Grundo Recreation Deck
(Because Grundos just wanna have fun!)

Last Updated: May 22, 2014

Total # Of Items: 408/418


Obtained: 22/22

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Adopt A Grundo Coin

Blarthrox Stamp

Gargarox Isafuhlarg Stamp

Gargaroxs Recipe Book Coin

Gorix and Cylara Coin

Green Grundo Key Quest Token

Grimilix Stamp

Grundo Snow Throw Stamp

Grundo Veggieballs Coin

Grundo Warehouse Coin

Grundo Warehouse Stamp

Mallow Coin

Mutant Grundo Stamp

Purple Grundo Stamp

Rampaging Grundonoil Stamp

Split Grundo Key Quest Token

Starry Grundo Key Quest Token

Tazzalor Stamp


Zurroball Stamp

Zygorax Stamp

Zyrolon Stamp

Obtained: 17/18
* = Item no longer exists, so it's not counted

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Advanced Grundo Helmet  

Antennae Ring

Battered Grundo Battle Helmet

Blue Clockwork Grundo

Box of Clockwork Grundos

Brown Clockwork Grundo

Full Grundo Armour

Green Attack Stilts

Grimilixs Amulet*

Grundo Battle Helmet

Grundo Comm. Helmet

Grundo Defender

Grundo Shield Projector

Grundo Sword of Justice

Grundo X2000 Chestplate

Obedience Medallion

Rainbow Clockwork Grundo

Red Clockwork Grundo

Tazzalors Breast Plate*

Tazzalors Cutlass*

Tazzalors Ultimate Cutlass*

Yellow Clockwork Grundo

Obtained: 56/61

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A Grundo Christmas

Adventures In Space

Attack On Kreludor

Back In Peaceful Times

Beam Me Aboard

Beating Sloth

Collecting Moon Rock

Constellation Spotting

Cooking With Gargarox

Defend Yourself

Defending Your Neohome

Galactic Adventures

Green Grundo Gallery

Grundo Ballet

Grundo Beauty Book

Grundo Cafe Recipes

Grundo Food

Grundo Potions

Grundo Surf Manual

Grundo Tales

Grundos In Space

How Purples Got Their Spots

How To Escape

How To Play Zurroball

Its Not Easy Being Purple

Kreludan Bed Time Stories

Kreludan Fashion

Kreludan Life

Kreludan Poems

Lava Art Projects

Lunch Box Collector Book

Marshmallow Invasion

Moon Missions

Now You Can Fry Anything

Orange Grundo Survival Book

Programming For Grundos

Purple & Orange - The Truth

Raising Baby Grundo

Raising Grundos

Repairing Your Petpets

Repairing Your Ship

Seeing Stars

Speak Grundo Vol 1

The Angry Grundo

The Art of Grundo Diplomacy

The Great Betrayal

The Green Grundo Invasion

The Groovy Disco Grundo

The Grumpy Grundo

The Grundo Pirate

The Happy Orange Grundo

The Joys of Fried Foods

The Lonely Grundo

The Lost Grundo

The Slippery Silver Grundo

Victory Is Ours

Way To Go Green Grundo!

Zarex Diary

Zenor Kevix: A Biography

Zero Gravity and Loving It

Zurroball Tournament Rule Book

Obtained: 52/52

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Alchemy (TCG)

Attack of the Oranges! (TCG)

Bazri The Grundo

Beyond Neopia (TCG)


Cardboard Enemy (TCG)

Cease Fire (TCG)

Copier v2.0 (TCG)

Commander Garoo (TCG)

Cosmic Yellow Grundo (TCG)

Defence Shield v1.0 (TCG)

Detransmogrifier (TCG)

Dinner Is Served (TCG)


Domination (TCG)


Galactic Green Grundo (TCG)

Garrox5 The Grundo Trooper
Ghartun The Grundo Commander
Ghi Pharun

Gorix (TCG)



Grundo Battle Helmet (TCG)

Grundo Chef


Grundo Programmer (TCG)

Grundo Veggieballs (TCG)

Grundo Warehouse (TCG)

Grundos Cafe (TCG)

Happy Valley (TCG)

Kreldyfloss (TCG)

Kreludan Blade (TCG)

Marshmallow Grundos (TCG)


Mutant Grundo (TCG)

Mutox Syrup (TCG)

Planet Pops (TCG)

Pressure-Pad Puzzle (TCG)

Rally (TCG)

Red Clockwork Grundo (TCG)

Resistance HQ (TCG)

Rocket Boots (TCG)

Rubbish Chute (TCG)

S950 Kreludan Defender (TCG)

Secret Passage (TCG)

Smugglers Cove (TCG)

Snowball Flurry (TCG)


The Spider Grundo

Undead Grundo Shopkeeper

Xarthab (TCG)

Yellow Clockwork Grundo (TCG)

Zorlix (TCG)



Obtained: 72/72

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Geared Up Grundo Armour

Geared Up Grundo Belt

Geared Up Grundo Goggles

Geared Up Grundo Shirt

Geared Up Grundo Shoes

Geared Up Grundo Trousers

Geared Up Grundo Vest

Green Grundo Flip Flops

Green Grundo Hoodie

Grundo Antennae Straps

Grundo Chef Apron

Grundo Chef Hat

Grundo Chef Shirt

Grundo Chef Shoes

Grundo Chef Spoon

Grundo Chef Trousers

Grundo Engineer Belt

Grundo Engineer Boots

Grundo Engineer Jumpsuit

Grundo Engineer Wig

Grundo Engineer Wrench

Grundo Gentleman Cane

Grundo Gentleman Hat

Grundo Gentleman Monocle and Moustache

Grundo Gentleman Shirt and Jacket

Grundo Gentleman Trousers and Shoes

Grundo Lunch Lady Dress

Grundo Lunch Lady Hairnet

Grundo Lunch Lady Shoes

Grundo Lunch Lady Spoon

Grundo Miner Helmet

Grundo Miner Overalls

Grundo Miner Pick

Grundo Miner Shoes

Grundo Pedestal

Grundo Programmer Belt

Grundo Programmer Glasses

Grundo Programmer Mug

Grundo Programmer Shirt

Grundo Programmer Shoes

Grundo Programmer Trousers

Grundo Programmer Wig

Grundo Resistance Blaster

Grundo Resistance Boots

Grundo Resistance Headset and Wig

Grundo Resistance Jet Pack

Grundo Resistance Shirt

Grundo Resistance Trousers

Grundo Sloth Sock Puppet

Grundo Space Belt

Grundo Space Goggles


Grundo Space Jacket

Grundo Space Shoes


I Club Sloth Grundo T-Shirt


Kreludan Grundo Slippers


Menacing Clockwork Grundos Trinket

Orange Grundo Flag

Pink Grundo Antennae Warmers

Pink Grundo Jogging Suit

Purple Grundo Flag

Sailor Grundo Hat

Sailor Grundo Shirt

Sailor Grundo Shoes

Sailor Grundo Trousers

Space Grundo Shirt

Space Grundo Shoes

Space Grundo Toy Gun

Space Grundo Wig

Space Station Message Foreground  

Time Tunnel Music Track

Typing Terror Background

Virtupets Information Screen  

Obtained: 47/47

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Asteroid Puffs


Blueberry Grundo Lollypop

Chocolate Dipped Marsh Grundo

Disco Grundo Ice Cream Swirl Dessert

Dropped Grilled Cheese

Faerie Grundo Sugar Cookie

Frosted Green Grundo Cookies

Gargarox Special Lunch Dish

Gingerbread Grundo

Grapefruit Grundo Lollypop

Grundo Goo Sundae

Grundo Orange

Grundo Smore

Grundo Space Grub Platter

Grundo Stick Sub

Grundo Stix

Grundo Thief Candies

Grundo Toe Lint

Grundolicious Cookie

Grundos House Special

Grundos Luxury Kebab

Gummy Green Grundo

Half Grundo Sandwich

Kreludan Grunpop


Large Grundo Toe With Lint Side Order

Lime Grundo Lollypop

Lunar Grunpop

Marshmallow Grundo

Milk Chocolate Grundo

Mint Chocolate Grundo

Mouldy Gruncheese

Mutox Syrup

Orange Chocolate Grundo

Orange Grundo Sherbet

Purple Grundo Lunar Plum

Raspberry Grundo Lollypop

Reject Marshmallow Grundo

Robot Grundo Sugar Cookie

Savoury Grundo Veggieballs

Sergeant Zarex Cookie

Sergeant Zarex Sugar Cookie

Silver Grundo Baked Potato

Split Grundo Berry

Starry Grundo Lollypop

Strawberry Marshmallow Grundo

Tasty Bag of Mutant Grundo Marshmallows

Tchea Marshmallow Grundo

Toasted Marshmallow Grundo

Obtained: 12/12

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Blue Grundo Mirror

Checkered Grundo Bath Sponge

Cloud Grundo Bath Sponge

Disco Grundo Hair Gel Dispenser

Green Grundo Bath Sponge

Grundo Hair Chopstix

Grundo Soap

Mutant Grundo Towel

Pink Grundo Bath Sponge

Split Grundo Nail Polish

Sponge Grundo Sponge

Starry Grundo Brush

Obtained: 07/07

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Gruundo Fan Usuki

Gruundo Guitar

Gruundo Mug


Gruundo Plushie

Gruundo Poster

Gruundo Ticket


Gruundo T-Shirt

Obtained: 22/22

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Baby Grundo Morphing Potion

Blue Grundo Morphing Potion

Brown Grundo Morphing Potion

Christmas Grundo Morphing Potion

Cloud Grundo Morphing Potion

Darigan Grundo Morphing Potion

Desert Grundo Morphing Potion

Faerie Grundo Morphing Potion

Green Grundo Morphing Potion

Grundo Transmogrification Potion

Halloween Grundo Morphing Potion

Ice Grundo Totem


Island Grundo Morphing Potion

Pirate Grundo Morphing Potion

Plushie Grundo Morphing Potion

Purple Grundo Morphing Potion

Rainbow Grundo Morphing Potion

Spotted Grundo Morphing Potion

Starry Grundo Morphing Potion

Woodland Grundo Morphing Potion

Wraith Grundo Morphing Potion

Yellow Grundo Morphing Potion

Obtained: 18/18

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Blue Grundo Lamp

Face Pulling Grundo Gnome

Gardening Grundo Gnome

Golden Grundo Bath Tub

Golden Grundo Soap Dish

Green Grundo Fountain

Grundo Inspired Bean Bag

Grundo Inspired Bed

Grundo Inspired Chair

Grundo Inspired Dresser

Grundo Statue

Grundo Tree Sculpture

Orange Grundo Chair

Orange Grundo Rug

Orange Grundo Wardrobe

Red Grundo Biscuit Jar

Snow Grundo Gnome

Space Poster

Obtained: 11/11

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Blue Grundo Lunch Box

Blue Grundo Notebook

Gargaroxs Lunchbox

Grundo Backpack

Halloween Grundo Notebook

Simple Faerie Grundo Backpack  

Spacerocked Eraser

Spacerocked Pen


Split Grundo Gluestick

Starry Grundo Pen

Zargrold Binder


Obtained: 73/73

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Baby Grundo Plushie

Black Market Grundo Plushie

Blarthrox Ball


Blue Grundo Keyring

Blue Grundo Plushie

Burgundy Grundo Plushie

Christmas Grundo Plushie

Darigan Grundo Plushie

Darigan Sprinkler


Deluxe Grundo Cracker

Dr. Sloth Boxing Toy

Dr. Sloth Toy Blocks

Faerie Grundo Plushie

Gardening Grundo Gnome Plushie


Gargarox Plushie


Gnawed Gingerbread Grundo Ornament

Gorix Plushie

Gorix Usuki


Gormball Throw Toys

Green Grundo Balloon

Green Grundo Keychain

Green Grundo Keyring

Green Grundo Kite


Green Grundo Plushie

Grey Grundo Plushie


Grey Rock Mobile


Grundo Ball Paddleball


Grundo Garland


Grundo Independence Day Usuki

Grundo Pinata


Grundo Thief Plushie

Grundo Thieving Tools

Grundo Wooden Toy

Halloween Grundo Plushie

Lifetime Membership Card

Lutari Grundo Plushie

Marshmallow Grundo Plushie


Miniature Gorix Spaceship


Mix and Match Faerie Puzzle

Mix and Match Mutant Puzzle

Mutant Grundo Plushie


Mutated Wadjet-Grundo Plushie


My Favourite Grundo Plushie


Parlax Plushie


Plushie Grundo Plushie

Rainbow Grundo Plushie
Rampaging Grundonoil Plushie
Red Grundo Keyring


Red Grundo Plushie

Ripped Orange Grundo Plushie

Silver Grundo Wind Up Toy

Silver Negg String Lights

Small Sling Gun

Snow Wars II - The Board Game

Speckled Grundo Plushie

Spider Grundo Plushie

Starry Grundo Plushie

Starry Grundo Yoyo

Tazzalor Action Figure

Ultimate Battle Garland

Valentine Grundo Gift Box

Valentines Grundo Plushie

Wind Up Grimilix


Woodland Grundo Plushie

Xarthab and Zorlix Bobblehead

Yellow Grundo Balloon

Yellow Grundo Keyring

Yellow Grundo Plushie

Yellow Valentines Mobile

Zargrold Gormball Action Figure

Zargrold Mug

Zargrold the COOL Bobblehead

Zorlix Plushie

Zurroball Grundo Plushie

Zyloron Bat and Ball Game

Special Thanks
('cause some people are just too amazing)

A special thank you goes out to all of my friends, guild members and random users who have helped me by either assisting in my Mass Collection of Gingerbread Grundos and My Favourite Grundo Plushies, helping rebuild all that I had lost over the years or even selling me items (especially those uber expensive ones) needed to complete my gallery! Thanks to all of you...

tristessazwan - Valentine Grundo Gift Box

i_heart_music_182 - My Favourite Grundo Plushie x3

spaizey - My Favourite Grundo Plushie x4

lil_mooni - Deluxe Grundo Cracker

kamilla90 - Obedience Medallion, Gnawed Gingerbread Grundo Ornament, Tasty Bag of Mutant Grundo Marshmallows, Krakuberry Juice (TCG)
pinkcrown123 - Deluxe Grundo Cracker

emaparez - Geared Up Grundo Belt, Geared Up Grundo Goggles, Geared Up Grundo Shirt, Geared Up Grundo Shoes, Geared Up Grundo Vest

neosham - Blue Grundo Lunch Box

rob0_o - Grundo Statue x2

I know I've probably missed a ton of other people and I'm sorry! xD

Thanks for visiting!

- Jawsch (The Grundo King)
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