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Some Character Development

How does your character feel about their appearance and how does it affect their life? What changes does she do to her appearance? What sort of first impression does their appearance have on others?

Exirna finds herself decent. She isn't incredibly insecure about the way she looks and she isn't obsessed with herself either. She accepts the fact that, if she provides some effort, she can be somewhat attractive. Her hips are rather on the large-side and it was something she was insecure about for quite some time. However, she has gotten past that a very long time ago and now adores her feminine shape.

She loves to experiment with makeup and the like. She has been known to somewhat shock others with her bravery when it comes to playing around with her face. As a burlesque-style character, Exirna has a tendency to look costumey at times. However, no matter how peculiar she looks, she always goes for class.

According to most people, Exirna gives off this vibe of haughty maliciousness. Her play on make-up intimidates some yet captivates others. When she is in full-costume, some may say that looking at her resembles looking at a dancing flame. Hypnotizing, but at the same time dangerous to touch.

What family does your character have? How is your character's relationship with their family? Any sore points in the dynamics? (money, viewpoints, etc.)

Exirna was an Englishwoman born in the early 1800's. Her family was of lower-noble/upper-middle class stature. As a child, Exirna was overshadowed by her older sisters and older brothers. She was by far the youngest of the bunch (the gap between her and her youngest sibling is 10 years) and because of this, she has always been rather babied. Her childhood was relatively simple. Fancy parties here and there. Kind friendships. Walks along the park. It isn't a sob-story. Nor is there any significant trauma.

She was only really close to her mother as her older siblings were always out and about and their father was almost always working. She liked to tag along with her mother to walks or tea time.

While her father was somewhat of a workaholic, and her brothers and sisters all had their own individual character flaws, on the surface, the family seemed rather decent in morals and such. However, they often had problems simply because of the vast differences in each of their personalities. While Exirna's oldest sister was a fiery politically-active feminist, her oldest brother (the eldest of them all), was very conservative and very anti-liberal. One of her sisters was a rather sickly one who loved to complain and the other liked to argue and blame everyone but herself. Her 2nd oldest brother (the 2nd to youngest right before Exirna) was a quiet fellow who seemed to think much darker about the world than need be.

Arguments were often amid the household. Their father would yell and scream for about half an hour and their mother, the gentle thing, wouldn't even want to get involved in it for it would give her migraines.

Little Exirna was often left out of these arguments. Not because she couldn't understand, but because she was simply too young. And quite frankly, she often had nothing to do with their situations. They treated her like an infant who could not comprehend coherent sentences even as she grew up to be a young lady of 15.

What does your character do for a living?

Exirna changes shifts as an entertainer in a burlesque house sometimes. Sometimes she tends the bar, other times she is up on stage dancing and singing for customers. However, she's more of a floater really. She seems to get most of her money from stealing from men or coning others. Despite being born a century ago, Exirna has seemed to have learned to accept the more liberal ways of the 1920's.

Sometimes, she resorts to shoplifting, using her abilities to her advantage.

How does your character feel about death? How does your character view their own death? Does this vary from their view on the death of others?

Exirna sees death as something that ultimately everything and everyone does. However, because of her condition, she feels that her kind cheats the system. She thinks of the end as a final rest. An escape from the tortures of the mortal world. In a way, she wishes she could finally be at rest and end her curse, but at the same time, she fears what will happen to her in the afterlife. Exirna doesn't feel like she has earned access to the great paradise up in the sky.

She does not feel sorry for the death of others, rather she envies them. She has no compassion for the weeping mortals that mourn their family members' deaths but instead dubs them as sad and pathetic. Deep down, she does understand their pain (as she herself experienced such a pain when she watched her family die out one by one), but she chooses to conceal it for it doesn't aid her in any way. By doing this, Exirna is trying to rewire her heart into being emotionless.

What does your character do for entertainment? Any hobbies? And unusual hobbies? How did they get involved in those hobbies?

Despite what she says, Exirna does like to be up on stage at the burlesque bar. The costumes remind her of her own time period and it allows her to leave her own body for a change and act the life of someone else. And while she won't admit it, she does love the limelight. Her love of it all came rather unexpectedly as originally, she only meant to take the job as a way to support herself for the weeks money is tight.

She has a fondness of people-watching. In her head, she likes to make little life stories for the people that pass by her on the sidewalk. It is a hobby that came from the park walks with her mother when she was a child. They often would sit on a park bench for a rest and use their imagination to create stories.

From all the times watching her older sisters and her mother get ready before a mirror, Exirna has always had a fascination for how makeup and fashion can make any woman stunning. She loves to experiment with different looks and adores how she can change her face to as many people as there are eyeshadows in her palette.

Unusually, she does have a fondness of writing music. She cannot play an instrument to save her life, but she likes to use her voice to compose little writings during her free time. Perhaps this hobby came from her slight obsession with her cursed music box.

What sort of diet does your character have? Do they eat mostly organic or processed foods? Any restrictions? Why? Favorite and least favorite?

Exirna is a vampire. So, yes, she drinks blood. When she first turned, she did go on a feeding frenzy but now that she is over 100 years old, she knows how to control her appetite. She doesn't need to feed often. The longest she can go is about one person for three weeks. She often consumes it like one would consume wine; in moderation, and within an attractive glass. Instead of taking the blood straight from the victim's neck (in which she finds surly and unkempt), she drains it much like a nurse would for a blood drive. She has these tubes that she stole from the local hospital and keeps them stored in medical blood sacs. It's a rather peculiar practice, but it is how she prefers to feed.

She is very very picky with the type of blood she takes. Her taste is mainly on lean/muscular male blood as males are rich in iron and the muscle adds a sort of tanginess that she particularly enjoys. If there was a type of blood she won't eat, it would be any type of animal blood or blood that comes from a child or excessively aged person (most children are too fatty and the elderlys' veins are so thin, it'd be like trying to drink a milkshake out of a coffee straw.)

Despite all of this though, she can still down some human foods. While some, like dairy and animal meat, upset her stomach, she can still eat greens and fruit. Because of this, she tells people that she is a vegetarian. The taste, to her, is bland, but while she is out and about among the humans, she doesn't mind eating a salad just to blend in.

How does your character act in group situations? What, if any, is the difference between behavior and feelings when in a small group versus a large? Do they act different towards strangers? Does she have a lot of friends?

Exirna is the type who doesn't have a lot of trouble blending into crowds. With a century of practice, she has gotten used to most personality types and has categorized them into specific archetypes. From there, she acts accordingly. However, if there is one thing she will not do is act rowdy or obnoxious. She's more of a coy, teasingly demure woman mostly. She doesn't talk much, but instead is able to socialize through physical contact, eye contact, or the few witty comments that spurt out of her mouth.

In small groups, she's more aggressive. She talks more often, she smiles and laughs more. In larger groups, she waits to be approached instead of being the one to approach.

She pretty much acts this way towards strangers. She puts on a façade of a bewitching beauty filled with mystery and confidence. However alone, she is more down-to-earth. All of a sudden, she is the quiet gentle girl she was when she was still alive. She transforms from the femme fettale back to the conservative girl who found joy in things like summer blooms and spring breezes.

She doesn't have many friends because she likes to keep her distance as she knows they're just going to die eventually anyway. However, those few friends she does have happen usually unexpectedly.

Where does your character live? What is her home like? How is it furnished? Where is it located and how is that location like?

Exirna rents a little space above a modest little clothes store. The owner of the shop is one of the few friendly acquaintances Exirna has. It is located in the lesser busy streets of the city. It isn't exactly a poor sector, but it isn't the commercial area either.

Even though it is where her belongings are kept, Exirna doesn't really deem it her home. Most of the nights, she doesn't even sleep there anyway. She doesn't tell people about her little apartment because she feels that it would put people off.

A huge contrast from her appearance, her living space is very simple, plain, and modest. The wallpaper is probably as old as she is and one of the faucets in the single half-bathroom doesn't even work properly. There are two rooms; the main one (which is adorned with a single floral print couch and a cherry wood coffee table) and her bedroom (which just has a vanity, a dresser, a cot, and an ivory desktop.)

There are probably three things in the whole house that might showcase that someone is actually living there and it isn't abandoned. Her vanity is practically covered with differently-sized bottles, various brushes, perfume, and other beauty knickknacks. She has so much; it overflows into the first two drawers of the vanity. The bottom drawer holds her wedding dress (which also happened to be her mother's), a few pieces of heirloom jewelry, and one of her father's cufflinks. Her dresser is chock-full of clothes and other pieces that she's bought over the years. She throws out out-of-fashioned items regularly only to fill them up again before long.

Atop her dresser is a mess of written music and her music box. The very one that keeps her trapped in her curse.

The moon was high and white against the dark deep sky that is midnight. The plantlife, crooked and crude, casted dancing shadows upon the cracked pavement. It was cloudless.

Unable to succumb to sleep, you decide to take a stroll down the outskirts of the town. A wonderful sight for during this time of day, creatures that you do not see in the daytime arise from their slumbers.

And behind you the leaves rustle, a slight shaking. You twist your view to inspect it only to see nothingness. Relaxing, you turn your head back towards the path only to have your heart skip a beat instantly.

A woman, who's face was casted in the shadows, stands before you. Her seemingly glowing golden eyes penetrate yours and a chill runs down your spine. Her features weren't distinct as the shadows concealed their wherabouts but you could see shoulder-length, choppy crimson hair swaying ever so slightly in the wind.

Good evening..." You mutter simply out of curtesy as you realize that it wasn't even evening anymore. 

The woman's eyes shifted to what made it seem like she was smiling. But she didn't say a word. She started to walk towards you. 

A closer look and the moon's light enables you to fully see her appearance. She was rather tall, or maybe that was just on account of those extremely high-heeled boots she had ok her feet. She was clad in a crimson, and blank plaid dress, her lips the color of ebony. Her hair, now bright against the moon's light was of the color of human blood. Her skin, was extraordinarily pale. Almost as if she had had all her fluids sucked out and was left for a ghostly white. She was rather beautiful yet in that way that was bewitching. As as she walked closer, you can see that she was after all, smiling, her shiny white incisors slightly protruding from her lips.

What brings you here oh so late at night traveler?" Her voice was like velvet, smooth, inviting. Yet there was an undertone in it that triggered to flight senses.

A midnight walk ma'am. May I ask you the same question?" To your suprise, the tone of your voice was much more confident than what you had expected.

  The woman chuckled a laugh that was almost non-existant. "Why to find an old friend of my dear." She said, her voice slow and clear, "Although I suppose that he will have to wait. Looks like I found new company after all." She flashed a dazzling smile at you and you blink a few times, trying to make sense of it all.

A woman. Beautiful. With pale skin. Crimson hair. And teeth that looks sharp enough to kll. Looks like 

You didn't want to believe it but it seemed like you were face to face with a vampire. Your heart suddenly began to beat faster as you realize the potential danger this woman has just in her fangs.

-to be cont.-


Full Name: Tzexirna (Texirna) Ellrese
Nicknames: Exirna. Exir.
Species: Cybunny
Color: Halloween
Gender: Female
Type: Vampire
Special Abilities: None known
Birthday: September 17
Pet: Espoir the Devilpuss
Relations: No Known Living 


Skin Color: Excruciatingly Pale
Hair: Choppy. Crimson.
Eye Color: Golden
Build: Curvaceous
Makeup: She usually wears eyeliner and mascara. She never leaves her home without some sort of pigment on her lips. Sometimes, when she feels like it, she wears a deep purple or black lipstick
Clothing Preference: She dislikes frou frou things and would much rather keep things simple. She adores the old 60's pinup girl look where the simple black dress was at it's height. While she lived as a vampire, her tastes changed dramatically. 

Likes / Dislikes


Weaknesses & Strengths

*When she falls in love, she falls hard. It is a deep frustration of hers that she absolutely cannot stand. It is quite easy for her to fall in deep love after only a few days of getting acquainted with anyone of the opposite gender. Meaning she often falls for her victims as well since she likes to spend a few moments to "get to know her meal". Because of this, she makes sure to end any of her "special candidates" before her frozen heart decides to fall completely
*She has a tendency to hold deep deep grudges. If you ever so hurt her in the past, she wouldn't even bother with you ever again

*Exirna is not easily swayed by words. She does not care if people dislike her as long as she gets her task or goals done. 
*She's quite charismatic. Her tendency to gain friends quickly definitely gives her an advantage in catching her prey. She is also quite skilled in the art of persuasion and manipulation.




*Exirna believes in getting even. She cannot stand injustice. However, it only bothers her if she is the one who is being treated unfairly.
*She is a woman of her word. She takes promises to the heart and always keeps her end of the bargain. If there happened to be an individual who took advantage of her and scammed her in any type of way, she won't hesitate to pursue him or her until she recieves her share of the agreement.
*Exirna is a believer of simplicity being the epitome of beauty. She dislikes things that are too fancy or too overdone because they are things she used to adore as a child when she was still alive.

Quirks & Facts

*She actually likes the sun and heat. She does not melt. And usually she's the one who organizes the beach trips in the clan
*She bites her bottom lip whenever she's anxious or nervous. Usually she keeps a calm demeanor however her biting habit is a dead givaway to those who truly understand her
*She's horrid at team sports. She's incredibly competitive. To the point where it can actually hurt someone xD Plus she's a ball hog
*She makes fun and belittles of girls who do not have a feminine hourglass/curvy figure

Brainstorms Omg

-here's a simple summary. This will be revamped-

Exirna was born in the city of Ranoux around 95 years ago. She was of a well-placed family as her father was the King's embassador. She was the 3rd of 4 children, two boys and two girls. Exirna, as a child, was happy, cultured, and incredibly lavished. Though her family was nowhere near as rich and renowned as royalty, Exirna's family still enjoyed the benifts of nobility.  

As she grew up, Exirna didn't really pay attention to the world outside of the luxury that she was so used to. She simply centered herself to the surroundings that kept her comfortable.  To her, anything out of the familiar is unnecessary and irrelevant to her. Because of this, Exirna was completely oblivious to the vampire raids that have recently been terrorizing the land. She so foolishly believed that such unfortunate events only happen to those without status. To what she dubbed everysince she was young, "The Dirty World".

As thoughts of vampire attacks and famine among the peasants flew past her, Exirna occupied her mind with things centered more around herself.

The Prince of the land, Prince Jerinex seemed to have taken an interest in her. He and Exirna had met during a dinner party 

I remember every single word he spoke. Every touch he had against me. It was all a clear, vivid picture. Almost like it was photographed into my mind. What happened next was a blur of agony. A tangled mess that spun around my insides and twisted them into a wretched pain that got me writhing.

I was oblivious of course. To what was actually happening. Some time during the phase, I had blanked out and saw nothing but a dank darkness. One that was completely black yet not completely empty. There was something there, though what, I had no idea. It went on forever. For an eternity, stopping at nothing in it's path.

It was only when I awoke the next morning when I realized that he was gone. That man whom I was doomed to spend the rest of my life with. The wedding the day before was extravegant, elegant, and magnificent. It was somewhat of a dream. Being the Prince, he had all the money in the world. Every woman wanted to be in my position for he had the most beautiful face that I have ever seen on a man. I was fortunate enough to have someone of such class fall inlove with me.  

However, I was not inlove with him. He was ahead of me. A narcissist. He believed the world would bow down on their knees for him. And in a way, it did. Or almost did for he was the heir to the throne. Something that he lavished upon himself to bragging. He was selfish, shallow-minded and only cared for the love, or forced love, that so many people gave him. It was in that ugliness that I was disgusted. It transformed his beautiful face into that of a monster. 

Don't get me wrong. I was never interested in him in the first place. From the glint of his eyes and the glistening of his white teeth, the 

-to be cont-

Oh how much I feel for this girl. She is of amazing beauty. That is no doubt. Yet her way of thinking is twisted and polluted by the people she calls her "family". She is my sister by choice and I will do anything for her. I an honored to be so close to such a beautiful woman. 


*Snarls* Oh... Pardon me for my rudeness. I am not particularly "fond" of this individual. Don't let his face fool you. He is evil beyond words. I just... I'd rather not talk about the first time we met. He was the one who cursed me with this wretched life. This unfeeling, unchanging way of living. And for that, I posesses an immense amount of hatred for him.

Art By Aerynn:

Art By Others:


With beyre12


The sun had just set. It's utter brilliance taken aback by the twilight's brush casting a melancholy layer overhead. The city itself was at it's prime. The women were beautiful. The men were sharp. It was the type of area that Exirna found absolutely exquisite. 

She cruised among the throngs of beautiful people that passed her unnoticingly. Her golden eyes, they scanned the crowd sifting through for a candidate that passed her standards. She wasn't looking for a lover of course. That ship had sailed after that encounter so long ago before she turned to the undead. She had been famished during her journey towards the city and was literally dying to taste even a morsel of eatery. 

She had stumbled upon an alley, one that was dark and decrepit that she noticed something rather peculiar.  The trashbags sprawled amongst the moldy walls of the in-between, their stench wafting through the air. However, it wasn't the utter untidyness that caught the vampire's attention. Rather, it were the two individuals quarreling within the hold of the alleyway darkness.

The woman halted her gait and slightly peered within the threshold. Her big eyes blinked, eyelashes grazing the tops of her cheeks. She pursed her lips, contemplating whether to get involved in the little squabble.


A small boy was pinned against the wall, visibly trying to escape from his attackers grip. A small kougra, young and frail being attacked by a larger male, and judging by his long tail he was of the grall species. His theory was confirmed when a long claw seemed to point at the small boys neck. Fuzz, a male named by his first human. He hated humans. He hated them more then he hated the "pets" that followed them. In this world humans took in people named Neopets, though they were not treated like people by all. They were much like humans, most possessing strange ears or tails or even wings, that was how one could tell the difference between a human and a neopet. Fuzz? It was hard to tell for him, because he no longer had a horn. On his forehead a scar presented itself, faded but there. The male's narrowed green eyes were filled with disgust as he watched the fight. He was used to fights. He himself looked like a girl. He was medium sized, pale, and had long, knee length grey hair that often fell in-front of his face. He would never cut it, he had some sort of attachment to the long locks, but this did not help the slightly feminine male when it came to meeting people. As a result of people often calling him a girl and being disgusted when he truly was a male, he had fights. Also, he was one of the neopets unlucky enough to be caught by a human that wished to sell him, and as a result his horn had been chopped off. He was hot tempered and used to fights. But that boy in the alley? He looked scared.... Hey." Fuzz snuck out from behind the box he had been hiding, cracking his small knuckles, his small wings folding behind him. "Leave the kid alone." He snapped, pointing a grey nail at the male. "All I saw was you attacking him for...what... eleven neopoints? Pathetic, let the kid go." He snipped, sneering when the large male dropped the boy. The kougra boy scrambled away, causing Fuzz to scowl in his direction. Not even a thanks.... nice kid." The grall seemed annoyed, this much Fuzz could tell. What's a girl got to do with this? Hmpf. You got any cash?" Excuse me? Did he just call Fuzz a girl? Oh now he did it. Fuzz snarled, jabbing a long finger at the male. "I am not a girl, and you are not getting away with that!" He snapped, sending a punch at the male before he could blink. The grall ducked, grabbing Fuzz by the torso and tossing him. Fuzz landed against the wall behind him, sliding to the ground with a faint "thud". However he didn't stay down long, bolting underneath the grall, slipping behind him, and leaping onto his back, arms wrapping around his neck. That barely hurt.


The sound of combat wafted to her ears and the woman raised a brow. Violence wasn't something she was particularly fond of. She disliked getting her fingers dirty and would much rather be involved in a healthy debate rather than a full-blown fight. Exirna was a woman of class. Or so she believed. Born in the heart of the Kingdom of Excalion, the cybunny wasn't one for nasty quarrels. Her nose was always held-high though not in the pursuit of mere vanity. Her hair, ever so the hue of crimson, was chopped in a sharp cut, her bangs angled at her heart-shaped face. Her eyes, a liquid butterscotch were sharp-pupiled -from the transformation- and glistened like gold under the appropriate lighting. During her time, it were these features that left her for an outcast in her family for she bore almost no resemblance to her mother, father or four brothers. However, her appearance itself made it so easy for her to convince her so called "candidates". It appealed to the Prince that she so long ago acquainted.

She erased the thought from her mind. Those memories weren't ones that were welcome.

Her heels clacked against the pavement, echoing throughout the alleyway as she made an entrance between the squabble. Her assumptions were quite accurate. They were of the male species. Yes species. Exirna would not call it otherwise. Perhaps they might notice her presence as she walked towards them.  Exirna did not like being ignored. 

A smirk escaped from her lips as she walked towards the males. Of course she was curious about the squabble but she was more entertained by a different thought. Maybe she might find someone willing to be her chaperone for the night. 


Fuzz dodged an attack to his head, falling onto his knees and rolling to the side. However, both boys stopped when they saw a woman walk up to the two, the sound of her heels echoing in the alley. Fuzz raised his head, hair falling into a long wave down his face. His eyes narrowed, standing up straight as the woman approached them. Who are you?" He asked, head flipping back and eyes widening, letting out a snarl when the other boys fist launched itself at his face. He dropped down back onto his knee's, letting out a curse and jerking away. Don't look away!" The other man yelled. Fuzz glanced at the girl, scowling when the man once more launched another fists. Oiy! There's a girl, watch it!" Fuzz spat back, noticing the man slowly turn to gaze at the girl. This wasn't good, the look in his eye was clearly not safe. Fuzz took a step in-front of the woman, eyes narrowing.


A small smirk escaped on Exirna's lips. She took a deep breath and sighed as the view of the three individuals reached her.  She chose to ignore the uni's question. Instead, she took a couple of slow steps forward. It was custom to her. Slow movement. Exirna was fond of details. She loved to engulf every bit of information from every situation she as in. It was the way she was able to analyze things. 

What is going on here boys? She said her eyebrow raised, A group of men having a mature conversation.. or.. She pursed her lips, ..is it a bunch of rascal little kids rough housing like a bunch of nitwits?

She turned her gaze towards the uni and overlooked him almost immediately. From the looks of him, his tall authoritative figure and his eyes. Oh his eyes. The look on his face seemed stern but one look at his eyes told the cybunny that he wasn't the one at fault. 

She turned her attention towards the victim, a small, frail-looking kid and bit her lip. The smell of blud (spelled wrong on purpose xD) was wafting towards her and she clenched her fists. It disappoined her. After all the practice she had over the years, she still succumbs to the alluring smell of the bright red liquid. But she held herself steady. She didn't want to harm him more than he already has been. 

Sweetie, She said, her voice soft but not kind, Please tell me what exactly happened here?

But she felt the eyes of the other, the more menacing looking grarrl and narrowed her eyes at his gaze. Her senses tingled and she snarled ever so quietly under her breath. May I ask what is so interesting that can't take your eyes of me? Her tone was polite of course. But it didn't mean she didn't add a slight bit of venom underneath her tongue.

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