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♥ Welcome flowerbomber, to Vanilla Gazebo. First dreamed up and created by Flora on August 16, 2011, the site is hours old and serves as the result of a lifetime's appreciation of sugar, tea parties, and life itself. Amidst all the buzz of life, Vanilla Gazebo is a getaway, a vacation, a safe place to find a little piece of one's happiness, and a direction until you continue on in your journey. Directions change, destinations often do not. Be open to inspiration in unexpected places. It often happens when you're least expecting it. ♥

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01. Please be patient! I try to post as often as I can.

02. At any time, whether this week or a year from now, I would love to hear from anyone who is using my pixels/icons on their page, as it would encourage me to continue on with the site! Just use the handy dandy envelope below.

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Life is a Tea Party.
Drink Tea and Be Merry.
These are my favorite people.

Crocheted Confections!

Handmade Pixels for a Sweet Life

Chocolate Surprise!

Tea Party Animal!

fun stuff for any occasion!

Kerroppi_frog, of Carousel, for Affie Appreciation Day:

My Piglet

Link, from the Legend of Zelda

PPG, Buttercup

This is Me

For Jes, of Distressed Premades

Hello Kitty Kat!

School is in Session!

Gardener's Intro

Haute and Knot

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My wonderful friend, Liz, from Carousel wears her drawing pad on her sleeve in pixelling, vectors, and scribbles! She is wonderful to talk to and her site has proven to definately be a must-see!

Cloudi runs a graphic site supplying an incredible array of premades, pixels, and even reviews sites on the side! Truly something to please every taste--


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01. I am currently attending University (the American kind of University, I just like to sound English!); participated in advance study and should finish nearly one year sooner than the rest of my schoolmates. My dream would be to study classical ballet professionally, but a motorvehicle accident has prevented me from making that a reality. Instead, I shall continue my major as a journalist/editor and work my way up the dreaded corporate ladder! Enough of that, get back to the pixels!






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