This is a gift, it comes with a price.

Name: The Rat, Stilana.

Alias: The Rat.

Gender: Female

Blood: Demon (Or so she says. Where her real powers or what she really has mutated into is something she is unsure of. But she's convinced she was gifted by a creature of the night.)

Age: 26, born in the summer month of July.

For the Night is Dark...

~~ Appearances ~~

Frostbitten it almost seemed. Her skin white, as if untouched by the godly sun itself. Her fingernails grown out, tainted black with rot, the tips of her flesh blue and purple in color. She was not bruised. Her heart was weak, and the blood flow could only reach so far. Her pale hands stayed cold, her stride filled with a slight drag.
Her hair was white in color. Not short by any means. Often tossed away into a quick ponytail to keep it's length away from her shoulders. It was wispy. Matted, the ends stained red.

Her eyes were brown in color. Yes! They were her eyes. She had not stolen them, nor had she bought them. Mint condition real things. Deep bags hung underneath them with the stress she carried and the lack of sleep that often followed her deep into the nights.
Shen she opened her lips to speak or cackle, you could see the black and blue tint on her gums and tongue. The rot. Her heart.

Her clothing does not change often, unless she takes it from someone else. Still wears the fur vest she "died" in, a simple tank top and jeans. No, it wouldn't hurt it to see a laundry mat about the materials. Or perhaps, just trashing them would be better. Any professional would tell her there was no hope in the cheap "duds".

....And Full of Terrors.

~~ Abilities ~~

Have you ever seen the shift of the shadows in the night? The way they seem to flicker just out of the corner of your eye? Have you ever seemed to think someone was following you, just to turn around and only see the walls seem to jump? When your laying in bed at night, and you think you see something flash through the hall, and dismiss it as only a rat?
Perhaps it is.

She can manipulate the shadows around her, often using it to create feelings of paranoia, or simply to get around any higher up with less chance of being seen. She cannot turn them into physical beings, nor turn them into objects for her own being. It's highly useful, being a creature that prefers "flight" over fight.

But do not get her wrong. She will not tolerate being cornered or trap. After all, even the weakest of rats will chew through steel and stone to escape a fire.

While most see it as a weak and lesser power, her heightened senses give her "Empathy." She can almost feel what your feeling and will use your emotions, or your own anger, against you. She feeds on your sadness, your adrenaline, your blind rage. While she can't tell your actions, she can certainly see past your mask. Maybe even take up your courage and take you on herself.
Her fighting skills are mediocre, now on the subject. Yes, perhaps a little faster than some. But her small size is good for few things. Her sharpened teeth hold a nasty bite, but it isn't like she spits poison. Her only advantage is her extreme will to continue living, even in a place like this.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty....

~~ Personality

Well she certainly isn't strong. She isn't brave. She's rather skittish and cold to those around her. She's afraid of the day, she's convinced the night is evil. What good is a rat in a field full of wild cats?
She is still demon. She still holds the blood in her veins and the malice in her heart. She is digging, clawing, gnawing her way to the top with pretty words and secrets. Both of which she considers herself good at.

She does not exert herself often. While the shadows are loyal, her sense of feeling can be draining, depending on how strong the emotion. Her heart is weak and a replacement has been rather complicated to find. While it hasn't failed her yet, her blood is still slow, hard moving.
Self perseverance is almost always first. She wants to live. She can't stand the thought of loosing her own life and will do anything to keep it. Lie, cheat, steal. Anything.

Perhaps a bit immoral, a bit cruel, her ways are only there to keep her safe.

For the night is dark, and full of terrors.

Did the mouse not save the lion...


She had always been a shy girl. A small girl. One that would steal your lunch while you weren't looking. Particularly because food was hard to come by in her home. She was a quiet girl, never speaking of her mother and father. Oh yes she loved them dearly. She was told she was suppose to love them dearly.
Nothing went sour in their home. They were poor. They were hungry. But what was new in a world where people became nothing more than rats on the street. Her father, he worked and worked. Her mother, she worked and worked. Their home was quiet, they were never there. And when things went sour, and it seemed like the world was crashing down around them.
They had disappeared.

She hadn't been born with a black heart and mean ways. It came to her in the shadows. She still had the scar on her arm. She remembered screaming, crying, kicking.....and then quiet.
It was like the rodents seemed to flock to her dark cover. And she used it like a trap for that nights supper.

(Still working on History. I sort of want to develop it as I develop her as a character.)

From the Thorn in his side?

~~ Misc ~~

While she isn't connected to rats in any way, I wanted to somewhat base of off of them. Rats are heightened, skittish creatures, that YES can feel empathy. Rats will sacrifice themselves or their food for another rat that is trapped or starving.
Neat, right?

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