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Now I know what you're thinking...NOOO not YOUR screenshots! That's pure horror! Well, too bad! YOU HAVE TO READ THEM!! .. Okay well you don't have to. But whatever.

If you want me to remove a screenshot because you recognize that YOU were in the screenshot, please feel free to neomail me. I have blocked out names, but not from the people who gave me compliments. If you want me to black out your names, just feel free to neomail me again. ^^

I have started my screenies on 12/03/04

Update April 06, 2007

School is the root of all evils!!! xD it's been keeping me busy, and I'm not able to update as often! Hello? Is this thing on? Dude, how long has it BEEN? I'm sorry it's been forever ... thanks to EVERYONE for the neomails about the screenies, i'm sorry i haven't been able to upload all of them. they mysteriously dissapear ... i have one new screenie and one new fanmail today! THANKS EVERYONE! Also REMEMBER THAT I HAVE a FREE Award for everyone! Scroll down to the ~Awards I Give out~ section to get it! ~Enjoy the Screenies!~


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I DO have an award for you people! Yes, I do! Hehe, well, I have this rating award, where if you get a rating of 9/10 and over, You get that award. I do hold screenie contests, where you get a different award. Just be on the lookout for them if you want an award!

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