A Door Opens


The museum was almost empty on a lazy afternoon. Most people had already gone home, are were outside enjoying the lovely weather. You seemed to have the place to yourself, and continued to walk down the different corridors admiring the different exhibits. You reach a far corner of the museum, where a large old oak door stood ajar. Curious, you couldn't help but peek inside for a better look to the behind the scenes of the museum.

Oh, why hello! A busy looking bori looks up from his work. You seemed to have stumbled into some kind of scientific office, with books, maps, and skeletons all over the room. The afternoon sun is shining out of a large bay window, and onto the many charts and data tables laid out on the desk of the small bori. You feel like you have intruded, you begin to back out of the room, to leave the poor fellow alone.

Oh, wait! Don't leave, you just got here in the most interesting time! He motioned you over, and motioned towards a paper with three drawings of leg bone structure.

See this first one? This belongs to animals who walk on flat feet; you, me, Yurbles, and Zafaras for example. These basically walk with their heels. The second one here is animals who walk on their toes. Acaras, Lupes, and others that tend to have claws. The final are those who are on their toenails when walking. Unis and Ixis are the main ones. Birds are similar in their structure, but slightly different as well… You look at amazement as this Bori rattles off information about different facts about the skeletal system in different Neopets. He can see the perplexed look on your face, and apologizes.

I'm sorry, I tend to get a bit ahead of myself sometimes! I am Vhilric, I am currently studying Osteology. That is the study of bones. I go out and explore deserted and far off lands with different scientists and explorers and try to help them learn more about the different civilizations that lived there. There is a lot of information that can be found in the bones left behind, and I hope to share that with others. Quite impressed with the fancy title, you begin to look around a bit more at the room. The far two walls held large book shelves packed with books covering all different kinds of sciences. There was a large map full of notes and thumb tacks on one of the walls, and various camping gear was scattered around the room.

I must apologize about the mess, I have just returned from visiting the Lost City of Geraptiku. I have found some exciting artifacts, and haven't had a chance to clean up yet! Quite shocked at this, you look at the scrawny and lanky bori. He didn't seem much of the adventurer type, but if he could make it all the way to Geraptiku and back in one piece he must be a lot stronger then he looked. Looking at your watch you see that the museum is about to close. You begin to leave for the second time, thanking Vhilric for his time.

Oh, no problem! You must come back again soon, I would love to share a few stories of my resent travels, but only if you are interested. I wouldn't want to bore you! He gives a small chuckle, and returns to his papers. You see a few books and pick them up to read. They apear to be information on him.

His Design

Vhilric's design was extremely fun to create. I chose to go with white stripes on grey, to give an almost skeletal feel. I also think it looks like branches in a way, which goes with the fact he is always in the forest. The red and blue accents are actually based off my 3D glasses I have, and thought that it would look great against the grey.

Vhilric would normally be drawn with more human characteristics (like the one on the left), but can be drawn in the more traditional bori look (on the right). His skull mask is removable, and in both forms the markings are the same. The more human type doesn't have the back plates, and is lankier overall.

More about Vhilric

Vhilric seems to always be tinkering away at something. He loves working with the different artifacts brought into the museum, and exploring different areas. He is fascinated with how things work, and will spend weeks researching different odd things. He loves to learn about other cultures, and wonder how the past may have looked.

As personality goes, he is a very eager bori. He is very patient though, and doesn't get frustrated or angry easily. He is well liked, and always willing to help enplane something to someone. He can be a bit distracted, and tends to always doing more than one thing at a time. This leads to some things being put off for a time, and never finished. He tends to be very messy when at home, but his studies are extremely organized. People are always surprised to see the contrast of his work place and when he out in the field.

∙Exploring deep jungles and other mysterious places.
∙Sharing information and teaching others.
∙Soup! It's easy to take with you if you have a thermos!

∙The city, modern life, it just doesn't interest him.
∙Rely cold places.
∙Housework, why do cleaning when you can be learning something much more interesting!


Here is some artwork I have made of Vhilric. Click the image, and drag to a tab to see full size. Enjoy!

This was one of the first drawings of Vhilric I made. He is deciphering the images on the wall, and searching for something.

This is a small image of him in a library with his petpet. Just a fun little image of him. I hope to make some different cloths he can wear.

I realy like this image of Vhilric, even though it is one of the smallest. I wanted to make it seem he was in a lush jungle doing research.

This is similar to the first image, as I made it shortly after. I wanted to see what he would look like with out his skull mask on. It also gives a good look on the face markings.

Here is an idea I have for adoptables, still working on the ideas though.

He would also need his skull colection! I'm working on these, and once they are done I'll move on to more. I hope to have one of each neopet, and maybe if I get those done soon I can make some full skeletons. These will be able to be adopted too. They are based off real animals, that look like the neopet. Something for me to come back to and work on.

What's in the Jungle

I do enjoy exploring! He looks at you with a grin.

I have been to almost all the main jungles and ruins in Neopia. I normally go in small groups with fellow scientists, and we do our research together.

A map with thumbtacks lay behind his desk.

As you can see, I've been to many harsh areas. Jungles are thick, and full of danger. Deserts are dry and unforgiving. Tundras, Grasslands, and Hillsides have their challenges too! I have to plan way before we go out on an adventure!

Life at Home

A Tyrannian Zebie!

Bone SceptreThere are meny things that I enjoy to do at home too. I love to chat, do experiments, and read

Tyrannian ZebieYou ask Vhilric if he has a petpet.Why yes, I have a Tyrannian Zebie! He is quite the rock climber, and is able to go with me on my adventures. He wonders over to the bookshelf.

Book Of BonesHere is another thing that I hope to obtain!He holds up a list of books. These are some of the books I still need to read. The list is still quite long, but I think I can get most of them! You admire at all the other books around him, as these were ones he has already read.

Meet the Family

Vhilric's desk holds many photo frames of family members and friends. You walk up and pick up a few in question.

Ah, you found my Family! Well, let me tell a bit about them. These are just a few, as we are a large group.

Jeskyla is such a joy to have over. We normally meet for lunch and discus different things. She's always having obscure ideas in her head, and is quite interesting to talk to.

Klownosha is quite fun to visit. She's normally off doing her own thing, or is with Kelli. I don't see her much, but we get along.

Ruakoche is very quiet. I've talked to him a little bit, but he's so shy! I've never seen anyone mad at him, he gets along with everyone I think! He's a had worker, so I admire him for that.

Pieque is so interesting! He tends to drop by once in a while, and has even gone with me to explore. He has a temper, but I feel he will grow out of it once he is a little older.

Lenallae is so goofy. She knows how to have fun, and I seem to always forget all my work and worry when we hang out.

Nylieh is quite interesting! I met her at her shop one time, and was quite fasinated at the fact she holds not a single bone in her body. She always can cheer me up, and makes the best peach pie I've ever had!

About Kelli

Vhilric looks at his desk, and motions to another picture.

That's Kelli, a good friend. She makes sure I can go on these trips of mine, and watches the place when I'm gone. She hates it how I'm so messy here, but I try to clean up when she comes around. The Bori smiled, and organized a stack of papers with that thought in mind.

She's been very helpful with the posters and such found around here, I'm thankful to have her around.

Closing Time

Thank you for stoping by! Maybe you would like to link back? I will have the corect codes up soon, and will then be takeing link trades. I hope to see you soon! Vhilric waves goodbye and goes back to work. You leave the musium, exsited for your next visit.


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*Vhilric's Office

The door has a dusty plaque on it, reading Prof. Vhilric on it. This must be it… you think to yourself as you open the door. You were told he might not be in, as he often was gone, but you had to meet him from all the stories you heard of him.

It was dim inside, with evening light and a fire at the end. Cosy, but it looked like it wasn't used much with a fine layer of dust around. A figure bustled in the corner, moving books around on the shelf. He seemed to be struggling, as a little creature was ramming into his leg as he tried to put a book up on a particularly high spot. You cough, not sure if it was a good time to stop by.

Oh hello, welcome! Please, come in, I'm just doing some dusting. Kelli's complaining that the office is looking messy again. I can't help I'm out in the field half of the year! Yes, yes, I realize its most of my mess, but honestly, science needs to be done! he shakes his head toward a chair by the fire, and plops the rest of the books in his arm on the floor. He then picks up the little creature, now you could see it was a Zebie.

Odd, those are quite rare. I wonder where it came from You think to yourself.
Ah, where are my manners, let me put some tea on the fire. Do you have a preference? Green, chai? I have a few different types that Jeskyla sent me last week, let's try some of this Razberry Mint tea shall we! He places his petpet down, and looks through a drawer. You finally get a good look at him. Not exactly what you were expecting, a tall lean figure stood by you, he had long ears and tail, with white stripes for markings. He seemed clumbsy at first, but every movement left him precicly where he needed to be.
Hey, here we go! I'll just let that cook for a bit. Now, what can I help you with…err, I'm sorry I didn't catch your name!
holykalimari, professor.
Ah, please, just call me Vhilric! Nice to meet you holykalimari!