Hello and welcome to my adoptables page! What's that you say? They remind you of Animal Crossing? Well they should, because they are styled to look like ACNL villagers! Have one or two (or twenty) move into your petpage, lookup, description or anywhere you like! Please make sure to read the rules before requesting a custom adoptable and/or taking a pre-made one home.


This site is not being updated at the moment, but feel free to use the adopts, they're not going anywhere. If I ever DO update, new ones may look a little different haha.
I just came back to neopets after a year but I'm not sure if I will stay for long, everything is way too broken at the moment.

• +5 Kyrii adopts
• +3 buttons

• +8 Cybunny adopts

• Counter started
• Layout revamp
• New species: Cybunny
• +14 Cybunny adopts
• +7 Kyrii adopts

• Site launch
• New species: Kyrii
• +8 Kyrii adopts
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• Please do not remove link leading to this page when you use my adoptables;
• Please do not claim my artwork as your own;
• When requesting a custom, make sure that requests are open;
• When requesting a custom, please be patient.


You can use the "Jump to species" navigation on the left corner to find your way around this particular page easier. Don't forget to read the rules! Happy adopting! ♥



Request a custom adoptable

Does your adoptable have custom clothes? You want one personalized? Sure!
Just drop me a neomail with the form below. Remember to check if requests are open and read the rules!

1. Name
2. Species
3. Neopet's name
4. Reference (if any)

If you do not have reference, I will use your pet's customization as reference.

Currently accepting these species: Cybunny, Kyrii

Link back?

Please neomail me if you'd like to affiliate!

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Site owner and designer: Frozen
Current # of species available: 2
Adoptables in total: 36

If you find any issues at all with the site (wrong adoptable codes, broken layout, etc) please tell me right away!


Layout template:
I can't add a link to their petpage as the new filters block the pet's name, wow.

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All adoptable designs made by myself, please do not use the lineart without permission.

Button designs:

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