Welcome to The Canopy! Our family pet page. Here is a place where you can find any and all information about me, my neopets, my neo life and my neo art. This was also partially made to help me keep organized with goals, to do lists, trading and accomplishments! Happy lurking! Note: I made this layout for Firefox, so if you are on another browser, I apologize if the layout is cut off or messy.

One day I'll finish this family page, I swear! There are lots of wonderful things happening on Neo lately. Hope everyone had a good Negg Festival & enjoyed their loot. So many beautiful NC items came out this year. Anyway, I made an app for my dreamie, traded my BN usul for another small dreamie and I've decided that once I get caught up on all the personal artwork I wanted to do for me and my pets, I'm going to open up a Premades page. I think I'll start off with just lookups, maybe all Neo related and then go from there. I'm also going to get back into BC'ing because I haven't in months!

All About Me

Frederick the PUG!

I want everyone to meet FREDERICK! My little pug puppy, my angel, my little vanilla dip donut. Frederick is a beautiful pure fawn pug (just a few weeks old) who now consumes a good portion of my day! I just love him to pieces and wanted to give him a big introduction. Frederick is very small (he's technically a "miniature" pug) who has a fawn forehead (which is uncommon in pugs) and a huge personality. He loves to play, nip, cuddle, fall asleep on my stomach and watch American Horror Story with me. He is obsessed with mortadella, dead leaves, dandelions, table cloths and his pink blanket! Frederick does not like his harness, going to bed early, when his dead leaves are taken from his mouth!

Neo History

I've been on Neopets for YEARS. I started playing when I was a little girl and though there were periods where I stopped or lost interest, I always ended up coming back. Jhudora96 is one of my oldest accounts and I really cherish it!! n_n I'm also in the midst of trying to get back the name of my very first neopets account, which was swept in the purge!

The Canopy

In real life I have a collection of favorite plushies that I keep in what I call my canopy! They all have their own names and they're so cute I wanted to draw them all for everyone to see :3 Hover for their name!

~ the rest coming soon ~

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you like to do on Neopets?
I love to customize my pets and make lookups / pages for them! My favorite thing to do on neo is doodle! I also frequent the NC mall and do a fair bit of trading there, just as I am occasionally on the PC. I like entering spotlights and collecting items, too.

Is x pet UFT?
If I have a pet UFT, it will say so in big, bold, sparkly letters! Otherwise none of my pets are UFT.

Can we be Neofriends?
I only like to be neofriends with people I've spoken to on neo! Just so that the list doesn't get too cluttered and I'm friending strangers. If you'd like to be friends, just send me a neomail.

Where did you learn to make your neo art? What program do you use
I began doodling on good old MS Paint and went from there. I currently use Photoshop (CS4) but I've worked with a variety of programs. I still like MS Paint for pixels, Paint Shop Pro for animation & buttons, but all my CGs and recent artwork is done with a tablet on Photoshop.

How often are you on Neopets?
This answer always changes. Sometimes I'm on very often and sometimes I'm busy with other things and don't have much time to go on. But I always like to make sure I do my dailies quickly in the morning, so I am active daily!

Permanent Pets


Bovec is a very timid and gentle little creature, who most enjoys reading, coloring, napping, cuddling, and various other activities that do not require much socializing and involve a lot of quiet time. That being said, Bovec is one of the friendliest Neopets ever. It may just take some "getting to know him" time before he really opens up. He can usually be found reading in the clouds of Faerieland, or at home in his canopy spending time with his petpet Clementine.

Bovec's best friend is another pudgy Bruce named Pudding! They spend so much time together that we've practically come to consider Pudding to be family. He always comes over for dinner and sleepovers and we never mind because it's nice to see Bovec being a little social!

Bovec's Favorite Items

Bovec was my first pet when I began playing Neo again, and he is also a saved pet. My account was hacked into in April 2012 but I was able to get it back *hugs account* and Bovec was saved!! He is very special to me. Unfortunately, Bovec's pink Ona Clementine was taken, but I am in the midst of getting her back to return to him :-)

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Erupjo is another one of my exceptionally timid pets! She is very soft spoken and spends most of her time in the gardens and hanging out with fairy winkles (click here if you're wondering what on earth a fairy winkle is). She is a very sweet little Neopet, who enjoys everything pertaining to gardens, natures and flowers. Don't be discouraged if she is not the most talkative with you, she sometimes even has a hard time opening up with family!

There is one little critter, however, that Erupjo spends a lot of time with. We decided to get him a furby (faerie noilkeet) as a surprise present, and sure enough, Erupjo took right to him! The two are practically inseparable now!

Erupjo's Favorite Items

A UC faerie Shoyru has been my dream pet for years, ever since the big conversion. When I first began playing Neopets 8-9 years ago, I had a faerie shoyru, and so upon returning, it was my main goal to get another just like my old one. *squeezes Erupjo* In October 2012 my dream came true!!

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Once upon a time, long long ago, Weirli was a vivacious little acara, who proudly thought of herself as the family's lab rat. Scared of the lab ray? Certainly not, she scoffed. Weirli was practically a new color every day and never minded. But then after what would be her final zap, she stumbled home in a state of confusion, looking wrinkly, tired and...strange. Little did we know she'd been zapped into an old lady!

Weirli is as anyone might expect an elderly acara to be. She is a sweet old doll with a creaky voice, a passion for knitting, cooking, feeding the birds at parks (she even kept one and named him Grover) and tucking her siblings into bed at night...siblings she only now refers to as her grand children. You may have to shout if you want her attention, but I promise it is worth it! Make friends with Weirli and you will find yourself underneath a wool sweater, being cuddled on her lap while she feeds you deviled eggs and reads you bed times stories... in the middle of the day!

Weirli's Favorite Items

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Tulse and Mia are the mallow twins! You may have already met Tulse through his privately run bakery The Dainty Donut but chances are you have not yet been introduced to his girly, gooey twin Mia! Both mallows love everything sweet... from donuts, to candy, to chocolate. While Tulse spends most of his time at the bakery, Mia loves to shop for ingredients for her twin mallow and she especially loves setting up a big fancy dinner table for the two of them when Tulse comes home with pastry boxes full of delights.

Wilburt is Tulse's sinister Candy Vampire petpet, who reluctantly assists Tulse in his bakery but probably does more harm than good. You know, he isn't even technically a petpet, but for whatever reason Tulse fell madly in love with this piece of living candy and couldn't part with him. To read Wilburt's full bio, please click here!

Tulse's Favorite Items

Mia's Favorite Items

Tulse's Trophies!
(hover for description)

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Hyfl is the mightiest little grape you ever have seen! After a rather unfortunate run-in with a seemingly average and delicious chia pop (that was most certainly NOT average), Hyfl shrunk down and transformed into a grape. But despite his teensy-tiny size, Hyfl still manages to be the bravest in our family! Hyfl has a wild imagination. He loves to draw, go on adventures and meet new friends!

But of course, we were all worried about what might happen to a small grape in a big world. So we surprised him with his very own Flosset for his birthday! Bib, who is used to being the small one, is now the large-and-in-charge petpet of Hyfl. The two of them are inseparable. You've probably seen Bib picking Hyfl up and flying around with him.

Hyfl's Favorite Items!

Hyfl's Trophies!
(hover for description)

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Mieui is the girliest little mutant in all of Neopia! Well, second girliest. Her older sister Clauira, who is coincidentally also a mutant and her best friend, is perhaps the most girly. Mieui loves to play with dolls, set up elaborate tea parties, play dress up, make outfits for her beloved Haseepuss Cootie and have sleepovers with her sister Clauira.

How does one have a sleepover with their own sibling, you might ask? Well! The two of them gather their blankets, toys, trinkets and candies and camp out in the den, giggling all night and exchanging secrets. Mieui is the prettiest little girl and it's all thanks to Cat, who gave me the potion in order to paint her and make my dreamie!

Mieui's Favorite Items

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Clauira, just like Mieui, is a very girly mutant, who has a flare for fashion, makeup and decorating! Being so tall and uniquely shaped, Clauira loves to shop for pretty fabrics and make herself dresses! She is a social butterfly and cannot meet anyone without giving them a huge hug! Clauira may look big and intimidating, but she is a huge softy. She also babysits her siblings for some NPs because she loves to shop.

But Clauira does not only love shopping for new makeup and trinkets for herself, but for her friends and family, too! She loves to bring home small gifts for her siblings and gets overtly excited whenever a birthday or holiday comes up. She is our little party planner!

Clauira is never without Sweetie her petpet, who she loves to decorate with bows and blush. The two of them put on fashion shows for each other and attend Mieui's tea parties in high heels shoes and ridiculous wigs! Sweetie was a gift from Lisa and if she sees this, both Clauira and I want to say THANK YOU! again for the loveliest surprise - one that Clauira will cherish forever.

Clauira's Favorite Items!

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Technically Judraw is thought of as a baby, but she is actually a very shy, unhatched egg! We aren't sure that she will ever hatch, but love her anyway! She loves adventure and luckily has a petpet that can fly her around, as she has no legs. They are explorers by day and cuddlers at night. While Judraw is never afraid to get dirty or explore an eerie forest bravely, the little easter ornament within her loves and adores dainty tea parties and fancy brunches.

Teacup, her petpet, is her best friend, but she also depends on Teacup to travel, so they are never apart. Originally she was just a regular little barbat but Judraw saved up her own coins to buy a green paint brush and paint her up!

Judraw's Favorite Items!

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Neefa is a tiny little larva but she is certainly mighty! She's usually very hyper and tuckers herself out by about 7 PM. She demanded her own pet, but we were worried about how tiny and fragile she is, so we got her Patches. Neefa will not leave the house without him and we have to bathe him constantly, as his plushie material gets very raggedy.

Neefa is also very special to me because when my account was hacked, she was on a side account and so her safety was ensured while I tried to get my account back (which I did *squeal*). She was also the first pet I hand painted and I think she is just the cutest little thing.

Neefa's Favorite Items!

Neefa's Trophies!
(hover for description)

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Cynve is a very unique and wonderful little pumpkin grown from an eternal pumpkin patch! As one might assume, Cynve is a Halloween enthusiast, but what most people don't know is that Cynve is that he is not at all scary, but in fact entirely sweet. He loves making pumpkin pie, hanging out with his pet ghost Vinyard, eating Halloween candy and making costumes!

Cynve loves to get ready for Halloween all year round, as it his is absolute favorite occasion, but Cynve loves all holidays, his next favorite being Christmas! Holiday baking is one of Cynve's favorite holidays and he loves any sort of treat he can sneak some pumpkin or candy corn into. Cynve spends a lot of time hanging out in Tulse's Bakery and has to constantly stop himself from sneaking a little bite of Wilburt, the candy corn.

Cynve's Favorite Items!

Pet Lookup / Petpage


If you've spent any time in a Neopian graveyard or even just walked by one, chances are you have seen Veiola. She is familiar with them all and is often spotted drifted between graves, leaving violets and other assorted flowers her sibling Erupjo has given her. Veiola is strange and quiet, which is sometimes misinterpreted as unfriendly. She likes to be alone and she seems to have a lot of difficulty smiling! She likes to sing but usually it nothing more than a loud whisper, something easily lost in a wind or busy area.

There is someone, however, that makes Veiola really happy, and this is Vira. Veiola collects anything and everything to do with Vira and carries around a small Vira doll with her at all times. It's really the only time she seems to smile or be truly happy.

Veiola's Favorite Items!

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Draliela's Favorite Items!

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Wynie is the youngest in the family, a beautiful little bruce born just in time for Christmas! Did I mention he was made of snow?! But he is a very special snow bruce, so special that (for reasons unbeknownst to us) he stays cold and snowy all year long! As you have probably guessed, Wynie absolutely loves Christmas. He loves making handmade gifts and holiday treats for his friends and family, and of course... he LOVES to play in the snow! During his first snowfall, Wynie went outside and began gathering snow, mistletoe and some twigs, and within a few minutes, we were introduced to another member of the family! His petpet Jinglebell!

Wynie's Favorite Items!

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Kujery is the second little elderly in our family, and as one may imagine, her and Weirli bonded instantly! Known as the "two old ladies" or the "two old dolls" these seniors are lively and fun. Kujery possesses many of those "old" traits... A knack for baking, knitting, embroidery, napping and babysitting, but Kujery also loves clothes! Whereas Weirli is more often than not found cooking something yummy in the kitchen, Kujery would much rather be rummaging through a clothing store. Used clothing stores are her favorite!

Kujery's favorite hobby is collecting. Collecting everything. Tea cups, spoons, plushies, figurines, chinaware, clocks, dolls and cameos are her favorite! She comes home nearly every day with more loot she has found at a garage sale, antique mall or second hand shop. Though at times tiresome, the family usually loves looking at all of the things Kujery brings home.

Kujery's Favorite Items

Pet Lookup / Petpage


Toifu is my very shy, lethargic, gentle dino! She is inherently grey, which often leads people to assume she is a sad being. Quite on the contrary! Toifu thinks of her coloring as simple, not gloomy, and insists her eyes are more so sleepy than they are weepy. Toifu loves quiet places and delicate, intricate things she can study and spend time with. And her favorite hobbies are quite plainly napping and eating.

Toifu found a very like-minded creature to herself and instantly became smitten. Gub (named after her impossibly pouty, "gubby" lip) the Christmas tree, who is just as happy as Toifu, despite her rather dismal appearance! She may be the only Grey Christmas tree you've ever seen, but rest assured that when Toifu dresses her up in pink and white twinkle lights, she looks as happy and luminous as can be! The two of them spend most of their time alone together, as they are quiet and shy, but they are always smiling, even when they nap.

Toifu's Favorite Items

Pet Lookup / Petpage

UFA Pets


Here are UFA pets of mine that are also lab rats! This means that until they find a home, they will continue to be zapped. I will update their colors and changes as they happen!!

A Tour of Our Neohome

This is our Neohome photo album - a place for us to document our memories at 93900 Air Faerie Avenue, Faerieland. Before you're taken on a virtual tour of our cozy little house, please note that we only recently moved in and still have a lot of unpacking to do. These are the rooms we've finished. There are several "unfinished" rooms and two gardens we have to tend to!

There it is! Our lovely little bungalow!

Jhu's Room
I really love Fyora! (ironic given my name n_n)

The Pink Room
There are 2 bedrooms for my lovely neopets, and this is the pink room. It varies on which neopet sleeps where

The Blue Room
The other bedroom for my neopets! (there's so many of them!! n_n)

The Kitchen
Where our family gathers and eats!!

The nursery, Main Bathroom, Den, Foyer, Gardens

Dream Pets

I am forever seeking a UC Grey Wocky - sigh - This is my dream pet I hope to one day find. If you have or know of any of these pets that are UFA or possibly UFT please send me a neomail


8 mil. saved!
Dainty Donut won Site Spotlight
2 BC gold trophies for Tulse
won petpet Spotlight for Wilburt (Tulse's petpet)
Tulse featured in the Art Gallery
fed 1 Kad!
1 BC gold trophy for: Hyfl, Neefa
traded for Sewing Room BG
traded for Erupjo *dreamie*
mutant Graveyard of Doom II avatar
morphed Mieui into a mutant
got published in the Neopian Times!
Got Userlookup Spotlight!
Dreamie Pet (UC grey grarrl) achieved
Saved up and got dream item: Red Bruce Cherry Ice Cream Sundae Published in NT again!
FFQ used to paint aisha Elderly
Fed multiple Kadoaties

Wanted Avatars

(hover for progress)

Wanted Trophies


Get published in Neopian Times
Feed a Kad
Win Gallery Spotlight
Win Userlookup Spotlight (for Christmas)
Get into the Art Gallery
Obtain full item wishlist (sigh)
Win the Poetry Contest
Enter into more BCs with other pets
Get my UC dreamie
Build up bank account again
Enter into 2nd Site Spotlight
Get Kadoatie avatar

To Do List

Make Draliela's petpage
Awakened Art
Get Packrat Avvie
Update screenies page
Prep for Gallery overhaul
Update NC Tradelist
Lookups for: Mia, Wynie, Veiola, Clauira
More Christmas art
Lookup for Susie
Update Tulse & Mia's bio
Trade my common RN draik (hopefully for UC) made her into a Christmas gift
Finish family page (this)
Make side accounts lookup
Keep checking to see if UN has been purged
Decorate shop
Set up donation shop
enter comic into NT
elderly pets fan page
premade lookups petpage
donut land gallery
frequent BCs again
separate side lookups
hunt for petpetpets!
update lil neo app
clear out tradelist for boxes
ch3rub bio + lookup

Misc. Notes

- pet lookups to be done
- page for adoption application
- pastel customization
- eldery day?
- organize TL / WS
- update the garden

Neopoints Wishlist

determined to eventually save up for all of these eventually!


Rejuvenating Jar of Brains

Usuki Paint Brush

Pink Petpet Paint Brush

10th Birthday Book of Usuki Celebrations

Usukicon Y13 Goodie Bag

Marshmallow Floud

Skull Full of Sand

Valentines Blugar Plushie

Valentines Ona Plushie

Knitted Poogle Plushie

Knitted Chia Plushie

Cloud Usul Iced Buns



Heart Shaped Bed

Kacheek Pencil Sharpener

Kacheek Pool Toy

Kacheek Valentine Stapler

Kacheek Watering Can



Pink Shoyru Ice Cream Cone

Red Bruce Devil Rubber Ducky

Red Bruce Ice Cream Cherry Sundae

Red Bruce Powder Puff

Royal Petpet Paint Brush

Strawberry Shoyru Hand Puppet

The Big Red Bruce Tied Up With A Big Red Bow

The Cherry Picking Pink Shoyru

The Sweet Strawberry Shoyru

The Timid Silver Shoyru

Valentines Kadoatie Plushie

White Flosset

NC Mall Wishlist

for the time being, my wishlist AND tradelist can be found here

Our Treasures and Special Items

here is a little section to hoard all of my most beloved items! some belong to me and others belong to my pets, of course!! normally we'd keep these in our gallery, but while i try to win the gallery spotlight, they'll all be kept safe in my SDB and here!

NC Mall Items UFT

for the time being, my wishlist AND tradelist can be found here



Neopets Related Drawings

drawing on neopets is my favorite hobby! here is where i store all of the various doodles and things i have made on neopets. to see the full sized image, please drag the thumbnail into your URL bar!

Kawaii Art!


My Petpages


Misc. Art

art of mine that i don't know where else to put!! drag the thumbnails into the URL bar to see it in full view :)

Info & Tools

Throughout the years I've used several different programs. I began with MS paint and PSP 8 and eventually went to Photoshop, which is my favorite program to date! For animating I used to use Animation Shop but now I've become accustomed to doing minimal animations in Photoshop. Below is my choice program for each art style!

CGS & Layouts

MS Paint


Buttons, Resources, BGs, Extras

Animation Shop/Photoshop

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