June 29, 2016:
All right. So I'm back...ish...for now. My interest in Neo is severely waning. And WoW, which is my other obsession, has an expansion coming out next month, so it's going to be hard to keep coming back here. I don't have any new content. Sorry. I'll work on some in the next few days. But I do have a new layout, and some new affiliates and a new lister. And a couple shiny new buttons (courtesy of one such affiliate). Oh, and I've got a functioning hover code again. (Courtesy of another affiliate.) I guess that's it for now. Neomail me if you have anything you'd like to see me work with (a specific background, theme, whatever, I'm open to anything).

I'll delete all the old updates next time I'm in here. We're up to two months old, so they need to go, but I don't want to clear out everything so it's empty. So they'll stay for a little while longer.

+1 Lister:

+3 Affiliates:

+2 New Buttons (Courtesy of Queen Graphics):

New layout is going to take a bit to get up and running, so please bear with me. May be a bit half-and-half 'til tomorrow.

June 15, 2016:
Sorry, guys. I've been laid up in bed for the past week, unable to even be on the computer for very long. I apparently didn't put up some of the new Faerieland graphics on their appropriate pages, so I'll work on that here in a second. I also need to redo the Faerieland Welcome Sign (which I completely forgot about, oops!) and re-redo the team signs with the correct image. And I may end up redoing that avatar, too. Other than that, just going to do a little clean up (some of my divs are a bit wonkily sized, so I want to fix that, stuff like that). Once that's done, I'll start on a site layout for July. Probably not today, though.

June 9, 2016:
Finishing up the last of the Faerieland revamps today.



Tiled Background:


Guild Layout:

And if I feel super motivated/bored, I'll redo the signs tonight, as well. We shall see. If not, shouldn't be more than a day or two. And since they've already been redone once, it's not that big of a deal to me.

June 8, 2016:
Got all of the guild layouts and a large chunk of user lookups downloaded yesterday. Just need to finish up the lookups and then do shop/gallery layouts and then I can finish up Faerieland revamps. I couldn't find the image I was looking for when I did the shield, so that's going to have to be redone. I didn't like it as soon as I finished it, but I used it as a placeholder for now. So it will be changing soon. I've already cleaned up the image I needed in the first place, so it won't take long to slap together. I should really redo the signs using the same newly-found image, but we'll see how ambitious I feel after I finish up everything else. =/

EDIT: User Lookups have all been downloaded. Now onto Shop Layouts and then onto the fixing of Faerieland. I know it may not seem like this was necessary, but if I ever need to change anything in the future (and I will, because there's about four different "credits" strewn around my graphics and I need to make them all cohesive someday), I'll need the bases to start from. So, basically, this is facilitating future endeavors as well. Thank you for your patience.

EDIT REDUX: I think I have everything downloaded except Mood Indicators, which will definitely keep for another few days. I've gotten most of the graphics for the layouts knocked out, so I just need to fix the codes now. I also already re-did the shield I mentioned, and I think I will redo the team signs again, after I'm done with everything else. And that should be everything I think? I'll take stock one more time after the layout recoding, just to be sure.

June 7, 2016:
Downloading the tiled backgrounds was a bit more of a time consuming project than I expected yesterday, and I also ended up having to do a lot of extra stuff around the farm, so I got next to nothing done. I told you this was going to take some time. I'll see what I can get done today, but, as always, no promises. Oh, I also managed to get petpages downloaded. Hooray.

June 6, 2016:
It rained cats and dogs here yesterday, which of course meant my internet was even slower/more intermittent than usual. So I didn't get as much done as I wanted to/hoped I would. I'm going to hit it again hard today. I've downloaded most of my stuff back onto my computer, so that should help matters some. I got everything I listed yesterday done, but I didn't have time to get previews up, so I'll do that in a second here. I also got ALL the signs done. I think that just leaves the tiled background, and all the big stuff (petpage, guild layout, user lookup, shop layout), which is going to take me a bit again, because those are the things I didn't get to download yet. Overall, relatively productive day yesterday.


Pet Lookup:



Signs still need to be uploaded, so give me a bit on those. Then I can start on new stuff. And of course these can all be found on the appropriate pages. I'm too lazy to link today. =/

400x80 Shield Sign:

400x80 Team Sign:

600x120 Shield Sign:

600x120 Team Sign:


June 5, 2016:
Goal for today is to work on fixing some of the older AC graphics to feature Faerieland's "new" colors, without making them stand out too much from the rest of them, and without having to redo everything. This process also means I'll be "downloading" my own graphics as I go, since I lost everything when my external hard drive crashed. So, this is going to take some time.

Done so far:

Corner Background:


Next up (in order, hopefully): Shield, Pet Lookup, Glitter, Avatar.

June 4, 2016:
Got home way later from the doctor than I expected yesterday, so while I finished everything I wanted to, I didn't have time to put stuff up. So that's what I'm doing this morning. Or, rather, have already done. Look at me being productive. You can now find blogs and dynamic banners for every Altador Cup team on their respective pages.

+18 Altador Cup Blogs:

+18 Altador Cup (Dynamic) Banners

June 2, 2016:
Got all the new pages up. Working on making all the old ones link to the new ones. And I'm not quite sure what's going on with my header. Will investigate that in a bit as well. I'm going to try to get some stuff up tonight once I finish fixing all the navigation, but no promises. I have a doctor's appointment that requires me to be up ungodly early in the morning, so I may just crash when I can.

EDIT: Seems the image host I use for larger images arbitrarily deletes them on ocassion, so I had to reupload the header and now I'm hopping across my accounts to implement the new code. What a pain. *Grumble.* I'm gonna finish working on some stuff tonight (once I'm done with this fix) and hopefully do a fairly large update tomorrow. Stay tuned.

June 1, 2016:
As promised, the beginning of a new month means a new layout. I'm especially proud of this one, so I hope you guys like it. I'll be hopping between accounts to put this up, and then if I have time later, I'll come back and add some new content, as well. If not, I may postpone that for a day or two.

+New Site Layout

I'm also proud to announce that I now have eight, yes, EIGHT, new affiliates. It's so nice to see the site community making a comeback.

+8 Affiliates

And three new directories have listed me, too!

+3 Listers

I've got quite a few things in the works for the next few days/weeks/months, so be sure to check back often! Thanks for visiting.

EDIT: I appear to have lost access to one of the accounts that hosts some of (read: the most) pages of this site. So the content is still available right now, but I can't add to it or change it. When the account created to take its place is 24 hours old (sometime tomorrow evening NST), I will finish putting up the new layout on those pages, fix the navigation to reflect the move, and also add some new content. If you have any of the sub-pages (in other words, not this one) bookmarked, please be sure to check the links tomorrow to make sure you're still linking to the "active" page. As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.

May 29, 2016:
Disappeared again for a bit. Sorry about that, folks. Dealing with a lot of stuff in real life, including more computer issues. This has definitely not been my year thus far. And without being able to figure out my hover codes again, I haven't been very motivated to update. For now, standard drag and drop will have to do. Sorry about that. =/

Anywho, I'm back, and I've managed to gather a few things for one of my famous random theme days. Today's theme is...KADOATIES! That's right, all sorts of graphics featuring those adorable, mewling, annoying little creatures. ;)

+4 Dividers:

+4 Glitters:

+2 Shields:

+2 Corner Backgrounds:

+1 User Lookup:

As always, a new layout will go up on the first of the month, should I get motivated enough to implement it. It's already all coded, so at least there's that. And I should have a couple other things up my sleeve for the next couple weeks, as well.

Also, cleared out most of the old updates. The last one will disappear when I update with the new layout. (As I like to keep them for a month.)

I think that's everything I wanted to say. I promise not to be gone so long in the future. Finally getting some of my motivation to work on stuff back. In fact, I've already got some stuff in the works. ;)

Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds can be used on lookups, shops, petpages, pet lookups, and guilds.

Note: Some of these are not actual size, so if they look stretched or shrunken, they probably are. Standard drag and drop procedure will show you the actual image.

Quick Jump:

Altador Cup Corner Backgrounds

Use these corner backgrounds to show off your team spirit.

Faerieland (New Colors):
Haunted Woods:
Kiko Lake:
Krawk Island:
Lost Desert:
Mystery Island:
Roo Island:
Terror Mountain:

Character Corner Backgrounds

Your favorite Neopian characters are highlighted in these corner backgrounds.


Faerie Corner Backgrounds

These corner backgrounds feature Neopia's favorite faeries.

Air Faerie:
Dark Faerie:
Earth Faerie:
Fire Faerie:
Light Faerie:
Water Faerie:
Snow Faerie:
Space Faerie:
Tooth Faerie:
Battle Faerie:
Negg Faerie:
Library Faerie:
Fountain Faerie:
Soup Faerie:
Grey Faerie:
Fyora Staff:
Chibi Fyora:
Graceful Fyora:

Petpet Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds feature different kinds of petpets.

Island Niptor:
Mutant Niptor:
Tyrannian Snarhook:
Tyrannian Slorg:

Pet Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds feature certain species of pets.

Baby Acara:
Rainbow Acara:
Royalgirl Acara:
Zombie Acara:
Christmas Aisha:
Woodland Aisha:
Alien Aisha:
Darigan Blumaroo:
Halloween Blumaroo:
Custard Bori:
Jelly Bori:
8-Bit Bruce:
Faerie Bruce:
Halloween Bruce:
Plushie Bruce:
Rainbow Bruce:
Strawberry Bruce:
Maraquan Buzz:
Zombie Buzz:
Asparagus Chia:
Pineapple Chia:
Plum Chia:
Tomato Chia:
Baby Chomby:
Christmas Chomby:
Eventide Chomby:
Island Chomby:
Mutant Chomby:
Baby Cybunny:
Disco Cybunny:
Ghost Cybunny:
Zombie Cybunny:
Maractite Draik:
Maraquan Draik:
Royal Girl Elephante:
Transparent Elephante:
Desert Eyrie:
Plushie Eyrie:
Camouflage Flotsam:
Royal Girl Flotsam:
Halloween Flotsam:
Magma Gelert:
Tyrannian Gelert:
Christmas Gnorbu:
Pirate Gnorbu:
Tyrannian Gnorbu:
Camouflage Grarrl:
Snot Grarrl:
Darigan Grundo:
Faerie Grundo:
Plushie Hissi:
Robot Hissi:
Halloween Hissi:
Baby Ixi
Biscuit Ixi:
Christmas Ixi:
Maraquan Ixi:
Zombie Ixi:
Chocolate Jetsam:
Eventide Jetsam:
Mutant Jetsam:
Garlic Jubjub:
Island Jubjub:
Disco Kacheek:
Jelly Kacheek:
Camouflage Kau:
Faerie Kau:
Zombie Kau:
Electric Kiko:
Strawberry Kiko:
Darigan Koi:
Spotted Koi:
Fire Korbat:
Magma Korbat:
Chocolate Kougra:
Plushie Kougra:
Speckled Krawk:
Zombie Krawk:
Halloween Kyrii:
Island Kyrii:
Pirate Lenny:
Royal Boy Lenny:
Halloween Lupe:
Spotted Lupe:
Disco Lutari:
Island Lutari:
Camouflage Meerca:
Faerie Meerca
Desert Moehog:
Pirate Moehog:
Jelly Mynci:
Plushie Mynci:
Disco Nimmo:
Faerie Nimmo:
Island Ogrin:
Pirate Ogrin:
Mutant Ogrin:
Christmas Peophin:
Darigan Peophin:
Faerie Peophin:
Plushie Poogle:
Tyrannian Poogle:
Robot Poogle:
Plushie Pteri:
Woodland Pteri:
Christmas Quiggle:
Sponge Quiggle:
Island Ruki:
Maraquan Ruki:
Chocolate Scorchio:
Speckled Scorchio:
8-Bit Scorchio:
Darigan Shoyru:
Maraquan Shoyru:
Faerie Skeith:
Royalboy Skeith:
Camouflage Techo:
Magma Techo:
Darigan Tonu:
Ghost Tonu:
Christmas Tuskaninny:
Spotted Tuskaninny:
Royal Girl Uni:
Tyrannian Uni:
Halloween Uni:
Ghost Usul:
Maractite Usul:
Christmas Vandagyre:
Baby Vandagyre:
Biscuit Wocky:
Chocolate Wocky:
Transparent Wocky:
Desert Xweetok:
Speckled Xweetok:
Pink Xweetok:
Halloween Yurble:
Plushie Yurble:
Snow Yurble:
Strawberry Yurble:
Island Zafara:
Pirate Zafara:
Halloween Zafara:

Random Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds are all random themes.

Corrupted Air Faerie:
Corrupted Earth Faerie:
Corrupted Fire Faerie:
Corrupted Light Faerie:
Corrupted Water Faerie:
Faerie Conspirator:
Faerie Renegade:
Goth Usul:
Bumble Beams:
Wheeler's Wild Ride:
Hasee Bounce:
Turmac Roll:
Lab Scientist:
Petpet Lab Scientist:
Scorchio / Grill:
Wocky / Cake:
Kacheek / Achyfi:
Skeith / Pizza:
Grarrl / Soup:
Kougra / D-fruit:
Kau / Grill:
Musical Lutari Grundo:
Musical Royalgirl Zafara:
Musical Rainbow Poogle:
Green Yurble Astronaut:
Blue Grundo Astronaut:
Starry Quiggle / Telescope:

Seasonal Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds are all based on seasons/holidays.

Lenny / Happy Birthday Banner:
Faerie Peophin / Gifts:
Lupe / Presents:
Faellie / Confetti:
Wocky / Confetti:
New Year Bruce:
New Year Jubjub:
New Year Quiggle:
Valentine Polarchuck:
Valentine Mynci
Valentine Bori:
Cupid Elephante:
Valentine Chomby:
Leprechaun Skeith:
Cybunny / Flowers:
Illusen / Flowers:
Ixi / Flowers:
Beekadoodle / Flower:
Buzzer / Flowers:
Negg Faerie:
Cybunny / Easter Negg:
Relaxing Ruki:
Krawk / Ice Cream:
Snuffly / Beach:
Purple Ixi / Leaves
Acara / Leaves
Gobbler / Leaves:
Meowclops / Leaves
Camo Kougra / Leaves
Zomutt / Candy:
Halloween Snorkle / Pumpkin:
Halloween Angelpuss:
Frankenpets: (Halloween Tonu/ Kacheek/ Harris/ Warf)
Winter Cybunny / Cocoa
Usul / Snow:
Skiing Usul:
Slorg / Snowflake
Jubjub / Ice Skates:
Brown Wocky / Snowy Window
White Kau / Snow:
Christmas Kacheek / Snow:
Snowbunny / Mug:
Candychan / Candy Cane:
Gingerbread Cadro / Candy Cane:
Angelpuss / Stocking:
Christmas Usul / Presents
Flotsam / Christmas Tree:
Baby Kyrii / Candy Cane/ Holly
Jubjub / Christmas Tree:
Caroling Usul:

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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
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