Greetings creatures of Wazzled. I am very glad you have made it to the portal. This is the area of our planet where all of our pages will be listed. There is a wide variety of activities to participate in and many guides that will expand your knowledge of Wazzled and Neopia. So, by all means, please check back here frequently! There might be a surprise for your or something new to participate in!

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Reasons for Wazzled

1. Everybody is so friendly
2. It's like being in a neo-family
3. There's so many different time zones
4. Somebody is always on
5. Anybody can help out in the guild
6. There's always something new
7. Animals can talk on planet Wazzled
8. Nobody is ever left out
9. We are an original guild
10. All ages are welcome
11. Are are mature and crazy fun all at once
12. Neopet goals still matter and are encouraged
13. Everybody is treated like a person - not a number
14. Account help is easy to find
15. We follow all of TNT's rules and encourage our members to as well
16. We cheer people up - even citizens who are not apart of Wazzled
17. You don't have to get on every day - your outside life is respected
18. We have a mascot - the best Bagel in the world
19. We are always looking to improve our unique world
20. Your opinion matters - we vote on most changes
21. We are an escape from planet Earth drama
22. Our graphics are amazing
23. You can be a Minion
24. We have long time and loyal members
25. We are out of this world
26. Wazzled has been around since 2008 - revamping, revising, improving
27. There is a long and interesting history behind us
28. Our name is the best
29. It's where all the cool kids hang out
30. Minions roam free
31. It's where all the fun is
32. You can start a new life here
33. We don't judge
34. Smileys are boss
35. A variety of languages - which is just awesome
36. Spreading love light years away


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