(will insert awesome description soon, once i get a better understanding of this HTML nonsense!)

Basic information in the mean time!
These adoptables are free to use to brighten up your pet's webpage. I only have a few things to go over.

  • Do not claim what is not yours
  • Do not use in Beauty Contests or any other contests.
  • Do not remove "Valorfore" from the image.
  • Do not alter them yourself
  • Please keep the link back to the site.
  • Be patient for new adopts/customs

Customs are currently unavailable until I get this page and myself sorted out. For the mean time please enjoy!

Blue Green Red Yellow

Baby Brown Camouflage Checkered

Christmas Cloud Darigan Desert

Disco Electric Faerie Fire

Glowing Gold Grey Halloween

Invisible Island Magma Maractite

Maraquan Mutant Orange Pink

Pirate Plushie Purple Rainbow

Robot Royalboy Royalgirl Shadow

Silver Sketch Skunk Snow

Speckled Split Spotted Starry
Striped Tyrannian White