Welcome to the Music Book, where I, Maddie, offer in-depth reviews and application critiques. However, starting on February 19th, 2012, Honey will be critiquing applications alongside me.

Opened on January, 13th, 2012, TMB does it's best to help you improve and go above and beyond.


INDEFINITE HIATUS: It's officially a hiatus. My life is just really chaotic and there is a lot of stress, without TMB to worry about. I don't know when I'll be back, probably briefly over the summer. Thanks for all your support.


Before you request a review from TMB, please read and come to terms with the following rules. Then, choose your review type and send in the form!
My site is called the Music BOOK. If you are here, you should be able to figure that out. Chance of you getting reviewed are low when you call my site the Music Box or something along those lines.
We'll only take a few reviews at a time. This is on a first come, first serve basis.
I only have Internet Explorer. If your layout does not work in IE, please tell me.
I only review sites and pet applications on Neo.
I only review sites in English.
The tempo indicates the speed. (Lento; Slow, Moderato; Medium, Allegro; Fast)
Be sure to tell me which review type you'd like. If you've read the rules, you'll click on the "reviews are ..." image to continue.
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Reviews take up to two weeks; I do have a life.
I will review your site every two weeks. Make sure you have made major changes before requesting again.
Please link back to TMB before and after you're reviewed.
I have the right to refuse your request if you break the Neopets Terms & Conditions.
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n concerto [kənˈtʃəːtəu]
a piece of music written for one or more solo instruments and orchestra
Tempo: Allegro
Status: Open
The concerto review is a very basic review using pros and cons:
Pros:| Each pro is worth 10 points. Things that are great about your site.
Cons:| Each con is negative 5-10 points. Things that are, well, not so great about your site.
Total:| The total is a best out of fifty, and is an estimate of number of pros minus severity of cons. The total usually includes touching on the main things in the pros and cons.
Recommended/Not Recommended:| I will tell you if I would recommend your site to others or not and why.


n sonata [səˈnɑːtə]
a musical composition of 3 or 4 movements of contrasting forms
Tempo: Moderato
Status: Open
The sonata review is an all-around review:
First Glance: ?/15| Remember that first impressions are very important. Can I read the words? Is the layout, at first glance, appealing?
Layout Functionality: ?/15| Does the layout work well? Is it difficult to click the links? Can I find the navigation?
Layout Appearance: ?/15| Do the colors look alright? Is it blinding? Easy to read?
Content: ?/25| The most important section. I'll look over the quality of the service you offer, etc.
Grammar: ?/20| I find that grammar is also important. Capitalized "I"s? Proper your/you're? Etc.
Other: ?/10| All the other things that don't fall into the sections above. It can be things like theme, sitely page, etc.
Total: ?/100| Your total score and overall impression of your site.


n waltz [wɔːls]
a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of a dance written in triple time, where the accent falls on the first beat of each measure
Tempo: Lento
Status: Open
The waltz review is somewhat like the sonata, but longer and more in-depth:
First Impression: ?/10| What I first think when I look at your site.
Layout Convenience & Functionality: ?/5| Can I navigate your site properly? Are the links in a convenient manner?
Layout Appearance: ?/15| Do the colors look alright? Is it blinding? Easy to read?
Content: ?/25| The most important section. I'll look over the quality of the service you offer, etc.
Spelling & Grammar: ?/20| I find that grammar is also important. Capitalized "I"s? Proper your/you're? Spelling? Etc.
Organization: ?/15| How organized is your content? Is it in an orderly fashion?
Sitely: ?/10:| This has to do with the organization, affies, listers, link back buttons, etc. I'll also do a short link sweep.
Total: ?/100| Your total score and overall impression of your site.


n duet [djuːˈɛt]
a musical composition for two performers or voices
Tempo: Allegro
Status: Closed
The duet review is a Q & A review:
This is a simple question-and-answer review that allows you to choose what I review. You may ask a total of ten questions about anything on your site, and I will answer. A question could be "What was your first impression of my site?" or "Do you think my content is high-quality and why?" This is all for you to choose exactly what you want me to look at.


n symphony [ˈsimfəni]
a usually long piece of music for an orchestra of many different instruments, in three or four movements or parts
Tempo: Lento
Status: Closed
The symphony review is a completely custom review:
Currently a work in progress.


Are you applying for a pet? Want an in-depth critique? We offer in-depth app critiques:
Tempo: Lento
Status: Closed
If Maddie critiques it:
I will go over everything in your app, I won't give an example, because it will be long. Layout, grammar, content, art/other and tell you why I would give you that pet. Anything you need to improve will be added. Every little detail will be scrutinized and displayed for you to change.
If Honey critiques it:
If I choose to review your application, I will not go easy on you. Story lines/plots, art, layout, and general content will all be ruthlessly examined. If there's something wrong, you will know about it. The upside to all this though, is that you will have a comprehensive review without much fussing around: you'll know what you need to change - if I don't mention it, it's probably alright. Good luck with your applications, and don't let me scare you too much.
Since there are two app critiquers, the process will be a litte different. Here's how it will work:
You send in the completed form.
Honey or Maddie decides to accept it.
You can get either Maddie to review it, Honey to review it or both of us to review it.


Now that you've chosen your review type, you can now send in the form!

Title: TMB Review

Waiting List
1. Cynthia @ Erised (Waltz)
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Here are the four most recent reviews.

  • Promise | Waltz. By Maddie. Completed: 12/22/12
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  • Pixie Dust | Waltz. By Maddie. Completed: 12/6/12
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  • Upstage | Waltz. By Maddie. Completed: 10/7/12
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  • Moonless | Sonata. By Maddie. Completed: 10/6/12
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  • Pet Application critique for Elisse by Maddie.

    First off, my first impression is that there is a big space between the adoptable and the actual text box containing the application. Other than that, the layout is bright, inviting and easy to use. It's also very well organized.
    In the very first paragraph, I'd capitalize your name. If it's only lower case for links, than that's fine.
    In the disclaimer, I'd change the "a petpage application" to "this petpage application", just to be specific.
    At the beginning of the story concept, I wouldn't put two [br] breaks between the "Beware" and the smilie. It has this annoying blank space for no reason.
    In the story concept, a few grammar mistakes are:
    wheel is an period in history" which should be "wheel is a period in history".
    And then: "Each part of the line of each wheel is an event in history" Reading it, I thought you mentioned that time was only ONE wheel. I'd tweak it: "Each part of each spoke of the wheel is an event in history
    At the end it says: "wrapped around a clock.Legend tells that" It's really small, but a space between the period and Legend is in order.
    I really love your drawing. It fits with the entire story concept. Beautiful and straight to the point.
    Then, you describe Wix: "Even though my job of guarding time for all eternity has gotten me more enemies, everyone knows me by my last name." What does having enemies have to do with being called by their last name? I'd change this sentence a little bit. It's not necessary, but the two ideas just don't have anything to do with each other.
    Later you write: "But if one thinks exacting a revenge". To my knowledge, revenge is not an object. I would tweak this sentence just a little bit: "But if one thinks taking revenge on a rival...
    The last comment on the story concept is for the *To the Top* graphics, I would change the code, to get rid of the border around it: [a href="#in"][img src="http://i52.tinypic.com/s6rtjk.jpg" border="0"][/a]
    ^ Just change the [] to pointy brackets.
    Other than the above, I love the stoty concept. It is very original and detailed.

    The character, as you mentioned, isn't complete. So far though, I can really picture Aren. It's very decriptive. Not much else, but do the same thing to the *To The Top*.

    The Plans:
    I love his customization, and I understand why he wears that after you explained it. However, after the "Tribal Fence Foreground []" I would put a [br] code, so the two don't slur together.
    That's it for the plans, I'd just change the *To the Top* again.

    There is nothing wrong with "the applicant" section. It's short and sweet. However, I would merge the "favorites" section with "the applicant" section, since they are basically the same thing. And of course, the *To the Top* (I'll stop mentioning it now.)

    I am very glad you included the "misc." section. It really helps understand why the "riftrunners".
    The why Aren section is also great, short and sweet but also very descriptive.

    That's all my comments on the app itself. To finish this off, I'll tell you, if Arenni was my pet, would I adopt him out to you?
    And the answer is yes, because of the originality behind his story. I am a sucker for creativity, writing and characters, so I would most certainly adopt him out to the most creative and original person out there. And in my honest opinion, that's you.

    I hope this helps you out. I wish you the best of luck and hope you will be Arenni's new owner, Elisse!

    This is a Concerto review for Mary by Maddie:

    The layout is easy to read and navigate.
    It gets straight to the point, no lollygagging story.
    Rules are simple, very straightforward.
    I especially like the banner at the top left!
    I'm also extremely glad you made all your link back buttons yourself.
    You have so much potential, you just need to keep working on improving the quality of your buttons.

    A few things concerning the layout: the pinata picture at the right is blurred, and very noticeable.
    The Neopets terms and such is only partially visible; I do see you put them in the credits section, so I would not have them hanging off the side of the layout.
    Anyway, you need to improve your buttons, even if you are off to a great start. Of course you can always improve, but there are the tiny things you notice.
    To the eyes, some of your buttons colors clash, and not in the eye-catching way. This doesn't mean make all the colors the same, you wouldn't be able to read it. Complimentary colors are good, and I don't mean complete opposites, such as red and green.

    Total: Really, there is not enough content or anything to go very in-depth. Your site is off to an extremely good start, I would just keep working on buttons. Maybe making random ones to see what you like and what you don't like? Altogether, I would give you a 35/50 mainly because of your potential to be a great button maker!

    This is a Sonata review for Simba by Maddie:

    First Glance: 15/15| First impression? Beautiful. Everything blends together really well.
    Layout Functionality: 14/15| The layout works great, even in my small resolution. It's at the top, so easy to see.
    Layout Appearance: 15/15| I love the layout. It's really pretty and all the blues and teals just blend together really well. It's quite pretty!
    Content: 23/25| I read that all your art is done in Paint, and for that program your art is very nice and much better than most one can do with Paint. However, I think there is always room to improve, and this is no exception in your case!
    Grammar: 12/20| On the other hand, your grammar is far from perfect. I noticed that you used "to" instead of the correct "too" in the rules, for example. You occasionally miss -ing endings and sometimes even miss word in your story, i.e. "she was a maraquan krawk with the most eyes and scale". Do you mean: "she was a maraquan krawk with the most beautiful eyes and scales". Another thing that I noticed, which is really quite obvious, is in your subtitle, right below "Brushstrokes", it says "A Art Request". This should be "An Art Request". I realize this is probably very hard to change, so I just wanted to point it out. I recommend that maybe you should run everything through spellcheck, or maybe even read it aloud.
    Other: 8/10| I really loved your story. It was sweet even if it was obvious you can up with it after the layout and name. But it's quite nice, just work on the grammar. Also, on your icon at the beginning and your buttons, I would add a (border="0") code to the end of the "img=src" code so that there isn't the ugly purple link box around them. So, if the code is (a href="link")(img src="link" border="0")(/a) and replace the parentheses with pointy brackets.
    Total: 87/100| Overall, I love your site. The art is great, and you have loads of potential to do even better. I would just work on the grammar!
    Pet Application critique for Kaia by Maddie.

    To start off, the layout is easy to read, and I can easily navigate it on my tiny screen. For one thing, in the links you write "who am i? i am the wind" and only one sentence for the rest. I would just put the link as "who am i?". It's better if visitors see the link and want to click to find out who s/he is.

    Another little thing, you wrote: "For TnT: I am in no way being forced to make this petpage application." Using the present will make the owner think you are still working on the application at the time of the reading. When you send in the app, I would change it to say: "For TnT: I was in no way forced to make this petpage application.

    And continuing, just a tiny thing, are you sure you want to write "lass" seeing as that is the female only? It's not a big deal, just something I noticed.

    Another little thing is when you wrote: "Personality: Pichero was slightly different at birth from the other draiks". You previously refered to him as a dragon. Though technically draiks are dragons, you should be sure to distinct between character and Neopet. Since you place the story in Neopia, I would keep him as a draik, not a dragon.

    Right after it says: "It was hard to place, but definitely something was off." I would switch definitely and something, to have a much better sentence: "It was hard to place, but something was definitely off.

    Moving right along: "Perhaps whistling is the right way to explain it, the sound was like the sound of nails scratching upon a chalk board." Do you mean that perhaps whistling was the WRONG way to explain it? Because nails on chalk board doesn't strike me as whistling.

    The adoptable at the beginning of the "would you believe section" would look better without the link box around it. It's a simple fix: (a href="LINKHERE")(img src="img link here" border="0")(/a) And replace the parantheses with pointy brackets.

    I would do the same thing with the meet the squadron pictures and the last adoptable.

    That's all my comments on the app itself. To finish this off, I'll tell you, if Pichero was my pet, would I adopt him out to you?
    And the answer is yes, because of the character design. I love characters and yours with the squadrons is really pretty cool. Your app was sweet, to the point yet with a lot of visible effort.

    I hope this helps you out. I wish you the best of luck and hope you will be Pichero's new owner, Kaia!

    This is a Sonata review for Katharine by Maddie:

    First Glance: 13/15| First impression? Bright. Cheerful. Clearly states the name of your site, what you offer, and has examples up and front. There are a few problems, which I will adress next.
    Layout Functionality: 14/15| The navigation works. Always a good sign. However, the links are a tad on the shrunk side. It's not to terrible, you can still find them easily. All the links work EXCEPT the Request Resources one in the extra section.
    Layout Appearance: 15/15| I love the layout colors. It's bright, but not blinding. It's just the right amount of everything: color, shape, size. Good job.
    Content: 21/25| To the most important section: your buttons. Honestly, they aren't anything special. They are just normal buttons, some better than others, and others leaning towards ugly. Because there are so many button sites out there, I will be harsh. When someone comes to your site and sees the exact same type of buttons they can get somewhere else, what's making them choose your site? You can improve a lot on your buttons. I took a peek at your portfolio, and can already see that you have improved. Personally, I would try different styles of buttons, maybe try something a little out of your comfort zone, and get better at that. I think you should try some new things and continue to work on your old style. Another thing you need to know: it's really terrible when button request sites either request a button from someone else or have a button not made by them. I will always deduct points for this, since it is somewhat like false advertising.
    Grammar: 20/20| All of your grammar is correct. It's always nice to look at a site without getting a headache from mistakes.
    Other: 5/10| A few things that can fall into the other category are the following. First off, it is always extremely irritating if someone comes to my site and can't even read the name. Especially when you are requesting something from them. My site's name is The Music Book. When people come to my site, it's at the top of my layout. When you request from me, at least have the decency to get the name right. The Music Book, not The Music Box. It's a personal pet peeve of mine. Sorry for the rant and moving along. Another thing you might want to fix is if there is a link box over an image, to add the (border="0") to the end of the (img src=) code.
    Total: 88/100| Your buttons are good, exactly what expected, but with room for improvement. You have a lot of potential, so don't be afraid to think outside the box. I would also be a bit more attentive, if you know what I mean! Other than that, great site, loads of potential. Good work.
    Pet Application critique for Honey by Maddie.

    Before I start, I would like to tell you that this is the second app for Pichero I have been asked to review. Therefore, I have a vague idea of your competition, and will see if your app is better or worse than the last!

    Let us begin. For starters, the top header picture is blurry. I realize this is how it was when taken by the photographer, but it seems like you didn't notice, which I'm sure you did. The picture is quite pretty, but it would be more appealing to have a clearer picture. Then again, it adds an air of mystery, as if you don't want it be sharp.

    Into the app! I would move your disclaimer stating that you weren't forced to make the app at the very beginning of the app, before you dive into the writing.

    For all the writing, which I want to mention is all great and I enjoyed reading, I will share my thoughts on each section:

    First section (dragons are a creature of myth?): I loved it. It touched on all sorts of dragons and was especially nice that you included some books definitions of dragons. (HARRY POTTER. :*) Anyway, it was all well-written, beautifully written actually, and easy enough for me to understand.

    Second section (as the dawn sunlight...): My first little comment is when you write: "You move as close as you dare, ignoring a small sign (NO DOGS) and jumping up the three or so stairs to the main platform." The sign that says NO DOGS is not really all that relevant and makes the reader wonder if it will be important. I know you are trying to paint a very clear picture, but nobody wants the beautiful picture you painted ruined by a sign that says no dogs.
    Next in that section it says: "Is this a dream? Am I real?" Why would you be asking yourself if you are real? You already asked if it was a dream, next I would change it from "I" to "it". So, you should end up with: "Is this a dream? Is it real?" Which is not nearly as poetic, but makes more sense.
    Other than that, again, really well-written. It all flows so nicely!

    The following section (welcome): Only a few comments here. First, you write: "My name is Honey, and everything here was written/drawn/coded by me,** all of my own accord." But the asterisks do not "lead" to anything. Might want to fix that so your visitors are not searching for an explanation.
    Second, you should modify this sentence: "That gigantic wad of text above would serve as the introduction to Pichero's application, should I be lucky enough to become his new owner." I would just change "application" to "petpage", as that would not be an intro for his app.
    Next, it says: "I've also included a navigation bar, at the top, which can be accessed just by the 'UP' at the end of every section." It may just be in my browser, but I don't see any 'UP' at the end of each section.
    That's all for that section.

    There is nothing wrong in the Dragons, you say? section!

    Nothing wrong in the FYI. =D

    One thing I noticed in Chapter One: "How the enemy cowered and broke before the mighty of Stone." Do you mean the might of Stone? Because it makes more sense. Also, I will not be reading the Homer and such because it gives me a head ache.

    Only one comment in Chapter two, three and four, which is obviously that they aren't finished yet~

    Next, in the Plans section, I just want to give you a heads up that every link goes no-where. Same goes for the artwork.

    I really liked your Why Pichero setion because it was honest and heartfelt.

    I was also glad that you put everything about you in a textbox, so if they don't want to read it, they don't have to scroll down a whole page. (Another thing is my favorite video games are Legend of Zelda, Golden Sun and Pokemon. ^^)

    Again, in "Me vs. Neo" section, the written links don't go anywhere. Also, the link to your pet's petpage has the ugly border link around it. If you want to get rid of it here's the code:
    (a href="link")(img src="imagehere" border="0") (/a)
    Replace the () with pointy brackets.

    You might want to finish up your conclusion and credits.

    And that's all! Personally, I really loved your app because I really connected with it. I am also in love with Ancient Greece, truthfully, who isn't? I would most certainly adopt out Pichero to you, his character is creative and in-depth and you are surely a great owner.

    Now, compared to the other app for Pichero I was asked to review, I prefered yours. It gave me a really good view to Pichero's world.

    I hope this helped. Good luck to you Honey!

    This is a Sonata review for Moose by Maddie:

    First Glance: 13/15| At first glance, the layout is very practical, and very white. Fortunately, green looks rather nice with white. If I had just been visiting, I would not have known the name of the site right away, though.
    Layout Functionality: 15/15| All the links work great, but I would make them a bit bigger at left, just so they are more obvious to idiots like myself. There really isn't much to say about the functionality as there isn't much that needs to function properly. What needs to works fine.
    Layout Appearance: 12/15| The layout is really white. The green looks fine with the white, and is noticeable, so it's easy to read. You don't use any really blinding greens, sticking with a more hunter green that is soothing on the eyes. The little hissi picture constantly seen at left is pretty at the top, but at the bottom to the right of the actual hissi there's a random white pattern. That's probably a part of the image, but if you take a closer look at it, it's not very appealing. I would also make the name of your site more visible, so it stands out and people remember it. Maybe getting a banner at the top would improve, using the same color schemes. To find someone to request from if need be check The Status Center.
    Content: 21/25| You don't have that many shops listed, so I would recommend advertising on the Shops Ads board. Also, you even tell us that an "x" marks an empty/inactive shop. When running a directory of any sort, you never want to have inactive (or empty) sites (shops). You want to continuously update so that your viewers can always expect the best "service" possible. Another thing, some site have numbers in parentheses next to their names. What are those supposed to mean? If you need them, amke a legend so that people know what they mean.
    Grammar: 16/20| Some grammar mistakes that I noticed on your page: First, you write "you can click to a directory". Do you mean you can visit a directory? The phrase doesn't make sense. Another little thing: "If you think your shop is a category". I think you mean to say: "If you think your shop is in a category...". Moving right along to the "Tips for Advertising your Shop" section: "2) flair - you have smilies and symbols to make it stand out and look good". Just keep in mind that a lot of people do not like an overuse of smilies. You should tell them to keep the smilies to a minimum, not ten a post or whatever. I would also change: "Remember to also include a link to your shop in the content of your post." to "Remember to also include a link to your shop in your first post." Moving right along: "*swagbag* ► SALE | Size 40 Shop | Everthing MUST Go! ◄ *star*" You spelled everything wrong. And instead of: "in your user look-up" I would say "on your user look-up". All your mistakes are trivial things that you can easily fix by rereading your page.
    Other: 7/10| I would think about reorganizing your sitely page so that it would look something like this: banners/buttons of your site; affiliates; listed; reviews; useful links; and your credits. For credits, you should put who made the layout (even if it's you!), where the hissi picture is from, who made the buttons, etc.; and finally your counter.
    Total: 84/100| Your site has a good start. More advertising, and such can help improve how many shops you have listed. I would reread your entire page for things that are a little off. You have a lot of potential, so keep up the good work and you can go far.

    This is a Sonata review for Misty by Maddie:

    First Glance: 13/15| At first glance, I see a lot of white. Then when I look over to the left, suddenly I see a lot of pink. All in all, it's a lot of white and not enough blending the layout and background together. Then my eyes adjust.
    Layout Functionality: 14/15| All the links work great, but I would change the color of the box when you hover. Maybe from gray to a violet or a light pink. There really isn't much to say about the functionality as there isn't much that needs to function properly. What needs to work, works fine.
    Layout Appearance: 12/15| The layout is a little small, but that wouldn't be a problem if the background wasn't so white! I would change the background to maybe a light pink pattern, which you could easily make yourself. Maybe some flower or something pattern, the base a light pink the flower a darker pink. Just an idea. Then, the text box's writing goes onto Peach's skirt, which looks bad and makes it hard to read. I would make the box's width smaller. Other than those things, all good.
    Content: 22/25| You have a lot of potential in your resources! They are all pretty good quality and are things I would use. I would definitly add more content, especially in backgrounds. There just aren't that many! I would also make your pixels backgrounds transparent. Such as the butterfly ones. I wouldn't use them on my site because they have a white background. Good work though! I would just make random things to try different styles to improve.
    Grammar: 15/20| Some grammar mistakes that I noticed on your page: First, you write "the creator and runner of this site". Do you mean the creator and the person who runs the site? Because runner is like marathon runner. Another little thing: "Any feed back you have on the site please do neomail me I would love to hear what you think." Just read this sentence aloud. I would chang eit to: "I would love to hear what you think about my site! Feel free to mail me, feedback is always appreciated." Another little thing is this: "I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here and if you have any questions please ask". You use "please ask" so much. Maybe if you changed it to this: "I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here and if you have any questions don't hesitate to mail me." And a pet peeve of mine: "Lets keep 'em simple". Please please add an apostrophe: "Let's keep 'em simple". Moving right along: "Feel Free to use the banners or buttons if you wish". Use periods and proper captilization: "Feel free to use the banners or buttons if you wish. And now to the sitely page: "Currently being review by" I would change this to: "Currently being reviewed by:" Then you say: "( For the old Layout )" The "L" in layout should be lowercase. You have a lot of small grammar mistakes, just look over your site, you'll be sure to find more.
    Other: 6/10| I would think about reorganizing your sitely page so that it would look something like this: buttons of your site; affiliates; listed; reviews; other site; fanmail; and your credits. For credits, you should put who made the layout (even if it's you!), where the peach picture is from, etc. I would also make an updates section, only concerning Umbrella Sky. People don't like going elsewhere.
    Total: 82/100| Your site has a good start. Add more content and work on your grammar. You have a lot of potential, so keep up the good work and you can go far.

    This is a Sonata review for Nat by Maddie:

    First Glance: 14/15| First impression? Really beautiful. The layout is really well done (kudos!) and it's not blinding. I see the title of your site, and the links. There are some things to improve but overall my first impression is that you are very high-quality in what you do.
    Layout Functionality: 14/15| All the links work great, and they are somewhat easy to spot. I would make them slightly larger since you do have space to do so.
    Layout Appearance: 15/15| I love love love your layout. It's really pretty and with a closer look you can see how much detail it has, like how the picture doesn't actually go behind the update box. The background is soothing to the eyes and makes you look at the layout. the only comment I have is that colors you used to write "Silver" in the image are kind of hard to read. But overall, I really love your layout. It's super well done!
    Content: 21/25| I read a few of your reviews, and as a reviewer, I have what is my idea of how reviews should be. First off, you have a lot of rubrics! This can be a good thing, or a bad thing. It can be a good thing because your site has lots of different options to choose from, and you pretty much serve everyone. But if you really want to do amazing on reviewing people, I would mainly focus on one, or a few types. This is my hoenst opinion. I couldn't focus on reviewing a site if I had just reviewed a pet right before. You would be looking for so many different things and may mix them up or miss something. Onto the actual reviews. They are not that in-depth. I don't know if this is just because that is your choice or whatever, but I really wouldn't hold back. When I review someone, I really get into it, noticing little things and the big things that people miss! You also tend to have lots of grammar mistakes (addressed next) and you seem to be keeping reviews at a bare minimum.
    Grammar: 14/20| First off, I did read that you are from the Philipines and English may not be your first language. So, I will be slightly lenient since it is understandable. Another thing, there are a lot of grammar mistakes. I will not be able to find and correct them alll, but I will address some reaccuring ones with two examples of each, then add some things that I other things to work on. You forget punctuation at the end of sentences like: "You can only get here using the book you just find so it's not surprising that few only come here" you need a period at the end. Another example of this is in your review for Undead (just another example): "I think it would be wonderful if you get rid of a white blank space" another period please! Another reaccuring mistake is captilized letters when unnessecary: "Please Only apply for a review when the requests are open." only does not need to be captilized, and neither does cheese in this sentence: "Please put the word Cheese in your neomail app." And on we go! I notice some uncommon mistakes like: "Please, dont'request a review for personal sites and off-neo sites." I think you should change it to this: "Please, don't request a review for personal sites and/or off-neo sites." I also noticed little things like definitely spelled definitaly and you switch words so that instead of: "We also help our members get their dreamies." it says: "We also help get our member's Dreamies." There are a lot of grammar mistakes, and I would just take all your writing and put it through a spell check and yes. (Not coding though since that automatically comes up as wrong.) I would also read it aloud to maybe a fluent English speaker, they will notice things and so will you! However, since you are my special affie I am willing to find every grammar mistake if you ask me in the next two weeks. (Just 'cause I'm busy right now.) ^-^ You're so special Nat!
    Other: 7/10| I like your introduction a lot. It does have some mistakes, but it's really creative. Also, I would get a new counter since the current one doesn't show up. Also, your neomail me sign on the "borrowing" page has the ugly link box around it. Change your code to this:

    Do the same to the one on the "bookmarks" page.
    Total: 85/100| Overall, you've got a great site Nat! It's a little rough around the edges, but with loads of potential. To me, it's like a stone you pick up: at first, it's rough and dirty, but if you polish it, it truly shines!
    Pet Application critique for Steffi by Honey and Maddie.

    Honey's critique:
    The first impression I get of the application is that of disarray. The layout is messy and unorganized – perhaps the coding simply doesn't work very well on my computer, but the little navigation bar/images you have coded are along the left hand side of the screen. It's possible to align them so that they're parallel to the main text box, so I'd suggest you do that instead of leaving the application with a random row of images and then a box right down the bottom.

    The colour scheme is nice. It matches well with the pet, so that's a plus. I would suggest altering the navigation images however, as along with the hover/link being totally off (you hover on the first image, the link is activated on one two images down etc.) the images don't actually sit very well with the character. Colour wise, it's great. Content wise, not at all. Also it's ugly.

    In your introduction – or for that matter, the rest of your content – I would suggest aligning the text so it's justified, instead of centred. It looks messy otherwise, and it doesn't look very appealing to me as a reader.

    The opening paragraph of your introduction is thought provoking, but random. The sentence structure is strange: 'Well, someone did. With a few strings and a needle…' those sentences that follow on from that are totally unrelated. It may have been written to seem mysterious, but frankly I just find it baffling. I don't understand what you're trying to say at all. It also sounds very try-hard and 'boo hoo, look at me, I'm so sad'.

    I would re-write your introduction. It looks rushed and boring. Add something in about, I don't know, you. The application process. Something about the pet. Anything. A few lines of text do not make me want to read further, let me tell you.

    The plan section is okay. Again, centred text is gross. But that's the only thing that I dislike. You sound dedicated to the pet, which is something all us fosters like to see.

    In the story section: 'A cold night is the scenario for tonight'. No, you mean setting. A scenario is something that happens between two things. 'The rain pours as He'. Don't capitalize pronouns, unless you're talking about God, which I assume you're not. 'His hands is impregnated'. This sentence is incorrect on several levels, first replace is with are; secondly, find a different synonym for impregnated. Unless your hands are suddenly living creatures, I doubt they're impregnated with anything. 'There is a smile on his face' Um, nope. Two sentences ago he was crying. 'As he hums the lyrics' Well, considering the lyrics are RIGHT THERE IN TEXT, I doubt he's humming. Change the sentence to something like 'he hummed the lyrics of a popular song under his breath' or something, and mention the lyrics afterwards. Here's something that always helps me with writing: Show, don't tell. Don't tell your reader everything. They're not stupid.

    Overall, your sentences are choppy. They don't flow at all. I understand that English isn't your first language, and you've said that in the intro, and that's fine. But still.

    A glimpse of the song he was humming is heard'. You can't get a glimpse of something that has no form. Glimpse implies looking. Perhaps you mean bar? Or medley? Idk, ask Maddie, she's the musician.

    When I get to the 'Master's Blog', it looks so poorly laid out I almost skipped it all. There are no pictures, but there's also no premise. I have NO IDEA WHAT'S HAPPENING. Even if you put in a little author's note or something – a prologue, even. Anything to help me understand your story better and to stop me skipping it, like I did – that's the last thing you want the foster to do.

    In your About Me section, I find out absolutely nothing about you. Oh, okay, we get you're a teenager who lives in Argentina. Cool. But what do you like to do? What motivates you? Why did you start playing neopets? Why are you still playing neopets? Your About Me is so superficial; you hardly seem like a person at all. I have read so many boring biographical pieces written by people wanting to adopt pets – someone else's, or even my own – and usually, frankly, I skip them. I'm not going to give my pet to someone who looks about as exciting as a wooden spoon. You are a unique human being – why don't you show me?

    I'd also put spaces (br) between the list of your accounts. It'll look better.

    In the part about Doyla, I dunno if you're aware, but the images aren't working. 'I guess this is how she looked. Or at least I'm similar. I won't ever be like her. I will never reach perfection. Still, I kind of look like her.' OH MY GOSH DELETE THIS. This has absolutely NO RELEVANCE WHATSOEVER. Plus, who is 'her'? Who is narrating this story? I thought it was you, but obviously I'm mistaken.

    Just narrow the appearance down to sub categories: hair, eye colour, height, weight etc. Not a huge paragraph. I don't want to read that. The whole section under personality needs to go. You might have been aiming for some kind of mysterious and whimsical approach to the standard 411, but it's not working. It's boring information that seems slightly gratuitous, as if you want to say 'omg look such a tortured soul'. Hint: if you're really a tortured soul, it should simply come across. I don't want to be told you're a tortured soul. I mean really, another sad teenager? Wow, stop the press.

    The text boxes you have laid out for the story are great! They're super nice and easy to look at. Two thumbs up.

    Um, I don't know why the credits are right in the middle of everything, but it looks awful.

    Your story in general is fine. Kind of dark, but that's what you like writing, as you mentioned in your About Me. It's very confusing and I know pretty much nothing, considering I had minimal information given to me before I started reading some random diary entries. I'd have a section explaining/giving a brief overview of the story. That way, if the foster wants to skip, they can. I know, I know. 'But I've worked so hard! Why wouldn't they want to read my ten-page story on a bunch of pixels?' Well, it's because they have five hundred other applications they have to read, and yours has to be the one to STAND OUT. That's why you're writing an application, right?

    Overall: change the layout, rearrange the navigation/sections and rewrite your whole story. I don't mean get rid of your idea, just rewrite it. I don't know how good/accomplished you are as a writer, but my experience generally is that roleplayers tend to be more gifted than the norm. So, taking this into account, your story should be spectacular – which it's not.

    It's a mediocre attempt, Stephanie. I understand that it's a work in progress, which is excellent. All the more work to be put it! What I have said is harsh, I know. But if you want the pet, you're going to work for it.

    Good luck.

    Maddie's critique:
    Before I begin, I want you to make sure to really keep in mind both of Honey's and my ideas. Two heads are better than one, same goes for opinions.

    The first thing I notice is a giant wall of purply-ness. Then I look around, I notice the top of a text box at the bottom and these circles to the left. Thankfully, you explained what those circles were in your introduction. But omigosh you need to put the textbox ligned up with the links! Otherwise it looks like sloppy coding that you put together in a rush. Make a little more effort on the layout. However, the color scheme is very nice. It gives off a dark, mysterious and not ugly effect.

    After getting over the layout effect, I scrolled down to the introduction. The first three sentences had me intrigued. Then it died with: "Well, someone did." Someone did what? Had the will to do anything to achieve their dream? It's like if I said: "What would you do for some apples?" and I ended by saying: "Well, someone did." Makes no sense. I would make your intro a lot longer, more of a sneak peek of what is to come. Not a few statements, but something that compells you to read more.

    The next section goes directly to the plans. Not a good idea. An ideal format for an application (in my opinion) is this: introduction; about me; why petname?; character; story; plans; outro; credits. Let me address this now. Always, always put the credits at the end! Never put them in the middle, it's too random. Anyway, let's delve into the plans section. For starters, I would add something like: "If I am chosen to be Doyla's new owner, here's an idea of what I plan to do" before you begin listing plans. Instead of: "Doyla won't be the exception." I would change this to: "Doyla won't be an exception." Then, it says: (link) and there is no link. Another reason why you might want to change the order is when you write: "I plan on continuing Doyla's story, including far more detail about Lauren and her relationship with her master. I'd also like to add an extra part to go deeper into the Masters life and how his personality changed over the month, although I think I succeed showing it in his diary. I will also add some of her future relationships when roleplaying, but you can see more of that below." We don't know anything about that yet. (Plus it isn't mentioned in the app at present time.) A few grammar mistakes: "Even though I use and external forum so to avoid neo's regulations" change this to: "Even though I use an external forum so to avoid neo's regulations". Another mistake: "Also, this will help developing Doyla's character even more" it should be develop, not developing. Another weird sentence: "she's a prisoner of her master." change this to: "she's imprisoned by her master." That's all for the plans section.

    Time for "The Beginning" section. Mistake #1: "The rain pours as He walks through the houses." The "H" in he should be lowercase. Mistake #2: "there a smile on his face and a song in his mouth." change this to: "there is a smile on his face and a song in his mouth." Weird thing #1: "As he hums the lyrics" he is singing the lyrics, no? Otherwise we wouldn't be able to know what they were. Mistake #3: "But He has to try" again with the capitilized "h". Weird thing #2: "a glimpse of the song he was humming is heard." I would change this sentence to: "a stanza of the song he was singing is heard." or to: "a bar of the song he was singing is heard.

    I would run the entire "Master's blog" through spell check. I also had no idea what was going on, I just read it.

    You might want to get up the credits, and maybe not have them smack dab in the middle of your app?

    Finish about the about me section (and maybe move it). A mistake I saw was: "In neo I have five accounts" you mean ON neo. I would also take the period away in the title, making it this instead: "About the Writer

    And finally, the Meet Doyla section. You might want to explain before this who the heck "she" is, since you mention her a LOT! Please, stop capitalizing the "h" in he. It makes it like he's a god or something. Run the entire thing through spell check too. Tell me about Doyla, not about "she". And who is talking in the purple font?? None of the images work either. I would make the story it's oow section, and whenever you get around to it, use those textboxes. They make it clear it's a story and are still not too small.

    I think that's it! At present time, your app is only decent. I realize it's a work in progress, but put some more effort into it. Re-arranging the links, run all the writing through an English spell checker and get going! The last little thing: I read the rules for applying for Doyla, and you have to put a musical theater reference. I'm no expert, so it may have been that song or something, but just make sure to do that! Best of luck to you.

    Pet Application critique for Mia by Maddie:

    Let's jump into it, shall we? To begin, I noticed a grammatical error: "You sit up slowly, reaching your arms above your head, and to your shock, in front of you is creature" I think you mean: "You sit up slowly, reaching your arms above your head, and to your shock, in front of you is a creature".

    To the Meet Mia section! To begin, why in the world do you tell her your height and hair color? That's extremely weird. If someone asked me my hair color and height on Neo, I would be extremely weirded out. Just saying. Moving on! Why is there a picture of a feather boa? Just take that out. Maybe replace it with a divider from here. Then, in the Meet The Family Section, why is the font for your pets' descriptions all big and ugly? Just use the normal font. That's it for that section.

    Next up, Why Regulis section. And whoa whoa whoa: "I usually only write for myself, but I guess I saw something different in him." A big no no. I usually only do something for myself? Change this to something like: "He has such great character potential that soon his story was forming in my mind.

    Meet Regulis section. First off, your pronunciation makes no sense whatsoever! Continuing, I read this: "His body is an even deeper grey and his eyes seem to be sighing." Maybe describe how sighing eyes look? Because I can't imagine how they would turn out.

    I read your story, not gonna bother to correct the little mistakes. Just run it through a spell check. Anyway, the story is only decent. How many people who adopt out gray pets get stories of how they were beautiful and then turned gray after something terrible happened? And how they now regret this and blah blah blah. It's well-written, but really unoriginal. If I had a pet like Reg UFA, I would choose the app that included the story with Reg being the knight that gets poisoned and something amazing that you didn't expect happen, over the boring they-were-pretty-and-then-they-were-all-sad-the-end-they-learned-their-lesson. I realize that the deadline is staring you in the face, but if you are really dedicated to getting this UNCONVERTED pet (who is sure to have loads of competition) I would spend a lot of effort on it.

    In your plans section, your petpage plans is either non-existent or just doesn't show up.

    That's about it! Your app is only decent. It isn't something extremely noteworthy. I'm sorry if this was a little harsh! Anyway, best of luck to you.

    This is a Sonata review for Cynthia by Maddie:

    First Glance: 14/15| First impression? Not too blinding, a little on the dark side. At first glance I didn't take a close look at the layout, so it was nice and soothing on the eyes. I know almost automatically the name of your site, and the glow around it is just noticeable, drawing your eyes to it.
    Layout Functionality: 14/15| The navigation works. Always a good sign. However, the links on the main layout kind of stick out and have this transparent-y green background that appears on actual image. Also, the Sitely like is a lot farther down than the rest. Intentional or not, it looks bad. If you move all the links up and to the right, you can fit them all in one space and all on the layout itself.
    Layout Appearance: 12/15| The colors are just right, but then you focus on the layout itself. The image on the right is well blended with the background. However, the aisha to the left has white pixels around her, and some in other places and some not, which makes it that much uglier. Then you rounded off the overall image and made a solid color background. Not bad, but that's a beginner's work. Patterns are generally more attractive. So far though, it's only a few things to work on the layout.
    Content: 21/25| To the most important section: your buttons. They are just semi-unique and semi-normal buttons (if that makes an iota of sense), some much better than others, and others leaning towards ugly. Because there are so many button sites out there, I will be harsh. When someone comes to your site and sees the exact same type of buttons they can get somewhere else, what's making them choose your site? Your buttons already have a unique feel to them, so just keep it up! You can improve a lot on your buttons. I took a peek at your portfolio, and can already see that you have improved. Personally, I would try different styles of buttons, maybe try something a little out of your comfort zone, and get better at that. I think you should try some new things and continue to work on your old style. Another thing you need to know: I really love how you are already experimenting with many different styles. All the animations so far are good!
    Grammar: 20/20| All of your grammar is correct. It's always nice to look at a site without getting a headache from mistakes. One thing I would change is where you write: "Welcome to Inspire, a custom buttons website created by yours truly, Cynthia." I would just change the website to site. It's much more, uh, flowly.
    Other: 7/10| I would just add "Review pending" to the alt/title when you hover over review scores if you haven't yet gotten them.
    Total: 88/100| Your buttons are very nice and unique, but with room for improvement. You have a lot of potential, so don't be afraid to think outside the box! Other than that, you're off to a great start.

    This is a Sonata review for Chelsea by Maddie:

    First Glance: 15/15| I got a really good feeling just reaching your site. It's light, fun and cheerful from one good look. It really enticed me to explore.
    Layout Functionality: 15/15| The navigation works just about as well as every good navigation system should. The "short & sweet" banner for the link back to the homepage is a nice touch! I like how the links are on the side, plus they are easy to read and very appealing.
    Layout Appearance: 15/15| You can't go wrong when you request a layout from Rika. I would know. The colors are perfect. The little cupcakes give the impression of a bakery, which is the goal. It's just a really cute, really pretty layout!
    Content: 23/25| Alright then, to the names. I am an extremely lazy person and will not be checking all of your names for you, but I will give you my opinion on them (trader and not). On a trader point of view, you have short names that would trade nicely if painted. Your RN/RWs are a little uncommon though, and are more likely to be permanent pets that have a character with that word. On a pet lover point of view, your names are cute and short. I know from experience that some people like having a slightly longer name that can have a nickname. My friend has a pet named Qurenca, nicknamed Ren. She will only create pets with long names and nickname-able. (Because she's weird.) Just keep that in mind! Other than that, you have awesome names and loads to choose from.
    Grammar: 19/20| Yay for good grammar! All you have is little mistakes, and not even that many!
    Other: 7/10| One: your mail me sign on your request page has an ugly link box around it. Just add (border= "0") to the end of the image code. Do the same to some of your bullets (like on the stuck page). There are also some buttons on your sitely page that have the box. I would also get rid of the three exact same "Karma" buttons you have for people to vote for you. The animation is going at the same time, and it's kind of ugly. Maybe three different ones or just one?
    Total: 94/100| This is the best review I've ever given. Your site is just amazing, keep up the good work! I'm sorry this review wasn't that long, you really don't have anything wrong with your site.
    Pet Application critique for Olly by Maddie & Honey:

    Maddie's critique:
    I'm going to separate this into three sections: the splash page, petpage and application. This is the first time I've reviewed an extensive application like this, so bear with me!

    Let's begin with the Disclaimer at the start of the splash page. I AM using IE, and it looks fine in my large resolution (don't know the exact). The thing is, if you are going to go with white text on black, the little bullet points are just so small and I have to squint to read it. Other than that, you put the disclaimer in a giant, eye-catching font and yeah! The rest of the splash page is super cool with the clicking and "choose your path". Kudos to you for making me want to continue! I clicked on the recommended petpage first, so we'll head to that next!

    First, the layout of the petpage is very pretty and appealing: the picture is cute and looks great with the background you picked out. In the elder's passage, I wouldn't capitalize people in this sentence: "The People adored her practically to the point of worship - they sang songs in her name and praised her every arrival." Since it's the elder talking, I already assume he's talking about the people of the land, not some people called "The People". Unless that's what they're called. Your little section of the winds was really interesting, and I learned stuff I hadn't known. You do have a lot of winds listed, why don't you list your favorites/most interesting/important winds?

    For your story, I'm only going to mention something if it's a mistake or a weird context. So far, your writing style is really beautiful and paints a wonderful fantasy picture. I really don't know how to criticize something that's near perfect.

    In her "likes", it's not necessary to capitalize bees in this sentence: "Insects other than Bees (they merely drift about and are too feeble for notice)". Again, there is no need to capitalize people, since you seem to enjoy that a lot.

    I absolutely love how you got neopians to write a little about what it's like without the Wind. It's a really nice touch connecting the two. Another thing I love is how you are connecting your current pets and characters to Nimorika. It's a hint of your neo family and a promise of the home Nimorika would have.

    And that's it for the petpage! It's honestly amazing, the story is intriguing and creative and the writing is beautiful. The only thing is you seem to capitalize words that just don't need to be capitalized.

    Now, to the application which is probably just as wonderful as the petpage. First off, layout is beautiful, there are so many ways to match a layout coloring with the colorings of the faerie xweetok.

    Three little mistakes, quick skip down to the family: "Specimen 444440 was resurrected by the Society and helped them rise to power by taking out political opponnts, but eventually went rogue." I believe you spelled opponents wrong. ^-^ The next little mistake is also in the Family section: "Gasha has evolved perfectly into a Neopian character. He is a major influence in every plot line (he resurrected both Ziqil and Rep, though they are on seperate "sides")" Just a tiny switch from "seperate" to "separate". The last little mistake is in the outro, thanking people section: "~Lily for proofreading vigurously and constantly". Vigurously should be spelled: "vigorously".

    That's it. Your application was very sincere and honest, kind of the same thing, but hey!

    To end, your entire application (including the splash page and petpage) was beautiful. Original, honest and intriguing. I don't really have anything bad to say about it. It is obvious you put a lot of effort into it, and it shows your dedication to Nimorika. I fell in love with your character and was absorbed by your writing style. This is the best app I have ever seen, and I wouldn't hesitate to give Nimorika to you.

    Honey's critique:
    Hi, Olly. You probably don't remember me, but I actually reviewed an application of yours a year or so ago. Your application then followed much the same pattern as it did this time around, so it was both amusing and interesting to see you revert to type.

    Okay, app time.

    The disclaimer page is cute. The font is way too small though, and in all honesty my first reaction was to skip it, but I forced myself to read on. It's most verbose however, but unless this is part of the 'style' of your application, so to speak, you could leave it. Be aware that it might be skipped.

    Now, onto the petpage section. In the first paragraph, this line stood out for me: 'predators lived in these parts, but those that did were never hungry'. This idea is only furthering the notion of some sort of oasis or whatever, but it's not awfully realistic. I suppose it doesn't matter too much, but the sceptic in me chuckled.

    This haven, however, like all havens, needed a force to sustain it' How many havens can there be? Are we talking Garden of Eden quality, or what? This is wordy and unnecessary.

    This force was the rain, and these rains were brought by a specific Wind. She was among the only winds that could brave the Eastern Mountains, and the only wind to do so while being strong enough to bring the Rains with it.' Way too messy. The sentence structure here is a little off the rails. Semicolons are your friends.

    Her name was Nimorika, the Wind of Nimorika' As in she comes from some place called Nimorika? Is Nimorika some kind of title?

    The section you have about the different kinds of wind is cute, but definitely skip-able. Wikipedia, anyone? It fits with the overall layout of your application/petpage (read: wordy) but I think a brief dictionary definition would have sufficed.

    no pain in her world (only pleasure),' Yes, that's what 'no pain' means.

    was neither here nor there- she could think and feel and yet was not touched by time or eternity. There was no boredom, no sadness - only the joy of little things in life.' These two sentences are essentially the same. We get it, she's in Nirvana.

    She knew nothing of why she took her annual journey; she hardly knew that time passed at all' We are aware of this because you said the exact same thing just last paragraph.

    The Wind beat her butterfly wings (from which her wind came)' Ugly sentence is ugly.

    This was the season of winter and snow' It's one or the other. They're essentially interchangeable. Just choose one.

    and for this season she always traveled the Mountains. The snow never fell the same way twice, as every snowflake was unique, so this journey was never quite the same' One: she travels the MOUNTAINS in winter? Two: 'as each snowflake was unique'……

    She played with the bunnies and raced with a fox, tickled the bears and poked the ox. The stars twinkled and the Father Frost gleamed - just like the average winter this all seemed.' I don't understand this random reference to poetic prose? What's the point of this couplet, exactly?

    On that Spring the Rains did not come' If you haven't capitalized 'winter' before now, don't do the same to spring. Also, Rains? How about 'rains'.

    The crops suffered and thousands died, people prayed and magicians lied...' I don't even – what does this MEAN? It's fluffy and random. Like, is this some kind of hidden poke at rel igion, or something?

    I'm not going to go any further, but basically re. story: tidy it up. There are A LOT of sentences that say the same thing, over and over, and to be perfectly honest – it's kind of boring. I'm not drawn into your story at all. I get that she's some kind of wind fairy who flies around with her four antennae and plays with rabbits.

    (simple beauty, and yet nothing else can compare... and attract bees)' One word: awkward. This sentence is gross.

    Avians (the only beings fit to rule the skies along with the Winds)' 'avians'?

    Politics (so dull and boring and always fail to please), Death (a trivial thing - happens to everyone), Insects other than Bees (they merely drift about and are too feeble for notice)' 1: Well, of course she wouldn't be interested in politics. This is too random to mention, tbh. 2: 'death – a trivial thing'? I suppose it would be to someone who's eternal. 3: I don't even get the bee thing.

    Also, I noticed that in the sort of 'about Nimorika' section you have, there's the line 'Wind of Nimorika - a sudden and sharp squall which brings the rain to the Dreaming Land every spring.', but then you have under responsibilities: 'Bringing the Rains past the Mountains to the Dreaming Land every year and taking moisture from the rainforest.' - which is essentially the same thing and is repetitive.

    The 'personality' section is kind of baffling. I can't put my finger on what's so wrong with it. Maybe because in the intro, she's got this rep of being pretty chilled, but caring? And now we find out that she basically doesn't care about anything except, idk, flowers?

    Everyday, I visit Gasha with a sliver of hope' …'Gasha'?

    Ah, now I've read a little further I see the section where you've included other users in the story. Hm. Interesting idea. I don't think it works very well, because it lessens the fantastical element of the story and instead gives it a sense of a realism, which might be what you're going for, but really it makes it seem kind of My Immortal RPish. (It kind of comes across that you've trolled the boards about your app and gotten a bunch of people to just randomly chuck their two cents in).

    Oh okay, Gasha is a pet. Right.

    I skipped the rest of the story, and here's the rundown: Long and wordy. If I had to summarize your story, it'd go like: 'Fairy likes rain, leaves for some reason, a pet sings about rain, it comes back.'

    Now, onto the proper app. Might I add, at this point, that a link onto the actual application would be handy? Only because I had to navigate back to the very beginning and it was most troublesome.

    I gotta say, your title 'Something smells of squid'… like, legit? Is this what you wrote? Is Nimorika a maraquan pet? What does this even mean? It totally ruins the ~mystical vibe you're going for.

    anything you read here is what I choose to reveal, and I've been studying Psychology for long enough to be able to say that it is flawed.' Seriously, this sentence is what I would, in different circumstances, call 'name dropping'. Get rid of the psych bit. It feels out of place and, if I may, like you're trying to be superior in some way.

    I do promise that what you read here will be the truth, as wholly as I can reveal.' Can you say: contradiction!

    Alas, it is impossible to predict the future, but I do feel the need to inform you of what I have in store for the Bottled Wind of Nimorika' Just call her Nimorika. Jeez, louise.

    Blah blah blah… stop calling her 'the Wind' or 'the Bottled Wind'! 1. it sounds so awkward, and 2. it's so affected. Pretentious. Pompous. It's like in seventeen century England when the monarchy refused to be addressed by anything other than 'Your Eminence' or 'Oh Holiest One'. It's seriously amusing, but I know this isn't what you're going for, so in this case I'd recommend you just stick to her first name.

    There is nothing quite special about me in Reality.' Reality shouldn't be capitalized.

    I'm not a published author, or a brilliant doctor or scientist... but I am what I am.' Please contact Confucius at your earliest convenience. 'I am what I am'?

    I am a second-year Psychology and Russian and Eastern European Studies double-major at a massive university in Texas and plan to pursue a career in Positive Psychology after finishing some grueling years of graduate school.' Longest sentence in the history of the English language.

    focusing on social rejection and competition-based perception' I find this rather ironic within the context of an application for a popular, unconverted pet.

    I ran out of time to keep on reading the rest of your application, unfortunately. Here's the rundown:
    - Be more concise. In my opinion, it shows greater skill to show what you mean in a limited number of words than in several pages.
    - The coding/art is all fantastic. It's a beautiful application, visually, and it shows so much work and dedication. :) I applaud you: it's truly a wonderful feat.
    - Basically… be less affected. I don't know how to say this without sounding terrible, but you sound so pompous. Incredibly, incredibly pretentious. You sound like a con man buying his own game. Loosen up a little. If you sound like you're at a funeral, do you really think the foster wants to read ALL THE STUFF you've written?

    This is a great application, Olly. I hope I've provided some insight – and I haven't been too scathing! Congratulations on a job well done so far. This app will get you over the line, but it's not fantastic yet.

    This is a Sonata review for Leah by Maddie:

    First Glance: 9/15| Where's the layout? Oh, there it is. Skinny, and the background is not appealing at all. Banner draws the eye, but my first impression was not a feeling of being... impressed.
    Layout Functionality: 11/15| The navigation works just about as well as every good navigation system should. But it's small, and ugly. And not as noticeable as a navigation should be, telling me what you offer and the easyness of getting there. I would make it outside of the layout, bigger, brighter and nicer.
    Layout Appearance: 10/15| Whoa, I used Chrome?! *cough* Anyway, it's way to skinny and has nothing attractive about it at all. Sure, the colors match and there's a border that adds to it, but it's nothing... enticing. I realize graphic layouts are a pain, but well worth it. They are much more attractive and are just better layouts. I can't code to save my life, so I don't expect you to either. To make the layout better, I'd make the box larger, and change the ugly green background to maybe a pattern background. (Some good backgrounds can be found here). The banner isn't very nice either, it doesn't fit perfectly or isn't leaving a small space, there's a huge gap. The subtitle (a pixel site) is can't be read unless you are squinting. Plus, white is a little too bright for your dark banner.
    Content: 24/25| Love, love, love your theme. It's unique and cute, not to mention you have done a wonderful job following the theme perfectly. I am no expert on pixels, but I absolutely love yours. They are cute, and very well done. The only complaint is that there aren't enough! Unfortunately for your cute theme, it's kind of restricting the different types of pixels you can have. But the ones you do have are amazing! I might experiment with vectors or scribbles, too. Keep up the good work.
    Grammar: 20/20| Yay for good grammar! You have a total of two mistakes. Mistake #1: In the rules section, it says: "Do not claim my pixels to be your own or somebody else's as I have taken the time to create them etc." It's a little weirdly worded (I would also add a comma in the sentence.) Change it to this: "Do not claim my pixels as your own or somebody else's since I have taken the time to create them, etc." Last little mistake, in the disclaimer for your old pixels: "So no, I havn't stolen the pixels from this page. It even states that this is my main account on my old page." Just a tiny misspelling of haven't. And that is all, so I'm going to give you a perfect score for that.
    Other: 8/10| Little things. Capitalize "listers" since you have for "affies" and "reviews" and stuff. I would center your counter, not your credits, just the counter and the date, because it will look much nicer. Don't put an exclamation point after "Diary" and "Rules". No need to go on and on about you reopening or revamp, just state the day you opened. That's all!
    Total: 82/100| You just need to mess with the image your present to people when they visit your site. And keep making those cute pixels!
    Pet Application critique for Maddie by Honey:

    Let's get right into it, shall we?

    First of all, the layout is super ugly. I hate the background/colour scheme, plus the coding makes a gigantic space between the end of the navigation table and the actual banner. I'd suggest either putting the bloggy bit in one small box or ali gning it so the nav bar and blog are parallel to one another.

    Also, the background gives a really strong jungle vibe. If this isn't what you're going for, change it asap.

    and the smell of the sky that remains even once you have returned to the ground' I dunno what the sky smells like, but maybe you could specify for us mortals.

    I could fly forever and ever, never once setting paw on the ground!' I hate! Unnecessary! Exclamation! Marks!

    But some people see fit to keep me grounded. It's always: "Do this, do that, blah blah blah!" And when I ask to fly, what do they always say? It's too dangerous. But it's not too dangerous! Can't they see I belong in the sky?' Uh oh, Twilight-level angst ahead.

    Hm, so this beginning tells me one thing: teen runaway. Maybe I'll chuck in drama queen as well. Whatever, let's keep reading.

    I realize that most people don't put info about themselves until the end of the application, but I feel that this is better for you. Why? Because if you don't like the person who's applying, then there's no point in reading the rest of the application.' Uh, no. Here's where you're wrong: FOSTERS DON'T REALLY CARE. Do you know HOW MANY PEOPLE put their stupid, self-indulgent little 'about me' section at the beginning of the app, waffling on about their pets and hobbies, and then leave above two paragraphs for the actual pet? This in all honesty just occurred to me, but why don't you make a separate FAQ section about yourself? If a foster is reading a hundred apps, do you reckon they're going to want to read through another fourteen year old who is just soooo in love with Neo? No. They want to know why you want their pet. So tell them instead of slapping your personality around in their face.

    Also – something else I just thought of – why is the nav bar at the very top of the app? Surely it would make more sense to have the navigation next to whatever section you're at? It doesn't make much sense to finish a section, scroll up, click to the next section, etc.

    Oh – and the divider you're using? It's a premade, and I see it everywhere. If it's not a premade, change it, because it looks like one. If it is a premade, change it, because it DEFINITELY looks like one.

    And your blog/text alignment is actually really off. I would make the white blog/background smaller so it fits your text really neatly. Similarly, justifying your text makes the world a happier place.

    That's also why I included so much; I want you to know enough about me to judge if I'm who you're looking for as Tafq's new owner' They don't care about you. They care about why you're slaving away making an application for their pet they saved up millions for.

    The links to each can be found on the nav bar to your left.' Whoops! No!

    Your 'off-neo' section is vomit-inducing. Not a lot of applicants do this – I've never done it myself, actually – but having a little 411 section for yourself is actually ten times better than this kind of awkward paragraph system. If you don't know what I mean:


    There. Super short and simple. We find out who you are without reading about your dog.

    Currently I have been accepted ten times, with one short story and two series of three and six parts' On a side note: congratulations! I am super bad at getting anything into contests/the NP. Know that I'm going to be searching up your stories now. ;)

    Nowadays, what with so much trading and avatar collecting and other stuff like that, the pets have become a side show.' Another side note: I've been here for nine years now, and Back In The Good Ol Days people avatar collected/didn't care about pets/whatever. This is an idealised view of the past life of Neo which is incorrect.

    Whew, that's a lot of text! Now that that's over with, I think it's time we move on to who's really important in this application: Tafq! ' There! You've just acknowledged that you have talked WAY TOO MUCH about YOURSELF. Shorten it down, seriously. It'll look better, more engaging, and far more like you're an applicant who understands the ropes, as oppose to Just Another Applicant who writes the same old app every time their 'dream pet' comes on the market. * Also, just thought of this: how old are you, lol? What's your name? For an about me that is insanely long, you don't find out anything about you, which in hindsight I find most amusingly ironic.

    In the about Tafq section, I would highly, highly suggest leaving a visible link to the adoptable on the left of her 411. I thought you'd drawn it, and was about to go all adfghjkl until I hovered over the link. Be very wary of things like this.

    Full Name: Tafquetta (TAF-ket-ta) ' Oh em gee. Not related to Ebonni Raven Way, are we?

    Age: 11 ' Explains the exclamation marks.

    Personality Traits: Restless, Intelligent, Friendly, Clumsy, Curious, Feisty, Stubborn ' Why are these capitalized?

    Also, why a make believe kingdom? Unless this is directly related to the story with your Zafara, in which case I apologize, but otherwise I find all these made up countries/kingdoms/lands found in apps are boring and way overdone. Legit, no one cares. Neopia is fantastical enough. Want a challenge? Try altering it's history, maybe. Just don't make up an entirely different planet.

    Characteristics of the family are dark brown fur, ruby-red eyes, big paws, and a laid-back demeanor. Tafq is rather the opposite of most of her family and ancestors. She is a faerie pet with tan fur, brown eyes, and a very restless and spirited attitude.' Special snowflake, much?

    Tafq's body may have been chained to the ground, but her soul would always be in the sky. It wasn't long before she ran away into the woods, where she could fly to her heart's content. Making her home in a small forest of pines, Tafq lived alone' Are her super rich royalty parents not searching for her, then? Or does this mess up her perfect little world?

    Why do I want to adopt you beautiful Xweetok?' * Your

    I want to get this out of the way right now: I'm not interested in Tafq solely because she is a UC.' OH. COME. ON.

    I do love that she's a UC, but I don't want her for the "value" or "prestige".' Legitimately laughing at my computer screen right now.

    I don't care about those words that Neopians have slapped upon pets these days.' Can I just say – you belong to a Neopet Orphanage/Adoption guild, and you don't care about pet values? Yeah, this story's holding up well.

    The worth of a pet is not in their color,' But you have a royalboy Zafara, ofc.

    But I haven't really answered the question of why I'm applying for Tafq' Interestingly, you keep doing this. You did it back in your about me, and now you're doing it here. It's like you're subconsciously registering your ability to natter on about irrelevant details, which is rather curious, really. I'd take heed and seriously cut down on all this boring, 'I love Neopets for their personalities!' hippie rubbish and keep to the facts.

    being UC is part of the reason, for I've always admired UC Faerie Xweetoks.' YOU JUST FINISHED SAYING how all pets were special etc. etc. and how 'I'm not interested in Tafq solely because she is a UC. I do love that she's a UC, but I don't want her for the "value" or "prestige'. Woah, woah, woah. Freudian slip, or what?

    All UC thoughts aside though, there's really just one HUGE reason that sets Tafq apart from the rest: she inspires me. ' omg omg omg wow, I've never heard this one before exclamation mark.

    , feelings, and ideas ran through my mind, consuming all other things.' That's generally what feelings and ideas do, yes.

    and even more surprising, I began to draw.' And use all these free xweetok adoptables! Look! I love drawing!

    Get rid of the picture of the fireworks saying 'Inspire!'

    I realize you have a lot of apps to read' Here we go again.

    Your stalking needs some work, my little one, the Xweetok acknowledged without turning his head' Were you watching the Lion King when you wrote this?

    The girl's father growled. You should not be ashamed of your paws, Tafq. They are what makes you an Xweetok of noble heritage! Anyone in the village down there would trade for your paws in a heartbeat, if it meant they could live in such an honorable family. ' We get it. She hates her paws.

    Oh my goodness, the image with the tiny xweetok paw in the bigger one made my laugh so hard. You really were watching the Lion King, weren't you?

    As I have yet to meet an 11-year-old with perfect grammar, all grammar mistakes are intentional.' This is like saying: 'Although I know stealing is wrong, it's not if the money somehow finds it way into my pocket, right?' Just use grammar. It isn't cute, it's annoying to read.

    Luckily for me, I found the perfect solution to all my problems! He cuddles at night to keep me warm, and listens to me when I talk, and he loves me!' Might I return to the fact that she's… eleven… right?

    But now I'm getting off topic

    Moving onto your other pets… 'Her village is run by a selfish and greedy king who causes much suffering to his people.' Since this is your own made up world, I guess you can do whatever, but I'll be super annoying and just point out that there's only ever one kind to a land. Separate lands/factions would have lords.

    She is mainly just there to back up Sorren and offer motherly love.' I could say so much about gender stereotypes right now.

    UC's are a dying breed

    Also, your customization is really boring. I have seen that combo so many times, it's insane.

    In your conclusion, the image on the left isn't working.

    In a conclusion of my own:
    1. Your application is predictable in layout (te x tually) and story.
    2. Unintentionally, you sound flat, boring, overly sincere and the sort of person who'd say 'No, please, don't step in that puddle, let me lie down in it so you can walk on me!
    3. The personality you've created for Tafq is okay. Nothing revolutionary. It's definitely not engaging.
    4. That background is really super ugly.

    Basically, I wouldn't give you my pet. Reason: you have written a lot, but it's not saying anything. I don't feel moved by your words. I don't want to get drawn into your story, or your pledges of good ownership. You're parroting words that I've read a thousand times before, and it's not exciting or interesting or much of anything, really.

    I dunno when your deadline is, but if you have time, I would seriously suggest doing this whole thing over. In writing terms: this is the first draft. Yes? Take heed of my suggestions, gather your thoughts, and keep on swimming. I have no doubt you have the capacity (your app tells me that), but if you handed this is tomorrow, yeah, you might get the pet, but it's because its competence is staggering. This is a tried-and-true application. It's not going to be changing the face of Neopian pet applications, that's for sure.

    And I've changed my mind - I don't think I want to read any of your stories now. Sorry.

    Good luck… sorry, I'd mention you by name, but I don't think your app told me it.

    This is a Concerto review for Mo by Maddie:

    You have a huge selection of fonts. All of your fonts are amazing, unique, professional and any that I would use in a heartbeat.
    You offer more than one "type" of font, i.e. picture and word. My favorites of each section are: Picture: "Raichu Font". Misc.: "Rainbow Bar Code Font". And Word: "Listen to the Color Codes of the Wind.
    Your site is very well-established, which basically means people expect great service, which you happily oblige.
    You offer requests, everyone appreciates customization.
    You have awesome extras, including an original project.
    The layout is terrible. Boring and ugly.
    The navigation is not easily noticeable and the entire layout is unappealing.
    You have just a few typos, an example is on the front page: "The first textbox displayed is the NeoHTML and the second textbox dislplayed is the NeoSignature." Displayed is spelled incorrectly.
    You have a total of one broken image on your request page.
    Total:| I have to give you a 45/50. Everything about your content is just amazing, the only thing bad is real appearance/opinion based.
    Recommended/Not Recommended:| I deem your site highly recommended. You offer a wide variety of high-quality, unique fonts. I enjoyed almost every aspect of your site.

    This is a Sonata review for Lily by Maddie:

    First Glance: 13/15| Very brown. Honestly, a lot of brown, but it works good with the rest of your layout. And then the title catches my eye and I am initially impressed.
    Layout Functionality: 15/15| The navigation works perfectly, as every good navigation system should. I would make it hover a brighter color instead of a darker color. Maybe a gold or something?
    Layout Appearance: 14/15| As I mentioned, it's a lot of brown. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, you'd be better off with a solid theme (of a color) than a bunch of random colors. The Usul draws the eyes and looks very cute and the fading background of it with some textures looks amazing. Then there is the title with the drop shadow and looks very nice. Other than that though, it very... bland. But a good bland, if that makes sense. It makes you focus on the content instead of being distracted by fancy things.
    Content: 22/25| I remember you from Annex, and even then you had button and banner making potential. I can see that you are choosing to focus on buttons, which is great because they are always in demand. Even so, you have improved even more from Annex's time period. Obviously, you have room for improvement. Think outside the button and try techniques that may be a little wild. Who knows, maybe you'll find something you love or that looks super. I am not a graphic maker and can not point out things that may be wrong or whatever, but I can say with certainty that if you just keep practicing, they will improve a lot. If you are not having any request, which I doubt, to practice you could make yourself some buttons or gift buttons to sites that just started or don't have nice buttons. That's it though!
    Grammar: 16/20| You do have some grammar mistakes. On the very front page, "questions" is spelled wrong. Also on that page you write: "there's varieties" it's either: "there is a variety" or "there are varieties". On the pick-up page, you should put a space between Thank and you. On the Extras and the Resource page, you spell resources wrong. And on the resource page you write: "or your too lazy? :P" It should be you're, instead of your. Just little things like that which can be easily fixed.
    Other: 9/10| Little things. I would say who made the Usul picture in the credits, even if it is you. I would use less smilies to be a little more professional, but it's fine to use them in updates and stuff. That's it!
    Total: 89/100| Your buttons are great, but with room for improvement. You have a lot of potential, so don't be afraid to think outside the box. Other than that, great site, loads of potential. Good work.

    This is a Sonata review for Allissa by Maddie:

    First Glance: 14/15| First impression? Beautiful. Everything blends together really well. It's a little bit blindingly pink at first, but then you focus on the textbox itself.
    Layout Functionality: 15/15| The layout works great, even in my small resolution. It's easy to see, and the glow hover effect is something I just can't resist.
    Layout Appearance: 14/15| I love the layout. It's really pretty and after you get over the initial brightness, everything just blends together really well. It's quite pretty!
    Content: 23/25| As far as competition wise, you have limited your main competitions to site of the month and button of the month. Usually, having less content is bad. But for competitions, I would have to say not having a billion different choices is much better. It makes you choose and get more views plus entrants for the specific competition. You also offer your button collage, which has always been popular back when Belly Buttons hosted it. You have put it in your extras though. I understand that you don't want it to be a main thing, but it has a lot of popularity. But, it isn't really technically a competition as there is no winner, so I understand your reasoning. Even so, making it have it's own page will get a lot more traction. Other than that, competitions sites are best when focused, and you are doing fine at that. You have, already, a ton of competitors for the SOTM, (myself included but I'm not really in the running. xD), a successful Button Collage and an up-and-coming BOTM. Keep it up!
    Grammar: 18/20| In the updates, you forgot to capitalize April in one update. Just don't forget again! In the rules section you write: "Although you may not want to ready them, they are necessary! Take a quick read please. =)" I think you mean: "Although you may not want to read them, they are necessary! Take a quick read please. =)". Also, don't put "a quick read" because that may entitle people to skim it. Say something more like: "Please read them all the way through." And remove the smilie, which is not very professional. Don't be afraid to use smilies in updates and such but around the site it's a big no-no. The last little thing is on the Button Collage: "Please also remeber: First come, first serve!" Remember, not remeber. Other than that, grammar is a-okay.
    Other: 9/10| On your sitely page, I'd fix the broken counter and add a section for reviews. The review thing is my peeve because it's super nice when people link-back.
    Total: 93/100| I think your site is amazing, and is only going to gain in popularity. Just keep going, and stay focused, not randomly adding things that just don't matter.
    Pet Application critique for Nikk by Maddie:

    To begin this will be somewhat harsh.

    First, your disclaimer is nice and big, so that's out of the way. I also read the rule page for Kaiges, and I think you should too. Or at least read it in-depth. Because you never know.

    Anyway, in your About Me, link to all of your accounts (that's in the rule page too). Also, shorten it. Nobody wants to read on and on and on about you. "I never buy NC" or "This is how I make money". No. Also, Argentinian is not a word.

    Add more to his profile. It is barely 8 lines. Write more about his personality. You have a total of 2 adjectifs. Serious is spelled wrong. And you should write a description of his character (like, what his story will be about) and also an appearance.

    People can do math, do not say "therefore he is 23 years old". Not at all relevant. Your biography is boring, not at all original, and gives nothing good to the application. If you can't make it interesting and creative, take it out.

    Your story is boring as well. Poof! He's in the lost desert with a love-interest hissi. Gag. It's nothing new and nothing enticing. Did you have fun writing that? If you say, a little, than no. It looks like a story you wrote in five seconds to add something to your already bland app. be creative with his character. This is your chance to impress them with something no one has done before. Give life to Kaiges, not lock him up in the unoriginal cage.

    The plans are nice, pretty customization. But why are you giving him those clothes? Does it have anything to do with his character? What is the meaning of the Pirate Gallion? Other plans, are you going to train him? Give him a petpage? Petlookup? Show some more dedication to him.

    Then we come to the end, which is for some reason, the art section. I'll admit that it's nice that you tried for some art, maybe request some and try hand-drawn?

    And that's it? You really don't have that much. It's not creative or original and it looks like you put it together in ten minutes. If you really want Kaiges, put some more effort into the app. It's very bland at the moment and for a high-end pet, it's not enough. You might want to add a "Credit/Conclusion" section and maybe make a "Meet the Family" section for your Neopets instead of having some of it in the About Me. Other than that, your app is nothing special, be creative, be original and put effort into it. Suprise the owner, in a good way.

    Symphony review for Fish by Maddie:

    Home Page:
    Appearance:Your layout has a lot going on, from the banner, to the background and back to the little image with another title on it. First off, there is so much pink. I get the feeling that you're trying to give, but seriously, it's a little much. Maybe trying pairing the pink with a pastel color. If you want to stick with the old-fashion-y theme, go with a cream or pastel yellow. (You already have some cream and it looks nice with the pink). But really, light pink looks good with almost all other light colors. Blue, green, purple. If you want to shed the pink, I'd go with an old Victorian like feel with baby blue or lavender and white/cream. Next, each of your little picture things that inform you of whatever it is have so much going on that they hurt the eyes instead of enticing. They would look fine if you could actually read the text, which is kind of impaired because of all the swirls and spirals of white and pink (exactly the same colors as the writing). That's all appearance wise.
    Writing: There is only one mistake on your homepage (not counting updates). "Just as a petticoat smooths out the creases and enhances an outfit fit for a queen". It should be smoothes with an e. Other than that, great grammar. Now for the actual context of the writing, the little beginning part is boring and is not very relevant. Either rewrite it or remove it, well, in my opinion.
    That's really it for the homepage, there isn't very much, which is fine.

    Dressing Room (Page 1):
    Before I start with the actual "Appearance" and whatever, I must mention the little circle link boxes. It's very creative, I give you that, but the fact that you had to explain what the actual link leads to in a little hover box total ruins it. You are going way over the top trying to give your site a theme, which is way too obvious and way too repetitive. When someone comes to your site, they want to know what they are going to be "served" right away. I don't know about you, but I usually look at the links or banner to figure this out. You do neither. Just something to think about.
    Appearance: Same thing goes for this page as the Home Page. And by this page, I mean the one with the rules, not the "Dressing Room" after your proceed. The only different thing is the "Proceed" button, but really it isn't any different from anything else I've seen throughout the two pages that I've looked at.
    Writing: Writing wise, when I get to this page, I have no idea what it is! Is it the request page? Rules? Pick-up? Even if you have it in a hover box, not mentioning it even once in your little "intro" is not the greatest idea. I know, it may seem like people should be able to figure it out, but let's give them a little help, shall we? That's what we're here for. Anyway, again, boring little intro with Frilly. It's a cute idea, but either make it good or get rid of it. Simple! Now the only grammar mistake on this page is kind of one or it may not be, it's really depending on you. Is it supposed to be "shubbery" or "shrubbery"? I honestly though they said shrubbery, but I may be mistaken. This is all your freedom here, it's your rule requirement. You might also want to take out your little "gospel truth" because that just doesn't seem like the smartest idea. Your rules are good, very straight-forward and easy to understand. That's all of this page.

    Dressing Room (Page 2):
    Appearance: Same as above, including the "requests are open" sign. The way you organize the rubrics is really neat and very original. I like it a lot with the review previews and such! The rubric previews, organization and layout wise, look awesome as well.
    Writing: There are is only one grammar mistake! Isn't that great? In the Chantilly Lace rubric, under "Brownie Points" you wrote: "While the addition of the following sections in your application are nice brownie points". It would just be additions, plural because you have multiple sections. Anyway, that's it grammar wise. You take care which is great. You also don't have an introduction at the beginning that has to do with petticoats or Frilly, and it goes much smoother. CONTENT wise, it's great. You have different options so that people can get the perfect "fit". Each review is unique and is certain to help someone in the way requested. They are all in-depth and, after reading over some of your completed ones, very useful. Nice, wide selection of great rubrics.

    Ball Room:
    Appearance: This is getting reptitive, but the same thing applies here. Also, the random name thing too! Other than that, nice layout and organization and such! I love how you gave each request pick-up their own buttons to lead to their request. It's really sweet and shows how much effort you put into each review.
    Writing: Nothing wrong here, you are a very good with grammar and writing mechanics.

    Appearance: This is getting repetitive, but the same thing applies here too! Weird, right? Just curious as to why there is another link banner thingie that says portfolio (that links to that exact page) on the portfolio page? Other than that, nice layout and organization and such, again! I still love how you gave each request pick-up their own buttons to lead to their request.
    Writing: I'm no expert on computer stuff, so what's a "soft" copy? Wouldn't that just be a copy? This is just me wondering if this needs to be taken into consideration.

    Appearance: Lalala, it still applies~ Organization wise, it's a bit random. I would re-organize each of your sections into this order: link-backs, sister site, affies, listed at, reviewed at, other site, useful links, credentials, credits. Honestly, it doesn't matter. Just put the link-backs first, it's much more convenient.
    Writing: Nothing here, is this a 404? Your credentials are spotless as well.

    I feel like a rushed a lot on your review, and that's mainly because I feel terrible about having to make you wait so long! I want to first thank you for your extreme patience with me, I hope it's a little rewarding. Another reason I feel I rushed is because there really isn't anything for me to really critique. Your site is very nice, even if appearance and practical-ness needs work. Content wise? Your site is amazing. Wide selection of in-depth and creative critiques. You can always improve though, but I would just keep doing what you're doing, the more reviews you do, the more experienced. You are much better qualified than I for this reviewing stuff (as your credentials clearly state) so I think you know what you need to do, and I'm glad to be your second opinion. Keep an open mind, and work on first impressions. Petticoat really doesn't need any critique, it needs some one on one time with it's creator. I suggest to one day just close reviews, and work on the rest of the site. That's it!

    I am really really really sorry about the long wait, thank you so much for your patience. I wish you the best of luck and know you will succeed in whatever you try to do.

    This is a Concerto review for Nicole by Maddie:

    You have a lovely layout, it really draws the viewer in. It also matches your name very nicely and gives off a kind of glow that is very attractive.
    You have a separate page for updates (this is a personal preference, I have no idea why I like it).
    Rules that are simple, straight-forward, and easy for simpletons (like myself) to understand.
    From what I see, your requests are open often and you finish your buttons quickly.
    You have room on your waiting list for many people, which is great when offering a service. It's hard to request if there are no spots!
    You have a wide variety of options so that people can choose their "perfect" button.
    Your buttons are obviously improving. Take a peek through your portfolio, and I promise you, it shows.
    You have some nice extras. It's nice to take a break from the buttons for a while.
    I'll say it again, you have potential and are improving with each button.
    There are some typos around the site. One I caught is on the front page: "Formely called Beautiful Bells" should be "Formery called Beautiful Bells".
    You don't have many buttons for your own site, a grand total of three. I would recommend taking some time and experimenting with your own buttons.
    Think outside the box and don't be afraid to try something different. You may find some things you love, others you don't. It will really help you improve and make better buttons for your "customers".
    Limit your affies. Don't have a bajillion. I recommend a total of 16 for your site, but since you are doing lines of four, I'd make the max 20. You might want to also check to see when your affies last updated. I happened to notice that Vibrissae hasn't updated in a over a month. Time to do an affie sweep.
    Total:| I have to give you a 35/50. There are only little complaints on the nit-picky side. On the other side, you have quality, and I have to be very nit-picky about that. You are quite a talented button-maker, but you have so much room for improvement. I may be repeating myself, but just experiment with different styles. Think outside the box. Make your own style of button that you can be widely known for, not just any other button site along the way. You have a lot of potential and what you need to do is grab it and go with it. Don't wait for your skills to come to you, go out and chase 'em down. You may be wondering how I got that score. Well, for the pros, you got a grand total of 70 points. But, some of the cons were kind of severe (such as improving your button quality) that I took away a lot more points than I usually do. I'm very sorry to say that I was kind of harsh. Mainly because I can envision how good you shall become.
    Recommended/Not Recommended:| This is very difficult for me. You are right on the edge of recommendation from my standards. But, I'm going to be tough on you because I know you can do better. That is why I deem your site not recommended. You have talent, I admit, and a way to go with it. So, (again), go and improve. I know you have it in you, and I hope to see your site recommended again, with flying colors. I hate repeating myself, but you have such potential and certain flair. Find your own path. More cheesy encouragement lines here… Good luck!

    This is a Concerto review for Moose by Maddie:

    Your banner is very attractive and fits nicely with the colors you have chosen for your layout, even if it is a template, you have obviously done your best.
    Your requests seem to be constantly open, and you complete them quickly and in an orderly fashion.
    Simple rules, they cover everything you'd need to know before requesting.
    Lots of different styles to choose from, a wide variety is like a bowl of fruit.
    And my new favorite word: potential. You have so much potential that it's overwhelming. You've only just begun making buttons, your small portfolio makes that clear. But, what's also clear is the improvement that's been made. It's like a chain… or a ladder or something. Something going up. Keep going up that ladder of buttons, I guess!
    Keep working, try new styles. Think outside the box, and maybe make some more buttons for yourself, in the mean time experimenting with button techniques. I am no button-maker, but I can guarantee that the saying "practice makes perfect" applies to buttons as well. Just keep making those buttons, and if you discover something you like, great! Improve it and use it.
    And if you discover something you very strongly dislike, you'll know what to avoid.
    Also, if you don't think the button is good, you should not, under any circumstances, tell the requester it's ready. Because it obviously isn't! If I ran a button service, I wouldn't make any buttons I wouldn't use myself.
    The first one is the layout, which will always be on the list if it's a template. I know that it's difficult to get a custom layout, but be patient and luck may be on your side. Or try your own hand at some coding or whatever.
    And if you must use a template, put some effort into it so it doesn't show that it is, in fact, a template. I take one look at your site I know automatically you are using a template. Put a little more effort into the presentation of your site.
    Your lack of available buttons. Make some so that others can hear of your marvelous site! Do some experimenting while you're at it. Making your own buttons is the best way to improve, while doing something you'll probably need to do.
    Now, quality. Your buttons are absolutely average, except for some fine points where you can tell that they have a certain style. You have room for improvement, and by the looks of it, that room can easily be filled with your potential. Yes, it's getting repetitive, but it's the truth. You can improve so much that it's not even funny.
    Now, I would also recommend getting listed at some more places, and getting some affiliates. Mainly, for advertising purposes. The more customers, the more practice, meaning the better buttons.
    Total:| I have to give you a 25/50. You can do so much more. Even though you are a new site, I can totally see the process of making an amazing button site wit great quality and a secret ingredient…. Whatever that means. You are quite a talented button-maker, but you have so much room for improvement. I may be repeating myself, but just experiment with different styles. Think outside the box. Make your own style of button that you can be widely known for, not just any other button site along the way. You have a lot of potential and what you need to do is grab it and go with it..
    Recommended/Not Recommended:| I'm going to be tough on you because I know you can do better. That is why I deem your site not recommended. You have talent, I admit, and a way to go with it. Very soon I expect to see your site recommended, with flying colors. I hate repeating myself, but you have such potential and the makings of a great button-maker. Do what you have to do, and keep moving forward. Good luck!

    This is a Sonata review for Nat by Maddie:

    First Glance: 14/15| First impression? Mysterious. I think the image you picked for your layout does a great job of creating a certain mysterious library feel. It is a little dark though.
    Layout Functionality: 14/15| The layout works great, even in my small resolution. It's not very "traditional" to put your navigation inside your initial textbox, and while it does the trick, adding it to your layout would add to it, and you could move your updates into the sidebar box instead of them only being accessible on the home page.
    Layout Appearance: 15/15| As mentioned earlier, your layout gives off a mysterious vibe which fits perfectly with your site. The image used is perfect for your library theme and using more than one color scheme looks great with the contrasting brown and hunters green. It's a little dark, which takes off points for first impression, but definitely adds to the mysterious vibe you've set. Your layout skills are top-notch.
    Content: 23/25| Your reviews have most certainly improved since I last reviewed you! It definitely shows that you put time and effort into them, instead of a rushed mismatch. You still offer a bunch of different reviews, which I am not inclined to do, but as long as they all remain high-quality I'm good with it. Offering five different types of things you are willing to review is fine, but each comes with many different types as well. I would limit yourself; you seem to be spread very thin over so many options. Quality over quantity. And maybe take a few days to go over your review options and, well, review them. You can always improve.
    Grammar: 17/20| Although your grammar has certainly improved, it's still not quite up to professional standard. What I recommend, and I do myself, is coping your entire coding into Word, or whatever document editor you have, and write everything on that. It'll be using spell-check for you and also provides a saved copy, just in case.
    Other: 7/10| On your sitely page, I'd love it if you could link back to me in the review section. I'd fix some of your buttons and neomail me signs that have the link box around them. I would also, and this is just a preference, move your updates into the side bar so they can be viewed at all times.
    Total: 90/100| First off, I want to thank you so so much for requesting a re-review. It makes me so happy to see that people appreciate my opinion. Your site has, undoubtedly, improved since then and I am really pleased to see it. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Just keep up the great work and I'm sure I'll see an even more improved Silver Book.

    This is a Sonata review for Cynthia by Maddie:

    First Glance: 14/15| First impression? A lot of white, but not enough to draw me away from the initial layout. Everything is big enough to be read without difficulty and the navigation is easy to spot. Looks warm and inviting.
    Layout Functionality: 15/15| Everything works great, as per usual. One thing I would suggest is more of a preference thing. Since your layout is contrasting fire and ice (red and blue) maybe you should put your navigation in the same contrast. Such as, half are red and half are blue or hover red, normal blue. This is a preference thing, so it's not like you are favoring one "side" over the other, if you know what I mean.
    Layout Appearance: 13/15| It's a really lovely layout, and basically anything can work well with a theme like inspire, but this one does it really nicely. Maybe it's just my thing for opposites that attracts me to the layout. I think the background is much too light and white for it to fit really well though, but there's not my good backgrounds that can compliment these colors. I'd leave it, that's for picky eyes only. Now, the ice image is much nicer than the fire, it's clearer and has hints of textures added and lighting effects. The fire image is blurred and unfocused, I don't know if this is on purpose or not, if it is, I can see where it's coming from; a heat haze or something. If it's intentional, leave it. If not, a sharper image with a few effects will brighten up that side. Other than that, it's a pleasant effect and a lovely layout.
    Content: 24/25| To the most important section: your buttons. They have improved so much since I last reviewed you! No lie, you deserve all the praise I am about to bestow upon you. You have branched out, and I can see where you have tried different animation and different styles. If you look, they all have turned out beautifully, even if they aren't exactly like someone else's, they have your personal touch. The borders and fonts are finally complimenting the animation, instead of taking away from it. There is always room for improvement, some sharper images there, some textures here. Overall, you can see the beauty of high-quality buttons. If you are ever feeling sad about your skills, just look through your portfolio to see just how much you have improved; it's astounding. Awesome job.
    Grammar: 20/20| Did I ever mention that I love you? Seriously, you have perfect grammar and spelling; it's such a relief. One thing I won't deduct points for is on your blog post: "knod knod". What is that supposed to mean?
    Other: 9/10| I would do a link sweep; affies, listers, etc. (And you should add me to your favorite sites! Just kidding~)
    Total: 95/100| First off, I want to thank you so so much for requesting a re-review. It makes me so happy to see that people appreciate my opinion. Your site has, undoubtedly, improved since then and I am really pleased to see it. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Inspire has gone from a newbie button site to the top dog, and I am its number one fan. Keep up the awesome work and keep expanding into new button making techniques.

    This is a Concerto review for Jasmine by Maddie:

    You have a lovely layout, it is super pretty. It really makes you want to explore the site. Plus it matches your name perfectly.
    You have a nice backstory, it tells me that you have thought about your site and care enough to give it more depth.
    You have rules that are short and sweet, firm but to the point.
    Your content is good, lots of quality site names. There are few site name sites out there, so it's great to see one that is actual quality.
    You have extras, but not random extras. Extras that actually go with your site, instead of having a SOTM or something irrelevant.
    You let other people submit names, it's nice to think I could "add" to your site if I wanted to.
    Your main text box is too big for the box on your layout image. This means that some information can't be seen because it's being blocked by your layout. Resize the box, making the height lower so we can see everything.
    The organization of your site names is irratic and not very pleasing. They should be lined up with the bullet and the rest of the names in a more orderly fashion. I am no coding expert, but look here for advice. Or elsewhere. Or ask Monky (since she made your layout.)
    You definitely need a wider variety of names, especially short ones. Don't take this the wrong way, but a bunch of the names seem like you didn't put much thought into them, like your randomly chose two words and hoped they worked together. If you wouldn't make a site with one of those names, remove it, 'cause chances are other people won't want to either.
    You have a few grammar mistakes, try spell check. You'll have a saved copy too!
    Nobody likes to scroll down a while for the most recent update, so maybe rethink the set-up of your front page.
    Total:| I have to give you a 30/50. There are only little complaints on the nit-picky side. On the other side, you have quality, and I have to be very nit-picky about that. I think a wider variety of names will help a lot, but don't rush the creative process. I personally would much rather make a site with a shorter and more unique name, so focus on those more than Adjective+Noun. You are certainly going to be a great site owner with a great site, but put a little more effort into it.
    Recommended/Not Recommended:| At present time, I would deem you not recommended. This is only for a few reasons. Because of the layout problem, I can't access your entire site easily. And you simply don't have enough quality content, even if you have 190 names, it should always be quality over quantity. I know you will improve rapidly, so keep at it.

    This is a Sonata review for Kate by Maddie:

    First Glance: 14/15| First off, let me say that I am doing this review in Safari, the only other browser I currently have available to me. Anyway, my first impression is very bright, and thanks to the banner of the Draik, the idea of floating in the clouds is implanted in my head. It's quite a pleasant effect, but it's a little too much white.
    Layout Functionality: 15/15| Everything works great, as per usual. It's really nice that the side box with the navigation is fixed, because I have looked at layouts that you have to scroll back up for the navigation. It's thoughtful of you to separate them into specific sections, this isn't necessary but it's always nice to see.
    Layout Appearance: 13/15| It's a really lovely layout, and it works very nicely with your content. It's simple, but straight-forward, especially since there are really no fancy add-ons or distractions. The banner at the beginning is very nice, since it isn't a graphic banner, it adds a much more personal side to your page. I love how you have two separate updates, more in-depth and Draik specific. However, looking at your layout for two long makes it very blinding, there is just so much white! I would suggest a background that is maybe a soft pink and white pattern, that will ease the eyes a lot.
    Content: 25/25| I've never reviewed an adoption agency before, so I'm not completely clear on what to say about your content. I know what I can say though: You have lots of Draiks listed, at least more than you usually see. They are all well named, and for the most part, desirable colors. This basically means that your site is doing its absolute best to provide applicants with a wider variety of lovely pets to choose from. You do exactly what you advertise; you are a site dedicated to helping Neopians achieve Draiks. Not only that, but you have a nice section with great advice for the applicants. You not only give Neopians the opportunity to apply for a Draik, you help them along the way. And the addition of success stories just sweetens the deal, plus they give advice to other applicants as well. Awesome. On my level, you have the best Draik-only adoption agency ever. One thing I would add is some links to application guides, such as rawrimmakitty's and other helpful links.
    Grammar: 18/20| Minor stuff. Like when you write: "we are here to help you obtain a Draikthrough". You should put a space in between Draik and through. Or the little grammar mistake when you write: "Just because you think it's fantastic doesn't mean it is." This "it's" shouldn't have an apostrophe. And the missing "e" from unforeseen in this sentence: "Some of you will know of the unforseen hiatus TDR took from June 15th until July 10th." And the last little mistake I am sure isn't really a mistake, but that you were typing quickly or copying and pasting. In the sitely section, the listers section's title is link-backs. Might want to change that!
    Other: 8/10| I would do a link sweep; affies, listers, etc. I must mention that I love your counter base, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that it matches your banner. I would also try to make your layout always compatible with IE, since it is basically the default browser for most computers.
    Total: 93/100| Your site is great. It is definitely the best I've ever seen, and it is really helpful for everyone, owners wishing to adopt their Draiks to loving homes and applicants wishing to adopt a lovely Draik with a stellar app. Thanks to you, dreams are certainly coming true. With a few small improvements, your site will be perfect. And if I ever want to adopt a Draik, I know just the place.

    This is a Sonata review for Ruby by Maddie:

    First Glance: 15/15| It's not too dark, it's not too bright. Why Goldilocks, it's just right! For once, I can first load a page and not have my eyes bleeding. It's nice, soft colors that greet me.
    Layout Functionality: 14/15| Everything works great, as per usual. The only thing is that because "premades" is longer than the other links, the bar at the end isn't in line with the rest of the bars at the end of the other links. This gives a stick out look that's not very appealing. Maybe just writing "premade" because they are premade fonts. Or trying to add a space at the end of the rest of the links and see if that evens it out or something.
    Layout Appearance: 15/15| It's a really lovely layout, the colors are just right and very pleasant. It's simple, but straight-forward, especially since there are really no fancy add-ons or distractions. The banner is cute; it works with the rainbow in your name yet blending with the rest of the layout. Other than the navigation bug, top-notch.
    Content: 10/25| All right. Let's come down to earth for your fonts. Your site is still new, so I just want to mention now that you have a lot of room for improvement. And improve you will, if you try. Anyway, your fonts are mediocre at best. They are nothing exceptional or unique. They don't have that spark of originality that brings them to life, and they definitely don't have the great quality needed to have the best fonts. They are some nice phrases disguised by some quick formatting, a change of the font, and some symbols to help it along. You rely too much on symbols and different fonts to conceal that your fonts are nothing special. However, I can see that there are some where your possible skills shine through. My three favorites that I would personally use are: The Valentine's Day one, Poptart Cat and Jetsam Name. The rest are all added on things to try and glamour them up, when you really should be making them flow. The colors need to work with the avatar and the phrase being used. Expand into trying to make a font without the use of symbols, smilies and fancy fonts. Make them down to earth, yet flow like the wind and shine like the stars. Um… I would try new things and maybe look at font making guides. Maybe even ask an expert for advice, but don't ever copy. You could look at a font and think that you might want to make something like that. I say go for it! But give credit where credit is due. In some ways practice makes perfect, but repeating the same fonts over and over with different colors and different sayings will never make you successful. You've got a good head start, but now you really need to reach out and try. Effort plus potential equals awesome. They can always, always be better.
    Grammar: 20/20| One tiny mistake that I won't dock points for: in one of your fonts (AC tyrannia) trophy is spelled incorrectly. Try to spell everything right in your fonts especially.
    Other: 9/10| You have a few linked borders around your site. These are images/graphics that have a blue border around them, and it's really ugly. Never fear, they are super easy to fix. Here's how your image code should look: (a href="/~LINK")(img src="image-url-here" border="0")(/a). Replace the parentheses with crocodile (pointy) brackets.
    Total: 83/100| You are on the right track and are sure to have a very successful font site some day. Just not yet. A lot of improvement is needed before you can be top of the font chain, but I have a feeling you'll get there.

    This is a Concerto review for Sasha by Maddie:

    You have a lovely layout, it is super pretty. The image on the left side is very well made and the paw prints at the bottom are super cute.
    You have a big banner show casing your work on the home page, welcoming people to your site.
    You have an extra that allows people to tell you if there are mistakes on your site. This is something that tells me you know you're not perfect and you accept that and are more than willing to improve.
    Your graphics are few, but they show promise. Your graphics are really nice and can be so much better. Make more, and experiment with techniques.
    You have made a bunch of your own buttons, to showcase your work.

    Your navigation is ugly. The bright green looks terrible and ruins the nice layout. Make it a pale purple or pink to match. Move it down and to the right just a tad.
    The organization of your links is weird. I would put the sitely section last, and graphics after requests. Maybe add a portfolio section and a pick-up section.
    You need more graphics. A lot more of your work needs to be available via viewing, mainly done in the premades section. You have your 2 icons and 1 banner and that's it. People aren't really going to request if you have nothing to show them.
    You have so so so many grammar mistakes. It makes my brain hurt so much. Please, for the love of Fyora, run it through a spell check. You will find things that don't need to be capitalized, pluralized and grammar that would shock any customers away. Your hiatus banner also has a grammar mistake on it: "So please wait till this site open!", which needs to be: "So please wait until this site is open!" I recommend a thorough spell check, first in a word processor, and then by some site here. I recommend Shenyi.
    If you offer a service, such as button requests, never ever request buttons from another site. Make all your buttons yourself.
    Total:| There really is that much to review. So far, your site isn't very well-established and it's empty. But with the flaws so far, I'd have to give you a 15/20. It's a pretty low score, and I admit I was harsh. But with such few content to review and see the best of you, I have only the flaws and not the awesome graphics I know you can make.
    Recommended/Not Recommended:| I would deem you not recommended. I know you have the potential to be a great graphic maker, but right now you aren't really working on it. Polish your edges and dive right in.

    This is a Sonata review for Sarah by Maddie:

    First Glance: 14/15| First off, let me say that I am doing this review in Safari, the only other browser I currently have available to me. And then, I see pink. Lots of pink, but it's balanced pretty well with a blend of other colors, keeping the overflow of pink at a minimum. And then a white bar at the bottom that we'll talk about later.
    Layout Functionality: 14/15| Everything works great, as per usual. But, it would be fantastic if the navigation was not stretched out in IE, because that's the default browser for most PCs, it's practical to have everything work in Internet Explorer.
    Layout Appearance: 13/15| It's a really lovely layout, even if there is a lot of pink. It's balanced really well with the background, using the gold stars/sparkles things. But then, there is a white bar underneath the layout and original background, at the bottom of the screen. This means that your background isn't being tiled so that it fills the whole screen with the pink and gold. Instead, you have the pink and gold and the layout part, and then just whiteness. This does it in both of my browsers, so maybe mail Fangs about how to fix that.
    Content: 15/25| To the most important section: your buttons. Some of them look awesome, and most don't. When someone comes to your site and sees the exact same type of buttons they can get somewhere else, what's making them choose your site? You can improve a lot on your buttons. You aren't really matching the button bases color scheme to the color of the text. Other times, you match too much, putting yellow on yellow and such. Another thing, your buttons base images are stretched; they look like you are having troubles finding an image that will fit 88x31. Maybe look at some guides or premade button bases. My favorite guide can be found here. There is no shame in reading a guide. Personally, I would try different styles of buttons, maybe try something a little out of your comfort zone, and get better at that. I think you should try some new things and continue to work on your old style. Another thing you need to know: I really love how you are already experimenting with many different styles. Don't do such choppy animations either, the only one I really like is your glow and sparkles. Everything else looks very amateur. Read guides, experiment and just try everything you can to learn different techniques. You can improve so much. Now, on the subject of your fonts, your name one is by far the best. I love the one you did as a request, and think you should also do some reading up on fonts, or stick with those, because they are simple and elegant. Don't ever rely too much on symbols and fancy fonts.
    Grammar: 20/20| One tiny mistake that I won't dock points for: Rule #2 "Don't Steal:Please leave the credit on the button I made for you." Put a space between the : and Please.
    Other: 9/10| The recent buttons section looks a little crowded. I think two br codes should do the trick. So, less recent buttons but better looking.
    Total: 85/100| You are doing well, but need a lot of improvement before you make it to the big leagues. It's okay to ask other button-makers advice and tips/tricks. Just keep improving and experimenting. Good luck.

    This is a Waltz review for Ari by Maddie:

    First Impression: 10/10| The first thing I notice is the lightness of it all. It's very bright, yet subdued so that it's not blinding. Very pleasant effect.
    Layout Convenience & Functionality: 2/5| Your links are so tiny! They're impossible to find, plus they blend in with your headers. I would change the colors so they don't match the headers and make them bigger. (Something that would be super cute? If they were raindrops.)
    Layout Appearance: 10/15| Usually, I hate layouts that are really bright and have a bunch of white. But in your case, it looks super nice with the clouds and the blue words. The blue background of the textbox looks amazing with the green swirl edges and the grass at the bottom (nice touch with those raindrops/dew on the grass). However, the textbox is so tiny! With such a nice layout, you should fill up more of the page. It could be much bigger and still look awesome. Also, I am positive that the background is not one of yours. If you make backgrounds, you should be advertising your background by having your layout have one of your own backgrounds. It's the same mistake most people make when they run button requests, if you advertise something, you should never be using someone else's. Simple.
    Content: 22/25| You don't have very many backgrounds yet. I'll chalk that up to the fact you've just opened. But the backgrounds you do have are awesome! They're simple, yet fun and light. They have stuff going on, but not enough to attract you too much towards them. That's how background should be! One thing is that most people prefer backgrounds with patterns on them instead of images. Make simple patterns that are pleasing, yet not to distracting, and your popularity will increase. I great example of these can be found at Teacake Backgrounds in the Simple section. Those are the kind of backgrounds most people will go for. Shoot towards simple, yet elegant.
    Spelling & Grammar: 19/20| The only little mistake I noticed was on the welcome page. You wrote: "Tutto Sembra Cosi Poco Nuvoloso its Italian for "everything seems so cloudy" - Before the rain ". I would change that (and add a little coding) to this: {Tutto Sembra Cosi Poco Nuvoloso - Italian for "everything seems so cloudy"} and add "before the rain" some other way, because Tutto Sembra Cosi Poco Nuvoloso does not mean everything seems so cloudy before the rain, just everything seems so cloudy. Think a bit about that. Or don't even add this and move it to the sitely section instead. Or don't have it and make people have to look it up if they are curious.
    Organization: 15/15| Your backgrounds are easily viewed and easily acquired, so there isn't much to mention here! However, if you start branching out and doing many different types of backgrounds, I'd sort them out into pictures, patterns and simple, or something along those lines. Keep it in mind! Also, if you don't have a portfolio, you may ask your requesters if you can add their requested backgrounds to your premades. You could even make a whole new section in premades that is: old requests or something.
    Sitely: 5/10:| Your buttons are not very high-quality. I would get rid of all of them except the last three. The 2nd to last one, is it supposed to have that purple border? If so, get rid of it. The border ruins it. I would then request some new buttons from high-quality sites like Open Eyes. Also, having the button linkback to the creator is a really good idea. Lastly, check all the buttons on your sitely page for linked borders. Fix them with border=0 in the image code.
    Total: 83/100| I love your site. Your backgrounds are totally unique and super pretty. With a little work, you will be the top of your game. Practice makes perfect!

    This is a Sonata review for Rose by Maddie:

    First Glance: 15/15| I love the banner; it really attracts your eyes. The gray background, at first, matches it really well and everything seems to fall into a kind of "moon" like scheme.
    Layout Functionality: 2/15| The links at the top of your page? They don't work/go anywhere. So, to find something you're looking for, you either have to scroll or Ctrl+F to find it. It's a pain. Especially for a directory, which relies entirely on links. So yes, lowest score ever given for this. I give you 2 because the Moonless link works, except why you would even need that link is beyond me! You are already on the Moonless page! Why do you need a link to it?
    Layout Appearance: 11/15| As I mentioned before, the banner is really nice and matches the rest color scheme nicely. The banner fits your site perfectly! Gray is a fine background because it doesn't distract and still matches the initial color scheme, which reminds me instantly of the moon. Yet, once you get away from the nice colors and beautiful matching, you realize that it's a premade. Wow. What a let down. I can see why you would use a template since you're just getting started, but you really didn't do any editing to make it your own. You did edit the colors nicely and the banner, but it is still plainly obvious that it is a premade. Either try to personalize it, or go hunt down a custom made layout.
    Content: 17/25| You don't offer a wide variety of different site types. Usually, it's good to narrow down your range, but the opposite is true for directories. Their sole purpose is to list any and all sites that a visitor may be looking for. You have a good number of high-quality sites listed for a new directory, but you shouldn't just focus on listing high-quality sites. You need to even list the sites that are not so high-quality, so that they can get "customers" and improve through experience. Focus more on listing all types of sites and all qualities of sites.
    Grammar: 18/20| You absolutely HAVE to spell the sites you list correctly. Take a look at Seraphic. You spell it twice, once correctly and the other incorrectly. Also, spelling Wednesday correctly shows that you are literate. Mandatory is spelled wrong and so is hiatus. Spell-check was invented for a reason. Other than those, good work.
    Other: 9/10| The little message under your banner makes zero sense to me. I understand how it is supposed to be a "site" version of Neil Armstrong's famous line, but it just doesn't work in this context. I love the idea of it though, so tweaking it and improving it will be beneficial. I would tweak your story a bit, because there is room for improvement. And if it's not relevant, remove it.
    Total: 72/100| You have a lot to improve on. I felt pretty harsh on this review, but that is the only way you will actually improve and get somewhere. You can do it!

    This is a Waltz review for James by Maddie:

    First Impression: 9/10| There are a lot of colors, but they blend very nicely, especially with the background.
    Layout Convenience & Functionality: 2/5| Your links are so tiny! They work fine, even if the hover color for the text is too bright and doesn't look good at all. If the links were bigger, they could take up that whole column right there and look fine, plus be very convenient for your visitors.
    Layout Appearance: 13/15| The way the layout uses a neopet background (I believe) it looks super nice, all the colors flow so nicely. I love how to the right the image blends/fades into the background. I also love how the textboxes at the top kinda fade too. It's so pretty! One thing though, you don't notice the title of your site first, which is never a good thing. The title should be the first thing a visitor sees.
    Content: 21/25| It is hard for me to review your reviews, but I'll do my best. It is my firm belief that you should always try and improve something, and you are no exception with your reviews. To start off, you offer only one review type. This can be looked at in a good light and bad light. Yes, it is good to narrow it down and specialize in something so that you can offer the best service possible. But for reviews, giving your "customer" the ability to choose what type of review lets them get the help they want, not just the help you are willing to give. I myself have a wide variety of reviews available, just so the "customer" can get the help they want, and need, for their site. Now, I am not telling you to copy my rubrics or whatever so that you can have a wider-variety, please, do not ever do that, I'm telling you to think what kind of reviews help people and what kind of reviews are just taking up space? As for the reviews you currently have, they are good, but just that. You can improve so much. Never use maybe, and never go easy on them because you feel bad. I'm not saying you are right now, just something to keep in mind. Another thing that I find myself guilty of occasionally is not being firm with your decisions. If you she layout is too bright, don't go and say that actually, it looks fine when you get used to it. Be sure of what you're saying, because if you don't believe it, neither does your requester. Keep trying to outdo yourself, and you will only get better.
    Spelling & Grammar: 18/20| Your spelling and such are fine. However, you do a very weird wording thing were you can get the general idea from the sentence, but it is strangely written. All the grammar and spelling are fine, so no spell-check catches it. Hmm it's not really a wording thing; I think it's more the way it's written. It's a writing style that is very different. I would just re-read everything once, even aloud, and fix anything that sounds iffy.
    Organization: 13/15| Your reviews are basically laid out the same way as mine, which, not to be modest or anything, is very nice. Having a separate anchored page for each request is a great way to keep stuff in order, plus give each requester their own little "personalized" page feel. Other than that, I would recommend (for when you have more reviews) a portfolio page. Mine is a great example! Now, don't take that as arrogant, but it really is easy for people to see all the reviews I've done and access them easily. Maybe instead of just linking to the reviews at pickup, you should add when you finished them. At least do that for your portfolio page, it will help you track your progress.
    Sitely: 5/10:| What you need to do, not just for the sitely page but for the rest of your site, is go to all the images that link to something. Almost all of them have the extremely ugly linked border around it (the purple/blue thick border). It is so annoying to see this, especially since it is so simple to fix: (img src="imgurlhere" border="0") Fixed! Fix the ones on your request page, pickup page and sitely. It's also very annoying, and breaking one of my rules, when people do not link back. Please please please link back to me, before and after the review. It is only polite!
    Total: 81/100| So far, so good! Keep up the good work. There is still lots to do and lots to improve on, so don't get full of yourself and just keep working. Respecting others is also a way to find yourself well-liked.

    This is a Waltz review for Maddie by Maddie:

    First Impression: 10/10| There are a lot of colors, but they blend very nicely, especially with the background, I love the part to the side that blends the two pictures, in a cut-off way. Super cute and effective at drawing a viewer in.
    Layout Convenience & Functionality: 5/5| Everything works great, and is nice and convenient, also nicely labeled, so that you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. No complaints.
    Layout Appearance: 13/15| The layout is, as stated before, super cute. I love the cut-off on the side, even if more people prefer traditionally well-blended pictures. I love the background that borders the main text box. I love the blended/fading background, it matches all the colors very nicely. The only complaint is that your main text box is small. It's a little small for a directory size, even though you have made good use of it. It just feels very cramped when you have so much information.
    Content: 24/25| You have a great amount of content for a directory, not an overwhelming amount of sites, but a good number of high-quality sites. All I can say is that adding rankings at the top of each section is a good way to give sites something to strive for and to give viewers the sort of best options available. I know you already do it in the rankings, but most people don't check those first. They go the section that they're looking for and that's it. I would switch that over. It may make people dislike you if you don't rank their site or whatever, so it's entirely up to. It just adds a little more as if to say that you personally went through your listed sites and found the very best, in your opinion, so that they may be of service to viewers. I might also suggest a few link sweeps, not only for dead links, but also to take into consideration sites that just may not be able to offer the services people believe they might. This doesn't mean that they have bad buttons or whatever, because you can only improve with practice, but more along the lines they aren't able to offer the buttons they're "selling". It's like going into a grocery store to buy some fruit and finding out they only sell tools. You know what I mean? Other than that, this is a directory that people can find what they're looking for here.
    Spelling & Grammar: 20/20| You have perfect spelling and grammar, so I'm sure that I don't need to remind you to always double check to make sure you spell the site name right.
    Organization: 15/15| Everything is super easy to find, all the categories are perfect and whatnot. You can find everything easily and there's an easily understandable key. The different columns for each category are much better than having multiple columns for the exact same one. It's just what a directory should be.
    Sitely: 10/10:| It is super organized, easy to understand, and a good selection of affiliates to visit and other directories, via the directories that link you. There's nothing to say!
    Total: 97/100| This is some review, huh? There is nothing to say. Your site is pretty much perfect, with a tweak here and there, it will be. I can't say anything but to keep up the good work. Your directory is a directory I'd recommend to anyone.

    This is a Waltz review for Nikki by Maddie:

    First Impression: 10/10| The colors blend nicely, and it is easy to figure out where everything is, since your eyes are attracted to the right image.
    Layout Convenience & Functionality: 5/5| Everything works great, as per usual, and the links are placed in an adorable way. I don't really need to mention how good Turnip is at making layouts.
    Layout Appearance: 14/15| As mentioned, Turnip makes the absolute best layouts, and this one is no exception. It looks amazing, the images are blended perfectly and the outside rim of the text box looks simple, yet elegant. The one complaint is the little writing at the bottom of the text box. It's just not necessary and sounds braggy, not to mention if you decided not to have competitions, you would have to get rid of a lovely layout you haven't even used for a month.
    Content: 18/25| You have a lot of rubrics, I can't blame you, I do too. The only problem is that how can you master all of them at the same time? My suggestion is to narrow your rubrics down, and once you are an expert with, let's say, three rubrics, you can add more. That is what I did, and it's nice to be able to have a new rubric, but it's also good to be able to do one rubric with confidence and ease. Onto the current reviews. Three reviews in a month is not bad at all, so you must have attracted some attention. But it is more difficult to review the content when it is so limited. The reviews though, I notice that you write a lot about the little things, and less about the big things. This can be either very fine-tuning/nit-picky or you need to decide which is more important. Is the layout functionality more important than the content? Not really. Decided what you want to spend more time on and which will be the more useful advice for the site to improve. You do have a lot of good advice and how to fix mistakes, so kudos! It's also great that you explain why they lost points at the end. It's a nice little summary and more review sites should do it, but I'll be honest, I don't do it because it seems like the customer could easily skip all of the stuff you took lots of time to write and just look at the nice little summary. I obviously don't need to remind you to be a hypocrite in your reviews, but I always tell review sites to keep it in mind. Sometimes, you find yourself doing it without knowing. I have found that I have grammar mistakes from time to time or whatever. I also have to review your competitions half, so let me start by saying you should pick one or the other. Reviews or competitions, and if you want to do both, at least put them on separate pages. They just don't go together. Since competitions are not that popular, I'd go for reviews. Anyway, you may want to make the competitions a monthly thing because if they just remain open until all the spots fill up, you may be waiting a long time, which makes the current entrants forget about the whole thing. I have to take points away from your site because of the competitions, because they don't fit in at all and ruin the flow of your site.
    Spelling & Grammar: 10/20| And with that, on to grammar! The first thing I noticed was in your review for Sweeter's Cafe. You told Tiffany twice that Enough Said had switched links. Bit of an overkill, you know? There are little mistakes scattered across your reviews, obviously you were typing fast, it happens. Maybe a spell check because it's tiny mistakes like prgress instead of progress. Other mistakes include close-mided instead of close-minded and comnvenience instead of convenience. And unexplanatory is not a word. I noticed that one in Tiffany's review. There are actually a lot of little mistakes, so I'll point out some more ide instead of idea, recieved instead of received... So, I recommend spell check. Or you could type up your reviews in a word processor with spell check. It's always good to not have tons of errors, especially when you are reviewing people harshly on grammar mistakes.
    Organization: 15/15| The reviews are organized perfectly, as are the rubrics. I am a fan of the bigger titles for each section of the review and your pick-up reminds me of my own, so good! The competition sections is maybe overly organized, in a good way, with the text boxes side by side for the different rules and all those separate pages and all that jazz. Good work, your site is organized and everything is easy to find.
    Sitely: 4/10:| How many times do I have to go through this. LINK BACK TO TMB EVEN BEFORE YOU GET YOUR REVIEW. I have dealt with this for a long time. Since you requested, it's obvious you should have read the rules. And it's in the rules. Let me quote: "Please link back to TMB before and after you're reviewed." Either you completely ignored it or after you read about where to request, skipped the rest of the rules. It is the ultimate insult to me, not to mention extremely annoying and rude. It's not that difficult! You've managed to do it for four other review sites. This really brings my respect for your site done quite a few notches. Your sitely is organized and there are no broken links, so take the three seconds to link back please!
    Total: 76/100| You are off to a great start. Do work on your grammar and keep improving your reviews, and maybe show some respect for other sites in the community.



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    Just a random music page. Check it out if you want.
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    About Maddie

    A little about the girl behind the screen. Exceedingly boring.
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    About Honey

    All about the other half of the TMB crew.
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    Waltz Review. By Maddie. Completed: 9/3/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 8/19/12 Concerto Review. By Maddie. Completed: 8/14/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 8/3/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 8/1/12 Concerto Review. By Maddie. Completed: 7/30/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 7/26/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 7/7/12 Concerto Review. By Maddie. Completed: 6/9/12 Concerto Review. By Maddie. Completed: 6/9/12 Symphony Review. By Maddie. Completed: 5/25/12 Application Critique. By Maddie. Completed: 5/8/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 4/13/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 4/11/12 Concerto Review. By Maddie. Completed: 4/10/12 Application Critique. By Honey. Completed: 4/9/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 4/4/12 Application Critique. By Maddie and Honey. Completed: 3/29/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 3/15/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 2/29/12 Application Critique. By Maddie. Completed: 2/28/12 Application Critique. By Honey and Maddie. Completed: 2/26/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 2/26/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 2/25/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 2/25/12 Application Critique. By Maddie. Completed: 2/14/12 Sonata Review. By Maddie. Completed: 2/5/12 Application Critique. By Maddie. Completed: 2/4/12 Concerto Review. By Maddie. Completed: 1/19/12 Application Critique. By Maddie. Completed: 1/14/12


    Bleh, this was rankings once upon a time.


    So, this is an extremely random little page. It just has a little musical stuff.

    Music: | mu•sic/ˈmyuzɪk/ [myoo-zik] n.
    1. an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.
    2. the tones or sounds employed, occurring in single line (melody) or multiple lines (harmony), and sounded or to be sounded by one or more voices or instruments, or both.
    3. musical work or compositions for singing or playing.
    4. the written or printed score of a musical composition.
    5. such scores collectively.

    So, music is made up of three important elements: harmony, melody and rhythm.

    Harmony: | har•mo•ny/ˈhɑrməni/ [hahr-muh-nee] n.
    1. any simultaneous combination of tones.
    2. the simultaneous combination of tones, especially when blended into chords pleasing to the ear; chordal structure, as distinguished from melody and rhythm.
    3. the science of the structure, relations, and practical combination of chords.

    Melody: | mel•o•dy/ˈmɛlədi/ [mel-uh-dee] n.
    1. the succession of single tones in musical compositions, as distinguished from harmony and rhythm.
    2. the principal part in a harmonic composition; the air.
    3. a rhythmical succession of single tones producing a distinct musical phrase or idea.

    Rhythm: | rhythm/ˈrɪðəm/ [rith-uhm] n.
    1. the pattern of regular or irregular pulses caused in music by the occurrence of strong and weak melodic and harmonic beats.

    And that is your musical lesson of the day.

    Definitions from dictionary.com

    About Maddie

    So, I'm Maddie, Madison, Mads, Maddiestar, Madster, fourteen year old chocoholic and resident weirdo.
    I have played the violin since I was six, so music is extremely important to me. Hence the musical theme!

    Thinks I like: I love Warriors so much, I am a diehard LoZ fan, I am a major Whovian and have a never ending love for Percy Jackson.
    Random Facts: I speak French and English fluently, and am learning Mandarin Chinese.
    I plan on being a vet some day, so it's obvious I love animals. (Cats are my favorite animal.)
    I probably have played more video games than half the population.
    My favorites include all Legend of Zelda games (Ocarina of Time and Windwaker top the list), Golden Sun for the GBA, Paper Mario for the GC, Final Fantasy and Pokemon, loads of games for the DS and any Kirby game.

    I am an extremely boring person, but you are free to mail me about anything.

    About Honey

    Hi, I'm Honey. I am a very boring eighteen year old first-year university student, studying an Arts/Law degree. I have a lot of experience with writing, art and neopets in general; I started playing when I was eight years old.

    Being the obsessive person I am, I'm in love with stupid things like Pokemon, Pillars of the Earth, Game of Thrones, the Strokes and fan fiction. If I review your application, I'll be going all out - but don't worry, because I've been in your shoes a hundred times before.

    Feel free to neomail me about anything. Ciao.


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