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Welcome to emily's site, Somersault. After becoming an everything site and then closing and being on a 2 year hiatus it is finally back up and better than ever! This time round somersault is purely a pre-made graphics site, this means banners, icons, resources and other things like that. Keep checking back as this site will be making process to bring it up and then past the neopian standard!

So take a look around and enjoy what Somersault has to offer! Browse the top navigation to find what you need.! I really hope you enjoy everything Somersault has to offer and you neomail all your suggestions _p_e_t_s_a_v_e_r_ your opinions!
I also got new link back buttons!

Going on a mini Hiatus! Will still check neomail and place up Gamer* votes, but will not be making any buttons or petpages :(, duration = 1 week. Also, please send me your feedback on the new layouts!!
+ 3 Petpage Layouts votes.
+ 2 Gamer* votes.

Rehearsals are now only half day, so I can come on neo again!!
Here's what happened while I was off.:
+ 2 New petpage layouts!.
+ 1 review.
+ 3 Gamer* votes.
+ 1 Gamer* entrant.
+ 1 new listed at.

Won't be in much in the next few days as my schedule is jam packed with rehearsals for my show, Encounters! Also, i would like to wish a happy birthday to Rebecca!
+ 2 awesome reviews.
+ 1 Gamer* vote.
+ 3 Awards.
+ Mini affiliates clean up.
+ 1 Button Request Completed.

+ Launched Top 10!
+ Lots of gamer* related stuff.
+ 6 Button Requests Completed.

Holidays! Yay, I will be on heaps more now
+ 2 awesome reviews.
+ 5 Gamer* votes.
+ 1 Gamer* entrant.
+ Mega affiliates clean up.

+ Won my first button contest!.
+ 1 New affiliate.
+ 4 Button Requests Completed.
+ 3 Awards for me.
+ 3 New button fonts.
+ Entered 2 button contests.
+ 1 gamer* vote.
+ 1 pending Review.
+ 1 closed gamer* contest.
+ New Gamer* game.
+ Made 4 awards for contestants, and awesome sites.

+ 3 Button Requests Completed.
+ 8 Resources.
+ 1 New affiliate.

+ 2 Great Reviews.
+ 5 Button Requests Completed.
+ 1 Pending Review.
+ 2 Awards.
+ Button Requests Opened.
+ Rules updates for button requests.
+ 2 Opened/Closed Buttons.
+ Coding update + added Nav.

+ Affie/Links Cleanup..
+ 3 Button Requests Completed.
+ 1 pending review.

Back from Catapult! So fun, I miss it already. Well my inbox was over crowded for me to return too, I got some buttons from Stephanie, a gazillion buttons requests to do, heaps of gamer* related stuff and 2 reviews
I found no real need for a Summery.

Slightly busier day today, I am going to Catapult Circus Today, so I won't be on until Monday. next week is the last week until holidays! That means i get 2 neo-filled weeks! Summery:
+ 3 Buttons made .
+ 1 Banner.
+ 2 Gamer* Contestants.
+ Fixed my Premade Petpage CSS because of the glitch.
+ Added Top Affiliates Section..

Not much happening lately, Guess everyone is still recovering from the glitch! Made some new buttons borders today and updated gamer*'s page. Summery:
+ 3 button borders.
+ Opened button requests.
+ 3 awards for Gamer*.
+ 1 finished Gamer* comp.
+ 1 new Gamer* comp.

Phowr! look at the massive update gap! sorry It's not my fault there was a glitch that most of you probably know about. So i couldn't update! Now I can YAY! and I owe it all to weapons new guide!

I won't be on much in the next few days as I will be in Bathurst at a National circus festival called catapult. Not much happened in the Glitch but read on anyway.
+ 2 Pending Reviews.
+ 1 Review.
+ 2 Affiliates.

Sorry, kinda busy today. Quick update.
+ 1 Interview at 'take me too'.
+ 2 Review requests.
+ 1 Button contest entry.
+ 1 Positive comment at rawr :).
+ 1 Awards and button from Casting Call.
+ 1 Button Base contest entry.

I wrote my date differently, just for today as it is 999! Yay! Won't get another one for 1000 years! Anyways I went to see wicked today and it was Wicked! haha(i thought it was funny):). Well for neo-realted stuff. I got a heap of button requests today. And I have closed requests till i finished them all (2 days max). i also got a great review from Steamed and a new affiliate :).
+ 1 Great review!.
+ 1 new affie.
+ 3 completed button requests.

I finished 4 button requests :). Got a button from paprika :). and request some reviews. Overall a productive day. I got a really sweet neomail from Amy and Rebbecca, its not really fan mail, but you can view a screenie i the fan mail section :). Tomorow may be my first neopets less day in a year as I am going to see wicked. however I may squeeze in some time. Infact I probably will, just probably wont be completing any requests.
+ 1 Link back button for me.
+ 4 Requests Completed.
+ 1 pending review.
+ 1 Requests opened.

haha.Overslept and got the day of school. I estimate it will be spend making stuff for neo! I got 2 reviews done and 3 button requests today.
+ 2 Reviews/apprasials.
+ 2 Awards.
+ 1 Votes for Gamer*.
+ 8 Button requests finished.
+ 2 Affiliate.
+ Entered 2 button contests.

had a really busy day, transferring everything over! officially somersault is my only site! I also made 4 buttons, updated my customization options, and sent out messages to close my other sites.
+ 5 Button Requests finished.
+ 1 Gamer* entry.
+ 5 Votes for Gamer*.
+ 1 New set of options.

Somersault merged with all my other sites! Like it? send me your feedback! Also, since this is the only updates section I will update for everything! button requests for sweet buttons will still be done!
+ 1 new layout.
+ Put on 8 Petpages.
+ Affie Clean up.

Today I got 2 beautiful link back buttons made :). 1 from Rebecca, and one from Futago. I really like ALL my link back buttons, everyone is fabulous! Thanks again to the creators! I also applied for HEAPS of affies and HEAPS of Listers the other day. And i have HEAPS of responders. So go check those sections out. Also, you should go vote and even enter? In my Gamer* Comps?
+ 2 Link Back Buttons.
+ Heaps of Affiliates.
+ Heaps of Listed At's.

Today I did a front somersault over a 3 meter high(about two people high) block of foam. And I landed it! I know I don't normally blog about non-neo stuff but it related to the site name ;). Regarding the site, I requested another button, got listed at one place and entered a SOTM(please, please vote for me!). I also made 4 wonderful icons! I hope you use them :).
+ 4 Icons.
+ 1 Listed At.
+ 1 SOTM entree.

Didn't do Much for the site as I went shopping for a pretty dress for tomorrow night :). However, I still got 1 new affie and a lovely link back button :).
+ 1 Link Back Button.
+ 1 New Affiliate.

Didn't do Much for the site as I had 16 button requests, and I did them all! I got a lovely link back button from Lasting Impressions. And another stunning one from Rachel. Like them? Apart from that not much has been happening. I may request a review one day.
+ 2 Link Back Button's.

Got a beautiful Button from Sparks of Magic, requested some more from various Sites, made 4 new icons & got heaps of positive Feed Back! Thanks guys.
+ 4 Icons.
+ 1 Link Back Button.
+ 1 Listed At.

Created this site, after discovering a great new style of graphic making! Originally I was going to re-vamp Xide Designs, then I decided I wanted a a fresh start. Xide Designs is now closed. below are some of the things I did Today:
+ Site Layout.
+ Site Banner.
+ 3 Premade Banners.
+ 9 Pixels.
+ 5 Affiliates.
+ 1 Link Back Button.




Closed, unless your site is very awesome, you can still apply. Twilight related, don't bother.

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