Hi, heyyitskatiee! Welcome to my screenies page.

4.14.2011 This is going to be the last update you're going to hear from me for a while. My other is coming into town so I probably won't be spending much time on the computer. He leaves on the 26th so you can expect updates either then, or the 27th. Bye guys! c:

4.5.2011 Well tomorrow is the one-month anniversary of the site :) -confetti-
Be sure to check back tomorrow. I'll have loads of new screenies and a surprise for all my loyal fans.

Happy Saturday! Now that everyone's slowing down after the chaos that was April Fools, have a look at my new directory!

Dedicated to you, my fellow procrastinators. My goal is to have 500 pageviews by my next big break, which will be starting April 14th.

Hi guys! Back after a bit of a break and I have some shiny new screenies for you! As always, the newer ones will be at the bottom of the lists. Enjoy!

Just answering a question I've been getting a lot lately.
Why a cat and not a neopet?
I draw my cat instead of my neopets because in all seriousness, cats are the only thing I can draw. XD I've tried drawing my neopets and they turned out horrible. So now you know the truth. -is ashamed- I've also been getting requests to post a real picture of our star, Sam. I will take this under consideration. The FailNeo one-month anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. Maybe I'll surprise everybody since it's a special occasion :D

3.15.-FINALLY some updates. I've been so busy with my button site, I've barely had time to make screenies. But I have a few more up for you guys and there's more on the way C: And FailNeo is now listed at

3.11.- ::throws confetti:: HOORAY FOR FRIDAY! It's been such a busy week. Sorry I haven't been able to update. I've had so much to do with school and work I just haven't had time for fail :( But there will definitely be some new stuff tomorrow so be sure to check back!

3.9.- YAY Wednesday. Okay so my button site is up. The link is on Villaterra's petpage. Or you can just follow the link below.
I will be adding templates to select from soon, so in the meantime, just be creative with your request description.

3.8.-Hello again, everyone! So I've been getting button requests now so it looks like it's time for me to make another petpage! But for now, this one will do for both screenies and buttons. I'll keep you updated on the progress of the new page which should be up by the end of this week

3.5.- Happy Saturday, everyone! You may have noticed the page has been getting some major updates over the last few days. Sam is going to be making more appearances in my screenies, and I can now make buttons! You probably also noticed the big blank spot to the right. Any ideas as to what I should put in there?

3.4.- I've been doing some thinking. Since there's way too much fail for me to keep up with these days, I've decided to recruit my loyal fans. If you have any funny screenies you'd like to be added to the collection, shoot me a neomail and we'll discuss having it/them added to the page. I will of course add a "Submitted by:heyyitskatiee" unless you request that your username not be included. Let the submissions begin!


3.3.- You may have noticed the page got a new look. I've been messing around with my new Photoshop program and I decided to make a new background, a new banner and reorganize the page to (hopefully) make it a little easier to navigate. Neomail me and let me know what you think or what I should improve on!

You may also begin noticing a little orange critter lurking in some of my screenies. That is Sam, my newly adopted cat. He will be helping me with Failneo. Enjoy!

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