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I do not know all the terms of these owners so I will go over the basics.
1. do not beg.
2. do not use chat speack.
3. most don't want to hear "oh that is my dream pet" thats rude.
4. do detailed apps. they really want to know who are you and what your plans are.
5. be yourself don't make up a personality.
6. look at thier rules before making an app. they won't like it and you won't like thier answere.

You know hard it can be updating a page every day and getting information
everyday so I came up with a new Idea
to make it easier for me and you.
I have chosen to make a graph it works like this
I have it going up and down left to right abc's and 123's to tell me what you
want by saying what you want on the graph like saying g4 or f5 by neomailing me Here
But if you Still don't fin what you want just neomail me what you want.

  1. Uni:
  2. Grundo
  3. Shoyru
  4. Kacheek
  5. Gelert
  6. Zafara
  7. Grarrl
  8. Lupe
  9. Eyrie
  10. Flotsam
  11. Quiggle
  12. Chia
  13. Pteri
  14. Skeith
  15. Yurble
  16. Bori
  17. Kougra
  18. Ruki
  19. Kiko
  20. Jetsam
  21. Cybunny
  22. Poogle
  23. Chomby
  24. Hissi
  25. Lutari
  26. Draik
  1. Skunk
  2. Shadow
  3. Electric
  4. Starry
  5. Spotted
  6. Checkered
  7. Halloween
  8. Christmas
  9. Faerie
  10. Fire
  11. Lost Desert
  12. Brown
  13. Tyrannian
  14. Baby
  15. Pirate
  16. Island
  17. Orange
  18. Pink
  19. Ghost
  20. Plushie
  21. Darigan
  22. Maraquan
  23. Camouflage
  24. Snow
  25. Royal
  26. Grey