Hallo Dear Visitor! Welcomes to mah room!
You see a small korbat scurrying around the room, hastily doodling on the wall with crayons. His ears twitch and he stops drawing and turns around once he notices there is company. Hallo, dear visitor! I am VAI! This is my wall. Mine.
Yes it is Vai, it's very pretty.
Vai puts on the biggest smile you've ever seen and goes back to scribbling on the wall with his favorite crayon.
Don't mind the walls, he can do whatever he wants to his room. Just mind the crayons on the floor; he doesn't like when they get broken.

Vai suddenly drops his crayon and sits at your feet.
Vai want cookies-blocked-s please, guest?

Vai stares at you with his big glassy eyes until you fork over a cookie.

Have fun and please refrain from giving Vai any sugary edibles. That's playing with fire, right there.


About Vai & Keef All about the little sock bat.
Vai grabs a post-it that was stuck to his tail and begins to read.
Hallo dear guest! Vai looks up from the post-it and smiles and waves excitedly at you, clearly proud he read the first line. My name is Vai! This is Keef! He grabs the happy little slorg next to him and hugs him. This page is 'bout me, kay?

Name: Vaidao
Nick Name: Vai or Vai-Vai
Gender: Male
Age: Four and tree quarters!
Height: 1'7"
Petpet: Keef the Plushie Slorg

Keef is virtually the only pet little Vai could ever have. A stuffed sock like himself is completely childproof and Keef's stuffing-tie is actually sewn and glued on. Completely indestructible, bouncy, and lovable, a Plushie Slorg is the way to go! He's often seen being dragged around by the tail by Vai who doesn't know any better, but you know what? Keef doesn't mind at all! He's just as spaz happy and hyperactive as Vai and they make a perfect match. Little Vai even asked Raggles to replace his tongue material with the same fabric that was used to create Keef. Raggles more than happily complied despite the slight confusion.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes & Dislikes Goods and bads of what should and shouldn't be around Vai.

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Personality Inspiration What inspired me to make Vai?
After reading over this page I made for Vai, I do feel that it is extremely important that I mention exactly where Vai's personality came from.

The number one place where I received my inspiration for Vai was from my own childhood. Vai is an extremely exaggerated (really exaggerated) version of myself as a child. As with all of my original characters, I do see very large parts of myself in Vai. He isn't just a random character that I decided to create one day, he's a reflection and a reminder of my past. When I first started writing this app, I was heading to college. Of course a huge step in anyone's life. I found myself looking back on my childhood, when things were simple and easy. Creating Vai has reminded me of what and who exactly I am leaving behind.

When looking to make characters, I've found that many people often look towards who they want to become in the future for inspiration, rather than reflecting on the past. From my experience, people usually create older characters than themselves at the time. Often times characters reflect on what their creators wish they could do. This is what I'm doing with Vai, but instead of looking forwards into what could be, I am looking backwards to remind myself of who I used to be and who I have become.

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Vai's Design

Mood Heart Like a Mood Ring! Only not.
Given to Vai by Leore, Vai's tail heart changes color according to specific moods. His heart is "defaulted" to Pink, and changes with his desires and states of mind. The only two colors you never want to see is the bright yellow and dark red. If Vai goes hungry for too long, you do not want to know what happens. Vai rarely gets angry, but when he does, prepare for a tantrum like no other.

In "Keef Mode", he only feels like playing with Keef and will quite literally ignore anything and anyone who tries to interact with him.

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Design Explanation Why is Vai so darn adorable?
Alrighty, so Vai is a little fireball of adorable, I know. But why did I make him this way? A few things can be explained in the "Why Vai?" section, but let's look into specifics.

I wanted to create a character that was, in physical design, fairly simple. However, I needed something to contrast his simplicity without being terribly cliché. This was incredibly hard to do, because honestly there are tons of childish characters out there. But then I wondered, exactly how many of them actually stick to their character and continuously have them speak and act like children? I looked around and I didn't find one. Vai is original in that he doesn't know how to write properly yet or read or even speak very well. Sure, many people may say that they've done this, but I'm showing you in this application exactly how Vai acts, reacts and learns.

Now that this is explained, let's look into his physical characteristics. Firstly, he is about the size of an over sized stuffed animal, a little over a foot and a half. His ears are much like puppy paws - they're his "adult" size, so he'll grow into them. His wings are the opposite, they're proportioned to his body. Due to his rather hyperactive tendencies, Raggles, the family tailor, has made them detachable through velcro. Raggles also added - by Vai's request - three horns, similar to his own. Vai looks up to him a lot, much like a younger brother to a big brother. His tail is a shoelace, and attached to it is a mood heart given to him by Leore.

As for his colors, I wanted them to be unusual and outrageous, but not obnoxiously so. For this I chose a faded orange and purple - to show that he was well worn despite his age. I also wanted something to express his ever changing personality, which is where his tail comes in. However, I also wanted a neutral color, for his feet, ears and tail to wrap it all together.

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Story Time! The History of Vai
Auntie Alti! Auntie Alti!" Little Vai rushed into the common room where Altalena was sitting by the fire place. The little korbat was dragging his infinitely smiling plushie slorg, Keef, along by his tail. I has question! Question for Auntie Alti! Question, question, question!"

Altalena watched Vai run in circles around her chair for a few minutes before skillfully grabbing the little giggling korbat and setting him on her lap, "Yes little Vai, what is it?" Vai bounced up and down impatiently before getting settled in the nook of Altalena's arm and nuzzling Keef.

Where do babies come from?" Vai looked up at Alta with a big innocent smile on his face and eyes gleaming with curiosity. Keef mimicked Vai and put on a huge, clueless smile.

Little babies like you, Vai-Vai?" Altalena poked his tummy playfully and giggled at his question. He was growing up too fast.

Vai squirmed and giggled but then pushed Altalena's finger away. I am not a baby! I am fo' and tree quarters! Remember, Auntie Alti, remember?" His oversized ears twitched with impatience, Answer, Auntie Alti, answer!"

Okay little Vai, okay," she patted him on the head softly to settle him down. She paused for a moment and waited for little Vai to stop fidgeting. "Well little Vai, when a mommy or daddy decides that they want a little baby bat like you, they go to see a Creator." Alta paused for the inevitable.

Crater? What is Crater? Tell me Auntie, tell me!

A Creator is someone who makes little plushies like you. Raggies is a Creator." She paused, thinking of a way to word it all so that Vai would understand. "Creators take broken things that can't move, and fix them so that they can move. Do you remember when Keef was just a sock?"

Vai nodded and Keef smiled up at him. Vai had stuffed a green and white, wool sock with lint he found around the house and dragged it around when no one would play with him. He remembered Raggles asking if he wanted a friend to play with, and Vai said his sock, Keef, was his friend. Raggles took the sock called Keef up to his room and sat Vai down on the stool next to his desk. Emptying the sock of the lint and other various stuffings, he began enchanting it. Raggles worked quickly, and soon added eyes and a mouth. He refilled the sock with a mysterious sand and pinched the opening shut, forever mending it together with much more than a simple band. The moment Raggles' hands had left the little sock, it stirred and smilied and jumped right onto Vai's lap.

Well he created you too," she stopped, hoping this was not too much for little Vai to take in. Well it wasn't.

Creator… He creatored me!! That's so cool Auntie Alti! How did he creator me?"

No, little Vai, he created you, silly. Say it with me," they both sounded out 'Cre-a-ted' and other various forms of the verb "create" until Vai pronounced it all properly. Altalena loved teaching Vai new things. It was something she rarely got to do with Reni when she was a child; Rawrk did most of her teachings. Once Vai stopped shouting all the new words he had learned, Altalena continued. "Well, you were very special to Ragglies. He found you as a broken little plushie under the Money Tree."
Raggles exited the Neopian Plaza after his daily visit to his favorite shop, the Plushie Palace. He found himself walking past the Money Tree and wondered why he had never visited it before. This was soon answered. As he looked under the tree, he noticed it was covered in trash; old boots, rusty old cans and soggy old boxes. No wonder he always aimed to arc around it when traveling home to Altador. However, something caught his eye under the pile of rubbish. A small piece of orange fabric poked out from under an old cardboard box. He quickly grabbed it, knowing full well that if he didn't at that very moment, it would be gone forever.

What he found was unexpected, a reject orange korbat plushie. Its wings were nearly completely torn off, and it was missing its tail. Feeling an immediate connection to the plushie, he stored it in his tummy pouch, and set off for home.

The Money Tree? Vai didn't sound too excited. Some… someone no want Vai?" Vai's tail turned pale blue and he began to cry. Mimicking Vai's emotions, Keef began wailing as well.

Oh Vai, no, no, of course you were wanted!" She cradled Vai in her arms and hugged him tightly. She definitely didn't expect that reaction. Vai continued crying with Keef, hugging him relentlessly as Altalena tried to calm them both down. "Shh, little one, shh, it's okay," she patted his back gently, "Someone just wanted to give the joy you gave them to someone who really needed it." Vai slowly stopped crying once he heard this. Altalena continued to comfort him silently.

Vai wanted? He looked up at Altalena with those big black eyes, glazed over with tears. Keef was still wailing awkwardly into Vai's stomach.

Yes Vai, you were always wanted," she replied. "You brought Raggies so much happiness when he found you, if only you knew."
Raggles arrived at the small palace within the forest of Altador not long after his visit to the Money Tree. Before entering, he unzipped his pouch and examined the plushie more carefully than he had at the tree. It was considerably larger than most of the plushies he encountered at the Plushie Palace, about a foot or so high. There was a large rip down its backside where most of the stuffing had fallen out. At the base of the rip, where the tail should have been, there was a tiny hole that left evidence of the past stitching. He turned the plushie over. The wings were completely torn, and would have to be replaced. The ears also seemed to be held on by a few fraying threads. The only part still intact was the little korbat's face, with the exception of the nose, which seemed to have been glued on. Poor little one, I have my work cut out for me, don't I?

Raggles opened the front door of the palace, and walked inside. He was greeted by an empty house. Nothing stirred as he walked in, mostly everyone was outside or in the main city. Reniok was reading in the garden with Rawrk, and it was likely that Larienti was by the creek that ran by the side of the palace. Altalena was visiting the main palace for a reason that she would not reveal. Leore was of course, out traveling Neopia as she had always planned; ranting and raving about how the conversions were coming.

Raggles walked up the staircase his room, which was nothing extraordinary. However, it was also his workshop where he repaired and made plushies. It consisted of a desk, a stool, a sewing machine (although most of his repairs were done by hand) and various rolls of fabric and thread. It also included a rather large beanbag on which he slept, and a significantly smaller beanbag, which was actually his Plushie Rock, Pacho.

Where to begin," Raggles said to himself. He placed the plushie on the desk, and sat on the stool. He examined the plushie once more and decided to begin with the ears. Seeing as they were about to fall off anyway, he cut the threads and removed them. He took a brightly colored purple polka dotted fabric and quickly sewed replacement ears. It was only after they were complete that he realized they were a bit too big. No matter, he thought to himself, They give him character.

Now that he had begun, Raggles worked quickly. He worked on the plushie all through the night, making a new set of wings using the same purple polka dotted fabric and cleanly mending any smaller holes. When it came time to sew the back up, Raggles paused. He looked to the corner of his room where a small satchel lay sitting on a high shelf. "A gift from Fyora," Rawrk had told him. Which was quite true; it was adorned with the insignia of the royal faerie family. Raggles took the satchel from the shelf carefully and sat back down on the stool.

The small pouch was tied shut with a thin, translucent, white ribbon that simply said,
For Raggles. When he first received the gift, he wondered why the Faerie Queen would give him a bag of sand of all things, but he treated it with great value. He never truly discovered what the sand was for, but he though it would bring his new plushie great luck. A fitting end to an otherwise sad beginning. He took a large handful of the sand, and mixed it with the silent, grain-like beads that he normally stuffed his plushies with – his trademark, used by no one else in Neopia. Afterwards, he closed up the plushie and held it in his hands, admiring his work.

Raggles yawned, it was dawn when he had finally finished. The rest of the household knew not to disturb him while he was working, so he had lost track of time. He hopped off the stool, plushie still in hand, and waddled off to his beanbag. He seated the little plush on Pacho and curled up into his own beanbag and fell asleep.

This didn't last more than a minute because soon he felt something tapping on his head.


Raggles opened his eyes and saw the small orange korbat plushie tapping on his front horn.

Vai, vai, vai, vai, vai, vai!
When you woke Raggles up, he was completely shocked, it was so funny," Altalena laughed to herself in amusement, "He ran out of his room screaming out 'Alta, Alta! Look what I did! Look, look, look!' really it was quite hilarious."

Vai looked up at her and twitched what would be his nose, You is silly, Auntie Alta."

Well that is where you came from," Altalena finished with a smile, "And many other little plushies like you were Created with Fyora's gift of life."

Hmm. Ok! Thankies Auntie Altie, Vai said, clearly satisfied with the story. He grabbed Keef by the tail, jumped off Altalena's lap and ran out the door of the common room without any more questions.

Alta got up from her chair and stretched. Before she was able to leave the room, Vai returned and began running around her feet in circles once more. Auntie Alti! Auntie Alti!"

Yes, little Vai," she giggled, expecting his return, "What is it?"

Cookie time!

Author's Notes

Author's Notes Random Tidbits about the story
Well firstly, reject orange plushie korbats don't really exist. But they do in my brain.

Secondly, my story takes place in my pet's house, which is a small palace in the middle of the Altadorian woods. This originates from Altalena's story which is being updated.

Who is Rawrk? Well, you have to read his story to figure out all the connections. Basically, he was a gift from Fyora to Reniok - given to the family a year before Reni was born. He is a messenger of Fyora.

I also think it's worth mentioning that Vai's tail isn't mentioned in the Creation process on purpose. Vai wasn't given his tail by Leore until his first birthday.

At the end of the last flashback, the "vai"s are uncapitalized because that is not his name - it is his first and only known word, or in this case, a sound. So yes, that was done on purpose.

All in all, the manner of this story was written in a way based loosely off of the children's books I used to read when I was younger. "Little Vai" actually came from the "Little Bear" series, which was one of the most darling children's books I've ever had the fortune to read.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it; I don't write often, so I'm sorry if the format isn't exact to proper writing standards. xD
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Batty Plans Hoho, I'm clever with titles.


Current Crazies The Raggtag Family


Raggles The Creator
Name: Raggles aka Raggies!

Vai Says: Raggies is my big brother. I love him very much 'cause he is always dere for me. He fixes me and gave me cool horns and helped me make Keef. He also helps makes my wings come off 'cause dey get in da way a lots.

Relation: Yes, Raggs is Vai's big brother. He is in all aspects a role model and a very big influence on Vai. Vai often can be found mimicking Raggles when his attention span holds for longer than a few minutes. He's also intrigued on Raggs' ability to sew. Since they are both plushies, sewing is a very important skill because it is quite similar to medical practice here in the real world. It should be mentioned here that technically, Raggs is Vai's "Creator". (See history.)

Testimony: Oh Vai is such a wonderful little one, isn't he? He was my very first Creation, though I don't really like to call it that. I never really meant to bring him to life at the time, I was just mending a plushie I had found under the Tree of Generosity. But something came over me, and I just had to fill him with Fyora's gift.

Actual History: Raggies here was my first pet adopted through the application process. I adopted him over three years ago now. As you can see, I still have him, and he isn't just rotting away. I made a promise to the owner that I would keep him on my main account and of course give him the affection he deserves. He is honestly my pride and joy here on Neo and I'm so glad I have him and his character in my family.


Altalena The Rebellious Princess
Name: Altalena aka Auntie Alti!

Vai Says: Auntie Alti is weird. She rips up her dressies but says I can't rip up my things 'cause it is bad. Why she get to then?!

Relation: Despite the fact she's technically Vai's sister, Vai calls her Auntie because when Vai learned the word "Aunt" from his picture book, he immediately thought of Alti. Auntie Alti!

Testimony: I hate to say it, but I do feel like an Auntie at this age. But it's a good feeling (and I'm the cool Aunt). I've watched and helped little Vai grow and learn, and it's just been so fulfilling to me. I have to admit though, he is a bit spoiled; what self-respecting family would let their little korbat run wild drawing on the walls? But really, it's fine. Can you imagine how much paper he goes through? He'll run down a forest before he's finished drawing! Haha, well good thing the walls are washable at least.

Actual History: I made Altalena around the discovery of Altador and the very first Altador Cup. She was originally a shoyru then and my labrat. When she was entered in the BC (as a shoy) she was zapped into a jetsam (because I was a nublet to BCing back then) and I actually bought the morphing potion for her so she could finish the competition. She did win though. However once the Royal Kyriis were released, I was set on having one. So I saved up, morphing potion and all. She is my first pet fully created by me, and her personality and character has evolved tremendously since I made her.


Reniok The Little Blind Aisha
Name: Reniok aka Reni!

Vai Says: Reni is so nice! She plays with me and listens to me real good. She is somethin' called blind? Her eyes are broken. But she isn't!

Relation: Vai's very best playmate first and foremost because she's one of the few that can keep up to speed with him, only being 10 herself. Her blindness doesn't really keep her from having fun with little Vai. Even Rawrk, Reni's Pink Noilkeet, loves chasing Keef around in circles for no good reason despite his mostly serious demeanor.

Testimony: Vai is so fun to play with! I wish I could play with him all the time. He doesn't treat me differently like everyone else; he knows I'm blind but I don't think he really understands it. Not that he can tell anyway, hehe. I love that he's so full of energy at one moment and can be sound asleep the next. Even if I'm not playing with him, he's just so fun to listen to. Little kids have the craziest things in their head.

Actual History: The newest addition to my little family. I adopted her (through application) after stumbling upon her lookup on the Pound Boards. Went through quite an ordeal adopting her but of course in the end, it was completely worth it. She's one of my more intricate characters and the first with a worthwhile petpet design. She was entered in the Beauty Contest shortly after being adopted and won first in species and second overall against a BDer's pea.


Ekiahru The Super Computer
Name: Ekiahru aka Ekki

Vai Says: Teehee. Ekki has a squeeky on his tummy. I squeeks it all da time and he gets grumpy. But every time I ask him for cookie he says no. Why? Vai frowns and his tail turns blue.

Relation: Ekia and Vai have very little actual relations with each other. For the most part, the only time they come in contact is why Vai gets bored and decides to chase him around to poke his stomach which squeaks. I mean, it's a giant red button with a star on it, who wouldn't press it?

Testimony: Oh the troubles that hyperactive sock gives me. The only times that I am safe is when I am in Reniok's or Altalena's hidden pockets. Every waking moment is just squeak, squeak, SQUEAK! Why did Raggles install this wretched thing! It is just a giant button of harassment! No one ever puts me to the use in which I should be used in. And after Altalena explained to Vaidao how to use me, the miniture bat kept asking me if he could have a cookie! Oh what a hassle!

Actual History: Surprisingly enough, I got Ekia on a random adoption board on the Pound boards. The owner had just come back to Neo and was adopting out her pets. She didn't know the concept of UC pets and while some people were taking advantage of her lack of knowledge, I quickly informed her of his value and what people would do to get him. At the end of the board, she picked me to adopt him, and here he has stayed. He has since gotten a design and of course will never be traded away. c:


Leore The Mysterious Plush
Name: Leore aka Leo!

Vai Says: Leo is really pretty! I hope I am as cool as she is one day.

Relation: Leore is a deity. She is a personal friend of Altalena's family and thus watches over them. She rarely visits the mortal neopia, but when she does, she makes sure that they're memorable visits. They're good impressions on the little one and he's definitely intrigued by her, but nothing big enough to impact Vai's personality as a whole. However she did give him his tail heart as a birthday gift when he turned one - a matching one to her own.

Testimony: It's been amusing watching the little one grow after all these years. Definitely makes my visits a bit more exciting. Maybe it's just because he's my little plush, but he really does seem unique from all the other young neopians I've come across. Or maybe it's just because he has a short attention span, I don't really know. But I know he loves the gifts I give him and the stories I tell him regardless. Those are probably the only times I've ever seen his attention hold for more than a few minutes!

Actual History: My first (and only) fountain faerie quest I've ever gotten was on a side account. Seeing as the avatar would be pointless, I decided to save up for a draik instead! However I did so without any design planning and I've yet to come up with a lasting design for her. I want it to be incredibly special. It's been a trial and error process really; I'm hoping to fit her into a story with my application for Tikitanna - who is also a deity. So her personality is temporary for now, but this page will suffice. c:


Everyone Else! The entire family!
Quite obviously, I have many more than just five pets. Truthfully, I have many more on the way I hope. The reason why I play Neo is to create and develop designs for my pets. That is my focus, just as some people collect avatars or restock.

For the most part, my pets get equal attention because I mostly just draw whoever I'm in the mood to draw, and this changes often. Sometimes it's my chocolates and other times it's my "mains". But really, I get around to drawing them all evenly so I figure as long as I give them personal attention, I'm doing okay for myself.

In all honesty, yes I have traded pets before. Mostly pets I've received through the occasional pound surf, but I have traded nonetheless. I traded my mummy ruki for a baby custom for Demirov, and traded up from an MSPP to get Anteaq. I've also traded my werelupe for Xanow, my alien aisha. I never trade pets with completed designs because not only would I be throwing away the time, I'd also be throwing away a character.

As for my other unaccounted pets, they were most likely adopted (through boards or the pound). This includes every pet on my baby account excluding Demirov. I've also adopted Dhanari from a friend (who is not part of this plot so was not mentioned).

Not all of them have finalized designs, because it often takes a few months for me to fully complete a design. In all honesty none of my pet's designs are ever final. My pets are constantly changing and evoling with me as I grow. They all at least have visual sketches and rough personalities, even if they haven't been posted up (I don't like posting incomplete designs). My pet lookups and petpages are the results of semi-finalization; something to show for after months or years of progression.


Fanart I wonder if I'll get any of these.
*Drag and drop. Mouseover for names!


Fanart I wonder if I'll get any of these.
*Drag and drop.
These were scribbles with a few awesome app chatters. Vais were drawn by me though. c:

Previous - End!

Why Vai? Because he's fantastic. The End.
Truthfully, there are two major reasons why Vai would make a fantastic addition to my little ragtag family. The first is that I really would love a little mascot of sorts. The second is so that I can open up my art trades to a wider variety of people.

Alright so the mascot thing needs a bit of explaining. I plan on making a few petpages in the future including a screenies, a new FAQ, and an art request page. I want a pet that will be recognizable so that people will automatically be able to relate said pet to my pages. This is where Vai comes in. His design is simple enough to be drawn over and over for screenies yet unique enough to be recognized as my own creation. I tend to lean towards simplistic designs, and I find that the easier they are to create and remember, the better.

The second reason why I specifically want Vai is because I want a "simpler" pet to draw. As you can imagine, I get a lot of art trade requests. While most of the time they're completely full and I'm unable to take on new ones, I was going to try out something new. Instead of offering full art trades, I'm offering chibi trades. In order to make this a "fair" trade, I've picked a simpler character for others to draw, and they still get an adorable picture from me. Most of my pets are anthro, and the quad ones are still complicated to draw. However Vai is, in my opinion, simple to draw and easy to recreate.

Now in contrast to his simplistic physical design, I wanted to give him a personality with a bit of complexity. Granted, his personality is similar to that of a stereotypical kid brother, but a child's mind is more complex than any scholar's. There will be things that he likes one day and dislikes the next. He could be completely hyper and crazy or he could be feeling laid back and relaxed. However, he does have set fears and desires that I believe make him who he is. But overall, in my mind, I have him as a constantly changing (and growing) little korbat.

And da new plush korbats are not as cool and huggabibble as me!


Adoptables! You found a secret link! You deserve a Vai of your own!

Fin. Thanks for reading!
Vai runs up to you and hugs your leg. CONGRADUMALATIONS! :D You gots to da ends!
Hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. If you want to see the full application gohere.

As Little Vai's character grows and progresses, this petpage will be added on to - more stories, art and pages will pop up as things happen, so stick around!

Layout, coding, and all graphics outside of the fanart section were done entirely by me.
(Hopefully no one steals this one)



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