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welcome to my art page!

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i'm anika, i'm 24 yrs old, and i'm a recent grad with a bfa in ceramics and drawing & painting. i work in WA as a ceramics assistant :- )

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what program do you draw with?
i use photoshop cs5 to draw and an intuos tablet.

how do you get your lines soft?
i like to use the airbrush setting for my brushes, which makes them easy to layer and erase into nice shapes.


if i don't get to your board request, sorry in advance and thanks for understanding!

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  • must leave credit back to my art page (/~Ursim) or to my userlookup (milkbear)
  • please provide me with a ref image! customization is ok, descriptions are not.
  • do not alter any of my pics (this includes tracing/copying)
  • do not use any of my art for contests or without my permission
  • do not post any of my work offsite claiming it as your own
  • i will mail you when your pic is finished!
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  • i prefer trades over requests :-)
  • if you're still waiting on my part, please neomail me!!
  • my pets/character list for you to choose from!
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