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Welcome to Brush Strokes

Hi everyone, and welcome to Brush Strokes, an art request site ran by me, Krystal (jack_a_mole). In this site, I plan to provide, just that. Art requests. Whether it's app art, or art for your userlookup/shop/whatever you want, I'll draw it up for you. Please note, this is not a graphics request site. I'm horrible at computer based graphics, and all of my art is traditionally drawn in colored pencil then scanned into my computer.

I'm currently working on a piece to put as the big picture to the left. It'll be a rainbow colored rose, and I can't wait for you guys to see it!

Current To-Do List & Art Goals:
( ) App Art for Dual
(2/4) Finish up requests
(0/10) Complete 10 gifts at the Art Agency


1. Please include a link to your reference picture, as well as whatever details you want me to make sure I include such as poses, accessories, etc.
2. DO NOT STEAL MY ARTWORK. I work very hard on it, as it is traditionally drawn, and I would like visible credit somewhere on the page it is being used. Whether the image links back to this page or my user lookup, or you have a "Credits" section, or whatever. I just need some form of credit for my artwork.
3. Please include your favorite color somewhere in your neomail to me, so I know you have read the rules.


Please neomail me any details you'd like, your name, and the link to where I can get a reference picture from in your neomail to me. Thank you for choosing Brush Strokes!

After sending in your request, you will recieve three neomails from me:

1. Accepted/Declined The first neomail will be whether I have accepted or declined your request for artwork. It will be a reply to your original request message.
2. Starting Your Request Since there is a waiting list, I will send you another neomail once I have begun your piece. If I have time to sit at my desk, it will take about 1-2 hours depending on complexity. If not, it will take a bit longer. I will make sure I let you know. This neomail's subject will be "Art Request - Starting", so make sure to look out for that.
3. Completed Request The final official neomail you will get from me will be called "Art Request - Finished". Self explanatory, I will send this to you once it's all finished, scanned into my computer, and put onto the Pickup section of this page. I'll give you a link to that section in this neomail as well, and reminders to keep credit and such.


1. Pheo with Gaengyi
2. Dusk with Noirgus
3. Bitter with Kat


Here is where I will have any pickups once requests are finished.
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For jagged_edge.


This is where all of my artwork will go once I actually get some neo-related art. ((Newest to Oldest))
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