Invisible Pets Quick Facts

- The five fully customizable invisible species are: Blumaroo, Kougra, Gelert, Elephante, Kau
- Currently, Invisible Paint Brushes cost around 1 million. (Invisible Petpet Paint Brushes are 20k)
- Invisibles cannot currently be entered in the customization spotlight, but it may change soon!

Want to add a permanent pet to the directory?
Mail me name and species!

Every day we see a number of things, and we see those same things every day, all the time. Take people, for example. Or traffic. To put it in Neopian perspective, several of us – regarding the Pound Chatters of course – see the same things... every day. Draiks, Krawks, Kacheeks, Lupes, and don't forget those elusive unconverteds, dashingly clothed royals, epicly named basics, mind-boggling battledome stats, and all the rest.

But honestly, how often do you see- erm... recognize the existence, of an invisible pet? Not as a lab rat, but as a permanent, never-to-be-let-go pet? Without a doubt, the Invisible Paint Brush would rank as one of the least used paint brushes. Why? Because people like to see their pets. They don't just want to recognize their existence, they want to... see it.

However, invisible pets have potential too! In my opinion, I think invisible pets were one of the most creative ideas put out by TNT, way back in May 15, 2000. Any talented concept designer can draw up a spotted, striped, royal, robot, and pirate, but ANYONE can draw an invisible pet! And after conversion, things for invisible pets just got better!

How? None other than customization, of course! Invisibles, despite what the NC Mall description says, CAN be customized beyond backgrounds and trinkets, but only to a certain extent. By this, there are endless possibilities to unfold. You're not dressing up a puppy anymore, you're creating a new identity to your pet.

And despite being one of the more neglected sections of the site, TNT has dedicated lots of items towards the invisible concept, as well as petpets! The beloved invisible paint brush even went through TWO different looks to come to the gorgeous-looking brush of today.

Alas, there is not much to be said for the humble invisible color. Much against the odds and popularity, a very few amount of us still keep an invisible pet close to us, even if we can't see them. I wanted to start this petpage because of my story... I never knew I'd want an invisible pet until I stumbled upon the concept of it, like a sudden revelation. After creating and putting together my beloved customized invisible, I fell in love. He was different, he was simple, and yet somehow... he's still one of my favorite pets. It was then I believed that the value of the brush doesn't determine the value of the pet... beauty was in the eye of the beholder ;)

So there you have it! As you go through this petpage, perhaps you can learn a fact or two, or take the chance to visit some of these unique and rare pets. After all, you never know when they'll suddenly disappear...

Oh Tiffy, you and your clever invisible puns.


Newest on bottom.
9/6/10 - Site created! Basic layout going through changes, got background up and running.
9/7/10 - Lots more filling in is done, sections are more clearly marked along with much of the text typed out and entered.
9/8/10 - Fixed some iffy coding, checked through for errors, and changed around the layout a bit. Had my first successful board with the first new additions, got some clarification and a few examples on the customizable species. Also added the buttons!
9/9/10 - Added a new section, Random Facts, and also tidbits in other sections. This is starting to become an Invisible Pet Guide!
11/25/10 - Wow, I've grown very proud with how this directory came out! Since then there's been lots of new pets under the listing and I recently added more info regarding the semi-customizable species, hopefully I'll solve the mystery soon!
1/4/11 - Happy 2011! Some of you may have noticed that Reaken (the host of this page) has been moved to another side account of mine. Don't worry, this is most likely temporary, as I might change my mind on his permanent lab rat status. Either way, another of my new pets is under treatment of the lab ray, so Reaken will be here for the time being. Therefore my updates will be less frequent, but continue to send neomails to my main/lab side to add a pet!
2/2/11 - The site was moved to a more conventional spot, hosted by none other than Uncertainty. I found it much more ironic with him hosting the invisible petpage as a tribute to the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle. If you don't know what it is, look it up, and you'll get what I mean....
HOWEVER, there's been some difficulties. You can tell this isn't the original layout, because TNT's filters ruined the other one. This will be a temporary layout until TNT redoes the filters, or I find a way around it. Lots of stuff are out of place, but I did what I could to fix it, altogether it's just a huge mess that I don't want to deal with. I can still update it though, for the time being, and I'll make it work.
3/23/11 - Updated the layout to a greener theme. Some of you may remember the Kau in the background...
6/12/11 - Uncertainty was moved to my other side while another pet is getting lab treatment. I can still update the directory as usual.
9/14/11 - Assuming I counted correctly, the directory has finally reached 50 invisibles! c: Not too far from the 1-year anniversary, either! Yay for invisibles!
8/19/12 - For anyone out there that noticed I haven't updated in a while, I deeply apologize! I had some problems getting into the account the previously housed Uncertainty and actually had to send a ticket, but now I'm back and I will be ready to add your pets back in! Also, I have moved Uncertainty to the account she will be on permanently (my lab side), so at least I will be able to update more efficiently and quickly.
7/22/13 - Some minor details edited, added a theory section (lol), plus planning a major layout redo.
7/27/13 - Reached 100 pets!
8/17/13 - Yay new buttons!
4/2/14 - Moved Uncertainty to a different side account temporarily, but please continue to mail invisible permies to x_rayquaza_master_x or tiffymew.
4/11/14 - With Jellyneo confirming that the Invisible RE is no longer active, I've updated the guide to reflect that. Also, paintbrush prices continue to rise, and it has passed or is close to passing the 1mil mark at the time of this update.
12/13/15 - I told you I'd do a layout update eventually! Moved a lot of things around, trimmed some stuff, and separated and sorted all of the invisible pets listed thus far, mainly separating out the fully customizable species from the other species. Invisible PBs are now at around 250k. Not buyable, but at least still affordable! Will be advertising the directory again soon!
1/26/16 - 200 invisibles reached!
12/11/16 - BRUCES ARE NO LONGER FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! Reportedly from one user, this change happened sometime in November 2016. Bruces were fully customizable up to this point, but are now treated like other partially customizable invisibles. This has been the first such occurrence. Since I am unsure of TNT's official stance on customizable invisibles at the moment (in this editorial TNT recognized that there were creative invisible customizations) I cannot predict what will happen to the rest of the species. It was likely this was a back-end error/oversight, but at the same time it is not guaranteed the Bruce will be reverted.
12/12/16 - Added a "customization idea pile" for not-yet-realized customizations put together by other users! Also cleaned up the update box a bit. Uhm... this page's code is still a mess, haha.
10/6/17 - Reached 300 invisibles!
11/17/17 - Finally updated and cleaned the code a little. Having issues with some divs, so bear with me. All the pets are still there, but the sections aren't separated correctly.
11/19/17 - Fixed the div issues with some help, and I've successfully moved all of the Bruce over to the partially customizable section (RIP). Also swapped to a new background to fit the aesthetic a little bit better.
1/9/18 - So I've been corrected on some things! I previously believed all customizable invisibles released after conversion were customizable. However, it was brought to my attention that the invisible jubjub was actually released in 2015 and is not customizable... which means new invisibles may not necessarily be customizable. Best we can hope for is that we at the very least get to keep our current customizable species!
5/23/18 - Updated the background a bit and changed the images to be a bit larger! Now with double the load lag!
10/18/18 - Added a quick facts section in the intro.

Think about all the possibilities of invisible items... invisible ink, invisible food, invisible tools, invisible weapons, invisible clothes (although awkward), and I think TNT caught onto that drift.

Can you believe they have seperate image names for each completely invisible item?

Special Invisible Things

Invisible Paint Brush
Category: Special
Release Date: May 15, 2000

Invisible Petpet Paint Brush
Category: Special
Release Date: November 5, 2003

Invisible Wocky Morphing Potion
Category: Magic Item
Release Date: June 10, 2009

Other Invisible Things

Invisible Baguette
Category: Baked
Release Date: November 5, 2003

Invisible Brucicle
Category: Snow Food
Release Date: December 5, 2007

Invisible Gataeu
Category: Baked
Release Date: November 5, 2003

Invisible Ink
Category: School
Release Date: August 3, 2007

Invisible Muffin
Category: Baked
Release Date: November 5, 2003

Invisible Nail Clippers
Category: Grooming
Release Date: July 4, 2008

Invisible Negg
Category: Food
Release Date: October 11, 2008

Invisible Pasty
Category: Baked
Release Date: November 5, 2003

Invisible Petpet Leash
Category: Toy
Release Date: February 6, 2009

Invisible Sand
Category: Island Merchandise
Release Date: October 9, 2003

Invisible Toothbrush
Category: Grooming
Release Date: April 30, 2009
Big thanks to Jellyneo's Item Database for information on each and every invisible item.

The Invisery

Although an older invisible gallery spotlight still holds the honor of first invisible gallery, The Invisery is a more recent and much more spectacular gallery dedicated to the unseen.


Every pet deserves a companion. Wouldn't it be strange to see a "regular" petpet strolling along with your invisible pet? Well not to fear, there's a number of amazing and uniquely looking invisible petpets for you to pick from!
















Random Facts

  • Invisibles were released in May 15, 2000.
  • There are currently 27 species able to be painted invisible, along with 15 invisible petpets and 14 invisible items.
  • Currently, Invisible Paint Brushes cost around 1 mil. Invisible Petpet Paint Brushes cost around 20k. For a long while, Invisible Paint Brushes were buyable (under 100k). At some point towards the end of 2013, they began rising in price steadily to a hefty price of 1 million. Invisible Petpet Paint Brushes were not affected by this. By the time the summer of 2014 came by, Invisible Paint Brushes again began to drop back down in price to around 250k, before rising again to 500k around 2016. Once the shop limit increased in 2017, the price skyrocketed back to 1 million.
  • The most expensive invisible petpet is the Invisible Turmac.
  • The invisible pet's ability to be customized varies from species to species. Some can, and some can't, while others can only be customized with certain things, usually pertaining to hat area (not to be confused with color specific clothing, like the Maraquan Dress). However, all (tested) Invisibles can wear all belts.
  • You can find a day in the news that they dedicated to the 'invisible'.
  • Of course, that day wouldn't be complete with one of the most... interesting... caption contests of long ago.
  • An old, but still epic invisible gallery won the spotlight on that day. A much more recent one replaced the honor in August 2012.
  • There are quite a few Neopian Times articles dedicated to invisible pets, including;
    Taking Care of Your Invisible Neopet
    Invisible Pets - Fact or Fiction?
    What To Do With An Invisible Pet
    The Invisible Paint Brush - Why It's A Good Thing
    You Can't Hit What You Can't See!
    How to Make Your Invisible Pet Visible
  • A complaint in issue 22 about invisible pets being simply pointless, and TNT pondering whether to even remove the whole uniqueness of the invisible color! This was a very old issue, however.
  • TNT gives a brief explanation in issue 255 on the time and effort needed to create and upload completely invisible images.
  • In the Editorial, there were several questions regarding customizing invisible pets.
    In the first question, in issue 294, TNT clearly states that they can be customized. At this point, most likely all or most species were able to be customized.
    The second question, in issue 396, got answered in the completely opposite way. Their explanation was that because of "the way that our customisation system is set up; it doesn't allow for us to show the insides of the clothing. So, if we allowed you to dress up your invisible Neopets, they would have clothes with holes and such in them. As a result, they just wouldn't look very good." Of course, by now we've figured out ways to take advantage of this interesting technique.
    Finally, someone spotted the first editorial question and asked if it still held true. This question can be found in issue 458. They explained that there once was a glorious time when all invisible pets were able to wear clothing, however it has since changed and is no longer possible. Of course, we know this is also not completely true, as we still hold the lucky chance to customize our special pets.
  • Invisible pets CAN enter the Beauty contest (and win), however as TNT stated in issue 169, if they can't see your pet, you won't be accepted. A faint outline or something that represents the species would be ideal for entering an invisible in the BC. However, due note that you have to figure out a way to make the invisible pet pretty much visible and blatant, because I, personally, have had lots of trouble getting my images up to BC standards.
  • TNT announced in issue 567 that they may be lifting the "cannot enter invisible pets" restriction in the Customization Spotlight.
  • Only female Kaus, female Kougras, and sad Kougras, both male and female (and possibly sad Kaus as well) will show their eyes while invisible. Happy male Kaus and Kougras will not show their eyes.
  • Invisible Boris were supposed to be released in December 19, 2005, but never were made paintable.

Of course, as the NC Mall clearly states, many Invisible pets are unable to be customized outside from the universal trinkets and backgrounds. However, there are a few exceptions as well. These are customizable invisible species and may as well be the most exceptionally amazingtastic pets to dress up.

Here is a list of pets that are currently customizable as invisible. Click on the species to view a pet as an example.

The fully customizable species are as follows:

Customizable Species Update!

For most of the time since conversion, almost all of the invisible species that were released after conversion (currently six) were fully customizable. Whether this was intended or not isn't clear, but this was certainly not completely unknown to TNT.

At first, I believed that new invisible pets would be customizable because of that. It was recently brought to my attention that I missed an invisible pet release (I was on semi-hiatus during that time), the Invisible Jubjub (June 5, 2015). The jubjub has been shown to NOT be customizable, which brings to question whether new pets will be customizable or not.

In addition, one species has also unfortunately lost its fully customizable status, the Bruce. The Bruce was actually released before conversion, but it was customizable for a few years afterwards before being turned uncustomizable. My guess is that this was a back-end oversight, and was unintentional. At the same time, since we don't know Jumpstart's stance on customizable invisibles currently, I can't predict what will happen to them, or if this will occur again in the future.

For now, enjoy as much as you can the uniqueness about the invisible color! Don't let this stop you. Peruse through the amazing pets and customizations that these users put together, and perhaps you'll stumble upon some inspiration to get one for your own!

For the most part, partially customizable pets are extremely limited with items, and are very inconsistent. The conclusions I have so far are;

- Static-only items will work on all invisible pets, including Encased in Ice, Glow of Goodness, Ghostly Veil, and Covered in Sticky Notes.
- Belts are seemingly universal as well, as every species I have come across with is able to wear all types of belts (that only pertain to the belt area)
- The other zones that may have very limited chances to be customizable are hats, necklace, and right-hand (see the Shoyru link), however this does not apply to every item of that zone. Hats tend to lean towards wigs.

Some examples:
  • Techo (some hats)
  • Shoyru (some hats, necklaces, and right-hand handhelds)
  • Aisha (some hats and handhelds)
  • Uni (some hats and all belts)
How do you know what to do with a customized invisible? How will your invisible look and what species are they? To pick your perfect invisible look, try out Openneo's Dress to Impress for Neopets!

Invisible Customization Idea Pile

Below are some invisible pet ideas from other users, put together using DtI!
Hover over the image for the species and the username that put together the customization!

If you see your customization idea here and you were the user that posted it, let me know if you want me to remove it! I respect creative ideas and I don't want anyone to feel offended. That said, this section was put together with the intention to inspire other users!

If you want to add any customization ideas to this list, feel free to drop me a neomail!

Invisibles listed: 369
Due to how much the directory has grown, I have decided to divide the directory into two categories.
Click on the header to view each list!

An exclamation mark (!) next to the name indicates a notable RW/RN invisible! Some invisibles are listed by their nickname instead of their actual names. Click on their name to view their petlookup!

Last Update: 3/9/2019

Due to the load on the page, I will typically update once every few weeks.

Something has happened!
Oh no! Where on earth is Uncertainty, you cant find him anywhere!!! Where on Neopia could he be?

The Random Event that used to make your active pet turn invisible. After the Random Event revamp in April 2014, the invisible RE was removed, along with the risk of being zapped by Boochi.

Speaking of turning pets invisible, there are currently five ways to turn your pet invisible.
1. Painting the pet, using an Invisible Paint Brush.
2. Painting the pet, using a Fountain Faerie Quest
3. Zapping the pet with the lab ray, changing color to Invisible.
4. Using an Invisible Morphing Potion (currently only available for Wocky)
5. Using a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water on a pet that can be painted invisible

These species can currently be painted invisible: Acara, Aisha, Blumaroo, Bruce, Chomby, Elephante, Eyrie, Flotsam, Gelert, Grarrl, Ixi, Kacheek, Kau, Kiko, Koi, Kougra, Lenny, Mynci, Poogle, Quiggle, Scorchio, Shoyru, Skeith, Techo, Uni, Wocky, Zafara


I repeat, I am NOT the owner of these pets! I have asked the owners' permission to list their pets here, and they've wonderfully allowed me to add their pet.

To those listed here already, I absolutely thank you for making this project possible! Although, I have to keep it consistent, and if I find your pet turning visible, I'll probably take them down from the listing. In addition, if you found your pet here (possibly requested by a previous owner) and you would NOT like to be listed, please mail me and I can take your pet down.

If you'd like to join the listing, all you have to do is send a neomail to x_rayquaza_master_x with this form (just a name will suffice, but this'll make things easier for me):

Fully Customizable Invisibles

Species: Blumaroo, Elephante, Gelert, Kau, Kougra
Most Popular Species: Kougra, Blumaroo

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Decapitation! the Blumaroo

Kl the Kau

Siink the Gelert

Coffee the Elephante

Bonitoe the Elephante

Suducer the Kau

Pink the Kau

Kaemin the Kau

Kaulis the Kau

Reality the Kougra

Juanny the Kougra

Haysel the Kougra

Intersteller the Gelert

BigMoomi the Kau

Crypto the Kougra

Gallente the Kougra

Fadzel the Gelert

Kameleon the Kougra

Ollex the Kougra

Gloom! the Blumaroo

Rosuries the Kougra

Transmit! the Kougra

Lilly the Kougra

Beaches! the Gelert

Arkin the Kougra

Snorkle! the Kougra

Mariy the Gelert

Beheaded! the Kougra

Erised! the Kougra

Koxa the Kougra

Deathie the Kougra

Moo the Kau

Coink the Blumaroo

Melted! the Kougra

Nhumb the Kougra

Undercover! the Kougra

Apotheosis! the Kougra

Wraspir the Kau

Yracheta the Gelert

Iysori the Kau

Kiki_Darling the Kougra

Frozan the Kougra

Inactive! the Kougra

Nulle! the Kougra

Incident! the Kougra

Evil_Cow_Man the Kau

VEGETUSA the Kougra

Esophager the Kougra

Latent! the Blumaroo

Unrecognized! the Kougra

Niahu the Gelert

Mattie the Kougra

Eghast the Kougra

Calsper the Kougra

Greenbau the Kougra

Levi! the Kougra

Moehug! the Kougra

RichardCastle the Kougra

Vexton the Kougra

Horribly! the Gelert

Aladis the Kougra

Cleiah the Blumaroo

Ciyn the Blumaroo

Ziwf the Kougra

DillyDallyy the Kougra

Imagineh the Gelert

Rivesey the Kougra

The Meep the Kougra

Kaonashi! the Blumaroo

Dreambiter the Kougra

Solemn! the Gelert

Devines the Kougra

Goulya the Kougra

Vanishir the Kougra

Zeba the Blumaroo

ForgetMeNot the Blumaroo

Grinm the Kougra

Smirks! the Kougra

Cinnar the Kougra

MrSkeleton the Kau

Cital the Blumaroo

OldGlory the Gelert

Midsummer! the Blumaroo

DRFRANKSL0TH the Blumaroo

Kilab the Gelert

Lyvira the Gelert

Invisiblum the Blumaroo

Styrx the Gelert

Sayl the Kougra

Essence the Kougra

Sainght the Kougra

Blurri the Blumaroo

Calleer the Gelert

Neptn the Kougra

Desirings the Blumaroo

Spike04926 the Blumaroo

Headspaced! the Blumaroo

Halp! the Kau

Kiyoshi the Kougra

Spirito the Kougra

Haunted! the Blumaroo

Knobodie the Kau

Stormzter the Blumaroo

Kadmint the Blumaroo

Cheshire the Kougra

Bumping the Blumaroo

Blohb the Blumaroo

Chettra the Gelert

Vickta the Kougra

Macarthur_2000 the Blumaroo

Amorlux the Kougra

Snowdrifting! the Gelert

SlothsMistress the Blumaroo

_Pinzia_ the Blumaroo

Mugetsu the Gelert

Entwaidamalia the Kougra

Patsuan the Kougra

Socceroo the Blumaroo

Lumnia the Kougra

VanXian the Kougra

Israin the Gelert

Nuzi the Blumaroo

Coiom the Blumaroo

Erma_Tictok the Elephante

Persempre the Kougra

Blur! the Blumaroo

Pixu the Blumaroo

Byebye283 the Kau

eviIdemon the Blumaroo

Keemif the Elephante

Ghoule the Gelert

Newthie the Blumaroo

UnIced the Blumaroo

Flitted! the Kougra

Lots! the Kougra

Viollent the Kougra

Overwatch! the Gelert

Perennial! the Blumaroo

Believed! the Kougra

Mavrus the Blumaroo

Comte the Kougra

T00RU the Gelert

Mmry the Kau

SkeletonKing the Kougra

Matthew the Kougra

Madjick the Blumaroo

Frigate! the Gelert

Snazzy! the Blumaroo

Unseen! the Blumaroo

Slothbabie the Blumaroo

Ice_Magic_Guardian the Blumaroo

Jetlik the Blumaroo

Kenyaa69 the Gelert

Novath the Gelert

Ief the Gelert

Cormallen the Gelert

Serenitys the Blumaroo

Evina the Gelert

Moirie the Blumaroo

Hvile the Blumaroo

Spellseek the Blumaroo

Visibell the Blumaroo

Tarpy the Kougra

Bubbliness the Blumaroo

Untitled! the Kougra

x6 the Blumaroo

Lysi the Blumaroo

Tropica the Elephante

Harris! the Gelert

Naturels the Kau

Nonnt the Blumaroo

m0nkeyluv the Blumaroo

Chiromancer the Blumaroo

Broyle the Blumaroo

Daremoinai the Blumaroo

Foroset the Blumaroo

Feloreena! the Gelert

Hisomeru the Gelert

LilleMu the Blumaroo

Mona the Kougra

Riuchs the Kau

Misty the Blumaroo

0ron the Blumaroo

Marsl the Gelert

Mistikall the Blumaroo

BelleDeNuit the Kau

Tepay the Blumaroo

Farads! the Blumaroo

Tayce the Gelert

Kitessa the Blumaroo

Dogs! the Gelert

_TaiNteD the Blumaroo

cortix the Blumaroo

Dreamland! the Blumaroo

Tetsuhito the Kougra

Bijapur the Kau

The Forgotten the Gelert

Bleuper the Blumaroo

Keidia the Blumaroo

Gent the Blumaroo

Phyree the Blumaroo

Otherworld! the Kau

Flowerfield the Blumaroo

Lunac the Gelert

KingKrawken the Blumaroo

Synistr the Blumaroo

Stiaerna the Blumaroo

Dismayfly the Blumaroo

Octochef the Kau

Asadero the Blumaroo

Festyyv the Kau

Lurkdom the Gelert

Loraeley the Blumaroo

Balder! the Kougra

Celestiahl the Gelert

Thumpi the Gelert

Nibbl the Gelert

Disestablishment! the Blumaroo

Narniah the Kougra

Bounces! the Kougra

Ignias the Kau

Zarah the Blumaroo

Subtile the Blumaroo

Shigeto the Kougra

Aals the Kougra

Nancy the Gelert

Butsher the Kougra

Kazzerbubble the Gelert

Assaults! the Elephante

Burglary! the Kougra

Illegally! the Blumaroo

Cainik the Kau

MissingPerson the Kougra

Khodos the Kougra

Blue the Kau

Invisibled the Kougra

Blumterfly the Blumaroo

Sunsilas the Kougra

Truthfull the Kougra

Pawrker the Blumaroo

Clearcoat the Elephante

Kumao the Kougra

Cria & Ture the Kougra

Remooved the Kau

cuddlybear the Kougra

Invisible! the Gelert

Siluman the Gelert

Cryaotics the Gelert

Snowsurge the Gelert

Broken the Blumaroo

Nobodi the Kougra

Tenuihomo the Gelert

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Partially Customizable Invisibles

Species: All other species
Most Popular Species: Uni

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Destiro the Zafara

RainingDoughnuts the Kacheek

iLennies the Lenny

Wildwish the Uni

Panv the Uni

Acadia! the Uni

Formlessness the Aisha

Seraph the Uni

Unstealth the Skeith

Citat the Uni

Zeronica the Grarrl

Auroras! the Uni

Check the Zafara

Ellonsy the Kacheek

Newsreel! the Uni

Graveyard! the Uni

TooruHagakure the Zafara

Locate! the Koi

Seennot the Uni

Reptar! the Grarrl

StinkyHaze the Uni

Dama the Kacheek

Singularity! the Kacheek

Zrinsky the Lenny

Vranich the Lenny

Healthshroom! the Grarrl

Englitch the Zafara

Grayhaven the Koi

Stohess! the Ixi

Missin the Aisha

Shiganshina! the Ixi

Slendy the Uni

Jotunheim! the Grarrl

Skaro the Poogle

AK the Aisha

Choice! the Kacheek

Sunagakure! the Kacheek

Midgard! the Uni

Seuta the Kacheek

Pakkage the Kacheek

Landmark! the Uni

Iori the Kacheek

Obscure! the Zafara

Chameleon! the Techo

Wheredidthepetgo the Kacheek

Stair! the Kacheek

Red the Quiggle

Spooking! the Wocky

Benil the Uni

Delaruse the Eyrie

Moldavite the Techo

Eluvians the Ixi

Lexovis the Eyrie

Tumestones the Wocky

Crater! the Aisha

Dafadoll the Lenny

Scp1048 the Wocky

Krabek the Wocky

Dragongriffin the Eyrie

Tarsonis the Scorchio

Stelhar the Uni

Chillwind the Aisha

Evanesco the Bruce

Shroomer the Bruce

Pure_energy the Bruce

Bocch the Bruce

Strawhat the Bruce

Invisibleness the Bruce

Blisterwort the Bruce

Iced! the Bruce

Seethra the Bruce

Devinetu the Ixi

Deleted! the Grarrl

Adherents! the Zafara

Drugal! the Wocky

Albirb the Wocky

Kuzureru the Wocky

Ev the Wocky

Evla the Lenny

Illumith the Uni

Ollie the Aisha

Surface! the Aisha

Snohh the Poogle

Distress the Grarrl

Rozavel the Uni

Chick the Aisha

Sonyama the Uni

Narcizus the Ixi

Anybody! the Ixi

Sparky the Skeith

Aqua the Uni

MysteryPlace the Aisha

Thurles! the Eyrie

Milluki! the Skeith

Xriha the Eyrie

Brist! the Uni

Raided! the Koi

Fblthp the Kiko

Amira the Eyrie

Cedui the Bruce

Nobody! the Bruce

Lidgren the Bruce

Pumpkinton the Bruce

Penguindrum the Bruce

Gensou! the Bruce

Kikwe the Bruce

Rafor the Bruce

Coo the Bruce

Mihar the Bruce

Reamz the Bruce

Flamborine the Bruce

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