i n n e r . r e l a t i o n

[x] Curse: Vaygar
[x] Alias: Hamar
[x] Dotage: Adult
[x] P O B: Germany
[x] Human Comapanion: kerrvalker

d i s t i n c t i o n

[x] Ram's skull
[x] Long mane
[x] Rawr.

[x] Black, glossy pelt
[x] Red markings
[x] Slick frame

P a s t

b i r t h

A single year is all it takes to wrought a different soul through a body- In that length of time, the child's growing atmosphere determines its future.
In light; justice.
Care; love.
Tentativeness; wisdom.

And in hatred, malice.

Vaygar wasn't born a very lively pup, nor was he born from a healthy mother. Her calling was Sonya, an ordinary faeora in a pack of six. She wasted away shortly after his birth, leaving the son to rely on his own devices;
His father was banished long ago for a forbidden affair.
If a good fate was at hand, it was a faintly, non-existent one.

Writers block. Argh. Coming coming coming....

t e m p e r a m e n t

Vaygar is usually seen in an impassive figure, quiet, only troubling to speak when is obligued to. Like any wiccaman, he is very close to nature, so tends to work with plants and animals more than other wolves.
He is, in character, a brutal mascu, so doesn't mix well with the justice-seekers. Not really evil, yet so dark, he does culture some patience to respect.

p r o w e s s

Elemental? Perhaps. He most probably has a link to the earth beneath his feet, for sure, and really unplanned- the force to heal beings. Most of the times, though quite reluctantly, he lends a hand to help restore life, which beats his purpose.

He is lost in being what he was, or wanted to be- A mindless killer or a savior? Instead of having more energies spent on annihilation, the gift of life is bestowed on him, and Vaygar the wicca is certainly not happy about it..

c o m r a d e s

I don't know about this wolven fae- I think she's dead. Literally. A ghost/spirit? Mad. I can't quite believe it.

a d o p t a b l e s

Coming soon. Really soon. Far, farrr awayyyyy.

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