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Ukiwi's Story - Coming soon!

Here is a story I started for a future Transparent Aisha I am trading for next month

Taxis threw the mirror across the dimly lit small room shattering it into a million shards of glass. She asked herself everyday why she born with this face. She was pained by all the other Neopets in Neopia Central who couldn't tolerate looking at her in public. Her gorgeous cousins, Eslu and Ukiwi, were so full of confidence she didn't have. Last week while she was doing her weekly food errands, a baby Chomby walking out of the Food Shop almost bumped into her, looked up at her face, and quickly turned away while making an ear-piercing scream as he ran. Her stomach grumbled, interrupting her gloomy thoughts. She sighed, wandered over to her fridge, and opened it. Empty. She opened all her cupboards. Empty, empty, empty. This meant it was that time of the week already: Food shopping time. She groaned in despair.

Taxis grabbed her favorite cloak, the heavy one that covered her entire body and almost her entire face and headed out of her tiny dark Neohome. The sun was shining bright above her, radiating heat throughout her entire body. The sky was a pure shade of blue and there wasn't a single cloud in sight. A typical Neopia Central day, always miserably bright and depressing. Despite the how uncomfortable she was in her heavy cloak, she hurried down the rocky path in her Neohome's neighborhood, avoiding eye contact with everyone she passed.

As Taxis neared the Food Shop, she noticed a small group of circled around something. A Pink Cybunny was poking something with a stick while the other pets laughed. She squinted and noticed a small little Spyder trembling beneath the group. They were all laughing and talking about how ugly the Spyder petpet was and how no Neopet would want it. As miserable as she was, she hated seeing this kind of arrogance towards a living creature. She started quickly moved near the group, shoving aside the Pink Cybunny girl poking the poor little petpet.

Hey!!" yelled they Pink brat "Excuse you, how dare you bump into ME. Aren't you going to apologize?! And what's with the creepy cloak?!"

Taxis scooped up the Spyder "After you tortured that poor petpet? You're to one who should be apologizing."

Taxis didn't even give the rude Cybunny a chance to reply as she walked into the food shop. She was fuming with so much rage that she didn't even notice her hood had fallen down. The little Spyder crawled onto her shoulder and snuggled against her neck as if to say thanks.