.: T H E - B E G I N N I N G :.


The chamber was pitch black. His breath was the only sound, almost echoing off the cave walls.

Schnyder whimpered, curling his body in a fetal position, lost. There was only a dead silence. It took all of his will to keep back his tears. He was forgotten, and trapped in an unforgiving maze. Eventually he let his emotions go, and felt the river of tears flowing from his face.

Briefly he held his breath, and in the deepest of silence, the faintest whisper was heard from deep below, "Only in the darkest places do the smallest lights shine brightest." A small spark from underneath his foot grew; an illuminated blue chord of vines escalated to large colossal mushrooms. Eventually the entire cavern was glowing with blues and purples.



Schnyder quickly stood up, stunned by such an unexpected marvel. Still light blue water crowded the floor around Schnyder's feet, but no water touched him. He took a step forward and the water made a path for him. Beautiful purple, blue, and green Koi populated the water. For a brief moment he forgot about all of his problems, and continued to walk forward until he reached a deep, pitch black drop off.

H-hello?" Schneider silently called out, his young voice had such a traumatized tone, tears sunken into his face, and his eyes scarred red.

Five huge bright lights appeared in front of him, all long linear lines and green. They illuminated the creature standing before Schnyder. Schnyder fell backward, completely caught by surprise.

.: "Hello my child." :.

.:A P P L I C A T I O N:.

About Me .:. The Basics

On the left is me and my idol Jon Stewart is the person I'm standing next to. Drawn by me.

Hello! My name is Mae, I am 15 years old, and all I ever do is draw. Right now I am working on my 23rd sketchbook this year. When it comes to drawing I honestly have no life.

My idol is Jon Stewart (pictured above) and Trent Reznor. My favorite color is orange, I have a dog named Duke, and currently my hair color is purple and blue.

At least once every two months me and my dad re watch the Lord of the Rings. It's sort of a tradition now, and probably the biggest thing you'll notice about me is that I am horrible at grammar. I am half way fluent in German too! I want to move to Bayern when I grow up.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I listen to all music, but my favorite band are Nine Inch Nails, and my favorite song is Wunderbar by Disreflect.

About Me .:. A Little More In Depth

My younger years consisted of me playing Neopets and writing really long, horribly written stories. I received horrible grades until my 8th Grade year in Junior High because I realized I wasn't getting anywhere in life.

My artwork hasn't always been as improved as it is now (and I still have a lot more to improve on.)

Here are some of my works from 2009:

Drag to URL for full veiw

It took a long time to transform my talent into what it is now:
I'm hungry :P

My Life on Neopets

It all started when I was 4 years old. My mom would always play the games on here. She started my first neopets account (elassar) to keep me busy and it worked. I don't even remember what I did on here... I think I just visited weird pages and drolled on the screen.

Neopets has also seen my very immature side too. My mom didn't want me to use my real name so she made me use an Alias (which I horribly misused), this led to some very unhappy neopians. But alas we all have to learn somewhere and most of my maturity was gained in the outside world when I took a very long three year Haitus (occasionally getting on to make sure my pets weren't dying.) Eventually I gifted all my pets and put my Draik UFA. Once when I started getting more serious into artwork, and conceptual design for video games as my future career, I decided to rejoin. I really missed this place, it has a certain nostalgia about it when you leave and I really wanted to make characters for my pets. Luckily I remembered my login information and whatnot and started playing again at the beginning of the summer!

What I do on here currently is I'm trying to complete all my pet's designs than work on their petpages. I do a lot of art trades and the occasional sketch request. You can usually find me on the Art Boards.

My Accounts

This is my main account. It was my only account I used for a long time, until I got Neopets Premium and decided to get a fifth neopet. Then I started playing again on an old side account, and eventually made a new account.


My youngest account, and my permanent side account. I only want a maximum of eight pets so my other side account will be disabled after this account reaches four months old. This account was named after my favorite song Wunderbar by disreflect

Old Side Account, if Sushi (Ungetumchen) were to be mine, I'd transfer Lefait to this account, and Sushi would go on my main Elassar. After Disreflect reaches 4 months old I am having Lefait transferred to that account, along with Wayes and Lindemann. If I still have Premium by then Dirkav will be transferred to Elassar. (confusing I know).

Why Ungetumchen .:. A Perfect Fit

I feel like... it was destiny that I was on the Neopound boards that day.

Sushi is so dern purdy that I had to apply.

What first caught my eye was his name, since I study German and it's practically my second hobby, I noticed his name meant "Little Monster" in German. That is really special to me ♥

After I realized he was Maraquan millions of stories and designs came to my mind. That usually never happens to me, I had never seen a Maraquan Bori either, I knew it was meant to be. He had to be mine so I could give him all the lovin' in the world. D:(

After that initial introduction with him I decided to draw him, I became attached to all the design's I had for him. Since I usually only draw dark things and Lupes it was an amazing change. And he's the perfect fit.

His Future

Sushi will not just sit pretty with the same design and petpage forever. I get bored!

Here are some future plans I have for Sushi

Revamps... and many of em:

Like I said previously, I get bored very easily. Even the slightest difference in a character's story that comes to mind mind end up in me revamping their entire design (Which would lead to a new petpage, petlookup, etc.) This might happen about three or four times with Sushi, however I love his current design so much, I probably won't do a huge revamp to his design ever. Another factor of me revamping my neopets so much is as my artistic ability changes I want it to reflect my pets, so I use my ever changing styles and techniques continuously on my pets. However, I try and keep all my design's as consistent as possible, that way they are still relevant to previous art trades and adoptable people have worked hard on for me. Of course if there is ever a major revamp on design all previous artwork from people I still put on display (of course with a note that this was such'n'such's old design).

Nirvana the Belonthiss:

Sushi would receive a pet Belonthiss. The reason why I chose this pet is because Sushi's story tells the tale of a black and white underwater "jewel" that can be used for good or bad. The description of this "jewel" is actually a Koi, and a Belonthiss would be a perfect match for this. The pets design however is not finalized and needs much improvement. (Mostly because I haven't finished Sushi's story yet.) Nirvana plays an important role in Sushi's story so I wanted to include him as a primary key of his future when applying.

Neopian Times! I really want to start a comic series involving Sushi, and the rest of my neopets. I would name the series "Tea and Sushi". The jokes in the actual comic itself would be well thought out and intelligently put together. I'm hoping to get to at least 50x into the Neopian Times before I settle down on this aspect. I might add in a few short stories into the neopian times involving unrelated encounters some neopets have with Sushi to get my creative flare intact when writing. Doing this will also help evolve the style I will use to draw Sushi (as I will be drawing him numerous times. He'd be the star in the series!

.: T H E H I D D E N G O D:.

Everything has balance, and everything has wisdom. Whatever you do not agree with is only on the opposite side of the spectrum as you. Whatever it is, whatever it might be is just as wise as you are.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

Chapter One (unrevised, many mistakes)

Linndeman scanned his library, browsing for his newest material. He scowled as he realized he had read each and every book. There was nothing more irritating for him than learning information he already knew. He stroked his beard, pondering what new schedule he would have to make for the day.

Firsher! he called out. An old maid answered his call almost immediately, Your highness, she is bathing herself right at this moment.

Linndeman nodded his head and replied, Tell her I'll be in the courtyard.

The maid smiled and bowed in response.

After a brief moment of gathering his thoughts he proceeded to grab his coat and violin and headed out to the castle courtyard. The guards knelled in response to his gait; he was respected in his lands, by all social classes. Something any king would kill for, and then abuse.

Linndeman was a lazy king though, and this was a very well known fact. He left all political issues and most royal pleasures to his many advisers and spent most of his days reading, eating, inventing, and playing musical instruments. Half of his time was spent more in the clock tower than on his own throne.

[picture here of Linndeman walking past guards]

His courtyard was something to be admired upon. His son in law spent all of his time keeping up the numerous clusters of ponds with waterfalls, alley ways of flowers, and flowering cherry trees. Linndeman sat upon the marble of the center piece of the entire courtyard, a two story high fountain depicting his daughter's glory, carved also by his son in law.

He gently laid the violin between his shoulder and neck and played such vigilant melodies that gave the courtyard the final touch it needed. Nature responded to the tune by blowing blossoms around the fountain, circling around his face and body, then making a gentle landing on the ground. He lost all thoughts, closed his eyes, and became the music. One could only describe such a feeling as enlightenment.

Linndeman jolted his body forward. He rushed to a knight screaming his title at the gates. Blood poured down his shoulder and he limped through the court yard in shock.

The Knight tried speaking but only stuttered and slurred his words. The entire courtyard had their attention on the sudden disturbance.

I don't kno-I didn't s-I couldn't… the knight caught his breath for a second, still in an immense state of shock. Winged demons arrived from hell in the forest outside the city! Th-they used some sort of spell and we d-didn't get a good look at them. I was the only one that escaped.

[picture of the knight with dreadful look on his face holding bleeding upper arm]

We will send our best knights! exclaimed Linndeman, jolting out of his permission to give the orders, only to be interrupted by the knight.

Your highness, I don't remember much… but I do remember it was of his kind, he said nudging his head toward the castle entrance. Schnyder, the king's son in law, stood in its presence, waiting to know what all the commotion was about.

You're saying my son can reason with these monsters because he is a demon? the king inferred. The knight nodded his head and then bowed as Linndeman walked toward Schnyder. Schnyder met him half way, as curiosity started getting the best of him.

My son, I hate putting you in such dangerous situations, but outside the city there is a threat of your kind, announced the king. Firsher, Lindemann's daughter and spouse of Schnyder beat her way forcefully into the conversation, I am going with him.

Schnyder and Linndeman exchanged looks of dread.

No! I refuse to let you go, you are my daughter, a princess, not a war maiden, declared the King.

How dare you insult me in such a way! Last time you made Schnyder do something you couldn't handle you nearly killed him! I am going with him not matter what you say, Firsher replied, receiving snickers at the other end of the courtyard. The knights giggling immediately stopped as Linndeman and Firsher both gave looks of disgust.

He is right sweetheart, I'll be able to get past them because of who I am, stay here. I promise my return, remarked Schnyder. He held his hand under her chin and kissed her. Tears swelled up in Firsher's eyes, she couldn't bare the thought of losing him again. Schnyder held tightly before departing to the city outskirts.

Be careful, she whispered, before turning her head and walking back into the castle. She held her head low in defeat, her emotions overpowering her judgment. The old maid wrapped her arm around Firsher's shoulder comforting her.

Sweetheart, the maid said, sitting Firsher down on a bench, Sometimes, you must let a man go and do what he is best at for a while. He will only return if you believe in him, because if you don't, he will have nothing to return too. Firsher cracked a small smile, a warm feeling soothed her thoughts. She gave the maid a hug and headed up to her room.

Sometimes, you must let a man go and do what he is best at for a while. He will only return if you believe in him, because if you don't, he will have nothing to return too.

Chapter Two

.: A R T W O R K :.

General Rules and Info

These rules apply for both art trades/requests and adoptables.

1.) No stealing, please!
2.) Please link back or credit art pickups and adoptables :)
3.) Don't be afraid to contact me about art trades! I don't bite!

dA - Firsher

Artwork By Me :3

All the artwork in this section is by me, this includes pictures of Sushi and Art Pickups for people who did art trades of Sushi :)

Artwork of Sushi by me
Drag images to URL for full view

Art Trade Pickups!
Drag images to URL for full view


Here are Bori Adoptable. I only sometimes do requests because of the amount of time required in each adoptable. I will however always do trades! Feel free to neomail me :)

Even though I prefer to receive a Bori adoptable as my end of the half, I will also accept Lupes, and soon with time Draiks too!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave some form of credit! Thank you!

Basic Adoptables

Blue Male

Blue Female

Plushie Male

Plushie Female

Custom Pickup :)

.: T H E A R T M U S E U M:.

This beautiful piece features Ungetumchen in his natural habitat, with Yin and Yang swimming up to him. It was a rare find, painted by legendary artist Candy Apple House. We proudly display this piece in our Gallery, please remember to stay behind the white line, we do not need your fingerprints smudging up this masterpiece.

Our next piece features a wonderful painting of Ungetumchen showing off his beautiful details on his back. It was painted by the very talented and very famous neopian painter twixling. Please don't drool on this, we know it's very tempting but we do not need you smudging the paint.

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