February 23, 2019:

So, as they say, when it rains, it pours. I went from having aggravated carpal tunnel, to having a chest cold, to having a stomach bug, all over the course of like two weeks. That means site work has been non existent because it's a bit too labor intensive when I'm not feeling my best. I have the bare bones of the March layout done but it steal needs a LOT of work so that's today's project, once I get through with this update.

+5 Glitters:

I also still need to get February's random theme day finished. That's project number three today.

February 14, 2019 - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!:

Sorry for the radio silence, guys. Unfortunately, the carpal tunnel had to get way worse before it got better. But I think I'm on the mend now, and despite being super sickly, here I am with an update. Unfortunately, this is gonna mostly clear me out for stuff I'd already had done, so you're gonna have to bear with me for a bit longer while I get some new stuff cranked out.

I also haven't even STARTED on a March layout yet, and since we're now officially halfway through the month of February, I need to get that done, ASAP. So that's gonna be first priority today. After the update, of course. So, without further ado, I present to you, Winter/Valentine's Day Graphics Dump 2019:

+2 Blogs:

+2 User Lookups:

Okay, I think that about catches me up. I still have a few Valentine's layouts I was working on before the CTS attacked, so I may put them up later this month, or I may hold off and save some stuff for next year and take the time to get a head start on stuff for March and beyond (and I still need to finish up February's random theme day, as well, I haven't forgotten!), which, in all honesty, is probably what will end up happening.

February 4, 2019:

Carpal tunnel is bothering me something fierce the past couple of days, so short preamble and a quick update and then bed.

Rounding out the Enchanted Hearts Front Porch collection of Pet Pages today.

+1 Pet Page:

February 3, 2019:

Was a bit more productive today. I got a whole layout graphicked and coded from scratch. Which is pretty crazy on a weekend day when the boyfriend isn't on duty. So, since it's done (screenshotted/thumbnailed and everything!), I should let you guys have it, I guess. :P

+1 User Lookup:

February 2, 2019:

After my update yesterday, I had some problems with my image host, to the point that I was about ready to close the site. But I've worked out a solution for now, so crisis temporarily averted. But in the meantime, my desire to do anything was less than nothing. Good thing I've had a stockpile of stuff to pull from. I did get a bunch of Glitters done today.

Anyhow. Rounding out Winter Roses today because I feel like my mood today is purple.

+1 Pet Page:

February 1, 2019:

Finally got rid of all the December updates, so that cleared up a whopping 130+k characters, so that's a load off my browser now. From here on out, it'll be the normal process of clearing out month-old updates every time I update. (I'd like to keep up the daily updating trend but no idea how long that's going to hold for.)

New layout should be up and functional across the board now. I struggled with it for the better part of the month. So I hope it was worth it. =/

No real update today. I'm gonna use the first of the month for to-do list updating and layout changes since I'm releasing new stuff literally every other day in the month. And I'll also use it to catch up on a backlog of things I've got going on behind the scenes. ;)

To-Do List (In Order of Least to Most Important, Which Hopefully Means "In Order of Completion"):
  • Update Graphic Count.
  • Reconfigure/Move Pages for Site Sustainability (and OCD Purposes).
  • Organize Dividers Page.
  • Reorganize Pet Lookups Page.
  • Reorganize Random Corner BGs and Glitters. (Maybe Make Some New Categories.)
  • February Site Layout.
  • Fix "Tree of Hearts" User Lookup.
  • January Random Theme Day.
  • More CSS Palettes and Layouts (Including Translating Existing User Lookups into Pet Lookups, Pet Pages, and Shop & Gallery Layouts). -- In Progress.
  • February Random Theme Day. -- In Progress.
  • Update Older Corner BGs. -- In Progress.
  • More User Lookups. -- In Progress.
  • More Pet Pages. -- In Progress.
  • Even More Guild Layouts. -- In Progress.
  • More Blogs. -- In Progress.
  • March Site Layout.
  • March Random Theme Day.
  • More Banners.
  • More Shields.
  • More Signs.
  • More Resources.
  • Faerie Pet Lookups.
  • More "Color & Species" Pet Lookups.
  • More Species Pet Lookups and Pet Pages.
  • Unify Credits. -- In Progress. -- Long Term Goal.

Have something you think should be added to my ever-growing to-do list, a suggestion for an image you'd like to see me use for my upcoming project, a CSS color palette suggestion, or just a general comment or question? Feel free to Neomail me! :D

As you can see, I have a lot of things in the works, so having one day off a month to get things sorted is kind of a necessity. ;P

January 31, 2019:

Updating relatively early today so I can try to get a move on with swapping the layout over for tomorrow. I swear, sometimes it feels like figuring out what to release for the day takes more time than coding the actual update.

I still need a Beta Graphics Tester, guys. Please, please, please? Help a sister out so she doesn't have to keep bugging her friends with 27 different versions of a layout to make sure it doesn't make people's eyes bleed?

Think I'll round out the Tree of Hearts selection of User Lookups today, get that squared away. I saved it for last because it's not very impressive, but that's more TNT's fault than my own. ;)

+1 User Lookup:

January 30, 2019:

Didn't have internet for like half the day today. Felt like doing nothing while it was out, so that's exactly what happened. Worked on a couple of problems for people when I got it back. Then I had work to do. Etc. etc. etc. Now I'm pressed for time, so this is gonna be a quick update. New layout goes up on Friday. Stay tuned.

+1 Pet Page:

January 29, 2019:

I THINK I've finally figured out a decent solution to my February layout situation. I went back and forth on this layout probably more than any layout I have ever made in my LIFE. (And just from looking around here, you know I've made quite a few. O_O ) This is why I need a Beta Graphic Tester, folks. Just think about how satisfying it would be to crush my hopes and dreams by telling me my layout sucks. 0:-) So anyway, I think that's now ready to go up on Friday.

I've gathered a whole bunch of images so I can finish up the revamp of the Seasonal Corner Backgrounds over the course of the next week or so. (Still need a little time to work on actual new stuff. -.- ) And I did gather a few extra images to do some new ones, as well. So those will go up after everything else is said and done.

We're expecting up to another 15" of snow between today and tomorrow morning, so again I warn that I may disappear because my internet/power has gone out. (Which is why I grabbed all the images, just in case.)

So I inadvertently had an Orange Dyeworks Valentine's theme thing going for the past two days, so I figured, why not make it a trifecta? (I generally try not to do that but I've been so pressed for time these past few days that I didn't think to check first. So why not just lean in to it?) So if orange is your thing, this is your lucky week. ;)

+1 Blog:

January 28, 2019:

Boyfriend ran out to the store for some things he needs for a unit thing tomorrow, so I had a little time to work on today's update before he went to bed for a change. :P

I also found another tiny little snag in the Pet Pages page's coding last night, so that's been taken care of now.

+1 Pet Page:

January 27, 2019:

Got all the Seasonal Corner Backgrounds that I finished up yesterday uploaded and swapped out before I went to bed, so that was a load off my mind. The Spring and Summer ones are next, but probably won't get started until Tuesday at the earliest. Boyfriend is still off work tomorrow, but he goes back on Tuesday, so my days will be freer after that. Then I can really start cranking out some new stuff. I did get a bunch of Dividers done for the February Random Theme Day, so I wasn't completely lazy and unproductive today, at least. :P

I've also added a few things and moved some other things around and whatnot on the to-do list (which is buried under almost a month of updates right now but will be moved back up to the top on February 1st). So, as you can see, I've got no shortage of stuff to do.

And last but not least, I STILL don't have a new graphics beta tester, so do hit me up if you're looking to help me out. *Puppy dog eyes.*

+1 User Lookup:

January 26, 2019:

Just a couple of quick things today.

I'm in the process of wrapping up the last of the Birthday/New Years Seasonal Corner Backgrounds, and then they can get uploaded and swapped. Probably first thing tomorrow morning.

I had a minor hiccup with the Black Snow Covered Flowers User Lookup, so that's been fixed.

Finally got the navigation coded for the February layout, so now that's almost completely done (it's been mostly done since the first week of January but I back burnered it because I wasn't sure how I felt about it -.-). Just have to tweak a few more colors and make a counter now that my host is working again.

I think that's everything. So have an update!

+1 Pet Page:

January 25, 2019:

I did manage to get all the Valentine Seasonal Corner Backgrounds finished, uploaded, and swapped out before bed last night. So those are good to go. Next to be done will be the New Years/Birthday ones over the course of the next few days.

Boyfriend has a long weekend off to make up for having to work a long weekend last week, so updates will be later and shorter so I can spend some much needed quality time with my man.

And since love is on my mind, I suppose I'll get back to doing a few Valentine-inspired updates.

I recoded the Valentine Window blog a while back. Because as has been the case lately, I did all the Dyeworks versions, as well. As can be seen below. I think the blue is just lovely, so we'll start with that one.

+1 Blog:

January 24, 2019:

Well my image host decided to mess with me today for the first time in the year it's been since I reorganized all my albums to be alphabetical so it's easier to find things (thank you, OCD) and in the twelve hours since I'd been in there last, so I had to go back and move everything around again, which took up a large chunk of my morning. :K But it's done for now and I can focus on more pleasant, productive things, like updating. Did I really just call updating "pleasant"? Good heavens...

At any rate. I grabbed the Valentine images last night before bed, so I'll be working on those Corner Backgrounds later this evening. I hope to have them done and uploaded and swapped before bed tonight. But my motivation level is just about non-existent today, so they may wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, y'all can have this.

+1 Blog:

January 23, 2019:

Uploaded all the newly rejigged Corner Backgrounds to the image host last night before bed. All 96 of them. My goal today is to get them up in batches here as soon as I'm done releasing today's actual update, then finish the other 21. And then I need to work on some more new stuff. (And code the navigation for the February site layout before I forget, AGAIN! -.-) I've got a few more Winter/Valentines things in the pipe, but I think we'll move on to something different for a few days first.

+1 Banner:

EDIT: All the Pet Corner Backgrounds should now be proportionate to one another, as I just finished putting up the last of them. (I didn't feel the need to put them in the updates because I'm not really "adding" anything.) I'm going to work on the Seasonal ones next, primarily the Valentine ones as that particular day is rapidly approaching, and I know they're some of the worst offenders. So stay tuned for those later in the week.

January 21-22, 2019:

So looks like the whole "not having internet for hours at a clip" prediction I made was correct. Four hours with little to nothing on Saturday, and absolutely nothing from 8 a.m. Sunday through Monday and into today. The good news is I planned well and had lots to keep me busy. The bad news is it means nothing really exciting is happening here. I got the twenty "immediate" necessities in the Corner Background Overhaul Project done. And I've started on some of the more "fun" colors of the "eventual" batch. (Stuff I do different things with, like Baby, Chocolate, and Jelly, or really colorful palettes, like Disco, Faerie, and Christmas.) Then I went through and did the ones that had the largest number. (Island had six; Pirate, Darigan, Plushie, and Maraquan all had five, etc. so I was just left with a few random outliers.) I don't wanna burn myself out too much on this project, so I'm just kind of taking it easy. (I've also had one blue screen of death and about 57 graphics program crashes over the course of three days. :K) But even so, I'm already more than halfway done.

The plan is that when all is said and done, all of these backgrounds will have relatively the same dimensions (relative because of cropping and whatnot, which is fine, because then at least they're not entirely cookie-cutter). Before, I had some that were 200x200 pixels, some that were 300x300 pixels (those are all in the first batch of redos), some that were 400x400 pixels (those are all the second batch) and then the most recent ones I've done over the last couple of years are all 500x500 pixels, which is where I think the "sweet spot" is (these dimensions are all pre-crop). So there was a lot of discrepancy between the different variations. That's what I'm hoping to rectify. The Pets section was the largest culprit, so those are the ones I've started on first. I'll have to sort through the rest and see what needs to be culled from the herd after this part is done. Next up will probably be the Seasonals. I think there's some 200x200s in there, as well. (In addition to a few that are woefully in need of an update, either due to being out of the current style I'm using or because I messed them up somehow in the first place, and a fair few just need a bit of cropping. But not because I was too lazy to do it when I made them, or anything. *Shifty eyes.*)

Anyway. I owe you guys an update, right? (A real one, not just a bunch of rambling. :P) Right! For ease of updating sake, let's do...

+2 User Lookups:

January 20, 2019:

Catch up weekend continues with this bunch of CSS Pet Pages.

+10 Pet Pages:

And I'd also like to announce a new affiliate, Custom Shields! :D

+1 Affiliate:

January 19, 2019:

All right, folks. Catch up weekend is upon us. Let's get right to it, shall we? The long rambles get a bit old, I'm sure

+10 Shop/Gallery Layouts:

January 18, 2019:

First of all, I'd like to take a moment to say that my counter finally started working again today, so that has given me much joy. *Applauds.*

I spent today incorporating all the new CSS Shop & Gallery Layouts into their respective petpage, so that's done and can be released tomorrow, weather permitting. I also got a "request" from a dear friend, so I may be adding two new CSS palettes in the next few days, as well. The Pet Pages will have to wait to be incoporated until tomorrow because I still haven't recovered from the initial coding of them yet. :P

I've been slowly chipping away at the Corner Background overhauls today. Don't wanna do too many and leave myself with nothing to do if I don't have power and/or internet for hours, or days. :o

Anyhow, I suppose you came here looking for something new, huh? Let's see what I can dig up. *Rustles through my bag o' tricks.* How about...?

+1 User Lookup:

January 17, 2019:

I finally nailed together those ten CSS Pet Pages I'd been procrastinating. They're all screenshotted and ready to be put up at some point this weekend, weather permitting. I had a rough day, and a rougher evening, and I don't even want to think about fighting with my internet to load any of the layout pages, so I'm going to cheap out again.

+1 Blog:

I got started on a few of the corner background overhauls, as well. So pretty productive day, all things considered.

January 16, 2019:

Did a little bit of site maintenance this morning. Cleaned up a few codes and whatnot. I also replaced ALL of the Neoquest Corner Backgrounds (which can be found here and here) with their new versions (as the old ones were VERY old {some of my first ever, in fact} and in need of spiffing up). I've got a few others on the list to be redone (20 is the number on the immediate list, but there's another 97 waiting for those to be finished), so those will be happening throughout the rest of the week (the weekend at the very latest). (I'm grabbing images for them as I type this.) The old ones will remain on my image host, because I'm too lazy to take hours to scan hundreds of images to delete the ones I'm redoing, so if you're oddly attached to one you're currently using, feel free to continue to do so. :)

I also made a slight tweak to the Ornate Valentine User Lookup. Something that would have bothered my OCD for years (or until my brain got so bogged down with other things that I forgot about it), so that's been rejigged a bit. I also relocated it on the page, for reasons that will become clear in a few weeks, I hope. :P

I'm still looking for my new Graphic Beta Tester. Any help someone can give me is always appreciated. My eyes aren't what they used to be, so having a second pair to look at things is NEVER a bad thing and ALWAYS helpful.

I had an idea for February's random theme day today, so I need to start getting things ready for that soon. Probably after I finish these CSS Petpages I've been procrastinating for days now. Maybe I should do something else first...

+1 User Lookup:

Now it's off to collect some more images. We're expecting at least a foot and a half of snow on Saturday, so I'm expecting to have little to no internet for a while. If I miss a day (or two or three) updating, I promise I'll catch up when I get back. Until then, I'll need things to keep me busy.

January 15, 2019:

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, and as such, I thought I should throw some new stuff around sooner, rather than later. So, away, we go.

+1 Pet Page:

Also, just as a heads up, I've been leaving spaces where I know I'm going to be adding a layout in the near future, to avoid have to recode tables 842 times, so just call it laziness for now, but I have all the associated layouts done and ready to go at any given time, so we will fill in all the holes, eventually. :)

January 14, 2019:

In case anyone is curious, I am still looking for a Graphic Beta Tester. Information can be found in January 11th's update. Now that that's over with...The CSS Shop & Gallery Layouts didn't take me as long to finagle as I thought they would, so they're done and waiting for me to upload and whatnot, probably over the weekend again. But don't worry, I still have a surplus of things to release between now and then.

+1 User Lookup:

January 13, 2019:

So we may be looking at post-midnight EST updates for the foreseeable future. I fixed some stuff at around lunch time on the CSS User Lookups page and have been trying to update it to no avail ever since. And it's one of my smallest pages, character wise, so that's not the problem. Anyhow, as promised, I've got some stuff to compensate. I'd like to continue working on getting these palettes translated into Pet Pages and Shop & Gallery Layouts over the next couple of days to clear that off the to-do list. So expect some more cop-outs on the daily releases until then. Boyfriend has to work all next weekend, so I'll have plenty of time to catch up on things and maybe, hopefully, even get ahead a little. Anyhow. NEW STUFF!

+10 Pet Lookups:

January 12, 2019:

So I've been cheaping out on the daily updates because of my uncooperative internet lately, so I decided to make up for lost time this weekend. And I'm starting with a random theme day. So without further ado, I present Float Like a Carmariller, Sting Like a Buzzer. ;)

+4 Dividers:

+3 Pet Pages:

+2 Pet Lookups:

+2 User Lookups:

+2 Shop/Gallery Layouts:

+2 Corner Backgrounds:

Also had a slight hiccup in the navigation coding from the rearranging I did at the beginning of the month, so that's been fixed.

January 11, 2019:

In coding the layout for today's update, I've decided that I definitely need a new graphic beta tester (or two or ten *shifty eyes*). I know, you're now asking yourself, "WHAT on Neopia is a graphic beta tester?" Well, I'm glad I asked that question. You see, even my supergenius creative mind (she says, humbly) sometimes can't think of how to make a layout work better, or decide between two options, or maybe I missed something (why are there blank spaces, or look how pixelated that image is, etc.), or I can't tell how something is going to look in a different browser or resolution than I'm able to test in. That's where the graphic beta tester (GBT for short) would come in. So, take today, for instance. This layout I'm about to reveal had two options. Option one involved some pretty little cherry blossoms falling off the tree image behind the stats box, with the tree being overlaid by said box. Option two had the tree overlaying the stats box (just slightly, nothing crazy), but had to eliminate the cherry blossoms so as not to interfere with the maneuverability of the box (being able to scroll, click, etc.). I couldn't decide which one worked better, so that's where a GBT would have come in. (In the end I opted to go with option one just because of ease of access purposes.) I've had a few GBTs over the years, both voluntary and those who just sort of fell into the role by being friends with me (comes with the territory, sorry, not sorry :P). Now, I apologize, but in order to be a GBT, you WILL have to fight through reCAPTCHAs on occasion (I do code both User and Pet Lookups pretty frequently, unfortunately), but you can blame TNT for that one. I'd get rid of them if I could. Anyhow, if anyone feels like they might be up for such a job (as a bonus, you get the first peek at EVERY new layout that goes up, including site layouts ;) ), please Neomail me. It's also a pre-requisite that you can't be afraid to hurt my feelings. Sometimes I really do just need to scrap something and start over from scratch. Anyhow. Enough rambling. There's actually an update today, I swear.

+1 User Lookup:

January 10, 2019:

Another super busy day today, interspersed with lousy internet. So I'm going to be super cheap and lazy today and just give y'all something small to tide you over. I'll release a few things over the weekend to compensate, if I'm able to.

+1 Blog:

January 9, 2019:

Today involved catching up on a lot of household chores, AND I had no internet for several hours this morning, so I couldn't work on today's update when I normally would have. Hence, it's late again. Anyhow, better late than never, right? RIGHT?! *Shifty eyes.*

+1 User Lookup:

January 8, 2019:

I had a lot of work to do in the real world today, and will have even more tomorrow (if I live that long, ugh), so it's another late update today. Sorry about that. (At least this one is significantly earlier than last night. :P) Advent Calendar has been officially retired until December. That freed up over 40k characters on this page. Heh. The updates are still available below, as mentioned previously. Since I was pressed for time today, y'all can have a tiny update.

+1 Blog:

January 7, 2019:

This is another of those better-late-than-never updates, as it's already almost tomorrow here. Oops. But I've still got a little over an hour, so I'm gonna make this update count. :P

The Winter Roses Seasonal Pet Page has been revamped slightly. It's fine if you're still using the old one, it should continue to work. But the screenshot has been updated to show the new fixes. And with that, I present another Winter Roses layout!

+1 Pet Page:

I've decided to do some things with the Dyeworks items, as you can see, so look forward to more revamps so that I can make them more uniform, and more colors of more things. ^_^

Also, just a reminder (to myself, as well as everyone else :P) Advent Calendar comes down tomorrow, but the updates will remain in this here handy dandy box for the rest of the month, in case you missed anything.

January 6, 2019:

I cleaned up some old, outdated code in the Guild Layouts coding last night, and also condensed the code that was there to make it easier to add things later on. That took up the large majority of my night. Also, somehow half the User Lookups page got displaced, so that's been fixed, as well. Next up on the block is fixing one existing lookup that's messed up. (It works, but it's missing some things.)

+1 User Lookup:

EDIT: The aforementioned User Lookup (Tree of Hearts) has been recoded, and a new screenshot has been uploaded to reflect the changes. :)

January 5, 2019:

What do you guys think about my new way of doing things so far? Is it a hit or a miss to keep reusing the same image over and over again for different graphics and layouts? Do you prefer things spread out over a week, or a bunch of things released on one particular day of the week? I'd love to hear your thoughts. So why don't you Neomail me? Or you could also leave a message on my HC thread. Either way, I'd love to hear from you. (I promise I don't bite.) In the meantime, here's today's update!

+1 Guild Layout:

January 4, 2019:

Don't forget, folks. There's only a few more days to view the Advent Calendar in all its splendor before it goes away for the next eleven months. :o (BUT you'll still be able to wade through pages of updates to see everything, if you like. Those won't be cleared 'til February. I even went through and changed the links the updates take you to, to actually link to the right places now that everything's moved.) Anyhow, keeping with the New Years theme, I have another update today!

+1 Blog:

I also went through and swapped out all the Zodiac Signs yesterday for ones with actual credit on them, so if you were using one, and it no longer works, the code that's up on the page now is what you'll need. (Sorry, one of the drawbacks of the new image host is not being able to reuse filenames. :K)

January 3, 2019:

No long, boring preamble today. (Hopefully that's mostly out of my system now. :P) Just a quick update, promise.

+1 Pet Lookup:

Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds can be used on lookups, shops, petpages, pet lookups, and guilds.

Note: Most of these are not actual size, so if they look stretched or shrunken, they probably are. Standard drag and drop procedure will show you the actual image.

Quick Jump:

Altador Cup Corner Backgrounds

Use these Corner Backgrounds to show off your team spirit.

Total: 18

Faerieland (New Colors):
Haunted Woods:
Kiko Lake:
Krawk Island:
Lost Desert:
Mystery Island:
Roo Island:
Terror Mountain:

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Character Corner Backgrounds

Your favorite Neopian characters are highlighted in these Corner Backgrounds.

Total: 33
Last Added: 1/16/18

Hannah Being Chased:
Hannah / Treasure:
Amira / Pillows:
Posing Amira:
Sloth Posing:
Sloth with Sock Puppet:
Eliv Thade/Spyder:
Eliv Thade/Cloak:
King Altador:
Bruno (Transformed):
Apple Bobbing Bart:
Illusen / Flower:
Illusen / Buzzer:
Bored Jhudora:
Jhudora / Circle:
King Hagan:
King Skarl:
Commander Flint:
The Duchess:
Lanie and Lillie:
Professor Lambert:

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Faerie Corner Backgrounds

These Corner Backgrounds feature Neopia's favorite faeries.

Total: 19

Air Faerie:
Dark Faerie:
Earth Faerie:
Fire Faerie:
Light Faerie:
Water Faerie:
Snow Faerie:
Space Faerie:
Tooth Faerie:
Battle Faerie:
Negg Faerie:
Library Faerie:
Fountain Faerie:
Soup Faerie:
Grey Faerie:
Fyora Staff:
Chibi Fyora:
Graceful Fyora:

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Food and Drink Corner Backgrounds

These Corner Backgrounds feature pets eating or drinking (or the food itself, in some cases).

Total: 18
Last Added: 12/21/18

Baby Hissi Lollipop:
Baby Ogrin Lollipop:
Scorchio / Grill:
Wocky / Cake:
Kacheek / Achyfi:
Skeith / Pizza:
Grarrl / Soup:
Kougra / D-fruit:
Kau / Grill:
Chocolate Chia Bathing:
Dapper Mallow Grundo:
Chocolate Scorchio / Cookies:
Royal Girl Kyrii / Tea:
Buzz / Cupcake:
Flotsam / Bacon:
Baking Maractite Aisha:
Chokato / Hat:
Chokato / Plate:

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Game Corner Backgrounds

Neopian games are the focus of these Corner Backgrounds.

Total: 11
Last Added: 1/16/19

Bumble Beams:
Wheeler's Wild Ride:
Hasee Bounce:
Turmac Roll:
Corrupted Air Faerie:
Corrupted Earth Faerie:
Corrupted Fire Faerie:
Corrupted Light Faerie:
Corrupted Water Faerie:
Faerie Conspirator:
Faerie Renegade:

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Pet Corner Backgrounds

These Corner Backgrounds feature certain species of pets.

(Alphabetical by species, then by color.)

Total: 245
Last Added: 1/23/19

Baby Acara:
Ghost Acara:
Rainbow Acara:
Royal Girl Acara:
Wraith Acara:
Zombie Acara:
Alien Aisha:
Candy Aisha:
Christmas Aisha:
Royal Girl Aisha:
Transparent Aisha:
Woodland Aisha:
Darigan Blumaroo:
Eventide Blumaroo:
Halloween Blumaroo:
Wraith Blumaroo:
Custard Bori:
Jelly Bori:
Rainbow Bori:
8-Bit Bruce:
Faerie Bruce:
Halloween Bruce:
Plushie Bruce:
Rainbow Bruce:
Strawberry Bruce:
Maraquan Buzz:
Zombie Buzz:
Agueena Chia:
Asparagus Chia:
Carrot Chia:
Chokato Chia:
Jelly Chia:
Marble Chia:
Pineapple Chia:
Plum Chia:
Strawberry Chia:
Tomato Chia:
8-Bit Chomby:
Baby Chomby:
Christmas Chomby:
Eventide Chomby:
Halloween Chomby:
Island Chomby:
Mutant Chomby:
Pastel Chomby:
Zombie Chomby:
Baby Cybunny:
Desert Cybunny:
Dimensional Cybunny:
Disco Cybunny:
Ghost Cybunny:
Polka Dot Cybunny:
Zombie Cybunny:
Maractite Draik:
Maraquan Draik:
Halloween Elephante:
Island Elephante:
Marble Elephante:
Royal Girl Elephante:
Transparent Elephante:
Custard Eyrie:
Desert Eyrie:
Plushie Eyrie:
Snow Eyrie:
Camouflage Flotsam:
Halloween Flotsam:
Royal Girl Flotsam:
Strawberry Flotsam:
Magma Gelert:
Maraquan Gelert:
Royal Boy Gelert:
Steampunk Gelert:
Tyrannian Gelert:
Christmas Gnorbu:
Pirate Gnorbu:
Polka Dot Gnorbu:
Robot Gnorbu:
Tyrannian Gnorbu:
Camouflage Grarrl:
Snot Grarrl:
Darigan Grundo:
Elderly Boy Grundo:
Faerie Grundo:
Strawberry Grundo:
Halloween Hissi:
Plushie Hissi:
Robot Hissi:
Steampunk Hissi:
Zombie Hissi:
Baby Ixi
Biscuit Ixi:
Chocolate Ixi:
Christmas Ixi:
Maraquan Ixi:
Royal Girl Ixi:
Woodland Ixi:
Zombie Ixi:
Candy Jetsam:
Chocolate Jetsam:
Christmas Jetsam:
Eventide Jetsam:
Mutant Jetsam:
Sponge Jetsam:
Christmas Jubjub:
Garlic Jubjub:
Island Jubjub:
Maraquan Jubjub:
Origami Jubjub:
Wraith Jubjub:
Disco Kacheek:
Elderly Girl Kacheek:
Island Kacheek:
Jelly Kacheek:
Camouflage Kau:
Chocolate Kau:
Faerie Kau:
Zombie Kau:
Chokato Kiko:
Electric Kiko:
Garlic Kiko:
Strawberry Kiko:
Darigan Koi:
Spotted Koi:
Fire Korbat:
Magma Korbat:
Stealth Korbat:
Woodland Korbat:
Chocolate Kougra:
Plushie Kougra:
Split Kougra:
Camouflage Krawk:
Speckled Krawk:
Transparent Krawk:
Zombie Krawk:
Elderly Girl Kyrii:
Halloween Kyrii:
Island Kyrii:
Royal Boy Kyrii:
Toy Kyrii:
Faerie Lenny:
Pirate Lenny:
Royal Boy Lenny:
Halloween Lupe:
Spotted Lupe:
Christmas Lutari:
Desert Lutari:
Disco Lutari:
Electric Lutari:
Island Lutari:
Royal Boy Lutari:
Snow Lutari:
Split Lutari:
Camouflage Meerca:
Faerie Meerca
Royal Girl Meerca
Tyrannian Meerca
Desert Moehog:
Pirate Moehog:
Jelly Mynci:
Plushie Mynci:
Robot Mynci:
Royal Girl Mynci:
Zombie Mynci:
Disco Nimmo:
Faerie Nimmo:
Jelly Nimmo:
Pirate Nimmo:
Stealthy Nimmo:
Steampunk Nimmo:
Faerie Ogrin:
Island Ogrin:
Maraquan Ogrin:
Mutant Ogrin:
Pirate Ogrin:
Polka Dot Ogrin:
Christmas Peophin:
Darigan Peophin:
Elderly Boy Peophin:
Faerie Peophin:
Candy Poogle:
Origami Poogle:
Plushie Poogle:
Tyrannian Poogle:
Robot Poogle:
Plushie Pteri:
Woodland Pteri:
Christmas Quiggle:
Quiguki Boy Quiggle:
Quiguki Girl Quiggle:
Sponge Quiggle:
Island Ruki:
Maraquan Ruki:
Pirate Ruki:
Tyrannian Ruki:
8-Bit Scorchio:
Chocolate Scorchio:
Speckled Scorchio:
Stealthy Scorchio:
Tyrannian Scorchio:
Woodland Scorchio:
Darigan Shoyru:
Dimensional Shoyru:
Maraquan Shoyru:
Marble Shoyru:
Faerie Skeith:
Royal Boy Skeith:
Camouflage Techo:
Magma Techo:
Camouflage Tonu:
Darigan Tonu:
Ghost Tonu:
Island Tonu:
Pastel Tonu:
Christmas Tuskaninny:
Spotted Tuskaninny:
Halloween Uni:
Rainbow Uni:
Royal Girl Uni:
Toy Uni:
Tyrannian Uni:
Ghost Usul:
Maractite Usul:
Usuki Boy Usul:
Usuki Girl Usul:
Christmas Vandagyre:
Baby Vandagyre:
Biscuit Wocky:
Chocolate Wocky:
Ghost Wocky:
Transparent Wocky:
Desert Xweetok:
Speckled Xweetok:
Pink Xweetok:
Christmas Yurble:
Halloween Yurble:
Plushie Yurble:
Polka Dot Yurble:
Snow Yurble:
Strawberry Yurble:
Toy Yurble:
Halloween Zafara:
Island Zafara:
Pirate Zafara:
Woodland Zafara:

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Petpet Corner Backgrounds

Corner Backgrounds centered around petpets.

Total: 30
Last Added: 1/12/19

Mutant Niptor:
Island Niptor:
Tyrannian Snarhook:
Tyrannian Slorg:
Kadoatie Pounce:
Fire Slorg:
Pirate Slorg:
Pirate Ona:
Pirate Spardel:
Island Cyodrake:
Strawberry Slorg:
Meepit / Coin:
Ghost Meepit:
Plushie Symol:
Starry Symol:
Weewoo / Newspaper:
Gobbler / Stool:
Boxing Mazzew:
Chocolate Mazzew:
Faerie Harris:
Cloud Harris:
Meowclops / Treasure Chest:
Gallion / Smoke Ring:
Ghost Gallion:
Faerie Polarchuck:
Tyrannian Polarchuck:
Buzzer / Flower:
Carmariller / Flower:

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Random Corner Backgrounds

All the Corner Backgrounds that don't fit into other categories.

Total: 55
Last Added: 12/31/18

Lab Scientist:
Petpet Lab Scientist:
Baby Uni / Paint:

White Wocky / Paint:

Cowboy Gnorbu:

Cowboy Jubjub:

Ballerina Kiko:

Ballerina Wocky:

Green Yurble Astronaut:
Blue Grundo Astronaut:
Starry Quiggle / Telescope:
Kau Defender:
Superhero Techo:
Superhero Kacheek:
Sorceress Kau:
Sorceress Draik:
Clown Jubjub:
Clown Scorchio:
Doctor Acara:
Nurse Acara:
Symol Thief:
Grarrl Thief:
Ghost Fuzzles:
Giant Petpetpets:
Electric Buzz / Book:
Pink Ogrin / Book:
Royal Boy Zafara / Book:
Altadorian Chia:
Shenkuu Moehog:
Shenkuu Techo:
Gothic Aisha:
Gothic Skeith:
Sleeping Mynci:
Sleepwalking Techo:
Grooming Pink Aisha:
Grooming Red Jubjub:
Grooming Pink Tuskaninny:
Musical Lutari Grundo:
Musical Royal Girl Zafara:
Musical Rainbow Poogle:
Gardening Grundo:
Gardening Wocky Gnome:
Writing Ixi:
Writing Blumaroo:
Healthy Foods Shopkeeper:
Unis Clothing Shopkeeper:
Brightvale Glaziers Shopkeeper:
Brightvale Castle:
Cheeseroller Shopkeeper:
Meridell Knight:
Arkmite / Shell:
Noak / Shell:
Goth Usul:

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Seasonal Corner Backgrounds

These Corner Backgrounds are all based on seasons/holidays.

Total: 54
Last Added: 1/26/19

Rainbow Lenny / Happy Birthday Banner:
Faerie Peophin / Gifts:
Lupe / Presents:
Faellie / Confetti:
Wocky / Confetti:
New Year Bruce:
New Year Disco Jubjub:
New Year Baby Quiggle:
Valentine Polarchuck:
Valentine Mynci:
Valentine Bori:
Valentine Elephante:
Valentine Chomby:
Leprechaun Skeith:
Cybunny / Flowers:
Illusen / Flowers:
Ixi / Flowers:
Beekadoodle / Flower:
Buzzer / Flowers:
Negg Faerie:
Cybunny / Easter Negg:
Relaxing Ruki:
Krawk / Ice Cream:
Snuffly / Beach:
Purple Ixi / Leaves
Acara / Leaves
Gobbler / Leaves:
Meowclops / Leaves
Camouflage Kougra / Leaves
Zomutt / Candy:
Halloween Snorkle / Pumpkin:
Halloween Angelpuss:
Frankenpets: (Halloween Tonu / Kacheek / Harris / Warf)
Winter Cybunny / Cocoa
Usul / Snow:
Skiing Usul:
Slorg / Snowflake
Jubjub / Ice Skates:
Brown Wocky / Snowy Window
White Kau / Snow:
Christmas Kacheek / Snow:
Snowbunny / Mug:
Candychan / Candy Cane:
Gingerbread Cadro / Candy Cane:
Angelpuss / Stocking:
Christmas Usul / Presents
Flotsam / Christmas Tree:
Baby Kyrii / Candy Cane/ Holly
Jubjub / Christmas Tree:
Caroling Usul:
Santa Chia:
Santa Grundo / Cookies:

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