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Pets UFT/A

Stuck Pets in the Pound
The Lost and Pound
Zapping Your Dream Pets
Patch's UC Trade Database
Eclipse BD Trade Database
Lost Girls (Stuck Pets)
Mayeza's Stuck Pets
The Second Time Around (Stuck Pets)

App & Trading Guides

Blue's Guide to the PC
Neomail App Guide
Cib's Pet App Guide
Rawrimmakitty's Guide to Making an Application
The UC Network
UC Trading Tips
Pet Trading Rule Guide
Efflie's UC Pet Trading Guide
Trelm's BD to UC Pet Trading Guide
Past UC Trades Database


Multiple Species Adoptables

Sweet-ish Delight
Ysybellah's Adoptables
Lumbolos' Adoptables
Quiched's Adoptables
Heaping Helping Adoptables
Adoptables by Ardour
Phoenix Cat's Adoptables
XOX's Adoptables
Mini Adoptables
Yello's Adoptables
Little Things
0yx's Adoptables
Aroha's Adoptables
Jymphae's Adoptables

Acara Adoptables

Acarafira's Adoptables
Naida's Adoptables
Mistress Syns' Adoptables

Aisha Adoptables

Kaickki's Adoptables
Pintage's Adoptables
Army of Angry Aishas
Inkornate's Adoptables
Zuixii's Adoptables
Tangeriiine's Adoptables
Darhia's Adoptables
Sunny's Adoptables
The Apple Orchard
Reimeino's Adoptables

Blumaroo Adoptables

Chrome-aroo Adoptables

Bori Adoptables

Watcher's Adoptables
Phobia's Adoptables
Heaven's Adoptables

Bruce Adoptables

None! :(

Buzz Adoptables

SuperBuzz's Adoptables
Buzz Adoptables
Rasadarr's Adoptables
Hedjet's Adoptables Hive

Chia Adoptables

None! :(

Chomby Adoptables

None! :(

Cybunny Adoptables

BluEmbyr's Adoptables
Raddywag's Adoptables
Caelyius' Adoptables
Tyncille's Adoptables

Draik Adoptables

Comtrya's Adoptables
Audani's Adoptables
Taember's Adoptables
Inflicts' Adoptables

Elephante Adoptables

Silentiary's Adoptables

Eyrie Adoptables

Alkazar's Adoptables
Raeihr's Adoptables
Kamaida's Adoptables
Relikh's Adoptables
Ikaris' Adoptables
Linkin's Adoptables

Flotsam Adoptables

Aishu's Adoptables
Ichthy's Adoptables
Ryskami's Adoptables

Gelert Adoptables

Sonicer's Adoptables
Master's Adoptables
Missy's Adoptables
Firebolt's Adoptables
Shiroaki's Adoptables
Cnihthad's Adoptables
Nyponte's Adoptables

Gnorbu Adoptables

Donough's Adoptables
Celeluna's Adoptables
Tivuta's Adoptables
Caedrik's Adoptables
Corralein's Adoptables
Tyncille's Adoptables
Norbon's Adoptables

Grarrl Adoptables

Yolukira's Adoptables
Muffin's Adoptables
Hamlepa's Adoptables
Beiki99's Adoptables
Phalenopsis' Adoptables

Grundo Adoptables

Conmann's Adoptables

Hissi Adoptables

Prettyprettycutie's Adoptables
Sefirani's Adoptables

Ixi Adoptables

Ackruna's Adoptables
Viconlo's Adoptables
Duke's Adoptables
Moss' Adoptables
Kavhe's Adoptables
Isdari's Adoptables
Ikzey's Adoptables

Jetsam Adoptables

Chowls' Adoptables
Chaos' Adoptables

JubJub Adoptables

Sweet's Adoptables
Jubbzball's Adoptables

Kacheek Adoptables

Suhshiney's Adoptables
Nice's Adoptables
Sefene's Adoptables
Aqua's Adoptables
Valenty's Adoptables

Kau Adoptables

Krista's Adoptables

Kiko Adoptables

Flourwing's Adoptables

Koi Adoptables

Mathellemyou's Adoptables
Fellhos' Adoptables

Korbat Adoptables

Alhbey's Adoptables
Keirch's Adoptables

Kougra Adoptables

Aques' Adoptables
NukiKururu's Adoptables
Zirou's Adoptables
PenStripe's Adoptables
Jaxxtor's Adoptables
Nihanu's Adoptables
WhiteSakura's Adoptables
Simbei's Adoptables
Kahia's Adoptables
Megurokko's Adoptables
Nimkazo's Adoptables
Niikkan's Adoptables
Draconishaneo's Adoptables

Adoptables Cont.

Krawk Adoptables

Mwahahaha's Adoptables
Zekiu's Adoptables
Fanfyr's Adoptables
Vyroas' Adoptables
Keyaiii's Adoptables
Aurendack's Adoptables
Ralono's Adoptables
Dhanyuk's Adoptables
Zachhary's Adoptables
Itac's Adoptables

Kyrii Adoptables

Twitchy's Adoptables
Akaiiko's Adoptables
Firestana's Adoptables
Fellhos' Adoptables
Sally's Adoptables

Lenny Adoptables

Raihoku's Adoptables

Lupe Adoptables

Elastawolf's Adoptables
Lionah's Adoptables
Ivanhoe's Adoptables
Shastii's Adoptables
Enteite's Adoptables
Sephres' Adoptables
Lupine's Adoptables
Haiseo's Adoptables
Kuro's Adoptables
Qekyo's Adoptables
Unspeakably's Adoptables
Devoike's Adoptables
Alieset's Adoptables
Essensuir's Adoptables
Snowflaqe's Adoptables
Wildfire's Adoptables
Kurrot's Adoptables
Khurani's Adoptables
Zircora's Adoptables
Sourhale's Adoptables

Lutari Adoptables

Ventavri's Adoptables
Shetalyia's Adoptables
Milanini's Adoptables

Meerca Adoptables

App's Adoptables

Moehog Adoptables

None! :(

Mynci Adoptables

Perla's Adoptables

Nimmo Adoptables

None! :(

Ogrin Adoptables

Viirkon's Adoptables
Jiralai's Adoptables

Peophin Adoptables

Rainjerr's Adoptables
Alatariel's Adoptables
Aquarmarina's Adoptables
Coilleon's Adoptables
Khemaea's Adoptables
Kitty's Adoptables
Scoutais' Adoptables

Poogle Adoptables

Lemon's Adoptables
Yellow's Adoptables

Pteri Adoptables

Farethi's Adoptables
Applejax's Adoptables
Podgy Pteris

Quiggle Adoptables

CaptainTrips' Adoptables

Ruki Adoptables

None! :(

Scorchio Adoptables

None! :(

Shoyru Adoptables

Kodut's Adoptables
Angelfire's Adoptables
Jopolo's Adoptables

Skeith Adoptables

Zibius' Adoptables
Armoton's Adoptables

Techo Adoptables

Toadiness' Adoptables
Lashinki's Adoptables

Tonu Adoptables

None! :(

Tuskaninny Adoptables

None! :(

Uni Adoptables

Khiton Adoptables
Amaretta's Adoptables
Kalzari's Adoptables
Ganthe's Adoptables
Aelthiea's Adoptables
Estilllia's Adoptables
Taketshi's Adoptables
Sbire's Adoptables
Callenium's Adoptables
Ruperas' Adoptables
Megria's Adoptables
IceCristal's Adoptables

Usul Adoptables

Stingamaring's Adoptables
Arinsil's Adoptables
Naralka's Adoptables
Uleesia's Adoptables
Jewelbee's Adoptables
OnamRia's Adoptables

Vandagyre Adoptables

None! :(

Wocky Adoptables

Stiell's Adoptables
Salabriu's Adoptables
Mistyquee's Adoptables
ChinaYa's Adoptables
Fhiir's Adoptables
Yoshikumo's Adoptables
ChesireGrin's Adoptables
Reimeino's Adoptables

Xweetok Adoptables

Indivar's Adoptables
Tchelasa's Adoptables
Saydnn's Adoptables
Baker's Adoptables
HolyHelper's Adoptables
Kolh's Adoptables
Kyaien's Adoptables
Ooburi's Adoptables
EternityWing's Adoptables
Fesilya's Adoptables

Yurble Adoptables

Tamara's Adoptables

Zafara Adoptables

Qenu's Adoptables
Zeklia's Adoptables

Coding Guides

Css for You
The Beginner's Guide to HTML & CSS
Fist of Clouds CSS Help
CSS Guide - Simplifying your world
Perfectly Punctual HTML Help
Piecewise Gallery Layout Coding Guide
Uber's Shop Layout Guide
Guild Coding

Graphics Guides

4 Corners - A GIMP Guide
Jacqueline's Guide to MS Paint
Create Impressions - Banner and Button Tutorials
Lucy's Button Tutorial
Impulse's Tutorial - Button Graphics
A Button Collection


NeoCash Alternatives
Charly's SWF Collection
Wearable Backgrounds
Modelling Guide for Customization
NC For Customizers
Restock Wearables
Stitched Up
Yakamoz - GBC Sale Directory

Dailies & Neopoints

Daily Destinations
Daily Quick Links
Olidia's Daily Neopets Guide
Prosperity Daily Neopets Guide
Your Neopet Dailies

Pet Databases

Taste Explosion
Bucket of Bolts
Gorgeous Gelerts
The Forest
The Boneyard
The Reef
The Toy Box
Abaddon, The Darigan Directory
The Male Directory
A Draik Life
A Plushie Paradise
Baby Boomers
The Misprint Directory
Fruits Basket
The Invisible Directory
The Pokemon Directory
The Glitch Index

Other Directories

The Adoptables Phone Book
Remember UC Directory
The Shelf
Lacuna Directory
Chaibunneh's Petpage Directory
My Little Corner Guide Directory
Petpage Puddle

Neoboard Fonts

Cobaltpool Fonts
Mo's Fonts
V's Fonts
Cabana Fonts
& the Cool
Nebula Font Tips & Tricks
A La Carte Fonts
Illuminating Fonts
Maddie's Fonts
Katie's Fonts
Avatar Font Color Chart
Boardpaint Picture Font Guide
Oasiah Neoboard Font Guide
The Symbols Page
8-Bit Fonts
Moonlight Fonts


Kleur Color Resources
Goal Counters
Acrylic - A Pixel Site
Always Pixels
El Pix
Sticky's Goodies
Stoffig's Pixels
The Graphics Treasure*
The Pixel Field
Details Graphic Resources
The Workshop
Project Star - Chibi Maker


Newbie's Guide to Neopets
Returning Player's Guide to Neopets
Chatspeak Dictionary
Easy Pet Lending
Avatar Help Guide
Fairly Easy Trophy Guide
Nyctophobia - A Kadoatery Guide
Kadoatery Food Guide
Jaeilic's Kad Guide
An Unbuyables Guide
Ani's Guide to the BC
Ask The PC - A PC Survey
Packrat Emporium Guide
Booktastic Book Guide
The Games Room
10 Step Guide to Plushie Tycoon
Plushie Tycoon Reference Guide
How to Write for the Web
So You Need A Guide
Boochi's Food Club Guide
Petpet Matcher
Briannea's Restocking Guide
Adult Neopian Misfit's Restocking Guide
Waka - the NC Trading Guide
A Newbie's Guide to Trading NC


Art Gallery - An Art Request Page
Pamela's Lending
Eyries Against Chain Letters
Punchback Bob's Guide to Avoiding Cookie Grabs
Avoid Being Scammed!
NoScript and You
The Golden Fox Coffee Shop (Recipes)
Neopets Cookbook for Real Life Cooking
Jessica's Morphing Potion Guide

All Layouts

Orgrimmar Css
Morgan's CSS
Izzy's Graphics
Nienke's Premades
Sugary Premades
Sparkle Lookups
Squibbitive Premades (Lookups Only)
Foomanshu (Lookups Only)
Raindrop (Lookups Only)

Petpage Layouts

The Lunch Box
Absolutely Simple Premades
1945 CSS
Simple CSS

Untaken Names

The Unborn
Need-A-Name Center
Name Them Well
Names Unlimited
Name Domain
Autumn Names
Name the Stars
Whispers of the Wind
Rin's Untaken Names
Jinjerly's Cafe
DevenHart's Untaken Names
Sunrise (Portuguese)
Classic Roots
A Gift for Life
Fairytale Names
Liv's Untaken Compounds
Kyandizu's Untaken Names
Sweet's Names

Sitely/Link Backs

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