Neopian Magic Theory

A little magic can take you a long way.
Roald Dahl

Welcome, visitor, to Neopian Magic Theory. This humble little page was started by a wonderful person named Sunny. She once played Neopets like you and I, owned and loved amazing pets (mostly Ixi), and was an all-around nice Texan gal. When she decided it was time for her to visit other lands and have other adventures, I was quite sad to see this page of hers, this well thought-out explanation of Neopian magic go, and so I asked if I, Almedha, could take it over. Sunny graciously allowed me to do so.

Sunny, as you may or may not know, had been part of the Neopian character community for years, and she had been writing stories for even longer than that. Over that time, she developed a theory as to how Neopian magic worked, and this page was born. This page is, in essence, an explanation of how Neopian magic works, according to Sunny, and a reference for any writers who want to use these guidelines in their stories (as I have).

Therefore, if you recognize bits of this page, it is because Sunny wrote it. I mostly just put it on my own layout and rewrote a little of it. I hope you enjoy this page as I did and, if you are familiar with the first rendition of this page, think that I have done it justice.

Since I am using Valhall's page to host this, she will be taking you through the theory. She is only a budding magician herself, but she'll do in a pinch. I hope you enjoy!

For Beginners

Greetings, sojourner of magic. My name is Valhall, and I'm a shapeshifter. Is that magic? Well, we'll have to get to that, won't we? First of all, there are some basic guidelines that you should know about magic.

One - There are always exceptions to everything. Magic is a highly unpredictable thing and, as such, there are special cases and accidents and all sorts of things. Nobody really understands it, but that's probably part of why it's interesting. There are many different kinds of magic and always the possibility of things going wrong. This theory, in fact, is not complete and things may be missing and possibilities not considered. In short, this is a rough guide and not written in stone.

Two - This theory only applies to neopian magic, and no other types of magic. I hear tell of other worlds and universes and alternate timelines (some created by you!) in which things could be completely different! This theory is only based off of Neopian magic and the elements provided therein (that is, Earth, Water, Air, Light, Darkness, and Fire); there are no extra elements in this theory.

Three - This theory doesn't explain what happens when you come in contact with objects that could (theoretically) change your element/magical powers. (This theory has only been in the works for five years. Surely some leeway is available?)

Finally - This theory can be used by anybody with no credit to either me, my owner, or even Sunny. Sunny derived this theory from Neopets' ideas and put them into a format that honored those ideas and that could apply to her characters. It is for the muse of one and all.

Basic Theory

Now that we have gotten all that out of the way, we shall start with the most basic of concepts and move on from there. Simply put, there are three "types" of magic in Neopia, all governed by the six elements aforementioned.

Type 1: Spell Magic

Spell Magic is the type of magic almost always used by faeries. It involves muttering a spell or using some sort of incantation and it the most powerful type of magic. Because of this, faeries are usually the only ones able to wield it. There are a few very powerful Neopian who are able to wield smaller ammounts of spell magic, and they will be explained later on.

Type 2: Physical Magic

Physical Magic is the magic that most normal Neopets can use. This magic is innate in their being because they are "aligned" to certain elements, allowing them to have this power. Physical magic often involves using one's body to channel and focus the magic at a given point. It is considerably weaker than spell magic, but certain magic staffs or crystals/items can be used as an extension to help focus the magic.

Type 3: Owner Magic

This is the weakest magic of the three, and is a magic that only applies to human owners in the world of Neopia. It is very limited and generally only allows humans to shapeshift into the pet or petpet that personifies them. For example, if my owner were to change into a pet that personified her, she would be a Christmas Bori.

It's fitting, I suppose. She likes digging around in the dirt...


All of that magic wouldn't be possible without something to provide the power. This is where the Elements come in. There are six of them in the world of Neopia:
Earth, Light, Darkness, Air, Fire, and Water.

These elements are simply a type of magic that each Neopian is inclined to use. I, for example, am Fire-aligned, so I am more inclined to learn and use Fire magic. Each elememnt is decided at birth for each Neopian and it affects their personality as well as their magical abilities. Most normal Neopians (such as myself) have two elements. One of the elements is usually light or darkness (determining if the pet is good/evil or emotionally/logically inclined) and the other is one of the other four.

An example from the neopets Trading Card Game of such an occurrence.

You ought to know that there are some cases where darkness does not necessarily equal evil and light doesn't always mean good. However, these cases are pretty rare and few and far between.

There are also some special Neopians who only have one element. These Neopians are normally very gifted at one particule branch of magic. Most mages, witches, wizards, and other gifted magical Neopians seem to have just one element. It's probably a good bet that most of the Order of the Red Erism members are Neopians with only one element.

These Neopians can do very powerful physical magic, some lower branches of Spell Magic, and are generally more powerful (and not as easy to find) type of Neopian than even these.

Elementals can wield all six elements at once. They are very rarely found in Neopia, with less than 100 of them in existence at a time. Elementals can do the most powerful types of physical magic, right up to the medium branches of Spell Magic. However, their power comes at a price. Every Elemental must remain balanced. They cannot have too much of one element around or rely on one element alone in battle. Many Elementals are very sensitive to their environment and must live in places that can keep them in balance long-term.

Elementals have a large array of abilities, from shapeshifting and creating illusions, to being able to weild opposite ends of the elemental spectrum at the same time (example: using a spell that involves both fire and water). Each Elemental has their own personal ability that they each acquire from birth. For example, Writer (one of Sunny's Ixi) is an elemental who is able to write anything out and make it pop into existence. That's her special gift and no other Elemental has that gift but her.

Personality Traits

One way to figure out how you or someone you know is elementally aligned is to take a look at their personality. Regardless if they use magic or not, since all Neopians are aligned to an element somehow, that element is effecting their personality in different ways.


Fire-inclined Neopians tend to enjoy battling and they love a good fight. They are not always the best at holding in their emotions or keeping them in check. A temper is a very good sign you're fire-aligned. Many pets that enjoy camping, have pyromaniac-like tendencies, enjoy fireworks, or playing with matches also tend to be fire-aligned.


Water-inclined Neopets are more peaceful and tend to be very relaxed. They can control their emotions well and love to travel. Intelligent Neopets tend to be water-alligned. Many healers are water-aligned as well, as everyone knows that some of the best healers are water Faeries. If your Neopet enjoys swimming, a good rain-shower, reading or learning, traveling and seeing new places, and world peace there's a good chance they're water-aligned.


Earth Neopets tend to be very self-sufficient and love to survive by themselves. They may be a little more old fashioned and not as technologically-inclined as others. Earth-aligned Neopets tend to enjoy the outdoors, gardening, dancing, herbal medicine, archery, hiking and adventuring in the woods, and tend to be very kind to plants and little woodland creatures.


Air Neopians are very simple creatures. They tend to enjoy weather, windy days, flying, cloud-spotting, music, jumping, daydreaming, and whistling. Air-aligned Neopets are are often very musical because of the way they can make music carry through the air. Many Neopian singers are air-aligned.


Dark-aligned Neopets are often those you don't want to meet at night, although there are exceptions. They enjoy one or more of these: thievery, star-gazing, skulking in the shadows, street life, soda pop, sleeping in, grumping around, complainin, and planning evil schemes. Dark-aligned Neopians tend to care more about the logistics of things and less about emotions. They tend to often rely more on their mind and instincts over their heart.


Light-aligned Neopians are often very good and kindhearted people. Generous people, people who show a lot of chivalry, and people who care about doing the right thing are often light-aligned. Light-aligned Neopians often enjoy making others smile, laughing, enjoying the sunlight, summer days, joking around, and generally being kind. They tend to care more about emotions than logical thoughts, and tend to follow their hearts over their minds.

Magical Items

The best way I've heard it described was by an Earth Mage named Rita Wood: an enchanted item has a sort of "Jack-in-the-box" effect. You know how a Jack-in-the-box doesn't do anything until you turn the wheel on the side? You can hit it, shake it, do almost anything with it, but until you use the wheel it just sits there. And then it pops up and scares the living daylights out of you.

Basically, regardless of what "type" of enchantment is placed upon the item, if you fulfil all the requirements (and it can be as simple as touching the item or as complicated as having to muster up a few spells to break protective enchantments) the object will suddenly place the spell laid on itself on the person who managed to have the (good or bad) luck to figure out how to meet those requirements.

Such is the case with a very familiar magical item: paintbrushes. The requirements for a paint brush is that it be dipped into the Rainbow Pool and the paint spread all over your pet. Once that happens, the magic starts and the pet changes colors. How, exactly, that enchantment is made required a mix of magic and science that I can't fully go into seeing as it involves DNA samples and some very tricky magic spells.

For morphing potions, the potion must be fully ingested for the magic to work and the pet change color. This is generally true for other potions, unless they are the type that is thrown at people.

Inheriting Magic

Every last Neopian is gifted with magical abilities and their alignment is decided at birth. There are, of course, Neopians that never fully learn how to use their magical gifts; however, every Neopian (taught properly) can do some sort of magic if they tried hard enough.

The elemental alignment of a child is not really decided fully by their parents' alignment, though that can be a factor. In the end, it is possible for two Earth-aligned parents to have an Air-aligned child or some such oddity. Magic isn't like genetics, not always passed down from parent to child. Sometimes it's passed down and sometimes it isn't. Just another thing to add to the list of mysteries...

Other Abilites

Shapeshifting (remember how I said we'd talk about that later? It's later) and teleportation are just two common abilities people can develop with magic. Like with everything else, there are rules to these two types of magic. I'll start with shapeshifting.

First, I'll define shapeshifting. Basically, it's changing one's bodily form from one thing into another temporarily. A normal Neopian has, with practice, the ability to shapeshift at will, but usually only into things are are of the same alignment. For example, I am of a Light-Fire alignment. This means that I can freely shapeshift without the help of any outside magic into anything else with a Fire-alignment like me, like an Inglace, for example.

It could be argued that Elementals are aligned to all elements. Therefore, there are no limitations to what they can shapeshift into. If I were an Elemental, I could shapeshift into an Ixi (which has an Earth-alignment) with my own magical abilities. Also, an Elemental can hold their shape much longer than non-Elementals, though it does require a lot of magical power. They usually have to rest for a long time after holding their shape for a long time.

Now how about teleportation? There has to be an easier way to get from Altador to Meridell, right?

Most Neopians are very familiar with a form of teleportation called "contact teleportation." In short, when you touch an object, it sends you to a specific place. You're probably most familiar with this magical patches littered all over Neopia:

Quite simple, actually, and it's such a simple spell to use almost anyone can.

The second method is a branch of physical magic, often called "complete teleportation." It involves teleporting oneself_ and perhaps another person, given enough magical energy) somewhere else. It does not involve touching something like contact teleportation, but a spell worked by the teleporter.

Complete teleportation involves three factors:
1. How much magical energy you can spare.
2. If you know the place you're going or not (whether you have actually been there before or not, etc.)
3. Your alignment.

All magical energy "runs out" at one time or another, as discussed before, and you usually have to rest a bit before using magic again. Elementals will, naturally, have a larger reserve of magic than normal Neopians, but it is perfectly possible for a normal Neopian to use complete teleportation to and from work every day with enough training. Every magic spell involves using some kind of magical energy; teleportation just happens to be one of the most demanding.

Especially if you don't know where you're going, teleportation can be pretty unpredictable. It defintely helps to have been where you're trying to go before, so you can visualize it more perfectly.

Alignment plays a small part in teleportation, defining how taxing teleportation will be. For example, as a Fire-aligned pet, it's much easier for me to teleport to Moltara than it is for me to teleport to Maraqua. It can be done, it's just harder.

Magic as a Weapon

So, we all know that a major part of the battling system of Neopia is magic and magical abilities as granted by Faeries. I'll first cover magical abilities, because this can be a bit confusing without a bit of explanation.

Faeries can be seen as single-element Neopians, with Fire Faeries being only aligned to Fire, Water Faeries being only aligned to water, and et cetera. However, unlike other single-element Neopians... well, let's just say that the Faeries are the most powerful beings on Neopia. This is why, when a pet recieves the blessing of a Faerie, regardless of their element, they recieve the ability to use that element in a specific way, as designated by the Faerie.

Let me give you an example. My friend, Asgarrd, is Water-aligned. However, with the blessing of five Fire Faeries, he has the ability to use a special Fire ability called "sear." Asgarrd hasn't changed alignment, but he has the ability to use a Fire ability anyway because he was blessed by a Fire Faerie.

Yes, it's safe to say that Faeries are very powerful, indeed.

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