As you make your way down the trail of the woods, you're running low on water and head towards the sound of a flowing river.

Once the river is in sight you jog to it and kneel down to dip your canteen into the fresh water. While collecting the water you hear splashing nearby and look around to find the source.

You where unaware of the lupess who had been sitting nearby, but now you couldn't take your eyes off of her. It wasn't her three tails, glowing blue markings, or stunning teal eyes that got your attention though. It was what she was doing that got your attention.

She was somehow making the river water move with just a few flicks of her paws and tails. She had a fish caught in the water she was manipulating above her head. You immediately gasped at the sight, causing her to jump and break her concentration.

The water bubble with the fish above her head burst and landed on her head as the fish flopped back into the water. Her markings had stopped glowing and faded to a bluish-white color and her teal eyes narrowed in your direction. She bared her teeth as she approached you.

Idiot! You just cost me my lunch! What is a human like yourself doing here anyhow? Seems suspicious if you ask me... She snarled as the fur on the back of her neck stood on end.

You explained that you were only passing through to get a drink and simply stumbled upon her performing her...magic? Or whatever she was doing.

She narrowed her eyes suspiciously before sitting nearby and looking out towards the river. Whatever, just don't let it happen again. She said nonchalantly as she waved her paw idly in the air. You decided it would be best to stick around for a bit, you really wanted to learn more about this odd lupess.

Character Stats

Character Info

Name: Viarka
Alias: Via, but prefers her entire name.
Gender: Female
Age: Adult. (24 in Tri-Tailed Lupe Years.)
Species: Tri-Tailed Lupe/ Three Tailed Wolf
Color: Maractite
Eye color: Teal
Pelt: Her pelt ranges from dark slate on the upper part of her body to light slate on the lower part of her body. Her paws, face, chest, and tail tips are off-white. All her pelt colors seem splotchy at their edges. She has light blue-green markings all over her body.
Build: Short, plump, and sturdy.
Personality: Creative/ Energetic/ Adroit/ Surly/ Temperamental/ Blunt
Quirky habits/characteristics: Viarka's species of Lupe/Wolf have three tails, which are the source of their magic. Via has the ability to manipulate water. She can either use a water source near her or the water in the air itself. She is able to turn it into ice or melt ice back into water. She can also use water to heal. Via is able to do a bit of divination using the stars as well and can interpret dreams and signs given to her. The markings all over her body glow whenever she uses her magic. She will not use her magic often in front of others because it makes her irritable and self-conscious.
Likes: Anything having to do with water or the ocean, fish, being important, cooler weather, and being the boss.
Dislikes: Fire, deserts, chauvinists, heat, being ignored or underestimated, using her magic in front of others, and being bossed around.
Siblings: None
Mate: No...
Pups: *glares*
Friends: Copper, Sebago, Rheyler and the rest of the Unda Pack.
Current location: Eyeshala.
Rank: Alpha Female of the Unda Pack!

The Tri-Tailed Triumvirate

You continue to stare at this strange lupess' tails. It wasn't horribly odd, just curious, that she had three tails. She shifted them furtively after noticing your gaze and then chuckled.

The tails interest you huh? Pfft, you and every other loser that crosses my path. She said with an eye-roll before looking back at you. It's my breed of lupe, the Tri-Tailed lupe. They aren't horribly rare, you just gotta know where to look. She said as she made a sweeping motion with her muzzle.

Besides looking pretty these tails do actually have a purpose. Viarka explained while leaning in closer to you, They're the source of our magic along with our markings, you know how you saw me messing with the water earlier? Well I am able to do that because of the energy that my tails give me. So it isn't really a unique trait.

So there were others like her? You nodded in understanding, smiling at the thought of a whole pack of Tri-Tailed Lupes manipulating water just as Viarka had.

She snapped you out of your reverie by continuing, Our magic mainly focuses on element manipulation and isn't exclusive to just water. You see, a legend has it that we are given three tails to represent each of the life-giving elements that this planet provides us. Water, earth, and the sky. Some of us can manipulate water, some of us can manipulate plants, and others can manipulate the wind!

Whenever you thought about the elements you thought of fire as well, you mention this to Via, who gives you the most disgusted look you had ever received. Fire? Ugh, that is horrible, it is a dangerous element. I said life-giving element, not life-taking! She said exasperatedly. You try to explain to her that fire was one of the main reasons humans could begin civilization and she scoffed. For humans who are able to tame the fire it may be seen as useful, but for us who cannot control the fire it is only seen as death. Via responded in a grave tone.

It was an odd perspective that you really hadn't thought of, but you could see where she was coming from. You ask her more about the legend she had brought up earlier and she chuckled. Ah, it is nothing but an old wives' tale, but if you really want to I can tell it to you:

Back in the days of yore no lupes had the ability to manipulate the three of what were called the life force elements. This was before humans and their kind were introduced to the world.

Petty fighting and destruction of land constantly plagued the packs of the olden days. The spirits that watched over the world knew if the lupes continued this trend that it would mean certain extinction of their kind. They felt that there needed to be someone to show the lupes the error of their ways and how connected to the planet they really were.

The spirits sent a messenger of their word; three lupes born large tails and strange markings all over their body. The first lupe, Forrest, had the ability to manipulate the fauna of the earth and his markings were green. The second lupe, Skye, had the ability to control the wind and clouds to her liking and her markings were gray. The third lupe, Raine, had the ability to bend the water to her will and her markings were blue. Together the three siblings would work in order to bring peace among the lupes and encourage them to treat the land well.

The triumvirate gained a substantial following, but the nonbelievers still outnumbered those who did believe. Soon the fighting started all over again and the trio was in the very heart of it.

In the fighting, Forrest was destroyed by fire that had been unleashed by the packs. His sisters had so much grief that they too perished by him. Their bodies began to merge after death though, and the few believers that had stuck by the trio watched in awe as a three-tailed spiritual being emerged from their leaders' remains.

It granted them sanctuary in return for guarding whatever land they lived on and respecting other packs. The followers agreed to these terms and the spirit disappeared in a blinding light.

The only proof that the triumvirate ever existed was the markings on the lupes' bodies and the fact that their tails had split into thirds. This was the beginning of the very first Tri-Tailed Lupe pack.

With time their numbers grew, but they still remained in secret. Soon the pack grew so big that it broke off into segment. Some stayed together based on families while others stayed together based on their elements.

Though there aren't as many Tri-Tailed Lupes today as there where in the golden age they are still around. Many packs still doing their duty as promised to the triumvirate. Others no longer practice what was preached long ago and have given up their roots for a more conventional way of living. Many find it easy to fit in to other packs despite their abnormalities, others do not.

Despite it all, the words preached by the triumvirate are still deeply embedded into the minds and bodies of the Tri-Tailed Lupes.


Oh, you wanna know more about my origins huh? Can't blame you I guess. She says casually as she motions toward the river rock across from her...

In the later chapters of the story many characters appear, their owners who RPed them are as follows: Zarom by Toast (lovespellz), Copper189 by Tabbi (tabithafaerielupe), Sebago/Rheyler by Monica (antiphobik), Ihzara/Wodir by Kristen (thefile700), Solittario by Switt (swittren), Arcadux by Jenn (fortuity), Izuya by Pheo (pheonix_cat), and Tianjan by Paige (polterguest).

Chapter 1- Nothing Ever Happens Here

You would think a pack of three tailed lupes with the ability to use nature to their advantage would be a pack full of excitement and adventure, but they were a cautious and suspicious breed. Definitely not the risk takers one would make them out to be. They had to remain hidden, lest they get hunted down once more. This was the vagrant pack, the pack without a land, the Tempesta Pack.

This was a pack made of primarily water and air based Tri-Tailed Lupes. They had been without a land to call their own for many years until they struck up a deal with a huge pack of a strange breed of lupe, the Dyre Lupe Pack of the Western Mountains. Kane, the leader of this pack, decided to allow the Tempesta Pack to stay on the lower parts of his land as long as they served him as serfs. Despite their once-proud nature the Tri-Tailed Lupes knew this would be the best way to preserve one of the few smaller packs they had left.

Despite all the worrywarts, despite the cautiousness and hiding, and despite the careful nature of many members of the pack and oddity was born. Viarka had always been a curious soul, from the day she was born she went against the grain. Rebelling against the Dyre Lupe rule, going into the higher parts of the territory, and just being an all around liability. Viarka was forced into complacency by the elders of her pack, and she did cool off for a while. This proved to be quite dull though. What was the point of living if you couldn't get the most out of life? Viarka didn't want to be basically enslaved by the Dyre Lupes her entire life.

All the enjoyment of life was drained out of Viarka, she forgot what 'fun' really was. All that mattered was preserving the pack and their heritage. Everything was the same day after day, nothing ever happened in the Tempesta Pack.

It all changed one day though, when a strange figure appeared on the horizon of the territory. He was stopped immediately by the Tempesta Pack patrol. The lupe who was stopped was also a Tri-Tailed Lupe, of the earth orientated variety. He was called 'Terk', and he had come from a small scale pack that was very similar to the Tempesta Pack, only it consisted of earth orientated lupes rather than air and water orientated lupes. His pack had been wiped out, and he was the sole survivor. He begged and pleaded until the alphas of the Tempesta Pack caved in. They could never refuse one of their own, even if his circumstances where odd.

Their breed may have been the same, but pack cultures varied greatly depending on where each pack was located. Terk's behavior compared to the rest of the Tempesta Pack's was evident of this. He was far more proud, and outspoken about the heritage of the Tri-Tailed Lupes, even in front of their Dyre Lupe bosses. Though many members of the pack were at their wits' end with this brazen packmate, Viarka, was charmed in a way. He reminded her of herself before she had been scolded into submission. Though she was still young at the time, she knew that this boy would help her regain what was left of her youth...

Chapter 2- Young Love

Though Terk was a couple seasons older than Via they quickly became the closest of friends and were as thick as thieves. He reminded her of what it was like to really live again, and she was quite thankful for that. Life really was boring if you were always minding your own behavior to the point where you were afraid to do anything in fear of the consequences.

The duo constantly got into trouble, much to the chagrin of Viarka's parents, who would try and stop her from seeing this troublesome boy. Nothing would stop Viarka once she had her mind set on anything though, and her parents found that out the hard way when she disappeared into the night constantly.

Via and her 'bad boy', as she called him. Decided it would be fun to pay the Dyre Lupe pack at the top of the mountain a little visit, to see if they could find anyone their age to cause trouble with. They got what they were looking for when they ran into the young daughter of Kane the alpha, Rancune. She was a bit older than Viarka, but still younger than Terk, and she was an excellent cohort. She had a mean streak a mild wide and a mischievous attitude to boot. The three would run off into unclaimed parts of the territory and be out through much of the night and a bit into the morning.

Rancune would often tease the two about their obvious infatuation towards one another while the two of them would tease her back for her single tail. After one day of lounging around and doing nothing in particular the trio realized that if they looked past one another's differences and saw what they had in common things were a lot more pleasant and peaceful. It became Viarka's dream that day to start a pack of her own and have all sorts of different lupes in it. Terk and Ran both liked the idea, though they were skeptical of it.

Weeks turned to months, and months turned to years. All three of them were growing up, but their friendship was still strong. The trio had been lucky up until this point that they hadn't been found out by either pack, but their luck was running out and it was only a matter of time until they were found out.

They were discovered by one of the few normal lupes allowed into the Dyre Lupe Pack, Anglat. He was the alphas' best friend and healer to the pack. He was suspicious of Rancune's constant disappearances and chose to follow her when her guard was down. He discovered the three of them playing around in the river that cut through the mountain, and he ended up startling Viarka so bad that she had manipulated the water into his face. Rancune was in big trouble, but Anglat knew it would be better to handle the troublesome trio himself rather than get anyone else involved. He banned Rancune from seeing Terk or Viarka again, or else he would reveal their secret rendezvous to both packs. The three of them said their goodbyes, hopeful that one day they would reunite. The next day border patrol on both sides of the territory was doubled and that was the end of that.

They may have lost Rancune, but they still had one another. They grew even closer to one another until confessions were said and realizations were had. That these two young friends had somehow fallen for one another, and neither of them had a single problem with this. Others did, mind you, but that didn't particularly matter to these two stubborn individuals.

Their love would have lasted for a long time yet, had it not been for a series of unfortunate events that lead to the fall of two packs in a series of days.

Chapter 3- Sleepless

Ever since she had entered teenage-hood Viarka had gotten odd visions in her sleep. Even before she had met Terk or Rancune these visions affected her in her sleep. When she consulted the shaman lupe of her pack about these oddities, excitement was had throughout the pack. It was once in a blue moon that a lupe would be born that could have these visions. The shaman himself was an elder who shared this ability, he declared Viarka to be his successor when she was quite young and had been training her ever since. He taught her the art of divination using her own element: water. She was growing more and more skilled as the seasons went on. Even with Terk as a small distraction her abilities were skyrocketing. Soon she would take the shaman's place once he retired.

Lately her dreams were becoming more and more vivid. Horrifyingly so. Her dreams became more nightmarish, she saw images of her pack dying, and not just her pack, but the Dyre Lupe Pack too. These dreams plagued her so much that she was losing sleep. After one particularly disturbing dream about Rancune's eyes bleeding out, Viarka couldn't take it anymore and went to the shaman's den to figure out what these dreams meant.

According to the shaman, occasionally when one was under great pressure or strife in their life visions would become warped...That was the issue though, Viarka's life was going great. She had a family, someone to love, and was in a very good place in the pack. Her life couldn't get better. The shaman was still skeptical of her nightmares, even though she gave every minute detail of her dreams. There wasn't much the shaman could do since he didn't share any of these dreams with her. It was very rare that a Tri-Tailed Lupe would have visions at all, let alone so many of them.

She was sent away to rest. It was rare that anyone would take her visions seriously if they were not shared by the shaman too. It left Viarka in a difficult and frustrating place. Terk would be the only one to listen to her concerns and actually believe them, but it still irritated poor Viarka.

There was a dream that Viarka continued to have that dealt mostly with the Dyre Lupe Pack. It was constantly haunting Viarka and it was an odd dream, shrouded in despair with a tinge of hope.

In her dream; she saw two glowing lights at the top of the mountain that everyone lived on. They started off dim and got brighter and brighter until it was blinding. When it faded, nothing was left. The mountain was broken at the top and completely shattered at the bottom. It was difficult to make out anything with this odd dream, but from her training Viarka decided that trouble was coming in two forms, trouble that would break apart the Dyre Lupe Pack and...completely destroy the Tri-Tailed Lupe Pack.

Viarka shared this dream with not only the shaman, but the higher members of the pack as well. The shaman received part of the dream as well, mostly the part with the two blinding lights...but his power had faded over the years. Unfortunately since Viarka was not a fully realized shaman, her word would never be taken as highly as the current shaman, not until she took over as shaman.

Soon the Tempesta Pack received interesting news. News that would bring dread to Viarka and joy to many other members of both packs.

Chapter 4- Secrets and Promises

Rumor had it that after many seasons the alpha couple of the Dyre Lupe Pack were once again with pups. There were difficulties in the past, but the alpha female Yannaja was going along successfully so far. Little did anyone know that the birth of the pups would spell the end of two packs.

After weeks of being apart Rancune managed to make her way to one last visit to her three tailed friends. She was excited about the idea of having siblings and was glowing with joy. Terk and Via were happy for her, and pleased that she was able to see her again. Once again though their meeting was interrupted by Anglat. Rancune didn't particularly care, nothing could put a damper on her mood.

As she left and Terk was making his way back to the camp Viarka and Anglat lingered behind. Though she was young, she noticed something was off about the older male. He wasn't going to carry out his threats of their last encounter either. Something was very off. She questioned him about it, wasn't he supposed to be happy about the approaching arrival of the new pups? He seemed nervous almost, upset, like he was dreading something.

Anglat, right? Viarka said to him, her eyebrows furrowed, Look, I know we don't actually know one another that well, but I can feel that there is something off. We may not get along that well, but you're Rancune's ally, making you my ally too. Seriously, you look like you're gonna be sick.

He gave her a hard stare before getting closer to her and whispering. I hear you are training to be a 'shaman' in your pack, correct?

She nodded in response, My position in the Dyre Lupe Pack would be considered shaman, though the technical term is healer. Not many of us get visions or signs, and that includes me. These past few weeks I have received visions for the first time in my life. They aren't good.

Viarka stared at him long and hard. She knew Rancune was close to him, close enough to tell him about her abilities and visions. Something was off though, something about it was just a little too convenient. He was lying.

She called him out on it, angrily at that. They bickered back and forth until the older lupe had enough. Fine, fine, fine! I lied. I have no visions, but you and I both know that the end will come from the birth of these pups! He shouted hoarsely.

They were both shocked into silence. They were lucky that no one else was around to hear them, or see them interact.

How do you know? She murmured, If you don't have the visions then how in the world could you possibly know of the disaster to come!?

They stood in silence until he sank his head down and whispered, Because I am the one who has set the disaster in motion...

She looked at him suspiciously before she could ask any questions he spoke again, I need your help Miss Viarka. Can you keep a promise? He gave her a desperate look, and she remained silent while giving him an expectant look while nodding.

I can't spare too many details, but...when the time comes I need your help. If things fall apart I need your help getting the pups that will be born to the Dyre Lupe Alphas out of here and to safety. He whispered shakily.

She wrinkled her nose suspiciously before tilting her head to the side, You just said a minute ago that these pups were going to be the downfall of the packs, and you want to protect them? She asked incredulously, Wouldn't it be best to...get rid of them? Anglat's face grew enraged at this sentence.

How can you ask me to kill my own children!? He snarled suddenly. Viarka's face shifted between confusion to horrified realization, while Anglat's shifted between horrified realization and then sadness. Now both of them realized the steaks of what was happening.

Viarka shook her head before sighing. You really have messed up haven't you. I can't believe it. She whispered, You've put us all in danger and all I can ask is why? Why?

Anglat smiled in a bittersweet way, You should know better than anyone... She gave him a confused look before he uttered one single word, Love.

They stared at one another before Viarka gave him a sad, pitying look. She realized at that moment how lucky she was that her love came to her in an uncomplicated way. Anglat wasn't as lucky.

Well, let's hope this will stay between us... Viarka said coldly before turning to head back to her pack, But if the time comes, I will be there. Not for you, but for Rancune and her half siblings. No child, nor friend of mine deserves to be punished for your selfishness.

Anglat sighed, Thank you Miss Viarka, that is all I ask. Not to accept my choices, but to help me protect those innocent who may feel the backlash of my mistakes.

Just as Viarka was leaving Anglat spoke once last time, You are welcome to tell your mate, but one else. Viarka turned to him before nodding in understanding and bounding off back to her pack.

Chapter 5- There Is Nothing Left Here

Terk was her other half, and though they only recently became mates they knew one another long before the ceremony. It was only natural that Viarka voiced her concerns about her meeting with Anglat. The news shocked Terk as much as it did her, but he too pledged his loyalty to the promise.

For awhile, things were forgotten, or at least put in the back of both of their minds. They were young and in love, they were more concerned with the idea of their own family rather than the Dyre Lupe Pack's.

Besides, there had been talk recently by some of the bolder members of the pack. Many were tired of having to live as serfs for the Dyre Lupes, and wanted to take the mountain as their own. Recently the pack had grown significantly in size and was now able to match the Dyres' Pack. The tension was thick on the mountain. The growing unrest on the bottom of the mountain combined with the growing protectiveness and excitement at the top of the mountain was a recipe for disaster.

It came as a surprise to no one when riots were breaking in not only the two packs on the mountain, but from other surrounding packs in the area when the pups were born. Compared to what would happen within the next few days the riots were just the warning of what was to come.

For a few days there was nothing. No outbreaks of violence. No disappearances. Not even the occasional trespassing into someone else's territory. It was the calm before the storm.

It happened at sunset. Screams and shouts were carried down from the top of the mountain. The smell of blood was thick in the air, and the wind carried it down to the Tempesta Pack. This was the rebels' chance to usurp and even once-peaceful Tri-Tailed Lupes were frenzied with the idea of finally being free. That's when the bloodshed happened.

Terk and Viarka knew that things had fallen through with the Dyre Lupe alphas' and their family. Now was the time for them to carry out their promise to Anglat. They were both familiar to the Dyres' territory due to their past escapades. Blood was all over. It was horrific.

They heard a familiar voice, Anglat! He was standing between a fallen black lupess, Yannaja, and the snarling brown lupe. The alpha male, Kane. He was enraged. Ang was bleeding from the face. It was hard to tell if the alpha female was even alive. She was slumped over a litter of pups, most of which were no longer alive...

Terk made his move and slammed hard into Kane's side. Anglat looked at the two Tri-Tailed Lupes in surprise before heading towards the litter, or what was left of it. Viarka made her way beside him. Rancune soon showed up on the scene, she had no idea why her father was trying to kill the pups. Ran looked ready to collapse after she saw her mother, she went to her side immediately. Unfortunately there was no time to explain. Viarka and Anglat found only two pups who were left from the carnage. She grabbed the daughter and he grabbed the son.

They stole away into the night. Viarka was hoping that Terk would be able to stop Kane. Anglat hoped that he would at least stall him. He wasn't alpha without reason.

They had to make it to his old pack's territory, over a few hours away. To top it off they were being pursued by what was left of Kane's followers. There weren't many and they were easily taken care of by Viarka.

Eventually they made it. Anglat apparently had a twin sister who had a litter recently. They gave the two pups to her. Anglat, told his sister to adopt the children as her own, and to never tell them about him or what happened. She agreed solemnly.

It was getting close to morning, but Viarka needed to make it back to her pack and Terk. Anglat decided to accompany her, though he had a feeling he knew what the results of this night would be.

When the two of them got back, it hit them both hard. Carnage, everywhere. Viarka saw her parents, the shaman, even the alphas of her pack, but no sign of Terk. They made their way to the top of the mountain. Only to be met with their worst nightmare. The alpha female was dead and not far from her body was Terk's. It looked as if something had ripped a nearby tree up by its roots and slammed it down on him. Naja didn't look much better, but she was gone before they had even left... so it wasn't as shocking.

There was no sign of Rancune and some of the other pack members. Signs pointed to their escape. That was a beacon of hope the two lupes left had to hold onto. Viarka was stricken with grief over the loss of her mate. Anglat too was devastated, but had a mission. He needed to find Kane. Viarka wasn't paying attention as he shifted around. His search lead him to the edge of the peak, it was a long way down to the bottom, but he could see Kane's body.

It's the end now. He is gone. Anglat said shakily.

Viarka sobbed, Kane's death meant nothing to her. Why did she keep the promise? Why did she have to drag Terk into all of this? Why did she have to be right all along? Nothing had meaning anymore. She was more alone than she had been in her entire life, all because she didn't listen to her instincts. But deep down she knew the promise was bigger than that, it was the fate of not only this mountain, but the world. There had to be sacrifices in order to preserve overall balance, and from what she saw in her visions those two pups would be the ones to keep the balance of the world. She told no one this however, they shouldn't have that much burden on their little shoulders so early on...not yet.

After digging many shallow graves the two lupes parted without a word. There were no words that could make this better. They both lost all they had in one fell swoop.

Viarka gave one last look at the mountain where she and her pack once lived and then ran off into the distance without looking back.

Chapter 6- Rebirth and The Journey

On the cusp of adulthood, Viarka was out on her own in the world. For months on end she traveled, hoping to find Rancune and a few survivors of her pack.

After a couple of seasons Viarka found what she was looking for. Rancune was now leading what was left of her old pack. Viarka was expecting a warm welcome, only to be held prisoner.

She tried to talk sense into Rancune, who had only lost her tail in the battle. Apparently Viarka's disappearance along with Anglat's had caused Rancune to believe that she deserted her.

Rancune! It isn't like that! You don't understa- She was cut off by Rancune, No you don't understand, you and my godfather abandoned me in my time of need! Only Terk stood by me an my mother to fight Kane and he sacrificed himself while you two high tailed it out of there! You betrayed me Viarka!

Viarka shook in anger, Rancune had no idea how much she had sacrificed in order to keep her promise. You have no idea what I have sacrificed for you, Anglat, and your family! She screamed, If it weren't for the promise I made to Anglat I'd tell you what both Terk and I sacrificed ourselves for!

Rancune looked livid. Anglat, Anglat!? You were my friend, not his! You made no sacrifices as far as I can see, so don't you dare compare yourself to Terk!

She snarled, I want you out of my territory right now. I killed my father without hesitation and I will do the same to you if you don't take this chance.

There was no point in arguing with Rancune. She wouldn't understand for a very long time, if at all. It looked as if her very last friend in the world had left Viarka as well. She got up with a sigh before being escorted to the edge of the territory by Rancune. It wasn't for Anglat, or for you, it was for the world. If you had seen what I had seen you would realize that their birth was bigger than just the mountain we all lived on. One day you'll realize why I had to do this Ran, but for now you are as blind as the rest of them. This is goodbye Ran. Viarka whispered before making her way out of the territory.

Viarka was blooming into an interesting young adult. She traveled for a very long time on her own. Being a loner seemed to be the only way to go at this point. Soon the nights of loneliness were getting to her and she recalled an old childhood dream of hers. The dream to start a pack of her very own. It was just what she needed to finally move on, she would start a pack of her very own!

Chapter 7- Welcome to Eyeshala

Searching far and wide Viarka wouldn't give up until she found a place to call her own. She was heading closer and closer to the ocean until she made her way onto a gigantic peninsula. It was here she met a strange lupess with beautiful faerie wings: Jasaun. According to the mysterious lupess, this land was called Eyeshala and though it once had a few packs, it was now unclaimed! It slipped Viarka's mind to ask why it was abandoned, she was too excited.

It was another day's journey, but she had finally made it to Eyeshala! It was a bountiful land with varying landscapes. In the north there was an ashy, fiery smell. Repulsive to her kind, fire was the bane of her breed. She noticed a volcano deep in the northern territory, that must have been the smell. How curious. She made her way towards a waterfall in the northern territory, it was gorgeous and she could definitely get used to this place.

Goodness, she was so impressed with the beautiful waterfall she felt warm all someone was wrapped around her to keep her warm. It reminded her so much of Terk, she wished he was there with her...It felt so real, wait...she wasn't alone. Viarka jumped back violently and was face to face with a dark, horned lupe. His fur was a dark ash color, he had fiery orange markings in his pelt, his horns matched his markings, along with his eyes. She shrieked angrily before backing away from him.

Aww, did I scare you my darling? He asked with a chuckle before approaching her again, I couldn't help but notice you were gazing upon the beautiful Placidus Waterfall. I like it a lot too, it is my favorite place in the entire territory.

Viarka stared at this guy incredulously, not only was this place not abandoned, but its sole occupant was a total creep. She bared her teeth defensively, eliciting a chuckle from the male. No need to be afraid sweetling, I won't bite...unless you want me to. He whispered seductively in her ear. Viarka snarled at him before backing away, I'm not afraid you fool! You surprised me and now you're invading my personal space. So really you are ticking me off.

The male laughed heartily before getting closer still. Oh my dearest...I actually don't know your name dearest, what is your name? I bet it is as lovely as you are, you have such pretty markings and tails...I've never seen such a lovely lupess like you. My name is Zarom, I'm the alpha of the Caleo Pack in Eyeshala. He said smoothly.

Viarka glared before rolling her eyes. Titles meant nothing to her. Especially since there was evidence that he hadn't even explored the entire territory. The southern half of Eyeshala was completely untouched by him, as far as she could tell.

Yeah, great, I'll be sure to care about that. She said sarcastically while shoving him aside. I told you to get the heck out of my personal space. Anyway, if you must know my name is Viarka. She said icily before gazing at the southern part of the territory, You said you were the alpha of Eyeshala, yet I don't even smell your scent in the southern half of this place.

Via, Via, Via, what a lovely name...just as I predicted. Why are you being so pushy my dear Viarka? It's as if you wanted to leave my side so soon? I've only been here a couple weeks dearest Via, you see I've only just arrived here myself so I have yet to fully explore the territory for my pack. He said while once again backing her into the waterfall, I really could use a help me run my pack. What do you say, do you want to...keep me company? Zarom whispered to her, his face leaning into hers.

That was the final straw. Viarka's markings began to glow and her tails flicked back and forth. A confused look crossed Zarom's face before large icicle spears were being launched from the waterfall towards him. He narrowly dodged the dangerous objects. A frown appeared on his face at this point before his horns burst into flames and he melted the spears pretty quickly. Viarka's eyes widened in surprise and then narrowed in anger.

My my my, dearest Viarka, you should be careful who you pick a fight with. Zarom said, irritation tinging his voice.

Well, dearest Zarom, you should learn to back off when someone doesn't show interest! She barked at him before pushing past him again, I'm not interested in you, nor am I interested in being in a pack with you. Quite frankly I find you disgusting. What I want is the untouched southern half of this place. You see, I'm here for the same reason you are, to start my own pack!

Zarom looked at her in surprise before snickering, No offense dearest, but do you really think you can handle such a task. Being an alpha takes a lot out of you.

I don't think you know the first thing on how to be an alpha. You seem to be the only one here, it is kind of hard to run a pack when you've only been here for a few hours and are the sole member of the pack. Plus you and I both know even if you were more...professional and at least had a pack, it would still be next to impossible to rule over all this land. She said bluntly.

Zarom was still frowning, the lupess did have a point, which he hated to admit. He hated the fact that this female didn't want to play his games, or with him for that matter. She seemed to be the stubborn type, it would take time before she'd at least tolerate being in his company. It made him curious though, why was she so cold and rejecting towards his odd. It didn't hurt his feelings or anything, he did this for fun after all, it was just curious is all... He did enjoy puzzles, she'd be a fun one to solve.

You know what? I'm feeling like being chivalrous this evening, alright dearest Viarka, you may have the southern half of Eyeshala. The territory is yours. My territory ends at the middle of the Signum River, and I suppose yours will start at the other half. He said in a sickeningly sweet tone.

Viarka gave him a suspicious look before nodding in agreement. Good, then that's how it will be. Neither of us will cross the river into one another's territory and we will not bother one another after this. If we need to meet... she paused before looking out over the bay. There was an odd structure in the middle of the bay, it would probably be difficult for him to reach it, she needed somewhere a bit more easier accessible for both of them.

How about the Pacem Isle? Zarom chimed in. This prompted Viarka to look out past the strange building and notice the small island that sat inbetween the edge of the bay and the ocean. It was perfect. It sat in between the two territories.

Fine by me. She said coolly before glaring at him, Do not bother me or enter my territory. If you must speak with me do so on the island.

As Viarka turned on her heels Zarom rolled his eyes and said, Alright your highness, Queen of Ice, Via. I will stay on my half as long as you stay on yours. Do you need an escort alphaess of the...?

Viarka snorted before sticking her nose up, I don't need your company any longer. Her markings began to glow once again she turned to him as the markings became brighter, And it's Viarka, not Via, alphaess of the Unda Pack! with this she vanished into the mist and out of the Caleo Pack's territory. This day was the beginning of the rest of her life, though it had started off pretty poorly...

Chapter 8- First Night

Viarka spent the entire day marking her new territory and exploring the land in general. She noticed something odd about the territory. The land was beautiful and foliage was abundant, but there seemed to be a distinct lack of prey.

It was very odd, but not too disconcerting at this point. She still managed to hunt for more than enough food. She wondered how many lupes the territory could hold before the lack of prey had an effect. For now she put this thought in the back of her mind as she watched the sun set over the set over a range of mountains she called the 'Lupus Mors Peaks'.

As the sun set and dusk settled in a strange sound drew her attention to the bay. It sounded like a tree had fallen right next to her. In the bay the odd castle that stood there seemed to be the source of the sound. Shortly after the startling sound a strange set of shadows whipped out of the castle all over the land. Viarka's markings began glow as the markings approached her at an alarming rate.

When the shadows passed over she felt sort of nauseous and shaky as they did so.

She tried to distract herself by looking at a rabbit digging its den nearby. She frowned as it suddenly stopped and went into the den. Viarka's ears perked up at the sound of screaming in the rabbit hole and watched as the rabbit she saw before was pulling out another rabbit by the ears with its teeth. She watched as it began to try and hurt the other one. It stopped suddenly as it began to cough up blood, it dropped dead after that.

Viarka shook at the sight combined with the uneasy feeling in her stomach. It was now that she realized that the reason that prey was scarce was because of...whatever just went over the land. She needed to figure this out quickly, before more lupes showed up.

After casting one last glance at the dead and injured rabbit she shook her head and headed towards the caverns she would call home.

Her new home was well protected by a set of steep cliffs on one side, a range of dangerous mountains on the other side, and a bay and ocean on the remaining sides. Viarka finally made it to the caverns and crept up to the den at the very top.

There was a faint smell of another lupe there. The fur on the back of her neck rose defensively. She snarled at the scent...then realized that it was so faint that it seemed like it had been a long time since the cave was last used. She looked in the caverns and noticed bison and deer pelts on the ground...along with odd feathers. She sniffed around and realized that the feathers were the source of the scent. Viarka promptly got the feathers out of her new den. She decided to keep the pelts in there, since they didn't smell as much.

She sighed in a satisfied manner, her new den was complete and she had a long day. Viarka settled in for the night, though little did she know she wasn't going to have the good night's sleep in a while...

Chapter 9- Visions

Viarka hadn't had any dreams since she left her old home. Especially one so vivid. It was a series of images, pictures of dying lupes and a strange form. The shadows seemed to be coming from the odd, gray form. She woke up in the middle of the night due to the horrific images.

Every night from then on these dreams, along with the nightmares of her lost pack haunted her. The dreams varied from night to night, always showing the gray form throughout in the dreams. It was as if the land itself was trying to warn her of something. Viarka wasn't going to ignore her instincts this time around. She decided to go to the lake that sat in the center of the field and consult her element. Maybe it could give her a better answer?

She went to the Cumatilis Lake and set her head into the water. Viarka closed to her eyes in a state of meditation and her markings began to glow. The lake began to glow along with her markings. It was time for the land of Eyeshala to reveal its secrets to her.

The land did indeed show her many things. Clearer images and snippets of conversation. Something was inside the castle and it wasn't happy that lupes were there. It was the reason for the food shortage and shadows that passed through during the dusk and dawn. She frowned at some of the visions, the images of lupes being hurt slaughtered. The lake showed her images of two packs that used to live in Eyeshala. Whatever was in the castle had either chased them out or...destroyed them. From what she could tell the two packs didn't get along and were constantly fighting one another. She hoped that her pack didn't end up having to do the same with Zarom's pack.

After the disturbing images from the lake she decided she would stay out during the sweeps and see how they could be stopped. She tried chasing the shadows, attacking them, and other tactics. It seemed that the best method to avoid them was to take shelter. The shadows were the worst in the plains and easiest to deal with in the caverns.

One night of investigating the shadows in the Umida Woods lead to a horrifying discovery for Viarka. During one of her 'practices' by using her water manipulation to make an ice shield she stumbled across a pile of bones. She noticed that these bones looked different from normal prey bones. It dawned upon her that these weren't prey bones...they were lupe bones! She nudged them nervously and then all of the sudden she got a vision.

It almost seemed like a memory of some sort. The owner of the memory was standing right where she was. He was trying very hard to drag his fallen packmate out of the territory. Something had injured the other packmate and the alpha was covered in his blood. Before he could make it out of the territory the massive gray form she had seen in her dreams and the lake loomed over the two. The owner of the memory fled, leaving the other lupe left for dead.

Viarka gasped as she came around. She had collapsed in the meantime, the combination of the startling vision and the shadows coming by had taken a toll on her. She had no idea what she was going to do. Nothing had come out yet besides the shadows, which really didn't have too much of an effect on her. For now she decided it would be best to avoid them at this point, at least until she could figure out what to do...

Chapter 10- Packmate

Viarka had grown impatient over the past few weeks. There had been no lupes in her territory and she had been alone. Even Zarom had someone join his pack. She met the kid herself when he trespassed on her territory shortly after joining the Caleo Pack. Not only did he smell like the Caleo Pack, but he also smelled strangely like a human. She immediately chased him out of the territory.

As Viarka woke up and made her trek out to the lake an unfamiliar scent seemed to drift into the land. It appeared to be coming closer to her, so she would wait by the edge of the plains for whatever it was.

Out of the woods came a small brown lupess. Her fur had darker brown blotches and a few rosy markings. The female's eyes were a light green color and looked pretty scared. When she made her way out of the woods and saw Viarka she looked relieved. Then she stared at Viarka in what seemed to be awe, mostly at her markings and tails.

Hello... Viarka greeted the female cautiously, she didn't smell like the Caleo Pack, so she wasn't too concerned about it. Are you lost?

The young lupess shook her head before giving Viarka a shy smile, No, I'm just wandering really... She said before looking at Viarka, I was actually looking for a pack to join...are you in one?

This was just what Viarka needed, someone who wanted to join a pack! I happen to be the leader of the pack in the southern part of Eyeshala, the land we are currently in. I am Viarka, leader of the Unda Pack...and you are? She asked, trying to be as cordial as possible.

The female's face grew brighter the more Viarka spoke and her tail began to wag, this was just what she had been looking for! Wow, an alpha! My name is you think you have room in your pack for me? She asked with a hopeful expression.

She beamed at Copper and then nodded her head,I have more than enough room, you'd be the first pack member in my pack...I hope you don't mind. Viarka said nervously.

The young lupess shrugged and said, I'm just looking for some company really, I don't care about size or power.

Viarka smiled and then beckoned Copper with her three tails. Then let me show you around your new home Copper, I'll tell you more about the land if you want.

Copper smiled and nodded excitedly, I'd love to see the land alpha Viarka!

With that the duo walked off into the plains. Viarka chattered aimlessly to her newest packmate, telling her about the other pack along with the odd sweep that happened every sunset and sunrise. Despite the unfavorable conditions of some parts of the land, the two of them seemed ready to face anything now...since neither of them were so alone anymore.

Chapter 11- Brothers

It was just Copper and Viarka for a few weeks, they mostly explored the land and avoided the shadow sweeps. Things had gone very well up until this point. Zarom had stayed true to his word, and stayed out of Unda Pack territory.

One day Viarka woke up after having another nightmare about Terk. She knew she needed to move past that though. She was already starting off the day pretty poorly. As she woke up she began to call out to Copper, she never responded though. Copper must have gone off to explore, Viarka assumed she went deeper into the caves since Copper expressed interest in the basement part of the caverns. It seemed that she was on her own for now.

Something was different today though, Viarka noticed many new scents in her territory today...including a vaguely familiar scent, Zarom. She was pleased with the unfamiliar scents, but frustrated with Zarom's timing and disregard to the rules. Viarka decided to investigate the new scents closest to her. With this she headed closer to the peaks.

As she was heading out, she saw two forms approaching her...It seemed that the scents would be coming to her. There was a brown lupe with odd leopard spots on his body and then another lupe with blue-gray fur along with leopard spots as well. They both had piercing golden eyes. They appeared to be brothers from what Viarka could tell.

The brown one greeted her, Greetings! Are these your lands?

He asked, all while remaining a respectful distance.

Yes these are indeed my lands. She said calmly before getting up to approach them, I am Viarka, the alphaess of the southern half of Eyeshala- the penninsula you're on right now. I am the sole leader of the Unda Pack. Who might you two be?

Hello, Viarka, The brown lupe greeted politely. He began to motion to his brother beside him. My name is Rheyler, and this- The slate colored lupe cut him off, I'm Sebago. He interjected quickly, I'm his older brother.

Rheyler cleared his throat again. A ghost of a smile appeared on his muzzle as he forced back annoyance at Sebago's interruption. He continued, We've been vagrants for quite some time now. Not long ago we became aware of your pack's presence here. He paused, choosing his next words carefully. We are weary of traveling and have been searching for a place to take refuge. If you would have us, we would be interested in becoming members of your pack.

Viarka was pleased with the respectful tone that Rhey had, she rather liked him. He made a good impression. She wasn't sure what to think of his brother just yet though, he hadn't said much. Neither of the two smelled like Caleo, so they weren't spies. She was still suspicious though.

Sebago and Rheyler, I see. She said while nodding her head, I suppose my pack could use a few new members, especially since the alpha of the other territory is becoming more cheeky. She grumbled off-handly.

She stared at the two, were they criminals or just wanderers? She didn't care in all honesty, what mattered was the here and now, and if they wanted to divulge why they wandered then they were free to. And would they just mooch off of her pack's work or would they work as well?

I will take you in of course, but you must take on pack duties while in the pack. I won't just let you two sit around. I don't particularly care why you two chose my pack, or what you came from in the past. What matters is the present and all I expect is some loyalty, hard work, and decency to other pack members. She said firmly before stepping towards the cliffs.

The brothers exchanged a pleased look, and both smiled broadly at her welcome. Rheyler dipped his head to the alphaess again. Thank you, he replied earnestly. We'll do our best to contribute however we can.

Her comments about pack duties prompted Sebago to speak up. You won't find either of us complaining on that front, He assured Viarka with an enthusiastic grin. We grew up in a pack, He started to explain, Our parents were the alphas. Under different circumstances we both ended up training to be alphas ourselves. He lifted his head, a bit of pride shining in his yellow eyes. We left there a long time ago. But I think I speak for both of us when I say that pack blood is not so easily diluted. And as you said, it's important to live in the present.

Viarka's ears perked up when Sebago began to divulge a bit of the brothers' past to her. Something awful must have happened for them to have to leave the pack when they were next in line. Then again maybe they just wanted to leave. Viarka gave a sympathetic look before a more determined look and nod in agreement about living in the present.

The cliffs gave her a massive view of the western part of the territory. She could see the woods, beach, and plains. There were still a few unfamilar scents in the territory that she had to investigate, a female in the plains and a male in the swamp. Maybe she could take Rheyler and Sebago with her, if they wanted to come. Then she had to handle that jerk, Zarom.

I welcome you two to the Unda Pack. Viarka said as she beckoned the two over with her tails, Welcome home!

She smirked before making a sweeping motion with her paw across the landscape. Pack duties today including hunting up some grub, investigating the new scents in the territory, and... she paused before grimacing, And dealing with that jerk alpha who purposely crossed the border a while back. You guys up for the challenges?

Of course we're up for it, Sebago responded confidently, and Rheyler nodded in agreement.

Viarka looked at her new packmates expectantly, it seemed that the only good thing about today would be the way it tested the newest pack members.

Chapter 12- Confrontation

So far she had a good opinion on both the brothers. Rhey seemed to be the more cautious, careful thinker of the two while Sebago seemed to be the more outspoken, daring one. They balanced each other out nicely she thought.

Alright then boys! She barked confidently, Let's go! I'll tell you more about the territory and stuff you should be on the lookout for.

With this Viarka began to make her way down the cliffs. She found it better just to go down quickly instead of taking her time, that way the less time she took the less likely she was to second guess her self and stumble. This was very much how she ran the pack and herself in general.

As she hopped from rock to rock to make her way to the plains she spoke. There is one other pack in the north, they're called the Caleo Pack. She grunted as she landed on a relatively flat rock, Their alpha is some weird guy named Zarom. He's done this sort of thing before, entering my territory even though we both know that the boundary is at the river. He just does it to tick me off.

Is that the only other pack that shares this territory? Sebago queried, looking expectantly at Viarka. And he doesn't respect your borders? The blue-gray male was slightly disturbed by this.

After that quick explanation she made her final leap to the ground close to the beginning of the plains. The smell of the other lupess was nearby it seemed, closer to the beach.

Viarka looked up at the brothers before continuing, When you meet Zarom he's gonna try to mess with your head, so watch out for that. Though if you're lucky it will probably be just me he bothers, he will hit on any female with a pulse it seems. She scoffed before flicking her dark fringe out of her face.

When the alphaess continued, describing more of Zarom's characteristics, Rheyler couldn't suppress a chuckle of amusement. Every female with a pulse, hm? Sounds like someone I know, He quipped, looking pointedly at his older brother.

Seb scoffed. I have boundaries, He sputtered, looking defiant. Besides, that's hardly a way to carry yourself when you're a pack leader.

Viarka had slowly noticed Zarom's scent growing closer. She snarled, he had some major guts to go so deep in her territory. She'd have to provide some payback sometime. She looked at the brothers before groaning.

Looks like we'll have to deal with Zarom before we do anything else, the jerk is close by. She grumbled before beckoning the two males with her tail to follow her.

She made her way into the tall grass before stopping a bit aways from a slight orange glow in the grass. She thought she had seen his horns earlier. Viarka would have to be blind to miss them.

Viarka sat down out of range before smirking. If he wanted to play games she could do do that. He may not like this game though. She closed her eyes and began to focus on the water of the nearby lake. Her markings began to glow a bit. She wasn't sure how far away the guys were since she went ahead, but she didn't particularly care if they saw her using her magic, they'd find out one way or another anyhow.

Viarka flicked her right tail and caused the water to creep out of the lake. She got the water close to where Zarom was lurking and then swished all three of her tails to the left, markings glowing. This caused the water to splash sideways onto the form hidden in the grass. I smelled you for miles away Zarom, thought you could use a bath to get that funk off. Didn't work, what a shame. What do you want? She barked snidely.

Sebago continued to follow the alphaess, but Rheyler touched the tip of his brother's shoulder with his tail, motioning for him to stop. When Sebago looked forward again, his jaws fell open slightly to see Viarka's markings glowing. The brothers watched in astonishment as she controlled the water simply with a flick of her tails, splashing them onto the partially concealed figure of Zarom. Sebago exchanged a glance with Rheyler, before smirking broadly. There really was more to Viarka than met the eye. Much more. And he was thoroughly impressed. Seb looked on intently with Rheyler to see what would become of the alphas' exchange.

Startled, Zarom sprung up from his hiding place with a snarl. But his snarl was quickly replaced with a wide smirk as soon as he found his way out of the plains' grass and laid his fiery gaze on Viarka. Oh, Via, Via, Via. He murmured softly, padding even closer to her. He circled her, smiling all the while, his pelt still dripping. His fur was drying rapidly though, the water steaming slightly. Using magic to mess with me. Oh, you sly, sly, naughty little girl. He tsked.

He ignored her comment about him smelling bad, and continued to circle her slowly. Why do I have to want something, sweetling? I'll admit. I do want you, but that is completely beside the point. I'm just.. exploring is all. Your delightful scent tempted me to come this way, darling Via, and so I did. I was quite bored you see. It's quite fun to come over here, especially if I get to see you, doll face. He said with a wink, grinning playfully.

Why must you be so hostile, my sweet darling Via? I'm just trying to make friends. He huffed, showing her an innocent pouty face.

Zarom then lied down in the grass in front of her, and rolled half way onto his side with a yawn. Then he rolled again, lying on his stomach, his front legs splayed before him. Oh, can't we be friends? Please? Pretty please? He begged, giving her his best puppy dog eyes. He noticed the other two males, and was watching them from the corner of his eye. But he didn't feel threatened by them, so he chose to ignore them for now.

Well aren't you sweet. She said sarcastically, It is a shame I actually have taste in men or I'd respond to your sad excuse of flirting. I don't like them desperate. She said flatly before smirking.

Pah! A taste in men you say? If you had taste in men you'd already have a mate, darling. It can't be that hard to find someone to love you, can it? You already have these two males in your pack! Zarom exclaimed, finally acknowledging the other two that had come with her. Or, maybe they just don't have a taste for you? Is that it? Does your extra two tails scare them off? Hm? He questioned slyly, smirking and chuckling to himself like a little pup as he continued to roll around on the ground like a goof. I personally like your extra tails though. They're pretty gorgeous. He commented, still chuckling to himself.

Viarka grit her teeth in response to his taunting and then rolled her eyes at Zarom's attempt to goad her before smirking. His view was so warped, assuming everyone was as willing to fool around as he was. Plus, she had someone once... She simply stepped over his body on the ground and kicked up some dust on him. You're pretty deep in Unda Territory even though you know the rules, this is why we can't be friends or even allies it seems. You're a dense little boy aren't you Zarom? Now get the heck out of my land or I will make you get out. I have more important matters to attend to today and 'playing' with you isn't one of them. If you have any actual business with me I suggest you carry it out where it is supposed to be carried out, on Pacem Isle. She said in a dull tone, explaining it to him as if he were a child.

Aw, come on hunny buns! You don't gotta kick me out, do ya? He groaned, pouting again as he looked up at her. I'll leave on my own accord, when I feel like it. I don't particularly feel like it right now. He said nonchalantly, shrugging. His smile was gone now, a serious look now on his face. But maybe if you 'play' with me, or gimme some sugar I'll leave all the sooner. He suggested with another wink, his smile returning, finally rising to his feet. Or you can 'try' to make me leave. But I don't think that would work out very well. For anyone. He said with a devious grin.

Viarka could feel the presence of Sebago and Rheyler close by, she had a feeling they saw what she did, but no matter now. Viarka looked at the two in warning, to be ready just in case Zarom tried anything weird, which he probably would.

As Viarka looked up, the brothers caught her gaze and understood the message. Though neither of them felt particularly threatened by the quirky alpha of the Caleo Pack, but they were rather disturbed by the Caleo Alpha's unprofessional actions. What would prompt such a strange lupe to start his own pack?

Viarka noticed that there was indeed another presence nearby, the lupess she smelled earlier. Viarka turned to gaze across the lake and saw a pretty purple lupess sitting on the otherside, just watching the whole exchange. It probably did look weird to outsiders, one alpha on the ground rolling and begging with the other standing over.

Viarka wondered if she was a stranger or was with Zarom, she was awfully close by, so it wasn't outrageous to assume that latter. Judging by her untainted scent though Via had a feeling that this was just another wanderer Via approached her a bit before standing opposite of her on the other side of the lake.

Hello, you must be new. She said from across the lake, ignoring the lupe wallowing on the ground behind her, Sorry, I was coming out to meet you because I sensed you earlier, but got sidetracked by a trespasser. She motioned with one of her tails to Zarom, I apologize for not coming sooner, it's been a...hectic morning so far.

Viarka was in a grumpy mood at this point, why could Zarom just stay on his side of Eyeshala? It was just as big as her side, if not bigger. He must have been desperate for attention from a female. It would have made Viarka's day so much better if Zarom weren't here to muck things up while she investigated new lupes in the territory.

She wondered what this new lupess thought of all this. She looked around Viarka's age, that was good. The lupess had a beautiful lavender pelt and somthing hanging around her neck. Via hadn't seen anything like that before, she wondered what it was.

I am Viarka, the alphaess of this half of Eyeshala -the land we are currently on. I am the sole leader of the Unda Pack. These two spotted brothers behind me are new members of my pack, Sebago and Rheyler. Viarka motioned to them quickly, beckoning them closer with a tilt of her head. She hoped they didn't mind her introducing them, she wanted to make sure everyone was up to speed on who was who and what was what. She didn't like to be left in the dark and supposed that others did not either.

Always the more social of the two, Sebago stepped forward to address the new female with a charming smirk. It's nice not to be the only newcomer here, he commented. But you're a Princess, you say? My little brother and I are starting to feel a little inadequate in the presence of royalty and Lupes with special powers. The statement was said jestingly, although there was a sliver of truth behind it; where were all the 'normal' Lupes?

Speak for yourself, Rheyler retorted to his brother with an amused expression, soft enough so that hopefully only Sebago and Viarka could hear. You're the one having your territory encroached on, now that you're not the only womanizer here.

The two brothers continued to banter and she nodded in agreement to Rhey's input and give a smirk at Seb's response.

This guy on the ground is Zarom, he is the alpha of the Caleo Pack. Who should be in the northern part of the lands. She said with a grimace, she held off on the name calling simply because she could be at least slightly respectful towards the other alpha in the presence of total strangers, because even though he didn't act like it, at the end of the day Zarom was still an alpha of his own pack.

I have to be the slightly bigger person in this after all. She thought grumpily.

Who might you be? Viarka asked the lupess, giving her an expectant look.

Zarom followed after Viarka when she began to walk away, finally realizing there was another female. Right in front of him! He stood next to Viarka, on her right side brushing his tail lightly against her side as she greeted the other female.

Yes, yes. She is Viarka. Blah, blah, blah. I'm Zarom. Nice to meetcha, beautiful. He responded, flashing her a playful smile. Zarom noticed this new female staring at him for awhile, and so just for the heck of it, he let his glowing markings catch fire for a few moments. Then the flames disappeared, only in a matter of seconds. It was like they were never there, though the smell of smoke was a tiny bit stronger now.

The lavender female stood up swiftly to face the alphaess. She smiled slightly and gave a little nod. Tis a pleasure to meet you Viarka, she spoke softly with a slight accent, giving her an airy noble appeal. And same to you, Sebago, Rheyler. She nodded in turn to the brothers standing behind her.

And you too, Zarom." again she nodded, though she kept her eyes on the Alpha male, instead of the ground.

Ihzara turned back to the alphaess, Viarka, she had said. She admired the swirling pattern of her pelt. She even gave notice to the females three tails.

I am Princess Ihzara Tulane Varis, although that is quite a mouthful. She chuckled. Ihzara is appropriate. She stood straight, as if she were back in the castle, in court. Her long legs made her taller than Viarka, though Zara was sure the she-lupe could handle herself.

She sighed. It's good to finally know where I am. I washed up on the shore this morning, not knowing where I was or whether I was even alive. She glanced quickly to Zarom, questioning his presence.

Forgive me for being so bold in another leaders company, but why did he, another alpha..." She cleared her throat. trespass in the first place?

Princess Ihzara. Viarka repeated, then nodded approvingly. A lovely name.

A princess? Very odd for someone of such stature to wander the lands by herself. It actually worried Viarka. Wouldn't someone be looking for their princess? That is, unless there was no one left to look for her. Viarka was very curious, but would ask questions when appropriate.

That is a good question Princess, but I am afraid there is no answer I can give that can satisfy you or myself really. I think it is just for the attention really. Viarka said while giving Zarom an annoyed look.

That is quite a mouthful, darling Ihzara. And I wouldn't call it trespassing per say deary. I'd call it visiting a friend. Even though said friend doesn't like me very much. Heh, what a pity! I love making friends. It's always nice to have friends. Will you be my friend, dear Princess? Zarom asked after he was done rambling, a wide toothy grin placed upon his muzzle.

Well the way the Alphaess of the soutern half of the territory is putting it plainly, you obviously aren't welcome here. And something tells me she does not want to be friends, but that's just me doll face. The court had given her the strict pampered life, but the forum had given her wit and wisdom letting her argue with almost anyone.

She scrunched up her face and snickered. She could play too.Friend? I'll be your friend, as long as you're nice. She winked back.

Oh, don't worry Princess. I'm nice, very nice. Most of the time. I'm especially nice to pretty little flowers like you. He replied with a wink, giving her his most charming grin. He ignored whatever she said earlier, since he didn't care if he was welcome here or not.

Viarka could tell that Ihzara was cultured, but knew how to play around too. She didn't seem bothered by Zarom like she was when she first met him. If only she had that sort of patience. The alphaess smirked and nodded as the princess gave a smart retort to Zarom. It was odd to see their interaction, the Princess seemed to be teasing him in a way. Odd. Viarka wasn't one for flirting, hence her extreme displeasure when around Zarom. It just wasn't her scene. She wasn't one for games, she preferred things to be upfront.

Well it seems that everyone but you seems to understand the concept of me not wanting you on my lands Zarom. Viarka said coldly, It's a shame you can't stay longer, but quite frankly the once nonexistant patience I somehow gained in these past few hours has made itself nonexistant once more. How about my pack and I escort you out?

She paused before continuing, That's funny, I made it sound like an option, didn't I? Well it isn't. Either that or I can just totally ignore what we settled upon and start messing around in your territory. Maybe take some prey, if you have any. You probably wouldn't care though, you aren't professional enough to give a hoot about your pack. Speaking of which, from what I can tell there are a few unfamilar scents that have lingered in your territory as well. You left that young lupe boy of yours alone in the territory, that doesn't seem like a good plan. What if someone bigger and stronger than him decides to usurp the place? You aren't even there to handle it. Do you even care about anything else but endangering your pack just because you're bored?

Viarka sighed, she actually felt bad for whoever was in that pack, even the aformentioned young lupe that she had chased out of the territory once before. Zarom was so reckless and disregarded territory lines that were in place, that he had agreed to. Viarka just didn't understand. Was there something actually wrong with him? Did it matter? She was done playing polite and civil though, even in front of the princess. Her patience had finally wore out before she began to lead Zarom back towards the swamp. She was done entertaining him.

I do believe it is a bit odd to just leave your pack, Ihzara directed to Zarom. but it is his, as an alpha, decision. She turned to Viarka. She shrugged.Just speaking my views.

Viarka looked back at her two male companions, hopefully they had gotten plenty of entertainment out of this, because she declared it over now.

Sebago and Rheyler, do you mind helping me a bit? She asked politely before turning to the Princess, Ah, I am not sure what you would like to do, your highness, but um you're welcome to stay with my pack if you need to or... She glanced at Zarom, If you are so inclined you can befriend Zarom here and we can show you both back to the northern territory. Your decision.

When Viarka was finally done talking, the fur on Zarom's neck and back were bristled. And he was now glowing a bit brighter. Obviously he was starting to get ticked off, which was in fact a hard thing to do to Zarom.

Ihzara watched on, curious as Zarom started to get a little hot, literally. Well, I just got here. I think I can handle myself for a while. I'd like to explore. I have no idea what all is out there. Maybe I will take a trip with mister hot head Zarom here. She laughed and shook her head.

Oh sweetest sweetling, did I ever once threaten you? My sincerest apologies if I did. That's the only logical explanation I can think of for why you would threaten me like that. But I don't think I have threatened you seriously at all. But I could do just the same. Mess around in your territory, take your prey, even usurp if I cared enough to. I can handle myself, and I can handle my pack just fine. I don't need you telling me my capabilities, darling. Zarom said rather venomously.

Zarom was feeling very heated now, and the grass at his feet was beginning to wither and burn. His fiery eyes flashed menacingly to the two other males when Viarka asked them to help her escort him out. A low, deep growl rose in his throat as he showed the males his teeth. His head was bowed, the tips of his horns aflame.

The brown and blue-gray Lupes obediently came to stand on either side of Viarka, eyeing Zarom cautiously. As he grew more and more ornery at the implications of Viarka's words, both of them tensed, sensing the discomfort that had settled over the gathering. In what seemed like a flash of lightning, Zarom had transformed from obnoxious to outraged. Rheyler watched cautiously as a faint glow began to emanate from his pelt, and the grass beneath his paws started to smoke. Rheyler wondered what the male was capable of, being blessed - or perhaps cursed - with the power of fire. He regretted to think how such a power appeared to be wasted on someone who acted so unpredictably.

You really wanna play with fire, little pups? He asked, an eerie grin creeping to his muzzle. Sure, he was grinning. But that didn't mean he was his normal happy-go-lucky self right now.

At Zarom's hostile words, both males bristled noticably. Rheyler narrowed his eyes and flattened his ears to his head. Sebago had a more expressive reaction, his leopard-spotted tail lashing and his lips curling in the beginnings of a snarl. I won't gratify that with a response, He said, his voice surprisingly level.

Zarom snorted, rolling his eyes at Sebago's response. Technically that IS a response. He retorted, keeping his voice just as level as Sebago's. His fiery gaze was locked on the two brothers, his eyes narrowed in a rather icy glare.

As the brothers approached to help her Zarom got nastier and nastier towards them. Oh good, she was glad she had managed to get him a bit steamed. She could sort of see why he did it, it was fun to see someone you hated get mad. Then again, if he weren't such an creep towards her when they met she wouldn't hate him so much. If he minded his business and respected her territory and authority over this side of the land then she wouldn't have to be so cold. But alas, he had no respect for boundaries, so she wouldn't have any respect for him.

Don't you ever, EVER, threaten any member of my pack. Unless you want me to return the favor. She growled darkly.

Viarka rolled her eyes and stepped in between the brothers and snarled low. Zarom could flirt and carry himself like fool all he wanted, but she definitely drew the line at him even making remote threats towards any member of her pack, old or new.

You're the one that threatened me first, in case you forgot missy. So I was the one returning the favor. He replied, keeping his voice low and threatening when addressing her. His fur was still bristled, his tail twitching irritably behind him, and his lips were still curled at Viarka.

Well you obviously have never been in any structured pack in your life, because it is not only disrespectful to ignore boundary lines, but it is also considered a threat to the territory and pack just to let anyone come and go without paying in mind to them. She growled, markings aglow.

Your problem, Via, is that you're so darn hostile. I don't see why you can't be nice. I was just trying to be friendly and have a nice time. I like having fun. But obviously you do not. Maybe you just don't know how. I don't know, and I don't care. I just think it's sad. He spat back with another snarl, his markings also aglow.

Zarom's markings were glowing quite brightly at this point, and the grass he was standing on was completely burned, blackened, and destroyed. It was a scary thought to think of what he could do to the plain's grass if he wanted. It would surely set on fire easily.

And for your information, deary, I have been in a structured pack before. It was boring. Structure is boring, boring, boring! There was never any fun in that pack! No goofing around whatsoever. Hardly anyone ever laughed, joked, or had any time for play at all. He exclaimed, shaking his head in disgust. He paused for a moment to catch his breath, and then continued once more.

I want nothing to do with boring structure. MY pack isn't going to be one of the same old boring packs everyone's use to. And I don't care what you think about me, or my pack! He snarled, smoke huffing out of his flaring nostrils as he snorted.

Fun, he was hardly fun. More like obnoxious and disrespectful Viarka knew what fun was. Fun was hunting in the fields with the pack. Fun was exploring the land with friends, playing with pups, or teaching someone something new. What wasn't fun was fighting with someone who had no concept of boundaries, respect, or a sense of decency towards woman. Not everyone liked being hit on and it seemed that Zarom had to learn this the hard way it seemed.

A smirk made its way upon Viarka's lips before her eyes began to glow. A destructive element such as fire means nothing against water. She said flatly before preparing to gather nearby water, Get out Zarom. Fun is over, you leave or else I will take it as a declaration of war against my pack and will handle you accordingly. And we both know that is last thing either pack needs, considering the food shortage.

Sure, water can put out fire. But what if the fire is so hot it boils and evaporates the water? Maybe that's something for you to think about. As for the food shortage, I don't know how either pack is going to survive if one side runs out of prey. I mean, with you hating me and all. And after seeing your territory, I'm sure my side is the one with more prey. Zarom said matter of factly.

Not if I drown you in can't boil an entire ocean... Viarka thought morbidly.

Abruptly, Zarom turned away from Viarka. Finally done with his antics with her for the day. He then turned to Princess Ihzara. You on the other hand, sweetie pie, seem like fun. Much more fun than this ice queen. He said calmly, a soft smile returning to his lips once again. You're quite welcome in my territory any time. He told her, dipping his muzzle respectively.

Viarka stared blankly at Ihzara and then nodded respectfully. She at least had some civility in her. Goodbye then Princess Ihzara. Viarka said politely before turning back to Zarom.

Then Zarom turned back to Viarka, glared, and turned around as if he were going to accept defeat and go back to his territory quietly. Instead though, in a flash, Zarom was engulfed entirely by flames. Within a few seconds, the flames were gone, and so was Zarom. Only a puff of greyish black smoke was left, and a bit of charred grass. Yes, he had gone back to his territory. But he had gone back in style. At least that much could be said.

Viarka rolled her eyes as he made his dramatic exit. It was a shame that he forgot his new packmate. Viarka glanced at Ihara and then motioned towards the north.

My territory ends at the Signum River and his begins there. Past the woods and swamp. If you need us to show you there, we can, but if that offends you I trust you are smart enough to lead yourself out too. Viarka said with a sigh. It was the afternoon and she had a long day.

She watched as Ihzara made her way out of the territory and then turned back to the two brothers.

Man, that guy is a piece of work, Sebago growled at the empty space where Zarom had vanished. His yellow eyes glowed with anger, but Rheyler's expression was more wary, again taken aback by the Caleo alpha's fiery powers. And a sorry, emotionally unstable excuse for an alpha, Seb continued. I can't imagine what made him want to take on that responsibility. Doesn't seem like he could manage a pack of mice. He let his fur lie flat, but his tail still flickered in frustration.

I have no idea, he definitely isn't alpha material though. And I don't even think he knows what's going on within his own territory. I know the food shortage is hitting all of the territory, not just us. Viarka said, her eyebrows knit together frustratedly.

That's what the lake has shown me anyhow. She thought with a frown.

I had no idea there was such a fine line between 'fun' and being obnoxious and disrespectful. Nor had I any idea that there was such a fine line between being hostile and doing my job. She said to no one in particular.

Rheyler offered a small smile in her direction. I don't see any problems with how you're doing your job, He assured her.

She gave an awkward smile and muttered a thanks to Rheyler. It was good to know that he agreed with how she was running things.

She looked at her two newest packmates before smiling slightly, at least the entrie day hadn't been awful. She had two new members to her pack, both of which proved themselves to already be good members to the pack.

Thanks boys for going through that, sorry about the trouble. You two have only been here a short while, but already have proven to be good packmates, and I thank you for that. She said sincerely.

There was still another scent lingering, it smelled like it was on the edge of the two territories. It could go either way at this point, she wasn't sure. For now she and the brothers would hunt for what they could first.

At her praise, Rheyler's smile widened and he dipped his head. It's the most we can do after you've extended your hospitality to us so graciously. Sebago grinned proudly at Viarka's words, and nodded in agreement with his brother.

Well now that all that craziness is out of the way, how about we go hunting, huh? She asked the brothers with a grin, We'll stay in the plains area, lets try to get something nice.

Before the shadows get to it. She thought grimly.

With that thought in her mind Viarka and the brothers set off into the tall grass of the plains to scrounge up what they could get.

Chapter 13- Darkness Falls


Chapter 14- Into the Castle



I've mentioned the place 'Eyeshala' a lot, haven't I? Well since I live there and lead a pack there you can't really blame me! She said with a laugh, It is a pretty amazing place, lots of things natural and otherwise happen there. There seems to always be some sort of adventure right around the corner. I own the southern half of the territory, from half of the Signum River downwards and I am the leader of what is called the 'Unda Pack'. The other pack, the 'Caleo Pack', shares the territory from the northern half of the Signum river upwards. It is run by I have said before.

She looked at you curiously before speaking again, If you are interested in learning more about Eyeshala, you should check out the information page on it. The link to it is at the bottom of this page...I mean if you're interested of course. Viarka said with a smirk.


Why would I fall in love again? What a waste of time. Anyway the only reason any man would want to be with me is for the power of being Alpha Male of my pack. I'm not gonna be played like that. She said with a frown.


Zarom: This is Zarom, he is the rival alpha of the Caleo Pack in Eyeshala, and I can't stand him! He flirts with any female and doesn't know the meaning of personal space. He and I butt heads a lot, mostly because he keeps trespassing in my territory. He isn't violent or anything, just annoying.

Howlan: This is the guy who helped Zarom and I rescue one of the Caleo Pack members who was kidnapped by a weird beast. He joined the Caleo Pack after everything was said and done, he isn't that bad of a guy, but I feel like there is definitely something off about him...

Zukiron: ...

Copper189: Copper was the first member of the Unda Pack. She is a bit childish at times, but she has proven to be a wonderful packmate and friend.

Rheyler: Rheyler and his brother Seb came to my pack in search of a place to stay and I gave it to them. From day one he proved to be a valuable member of my pack. Though he did cause a bit of trouble when he strayed from my pack during an inconvenient time, but besides that he has been tons of help. He is a lot calmer than his brother, but much more quiet.

Sebago: Sebago is Rhey's brother and is completely different from his far more composed brother. He is brash, bold, and stubborn as can be...but he knows his place in my pack and has also proven to be a valuable member of my pack. He and his brother have both been through a lot, but do their best not to let it get the best of them.

Anglat: This is the lupe who ruined so many lives, it's like he has a curse that just follows him everywhere. I actually feel bad for him, he isolates himself nowadays in fear for hurting anyone else. Do I regret helping him save his children? No, I may have lost everything, but even if I didn't help him everything would have been lost and I could have died too.

Rancune: Ran used to be my best friend, but it seemed that a misunderstanding has torn us apart. I haven't seen her in a very long time, I can only hope that her life has gotten better. I hope one day she will understand why I had to do what I did and forgive me. I'd really like to be friends with her again.

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The light, it slipped through the window
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Don't wake me up
I am still dreaming
The story's undone
Unravel at the seams

Don't wake me up
Death is misleading
And when I fall asleep
Sleep with a ghost

Oh, you were a fire caught in a storm
Memories like embers keep us warm
You will leave me in the morning
Leave me...

The light, it slipped through the window
The morning ripped you away oh!

The light, it slipped through the window
The morning ripped you away oh!

The light, it slipped through the window
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