave 3, go through it to reach cave 6, which takes you to the next level.


This where you get your last weapon and armor upgrades. Also there is lots of leveling up here, which isn't that bad because some of these deal out major EXP POINTS. First off the monsters in the main hall will drop a Evening Sun Energy Shield and a Inferno Robe, when you get one of them equip it automatically(I prefer the Inferno Robe because it makes your attacks stronger).

I recommend being at level 40 or higher with skill points being spent as listed..... 39 = Life Weapons/5, 40 = Field Medic/5 and 41 = Lifesteal/5.

After you reach level 40 go into the LIFE GUARDIAN area, do not battle him right off level up some more. Now you are ready to go get him. The life monsters here give off amazing EXP POINTS. The LIFE GUARDIAN deals massive damage and drain you of health(but your Staff should help a lot), after you defeat him will give you the MOONSTONE STAFF equip it. This staff will heal you 4 hp every round and up to 45 hp randomly in battle(This is my other favorite weapon). since you ahve defeated him go after the rest of the GUARDIANS and defeat them. All of the GUARDIANS will drop weapons, but I prefer the LIFE WEAPON(reason being they help heal you). Hang around here until you at level 44 or higher, which it is easy to do since the life monsters give you GREAT EXP POINTS.

You will spend these SKILL POINTS as follows.... 42 = Shock Weapons/6, 43 = Disable/6, 44 = Fortitude/6 and 45 = Shockwave/6.

Lets get ready for the next level and switch to SNEAKING since the monsters will not give you any EXP POINTS(unless you need potions, then battle).


I switch back to HUNTING as soon as I enter here. Also since the monsters here are all ZOMBIE-LIKE, they will most likely drain your life during every battle. Your MOONSTONE STAFF will help you lots, but try not to rely on it always and try not to go through too many potions either. If you have to use them try to use your smallest ones first and save the largest ones for the BOSS battles. You are going to be leveling up here, so try to be at level 45 or 46 to be on the safe side. SKILLS POINT will be spent 46 = Life Weapons/6.

Now lets go get Faelinn, do you still have the Keladrian Medallion???? Yes, that is great. It makes this battle the easiest of all. When you start the battle look at your list and it should say show her the medallion. When you show it to her the battle is over and you get 1500 EXP POINTS and 1500 NP(easy huh? no need to fight at all). Also she gives you the KEY to get into the next level. Where we are headed now. When you leave her, it doesn't matter whether you battle or not, it is your choice(I do though). After you get out of Kal Panning switch back to SNEAKING.


After you leave Kal Panning head over to the TWO RINGS CAVE and talk to the GUARD. You must tell him you have the KEY to Enter. Now you can switch back to HUNTING mode.


The monsters here are heavy hitters also, so just take your time and use your potions wisely. You will need to reach level 48 or 49 before you go any farther, since the only way out is to DIE and you are not going to do that, so level up and spend those SKILL POINTS on 47 = Shock Weapons/7, 48 = Disable/7, 49 = Fortitude/7and 50 = Shockwave/7..

Now lets FINISH this.......


Once again, you face draining monsters, but they will drop the strongest healing potion there is in this whole game(Spirit Healing Potion). They drop them slowly, so I try to already be at LEVEL 50 and to have at least 10 of them. Be very CAREFUL about passing the water without being at level 50 because I have gotten monsters after that, but in one game I did NOT get any monsters after the water. If you at level 50 lets go kick some Jahbal hiney and get your "HARD EARNED" trophy.

***BIG BOSS***

(NOTE: Not last if on EVIL or INSANE!!!!!! You will have 1 more on Evil Mode and 2 more on Insane Mode)


Alright, if you haven't went upstairs yet, go now. Move through the maze of water, then hurry on through the area of pillars. You should see some red carpet now, at the end of the carpet is where the BIG BOSS is finally located. Check your life and make dure you are at FULL HEALTH, since he is at level 50 and has 700 hit points. He can cast fire and ice, stun you for up to 3 rounds. He can also cast poison, which can hit you for 50 hp for up to three rounds, drain you of life, and heal himself. Please keep an eye on your HIT POINTS and keep them above 150 in case he stuns you. You can now use your POTIONS FREELY (NORMAL MODE ONLY), since you will have no more use for them after him. JAHBAL should be dead by now and you will see a clip of you defeating him. You will get a trophy, 5000 NP and 5000 EXP POINTS.


Are you ready for the next level?????? (HEE HEE!!!!!!) If not, I am starting a guide for NEOQUEST 2. The link for the NQ2 Guide is located after the skills list. GOOD LUCK on your next Quest. :):):):):):):)

Level 1 Shock Weapons/1 Level 1 Disable/1 Level 1 Fortitude/1 Level 1 Shockwave/1
Level 1 Life Weapons/1 Level 1 Field Medic/1 Level 1 Lifesteal/1 Level 2 Spectral Weapons/1
Level 3 Evasion/1 Level 4 Absorption/1 Level 5 Reflex/1 Level 6 Shock Weapons/2
Level 7 Disable 2 Level 8 Fortitude/2 Level 9 Shockwave/2 Level 10 Life Weapons/2
Level 11 Field Medic/2 Level 12 Lifesteal/2 Level 13 Spectral Weapons/2 Level 14 Evasion/2
Level 15 Absorption/2 Level 16 Reflex/2 Level 17 Shockwave/3 Level 18 Life Weapons/3
Level 19 Disable/3 Level 20 Fortitude/3 Level 21 Shockwave/3 Level 22 Field Medic/3
Level 23 Lifesteal/3 Level 24 Spectral Weapons/3 Level 25 Evasion/3 Level 26 Absorption/3
Level 27 Reflex/3 Level 28 Shock Weapons/4 Level 29 Disable/4 Level 30 Fortitude/4
Level 31 Shockwave/4 Level 32 Life Weapons/4 Level 33 Field Medic/4 Level 34 Lifesteal/4
Level 35 Shock Weapons/5 Level 36 Disable/5 Level 37 Fortitude/5 Level 38 Shockwave/5
Level 39 Life Weapons/5 Level 40 Field Medic/5 Level 41 Lifesteal/5 Level 42 Shock Weapons/6
Level 43 Disable/6 Level 44 Fortitude/6 Level 45 Shockwave/6 Level 46 Life Weapons/6
Level 47 Shock Weapons/7 Level 48 Disable/7 Level 49 Fortitude/7 Level 50 Shockwave/7

These are the awards this page has recieved so far...

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