bone·yard /ˈbōnˌyärd/ noun informal 1. A cemetery. 2. A place where the bones of wild animals gather.

Hello, and welcome to Boneyard - a Transparent Pet Directory that I (molarz) started on November 25th, 2013. Whether you have a whole family of them or just admire from afar, I really hope you enjoy your visit ♥ Boneyard currently has 399 pets listed, Aishas being the most popular with 127 listings, followed by the Blumaroo with 57. My main goal with Boneyard is to list as MANY transparent pets as possible, so don't ever be shy about submitting your pet(s), especially if you have a species that has not been listed before!

Requirements + Other Info

Pets must be painted transparent, this is a transparent directory after all ;)
Only submit pets you own that you consider to be permanent at this time. No pets that are being zapped and/or advertised as UFT/UFA should be submitted.
Pets do NOT have to be customized to be added, but those that are customized (with at least a background) will be listed first, while uncustomized pets will be added to the bottom.
If you happen to remember to neomail me if you trade/adopt out a pet, I'd greatly appreciate it.
You do not have to neomail me if/when you change the color or species, the pet will be removed when I do one of my regular clearouts. If the pet is still transparent but a different species, you will need to neomail me if you want them to stay listed on Boneyard under the new species.
If you see your pet listed here under an old owner that didn't neomail me to remove the pet before trading/adopting to you, you will have to neomail me to either remove or update the pet since it's pretty much impossible to continuously check to see where the pets are and if they have a new owner.
By submitting your pet to Boneyard, you are agreeing that it would be okay to give your pet pet spotlight.
You are not required to link back, though it's nice if you decide to :)
Most importantly, I'm only human! And known to be scatterbrained. If I make a mistake listing your pet, please let me know, it's an easy fix and being mean about it only makes sad :(

Please do not neomail owners about adopting/trading!

» Transparent Aishas Listed: 137

» Transparent Blumaroos Listed: 61

» Transparent Chombies Listed: 2

» Transparent Draiks Listed: 43

» Transparent Elephantes Listed: 2

» Transparent Eyries Listed: 2

» Transparent Flotsam Listed: 1

» Transparent Gelerts Listed: 9

» Transparent Grarrls Listed: 3

» Transparent Grundos Listed: 3

» Transparent Hissi Listed: 31

» Transparent Ixis Listed: 1

» Transparent Jubjubs Listed: 0

» Transparent Kikos Listed: 0

» Transparent Korbats Listed: 3

» Transparent Kougras Listed: 5

» Transparent Krawks Listed: 15

» Transparent Lennies Listed: 9

» Transparent Lupes Listed: 5

» Transparent Moehogs Listed: 5

» Transparent Myncies Listed: 27

» Transparent Peophins Listed: 6

» Transparent Poogles Listed: 10

» Transparent Pteris Listed: 0

» Transparent Skeiths Listed: 12

» Transparent Techos Listed: 1

» Transparent Tuskaninnies Listed: 2

» Transparent Unis Listed: 15

» Transparent Wockies Listed: 18

» Transparent Zafaras Listed: 0


22/25. Affiliates are OPEN! Please neomail me any inquiries.

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Credits & Thank You's

Main template and additional coding help from from TKM.
Arrow bullets and button placeholders from The Lunch Box.
Banner was (poorly) made by me.
All link back buttons link back to their creators.
& a very special thank you to the Help Chat for always having someone around to help with coding issues ♥
Also worth noting: I'm far from a coding pro, and it took me hours to figure out this layout. Most of the coding can be found from various TKM templates, but there are also things I added myself. I would greatly appreciate if you didn't take directly from my source or try to copy completely, but I'm always willing to help out, especially if Boneyard has inspired you to make your own directory!