Welcome to Raindrops! My name is Beatriz and I own this site (oh, really?). I've decided to open this site because I was making layouts for people but they didn't have how to see my work or a place to request things in general. I have been doing layouts and buttons on neopets for a really long time and mostly I am really proud of my work. I hope everyone likes the stuff I do. :)

About me

My name is Beatriz (Bea) and I am a 16yo brazilian girl. I first started doing design related stuff when I was 8/9 years old, it all started here on neopets. I kinda love and hate making graphics but I always make them on my free time. I am a little enthusiastic about k-pop... My favorite groups are Blackpink, SNSD and Red Velvet. I really like a band called Day6 (they're amazing pls listen to their music) and two solos, Luhan (CH) and Ailee. I am kinda akward and I make many jokes about myself because I'm trash so... If we talk just keep that in mind, those are just jokes -or maybe not-.


1. Please leave the credits in everything I make.

2. You can copy my codes on the source code. No need to credit for that. It isn't my property.

3. Layouts are usually done really fast but buttons... not really.

4. I only do neopets themed buttons and layouts.

5. Be specific in what you want.

6. Neomail me only once.

7. If you have a colour palette in mind please warn me about it.

8. Yes, I do buttons for userlookups, guilds, petpages and even shops.

9. Thank you for reading. Now you can proceed to the request section.


I don't have time to do any of this. The petpage is now closed.
  • To request a layout just fill the form below and send it to my neomail.

  • To request a button just fill the form below and send it to my neomail.

  • Mark with a X what you want and I'll see what I can do.

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